Chapter 441 – Origins! InVader's Thoughts

Almighty Sword Domain

When he heard the Beast Emperor mention defying the heavens and changing the fate of someone, Yang Ye thought of the tiny vortex and the little girl within it! Right when he was about to plead for help from the tiny vortex and the little girl, her voice suddenly resounded within his mind. “There’s no need to beg me. Because I’m helpless as well. Her body is completely devoid of vitality, and Death Energy has appeared within her. So, it’s utterly impossible to save her with the ability both the tiny vortex and I possess right now!”

“Didn’t Yuxi have no vitality as well. Weren’t you still able to defy the heavens and change her fate?” Yang Ye spoke anxiously in his heart.

“Her situation was different. She was only on the verge of being devoid of vitality, and there was no Death Energy within her. So, I only had to go against the Laws of this world to rescue her. On the other hand, I would have to go against the supreme Laws of the Heaven Dao in order to revive a dead person. Even a Saint Realm expert of this world is incapable of going against the Laws of the Heaven Dao!”

“Even the tiny vortex can’t accomplish it?” Yang Ye’s voice carried a trace of madness. In his heart, the tiny vortex was all-powerful, so how could it be unable to accomplish it? How could it be beyond its ability!?

“It can’t. Or I should say that it can’t right now. Unless you’ve able to take full control of it and utilize its ability to reverse Yin and Yang! However, you’re utterly incapable of wielding the tiny vortex now.”

Yang Ye instantly fell weakly to the ground. Even the tiny vortex is unable to save her. Could it be that mother is really going to die just like that? When he thought up to here, a strand of fierce Slaughter Sword Intent suddenly erupted from within him, and then a blood red glow slowly seeped out from him. At the same time, Yang Ye’s eyes started to become crimson red as if he’d become a demon.

The red glow seemed to carry a monstrous intent to kill as it swept towards the surroundings. Everywhere it passed, numerous enormous ditches that were over 6m wide and over 100m long appeared. However, the red glow didn’t disperse into the air, and it raged incessantly through the space in the distance!

8th level Slaughter Intent!

The Beast Emperor’s eyelids twitched. He hadn’t imagined that Yang Ye’s Slaughter Sword Intent would actually advance to the 8th level at this moment! Because the red glow that was emanated from within Yang Ye was a display of Slaughter Intent that had taken material form. In other words, Yang Ye would be able to utilize pure Slaughter Intent to kill in the future!

Of course, most importantly, Yang Ye’s Sword Intent could take material form without dispersing into the air from now onward. To put it simply, when Yang Ye executed a strand of sword qi enhanced by his Sword Intent, then the Sword Intent within that strand of sword qi wouldn’t disperse even if his opponent blasted his sword qi into pieces. Of course, the exception to this was when his opponent’s strength far surpassed his own!

Before the 8th level, all Intents could only be utilized to suppress and restrain one’s opponents, but once Intents attained the 8th level, then their might would undergo a qualitative change!

In short, Yang Ye could probably even kill some Exalt Realm experts now! Because 8th level Slaughter Sword Intent could suppress Exalt Realm experts. Even some third or fourth rank Exalt Realm experts would be extremely afraid of 8th level Sword Intent, especially Slaughter Sword Intent!

“Ye’er!” Right at this moment, Feng Yu grabbed Yang Ye’s hand and called out to him softly with a voice that carried worry and anxiousness. Even though she didn’t know what exactly had happened to Yang Ye right now, Yang Ye’s appearance was truly shocking. Because it wasn’t just his eyes that were crimson red, even his hair was covered in a layer of red light, and the savage expression on his face even horrified her!

It was like he’d been doused with cold water when he heard Feng Yu, and the red glow was instantly retracted into his body like tidewater while the clarity in his eyes returned.

Yang Ye fell to his knees in front of Feng Yu while a sinister and painful expression covered his face, and the tears that rolled down his face again were actually filled with traces of red!

The Beast Emperor glanced at them, and then his figure vanished on the spot so that Yang Ye and his mother could be alone.

Feng Yu held Yang Ye’s hand tightly and said in a gentle voice. “Everyone dies, and I’m really satisfied to have been able to see you before I go. But I’m still quite worried about you and Little Yao. Especially you. You’ve always had an unyielding and impulsive character since a young age, and once you act on impulse, you disregard all consequences. Promise me that you won’t avenge me after I go. Take Little Yao with you and leave the southern territory, and never return again unless you attain the Monarch Realm, alright?”

Yang Ye shook his head with an expression of pain, yet he didn’t speak while tears flowed incessantly from his eyes.

“Do you want me to die with regrets?” Feng Yu was slightly angry. She wasn’t afraid of death. She was afraid that Yang Ye would do something irrational after she died. Even though Yang Ye had the Beast Emperor’s assistance, but the Flower Palace was a sect! If they were willing to pay a certain price, then it wouldn’t be impossible for them to kill Yang Ye even if the Beast Emperor were present there!

Yang Ye hurriedly said when he saw her get angry, “Don’t be angry. I promise, I promise!”

Feng Yu nodded with satisfaction, and then she pondered deeply for a moment and said, “Ye’er, do you want to know who your father is?”

