Chapter 444 – A Bloody Battle In The Flower Palace! (Part 1/2)

Almighty Sword Domain

That petal was caught between two fingers, and they didn’t belong to Yang Ye but the Beast Emperor. As he gazed at the petal in his hand, the Beast Emperor exerted a little strength, and it instantly transformed into a pile of powder.

“A Monarch Realm expert of the Flower Palace actually attacked a Spirit Realm profounder? Isn’t that a little too embarrassing?” The Beast Emperor spoke indifferently as he gazed towards a spot in space.

A wave of fluctuation arose in space, and then Qian Hui, Qian Nianci, and Qian Huagu appeared here on the top of Peony Peak.

“Beast Emperor, do you really intend to become enemies with my Flower Palace for his sake?” Qian Huagu spoke in a low voice.

The Beast Emperor chuckled lightly and said, “I’m sorry. I’m just acting according to my deal with him!”

Qian Huagu’s face fell while Qian Hui laughed coldly and said, “Beast Emperor, even your Darkbeast Empire will be in danger soon, yet you still have the time to stand up for others? How laughable? Moreover, do you really think you can protect him today?”

The Beast Emperor was extremely formidable, but no matter how formidable he was, could he go against all three of them?

“What if you count us in!?” Right at this moment, the Founding Emperor, Li Si, and Bai Qi suddenly appeared here.

The expressions on the faces of Qian Huagu and the others turned gloomy upon seeing the Founding Emperor’s group. Obviously, they hadn’t expected that the Founding Emperor of Grand Qin Emperor would actually lend Yang Ye a hand.

Yang Ye wasn’t surprised by their arrival at all because it was exactly Yang Ye who’d asked the Founding Emperor to come here. The Grand Qin Empire was facing enemies on all fronts right now, and it was even facing a formidable enemy, Exalted Han Empire. So, when Yang Ye had mentioned allowing the Grand Qin Empire and the Darkbeast Empire to form an alliance, the Founding Emperor had practically not hesitated to agree.

In the Founding Emperor’s opinion, this wasn’t the time to pay any attention to whether his allies were of the same race as him and if they had other malicious intentions. Because everything would be meaningless if the Grand Qin Empire were gone!

“Haha! I never expected that the Founding Emperor of the Grand Qin Empire would actually form an alliance with the Darkbeast Empire’s Beast Emperor!” Qian Huagu spoke with a gloomy expression. “However, do the two of you think just the two of you would be able to destroy my Flower Palace? Brother Situ, will you still not show yourself?”

As soon as she finished speaking, Situ Hai had appeared here as well.

Along with the arrival of Situ Hai, the number of Monarch Realm experts on both sides had become equal.

Qian Huagu’s eyes narrowed slightly. Even though their numbers were equal, she knew that her side was weaker. Because both the Founding Emperor and Beast Emperor were peak fifth rank Monarch Realm experts, whereas, only she was at the fifth rank of the Monarch Realm, whereas, Situ Hai and her two junior sisters were merely at the fourth rank and third rank of the Monarch Realm!

If only Yu Linglong wasn’t injured by the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor, otherwise…. Qian Huagu shook her head slowly. But the Origin School, Ghost Sect, Snow Palace, and Brightmoon Sect should have received my transmission talisman, so why haven’t they dispatched any experts?

“Are you waiting for the experts from the Origin School and the others?” Meanwhile, the Founding Emperor suddenly said, “If you are, then I advise you to stop. Because the Beast Emperor and I have dispatched experts to obstruct them. If they dare to assist your Flower Palace, then the experts of my Grand Qin Empire and the Darkbeast Empire will slaughter their sects. So, they won’t come to your rescue!”

When he spoke up to here, the Founding Ancestor suddenly looked at Situ Hai and said, “As for the Mortal Emperor of your Exalted Han Empire, I presume he’s definitely unable to bring his army to the southern territory right now! Even though I don’t know the reason behind it, he should be unable to come right now, right?”

Situ Hai’s heart shook because he knew the Founding Emperor was right. The Mortal Emperor was really unable to come to the southern territory for now. Because along with the appearance of the Mortal Emperor, contention and conflict for power had arisen within the Exalted Han Empire. The Mortal Emperor was dealing with the internal conflict within the Exalted Han Empire right now and solidifying his position and authority. The reason the Mortal Emperor had dispatch him and the others to the southern territory was merely because the Mortal Emperor was worried the Grand Qin Empire would unite the southern territory!

After all, it would make it much for difficult for him to subdue the southern territory then!

“However, the Mortal Emperor will come in the end!” Situ Hai said coldly, “At that time, I hope you’ll be able to be as calm and indifferent as you are right now!”

