Chapter 442 – The Mortal Emperor Sword!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye didn’t go berserk, and he just knelt there before Feng Yu.

Since he stepped foot into the Sword Sect until now, all the effort he’d exerted were for the sake of allowing his family to live a happier and better life. However, his mother had died, and she’d died because of a rule that the Palace Master of the Flower Palace had set over 10,000 years ago.

Hah! How fucking laughable!

A rule that a person who died 10,000 years ago set caused my mother to lose her life! How truly laughable!

Hatred! Boundless hatred welled up within him! He hated everyone in the Flower Palace, and he hated himself even more for being incapable!

Regret! He regretted not rushing back home earlier before his mother exposed her identity that day!

If…. Unfortunately, there were no ifs!

Xiao Yuxi accompanied Yang Ye and knelt there in front of Feng Yu as well. She didn’t say anything because it was useless no matter what she said now. All she could do was accompany Yang Ye and share his pain!

After a long time passed, Yang Ye helped Xiao Yuxi up, and then he placed Feng Yu’s corpse into the tiny vortex. After that, he said, “Yuxi, help me take care of my younger sister, Little Yao, who’s at the Talisman Master’s Association in the Imperial Capital, alright? I can only truly be at ease when she’s with you.”

Xiao Yuxi fell silent for a moment before he said, “Be careful!”

She knew Yang Ye was sending her away, and she knew what he intended to do. However, she didn’t dissuade him because Yang Ye’s gaze told her that no one could change his decision. So, the only thing she could do was support him!

A wisp of a cold smile arose on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth as he said, “Don’t worry, I’ll stay alive and well. At the very least, I’ll be alive and well until the Flower Palace is completely annihilated!”

Xiao Yuxi walked over to Yang Ye and gave him a light peck on his lips before she said softly, “Be careful. If you die, then I definitely won’t continue living by myself. So, just take it as you can’t die for my sake. Understand?” As soon as she finished speaking, Xiao Yuxi’s figure flashed towards the Imperial Capital.

After she left, the Beast Emperor appeared in front of Yang Ye.

“You intend to attack the Flower Palace?” asked the Beast Emperor in a low voice.

“How can I not avenge the death of my mother!?” Yang Ye slowly closed his eyes tightly while his Slaughter Intent couldn’t help but seep out from him and cause the ground around him to crack!

The Beast Emperor remained silent for a moment before he said, “With the natural talent and potential you possess, you’ll be able to annihilate the Flower Palace with a flick of your finger in less than 100 years. But now, they can annihilate you with a flick of their finger. I can help you stop one Monarch Realm expert at most, so how will you deal with the other two? Moreover, I sensed an extremely obscure aura in the Flower Palace just now. My guess is that the Flower Palace is probably up to something, so it’s truly not advisable to fight them to the death right now!”

“Senior, you just have to stop a single Monarch Realm expert. Leave the rest to me!” said Yang Ye.

“You have the support of other experts?” The Beast Emperor glanced at Yang Ye with a curious gaze.

Yang Ye didn’t answer the Beast Emperor’s question and said, “The Flower Palace has a formidable enemy right now, and the enemy of my enemy is my friend! I think that the Grand Qin Empire would be very willing to join forces with us.”

The Beast Emperor sighed and said, “In this way, my Darkbeast Empire will really be tied to you. Kid, I know you’re a loyal person, and I know that you’ll definitely remember my Darkbeast Empire’s help today and won’t betray my Darkbeast Empire. However, the most inconstant thing in the world just happens to be the hearts of men. Kid, can I trust you?”

“Senior, haven’t you already trusted me?” said Yang Ye.

The Beast Emperor chuckled and said, “Alright kid, I’ll go crazy with you this time.”

After he obtained the Beast Emperor’s answer, Yang Ye didn’t stay here any longer, and he utilized the Ninth Hell Swordwings to transform into a shadow that vanished in the horizon.

A noble man gets his revenge, even if it takes ten years! He, Yang Ye, was no noble man, and he strived to take revenge on the very same day that enmity was formed!


Tiger Cloud City.

Tiger Cloud City was the city closest to the Flower Palace, and it was also the city which the vassals of the Flower Palace had the weakest amount of influence in. Li Si and Bai Qi had brought 300,000 troops with them. 200,000 were at the First Heaven Realm, almost 90,000 were at the King Realm, and the last 10,000 were Spirit Realm experts!

Moreover, there were over 30 Exalt Realm experts amongst their forces as well! It could be said that the military strength that the Grand Qin Empire had dispatched to the Flower Palace was only inferior to the Origin School.

“What’s the current status of the Flower Palace!?” Li Si asked an Exalt Realm officer who stood in front of him within Tiger Cloud City. Bai Qi was by Li Si’s side, and there were over 20 Exalt Realm experts standing further away!

“Prime Minister, the Flower Palace hasn’t taken any unusual action. The Origin School, Ghost Sect, Snow Palace, and Brightmoon Sect have been surrounded by our forces, so they’re utterly unable to dispatch forces to assist the Flower Palace. I think that we can attack,” said the officer in a serious tone.

Li Si shook his head and said, “The more it’s like that, the more uneasy I feel. Qian Huagu isn’t an idiot. Since she dared to bait our Grand Qin Empire to attack, then they’re probably scheming against our empire. Moreover, they seem extremely steady like a rock even when the army of my empire has pressed down onto their borders, and the entire Flower Palace doesn’t show a single trace of disorder. I presume that they wish for nothing more than to see us attack them!”

