Chapter 443 – Shocking Change In The Situation!

Almighty Sword Domain

Li Si was extraordinarily shocked. Compared to the Mortal Emperor Sword, he felt even greater shock from the appearance of the Mortal Emperor!

The Mortal Emperor had only appeared once during the prehistoric age a few tens of thousands of years ago, and only a total of three had appeared in the world. What was the Mortal Emperor? According to legend, the Mortal Emperor was the messenger of the world and managed the world on behalf of the heavens and the earth. This legend was based on facts because every single Mortal Emperor had united the entire continent!

All territories would submit once the Mortal Emperor Sword appears!

The appearance of the Mortal Emperor represented that the continent was about to be united. Because the seals and barriers throughout the various territories would cease to exist before the Mortal Emperor Sword!

Simply speaking, from that moment onward, all the residents of the various territories could travel freely between each other, and they wouldn’t be restricted by the barriers between territories!

“Now you know why the Origin School and those other sects have sided with my Exalted Han Empire, right!?” Situ Hai said coldly, “The Mortal Emperor is aware that your Grand Qin Empire would definitely not submit that easily, so he ordered us to give your empire a small lesson. Both of you see to possess pretty good strengths, are skilled at leading troops, and capable at managing an empire. If the two of you are willing to submit to the Mortal Emperor, then not only can you avoid death, the Mortal Emperor will even put both of you in important positions!”

“What a joke!” Bai Qi laughed coldly while he pointed his saber at Situ Hai and said, “You want us to surrender and betray our Emperor? How truly laughable! Allow me, Bai Qi, to experience exactly how formidable the Monarch Realm experts of the central territory are!” He swung his saber as soon as he finished speaking, and then a blood red glow that was over 100m wide and 300m long tore through space as it slashed down towards Situ Hai!

“You’re courting death!” Situ Hai waved his palm, causing an enormous to flash into appearance and instantly slapped apart that blood red glow from Bai Qi!

Right at this moment, an enormous milky white glow flashed from the tip of the Ruler of Righteousness in Li Si’s hand, and it instantly arrived before Situ Hai. The latter’s expression changed slightly. He swiftly stomped space with his right leg, causing it to instantly rumble and shatter into pieces while his figure immediately vanished from amidst the shattered apart rift in space!

“You’re truly courting death! All of you’ll definitely perish once the Mortal Emperor leads the army into the southern territory!” Situ Hai’s voice resounded from afar.

Bai Qi and Li Si’s expressions were extremely solemn as they watched Situ Hai leave. Our Grand Qin Empire is truly in danger if the Exalted Han Empire has joined in!

Right at this moment, the space in front of them was suddenly torn apart, and then a middle aged man who wore a robe embroidered with dragons had suddenly walked out from within the rift. It was exactly the Founding Emperor!

When they saw the Founding Emperor, Bai Qi and Li Si finally understood why Situ Hai had fled just now.

“Emperor!” Bai Qi and Li Si bowed.

The Founding Emperor waved his hand and said, “Unfortunately, I was a step too late. Otherwise, I’d have definitely killed that fellow!” As soon as he finished speaking, the Founding Emperor pondered deeply before he continued. “Withdraw the entire army to Olympia City that’s behind the great wall and use Olympia City as an outpost. After that, assume the Coiling Dragon Formation and stand on the defensive there!”

Bai Qi bowed to the Founding Emperor before he turned around and left to prepare.

Li Si pondered deeply for a moment and said, “What about the people in the cities outside the great wall?”

“Abandon them!” The Founding Emperor spoke decisively. “My empire doesn’t possess sufficient military strength, so it’s utterly unable to take care of all the cities. So long as Olympia City isn’t loss, then the army of that so-called Mortal Emperor would be unable to enter the core of my empire and cause lethal harm to my empire. As for the cities outside the great wall….”

The Founding Emperor pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “Issue the order for all profounders to retreat from these cities to Olympia City!”

“What about the commoners?”

“Their fate is up to the heavens!”