My father? Yang Ye shook his head. He was just about to speak when Feng Yu said, “He was a disciple from the branch line within one of the four great clans of the Grand Qin Empire, the Yang Clan. I know you hate him, but it isn’t necessary anymore because he’s probably dead!”

There wasn’t even a trace of emotional impact in Yang Ye’s heart when he heard these words. Because besides the time when he was a child, he’d never thought about his so-called father again once he understood things. It wasn’t just him, even Little Yao was the same. Just having their mother was enough for the two of them!

Feng Yu didn’t intend to speak about the things that happened all those years ago. She gazed towards the distance and remained silent for a moment before she said, “I wasn’t always a disciple of the Flower Palace, and I was once the child of a concubine in a Hidden Clan of the central territory. I was framed by a direct line descendant of the clan and forced to leave the central territory, so I ended up in the southern territory. I never expected that over 20 years would pass after then!”

A Hidden Clan? I never expected that mother actually possessed such background! Yang Ye said, “Mother, is there anyone you’re concerned about in your clan?”

Feng Yu shook her head, glanced at Yang Ye, and then hesitated for a while before she said, “Your grandmother had a wish, and it was that she hoped for her grave to be moved to the clan’s Ancestral Hall and obtain the acknowledgement of the clan. Unfortunately, I’ll never be able to help her fulfil that wish of hers!”

“I’ll fulfil it on your behalf!” Yang Ye lowered his head to prevent Feng Yu from noticing the ferocious expression he had while he spoke in a light voice. At this moment, how could he be unable to discern that his mother was giving him her last words? When he thought up to here, the profound energy and killing intent within him couldn’t help but surge and seemed as if it would surge out from him at any moment!

Feng Yu nodded and said, “With your potential, you’ll definitely be able to become an expert in the future. At that time, the clan will definitely allow you to acknowledge the ancestors and return to the clan once they find out that you’re my son. You can make the decision yourself if that day really comes, and I won’t be against it no matter what your decision is!”

“Which clan did you belong to, mother?” Yang Ye would naturally not choose to join that clan. Because just their conversation allowed him to discern hat his mother really disliked that so-called clan of hers, and she probably had a huge amount of resentment… no, hatred towards that clan!

“The Mo Clan, I was originally named Mo Shiran. But that was a long time ago. I prefer this name, Feng Yu,” said Feng Yu softly.

The Mo Clan? Yang Ye was stunned and said, “The Mo Clan that has been enemies with the Xiao Clan for generations?”

“How did you know?” Feng Yu was astounded.

It really is such a coincidence! Yang Ye shook his head, and then he flipped his palm and summoned Xiao Yuxi from within the tiny vortex. The surprise in Feng Yu’s eyes grew even denser when she saw Xiao Yuxi suddenly appear here.

Yang Ye took Xiao Yuxi’s hand and said, “This is my wife, your daughter-in-law, and she’s a member of the Xiao Clan.”

Xiao Yuxi was slightly bashful when she met Feng Yu, and her face turned red when she heard Yang Ye. She glanced at Yang Ye with embarrassment, and then she walked over to Feng Yu and bowed before she said softly, “Mother!”

Even though her voice was extremely soft, it was very clear as well!

Feng Yu was stunned, and then she revealed a delighted expression. She took Xiao Yuxi’s hand and said, “What a beautiful girl. My Ye’er is so lucky.” Even though she was a member of the Mo Clan, she’d never taken herself to be one. So, she didn’t feel any aversion or displeasure towards the fact that Xiao Yuxi was from the Xiao Clan. All he knew was that this was her son’s wife!

As if she’d thought of something, Feng Yu gazed at Yang Ye and said, “I take back what I said. You don’t have to join the Mo Clan, and don’t get mixed into the matters between the Mo Clan and the Xiao Clan. Just take good care of Little Yao, start a family, and live well. Never allow yourself to be swept into any conflicts, understand?” She didn’t want her son to become a tool of slaughter for the Mo Clan in the future.

“I understand!” Yang Ye nodded. Feng Yu hadn’t noticed that Yang Ye had clenched his fists so tightly that his nails had sunk deep into his palm.

Xiao Yuxi glanced at Yang Ye while a wisp of pain flashed through her eyes. Because her palm had Yang Ye’s blood all over it, and she knew that Yang Ye was definitely in extreme pain right now and was just forcefully restraining himself!

Xiao Yuxi turned to glance at Feng Yu, and then shock immediately filled her heart. At this moment, Feng Yu’s countenance was extraordinarily ghastly pale and without the slightest trace of blood. Moreover, there was a strand of seemingly material black energy at the center of her brows while her gaze was gradually going blank.

Feng Yu nodded with satisfaction, and then she glanced at Xiao Yuxi before she glanced at Yang Ye. There were numerous emotions in her eyes like reluctance, regret, and uneasiness. She gradually stretched out her hand towards Yang Ye’s face as she cried out lightly. “Ye’er…. Little Yao….”

However, her hand stopped right when it was about to touch Yang Ye’s face, and then it instantly fell towards the ground. Yang Ye hurriedly grabbed his mother’s hand and placed it on his teary face.

Xiao Yuxi was just about to speak yet her pupils suddenly constricted, and then her saber dropped to the ground with a clang.

Because there was no more color in Feng Yu’s eyes anymore, and she’d stopped breathing!

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