“Prime Minister, we can’t just stay here idly as well!” said another one of the officers.

“Indeed!” Bai Qi spoke in agreement.

Li Si shook his head and said, “Of course we won’t. If I’m not wrong, then Wang Jian who’s besieging the Brightmoon Sect should be on the verge of capturing it, right?”

Right at this moment, a wave of spatial fluctuation arose here, and then a voice arose from there — “Prime Minister, there’s a change in the situation. Marquis Wang Jian and all the forces he led to the Brightmoon Sect were annihilated, and the cause of their death is unknown. I’ve sent scouts but none have returned!”

The expressions of everyone within the hall changed upon hearing this!

After all, Wang Jian was a first rank Monarch Realm expert, and he’d even taken over 20 Exalt Realm experts and 20,000 plus troops with him! So, how could the Brightmoon Sect possibly annihilate them? Moreover, not a single one of them had been able to escape! After all, the Brightmoon Sect only possessed a single Monarch Realm expert and over 10 Exalt Realm experts!


Right at this moment, an enormous bang suddenly resounded from the outside. At practically the exact same instant that the explosion resounded, both Li Si and Bai Qi vanished on the spot and appeared in the sky above Tiger Cloud City.

In their fields of vision, an area of a few hundred kilometers had been transformed into ruins!

It’s a Monarch Realm expert!Both of them exchanged glances, and there was a solemn gaze in both their eyes. Because this expert had actually been able to avoid their Divine Sense and arrive at Tiger Cloud City without making a single sound. In other words, that person’s strength was definitely above their own!


Suddenly, their pupils constricted, and then their figures flickered and instantly vanished on the spot. Right after the two of them vanished, an enormous palm that was over 1km wide had appeared out of thin air and slapped down onto that expanse of space which they resided at just now. That expanse of space rumbled and exploded into pieces to reveal a pitch black and enormous hole, and it was only repaired by the energy of the Laws after a few breaths of time passed.

“Eh? The two of you were actually able to avoid my attack? I never expected that such Monarch Realm experts existed in the southern territory!” Along with this voice, an old man who wore an embroidered robe had appeared in midair and met the gazes of Li Si and Bai Qi.

He’s at least at the third rank of the Monarch Realm!

Li Si and Bai Qi’s hearts shook while their expressions turned solemn.

“You’re not a profounder from the southern territory!” Li Si spoke with a heavy voice while a white ruler appeared in his hand.

“How discerning of you!” The old man laughed coldly and said, “I’m an Honorary Elder of the Exalted Han Empire in the central territory, and my name is Situ Hai.”

The Exalted Han Empire!

Li Si and Bai Qi’s expressions changed, and then Li Si said in a heavy voice, “There doesn’t seem to be any conflict or enmity between my Grand Qin Empire and the Exalted Han Empire, right? So why have you come to the southern territory and why do you assist the Flower Palace?”

At this moment, both of them understood where the Flower Sect and the other sects got their confidence from. It turned out that it was from this extraordinary overlord of the central territory. However, Li Si and Bai Qi couldn’t figure out why the Exalted Han Empire would come over and assist the sects of the southern territory. After all, a huge price had to be paid in order to allow these Monarch Realm experts to pass through the barrier between territories!

“There was no conflict in the past, but there is now!” Situ Hai chuckled and said, “I presume you’re still not aware of it. Besides the Sword Sect, all the other five of the six great powers in the southern territory have sided with my Exalted Han Empire and have become vassals of my Exalted Han Empire. So, your Grand Qin Empire’s actions of attacking them is equivalent to attacking my Exalted Han Empire. Understand?”

“How could that be possible!” Tempestuous waves surged through Li Si’s heart. How could the Origin School and the other sects choose to become vassals of the Exalted Han Empire? All of them and even my Grand Qin Empire are nothing in the central territory, but everyone is used to being superior in the southern territory. So, how could they have chosen to become the servants of others? Moreover, how exactly did this expert of the Exalted Han Empire come to the southern territory? Why was he not affected by the barrier between territories at all?

“Why can’t it be possible!?” Situ Hai laughed coldly and said, “Alright, let’s get to the point. I merely came here to tell you that my Exalted Han Empire’s experts and the Souleater Corps will arrive at the southern territory soon. If you Grand Qin Empire wants to life and maintain its throne, then surrender. Otherwise…. Hehehe….”

“How exactly did all of you come to the southern territory!?” Li Si asked in a low voice. “Even a seventh rank Monarch Realm expert can’t traverse the barrier between territories and remain unaffected. You’re at the fourth rank of the Monarch Realm at most, yet not only have you been able to pass through the barrier, you’re completely unaffected by it. Could it be that the barrier has become useless and the continent is about to join into one?”

“Have you heard of the Mortal Emperor Sword?” said Situ Hai.

Li Si’s pupils constricted, and he cried out involuntarily. “The Mortal Emperor Sword has acknowledged an owner? How could that be possible? How can a true Mortal Emperor still appear in the continent? How could this be possible?”

The Mortal Emperor Sword had many uses, and one of it was the ability to disregard all barriers and seals on Profounder Continent. Because the Mortal Emperor Sword was a Natural Dao Artifact that had been born along with this world. Dao Artifacts were divided into natural and artificial Dao Artifacts. The dark treasures in both Li Si and Bai Qi’s possessions were Dao Artifacts, but they were Artificial Dao Artifacts!

On the other hand, the Mortal Emperor Sword was a Natural Dao Artifact, and it was one that had been born along with this world!

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