Li Si sighed lightly in his heart but didn’t speak another word. Because even more residents of the Grand Qin Empire would perish if they didn’t act in this way!

In next to no time, all the troops of the empire had retreated to Olympia City, and they’d gone from an offensive position to a defensive one!

At the same time, Yang Ye had arrived at the foot of Peony Peak in the Flower Palace.

Feng Yu had told him not to take revenge before she died, but how could he not avenge his mother? Yang Ye knew that his actions were very impulse and insensible, and he was really courting death by coming to the Flower Palace. However, he’d still done so. Feng Yu’s death had caused the killing intent in Yang Ye’s heart to rise to an extreme, and he would go mad if he didn’t kill!

One had to pass through the 12 peaks of the Flower Palace in order to arrive at Flower Hall, and these 12 peaks were a barrier that stood before the Flower Palace and was managed by 12 Exalt Realm experts of the Flower Palace. Only by passing through these 12 peaks could one arrive at the main hall of the Flower Palace, Flower Hall.

At the foot of Peony Peak, Yang Ye held the ancient sheath in his left hand while Void Flash laid in his right palm, and the Ninth Hell Swordwings resided on his back.

“Mother, watch me from the heavens and see how I avenge you!” Yang Ye took a deep breath before he stepped onto the steps on the mountain, and he’d just done so when two Spirit Realm experts of the Flower Palace flashed down from Peony Peak!

“Who are you? This is the Flower Palace! Unrelated people….” 

Yang Ye swung Void Flash, and then the voice of that female disciple had stopped abruptly. Because the blade of a sword had suddenly swept through her neck, and then her head flew into the air.

“Who are you…?” The other disciple was astounded. However, another ray of light flashed, and then her head flew into the air as well.

After he instantly annihilated these Spirit Realm experts of the Flower Palace, the killing intent Yang Ye emanated grew even denser. Right at this moment, the Pearl of Baleful Blood flew out from within him, and it revolved as the blood and resentment of those two women were instantly absorbed by it!

Yang Ye glanced indifferently at the Pearl of Baleful Blood, and then he paid no further attention to it. Since he had the tiny vortex, Sword Spirit, and White Dragon with him, it didn’t make a difference no matter how strong the Pearl of Baleful Blood became as it would only benefit him in the end!

Yang Ye’s figure flashed towards the top of Peony Peak, yet he’d just flown 300m up when over 100 disciples of the Flower Palace swarmed down from the top of the mountain. There were over 10 Spirit Realm experts amongst them, but most were peak King Realm experts!

“Who are you? How dare you cause trouble at my Flower Palace!?” The woman in the lead pointed a finger at Yang Ye as she shouted furiously.

The answer she received was a ray of light from a sword, and it flashed by before the woman in the lead was instantly annihilated. The others by her side were astounded, and they were just about to attack when an extremely bloody and terrifying strand of Slaughter Sword Intent suddenly crashed down upon them like a mountain. The circulation of profound energy within their body stopped for a moment while their bodies almost fell weakly to the ground.

Yang Ye swung Void Flash again, and then a ray of light flashed before dozens of disciples before him were instantly annihilated. With another swing of his sword, the remaining disciples didn’t even have the chance to resist before they were chopped apart at the waist!

He’d killed over 10 Spirit Realm experts and around 100 King Realm profounders with a swing of his sword!

Besides few people, no one else beneath the Exalt Realm throughout Profounder Continent could resist the combination of his 8th level Slaughter Sword Intent and Void Flash!

Yang Ye withdrew an extreme-grade energy stone and placed it in his pocket to absorb the energy within it, and then he flapped the Ninth Hell Swordwings and transformed into a ray of light that flashed into the sky. Right when he was about to step foot onto the peak of the mountain, a strand of sword qi had slashed over horizontally.

It was an Exalt Realm expert!

Yang Ye laughed coldly, as the ancient sheath shook lightly, and then the strand of sword qi was instantly absorbed by the ancient sheath. At the same time, Yang Ye stepped foot onto the peak of the mountain. A middle aged woman was looking coldly at him from over 30m away, and she had a sword in her hand. There were a few dozen Spirit Realm experts, a few hundred King Realm and First Heaven Realm profounders around her!

The middle aged woman’s name was Feng Ru, and she was the Peak Master of Peony Peak. Moreover, she was a third rank Exalt Realm expert!

Feng Ru glanced at the ancient sheath in Yang Ye’s hand, and then her eyelids twitched while her expression turned solemn. She said, “The Sword Emperor’s ancient sheath. You’re Yang Ye! You….” As she spoke, her expression changed slightly because she sensed a strand of Sword Intent press down upon her and the others like an enormous mountain.

Some of the First Heaven Realm profounders at the side were directly smashed to the ground by the pressure from this Sword Intent while some King Realm profounders lost all intent to fight and only had terror within them. Moreover, the brows of some of the Spirit Realm experts had knit together tightly, their countenances had turned ghastly pale, and their breathing was rapid. When the pressure of this Sword Intent pressed down upon her, even Feng Ru’s profound energy showed signs of slowing down while a feeling that he was impossible to resist had arisen within her mind!

It’s at least 8th level Sword Intent!All of them were astounded.

Yang Ye issued a command in his heart before 200 swords shot into the sky from within the tiny vortex. These 200 swords were instantly enhanced by his Slaughter Sword Intent before transforming into 200 rays of blood red light that shot violently towards the disciples of the Flower Palace.

How terrifying was this sword formation while being enhanced by 8th level Slaughter Sword Intent? In just an instant, Feng Ru knew that it was absolutely impossible for these disciples by her side to resist this sword formation!

Right when she intended to lend them a hand, Yang Ye had arrived in front of her, and then his sword slashed forward as swiftly as a bolt of lightning. Feng Ru’s expression changed slightly when she noticed this, and then she suddenly shouted. “Spatial Cage!”

As soon as she spoke, Yang Ye’s sword had suddenly stopped and was frozen in midair. A wisp of joy arose in her heart upon witnessing this. However, that sword which should have been frozen in midair had suddenly stabbed towards her neck like a venomous snake. Feng Ru was astounded by this development. His sword can actually struggle free of my Spatial Cage?

This wasn’t the time to be shocked. Feng Ru didn’t dare go head-on against Yang Ye’s sword that was enhanced by 8th level Slaughter Sword Intent, and she was just about to dodge when she heard Yang Ye shout lightly. “Sword Domain!”

As soon as he spoke, the Sword Domain instantly enveloped Feng Ru, and then her figure that was just about to flash away had slowed down. On the other hand, the sword in Yang Ye’s hand instantly sped up by at least 10 times, and then a ray of light flashed before Feng Ru’s eyes opened wide.

“Sword Domain….” Feng Ru gazed at him with disbelief, and she’d just finished speaking these two words when blood started flowing slowly from her neck.

A gust of wind blew over, and it instantly pushed her head off her neck, causing fresh blood to spray like a fountain!

After he finished Feng Ru with a single swung to the neck, Yang Ye took out another extreme-grade energy stone and started absorbing the energy within it before he gazed at the disciples of the Flower Palace who were resisting his sword formation. He stomped the ground lightly with his right foot, and then he directly vanished on the spot while relying on the propulsion of the Ninth Hell Swordwings and arrived amidst those disciples.

Rays of light flashed as countless shrill cries resounded incessantly, and all the disciples of the Flower Palace here had been annihilated in less than 3 breaths of time!

The Pearl of Baleful Blood seemed as if it had obtained a priceless treasure, and it revolved swiftly before Yang Ye while the blood and resentment of those disciples of the Flower Palace were instantly absorbed by it!

“Yang Ye! How audacious of you! How dare you attack my Flower Palace!” A furious roar rumbled like a thunderclap in the sky above Yang Ye, and then a gorgeous flower petal tore through space and swept towards Yang Ye.

It was a Monarch Realm expert!

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