The Founding Emperor laughed with disdain and said, “Even if he’s the Mortal Emperor and ruler of all who’d acknowledged by this world, but so what? What does my Grand Qin Empire have to fear? Let’s not waste our breaths. Since your Exalted Han Empire intends to interfere in the matters of the southern territory, then we’ll just fight it out. The victor will naturally be decided in the future!”

Situ Hai grunted coldly, and then he fell silent.

The Founding Emperor glanced at Yang Ye and said, “How many you’re able to kill today will depend entirely on your own ability. No experts above the Exalt Realm will be able to act against you. However, you have to deal with the Exalt Realm experts by yourself. Because while we are stopping them, they’re stopping us as well. So, your fate depends entirely on your own strength!”

“Understood!” Yang Ye nodded, and then he paid no further attention to Qian Huagu and the others. His figure flashed down the mountain.

Qian Huagu and the others didn’t stop him, nor were they capable of stopping him. Because the Founding Emperor and the others had locked onto them, so the slightest unusual movement they made would bring down a volley of attacks against them!

“I think that all of us have no need to fight!” Meanwhile, the Beast Emperor suddenly said, “With the strengths we possess, it would at least take 10 days to 15 days of battle to decide on a victor, and it would take a few months to decide life and death. However, it’s very obvious that both our sides have no intention to fight to the death. Since it’s like that, then fighting amongst ourselves is completely meaningless.”

“Beast Emperor, are you that confident in Yang Ye? Are you so sure that he’ll be able to go against the countless experts of my Flower Palace with a strength at the Spirit Realm?” Qian Huagu spoke coldly.

“Let’s wait and see?” The Beast Emperor smiled and said, “We’ll withdraw immediately if he dies, and all of you will stay put peacefully while he’s alive, alright?”

“I agree!” Situ Hai said, “I don’t believe that kid will be able to go against the entire Flower Palace with a cultivation at the Spirit Realm.”

Qian Huagu fell silent for a short while before she agreed to the Beast Emperor’s suggestion in the end. After all, she had no other choice because her refusal would lead to a battle between them, and a battle between them was utterly meaningless. However, there was slight uneasiness in her heart as she wondered why the Founding Emperor and Beast Emperor would be so confident in Yang Ye!

After all, even though Monarch Realm experts wouldn’t be interfering in the battle, the Flower Palace still possessed numerous Exalt Realm experts, and there were a few ninth rank Exalt Realm experts as well. It was already very heaven defying for Yang Ye to be capable of surmounting a realm of cultivation and annihilating a third rank Exalt Realm expert, but could he go so far as to kill a ninth rank Exalt Realm expert? The answer was that it was impossible!

Even the Founding Ancestor of the Sword Sect wasn’t that monstrous during his time!

So, Yang Ye would definitely die!

The 2nd peak was Bamboo Peak, and the Peak Master, Feng Min, was already prepared for battle when he arrived at its peak. However, Feng Min was all alone because profounders below the Exalt Realm were of no threat to Yang Ye. As for Exalt Realm experts….

The Flower Palace did possess many Exalt Realm experts, but was is necessary to order numerous Exalt Realm experts to jointly attack in order to kill a Spirit Realm profounder? The Flower Palace was a large sect, so it couldn’t afford to lose face like that. Especially when so many powers of the southern territory would be watching.

Feng Min was a profounder at the fourth rank of the Exalt Realm, and her strength was comparatively lower amongst the 12 Peak Masters. However, the Flower Palace felt that she was sufficient to kill Yang Ye. Did they need to utilize a profounder at the fifth rank of the Exalt Realm or above in order to kill a second rank Spirit Realm profounder? It was entirely unnecessary in the Flower Palace’s opinion, and they felt that they were already thinking very highly of Yang Ye by dispatching a fourth rank Exalt Realm profounder!

Feng Min didn’t underestimate Yang Ye. Even if this sword cultivator who possessed the Enlightened Sword Heart and 8th level Slaughter Sword Intent was merely at the Spirit Realm, she didn’t dare underestimate him. Especially the Slaughter Sword Intent Yang Ye possessed because even she was extremely fearful of it. If Yang Ye was at the Exalt Realm, then she wouldn’t be confident in her ability at all. No, it would even be to the extent that she wouldn’t even have the courage to face him. However, Yang Ye was merely at the Spirit Realm!

The gap in their cultivations caused her to be confident in her ability to kill him!

Feng Min didn’t waste her breath at all, and she grasped her hand in Yang Ye’s direction as she shouted. “Spatial Cage!”

She hadn’t wasted her breath because it was completely meaningless, and she utilized her full strength as soon as she attacked!

The space Yang Ye resided in froze. But in the next moment, a strand of red light suddenly surged from within him, and a light bang resounded as Feng Min’s Spatial Cage was destroyed by Yang Ye’s 8th level Slaughter Sword Intent!

Feng Min’s eyelids twitched when she witnessed this scene while shock arose in her heart. Even though she knew Yang Ye’s strength wasn’t bad, she hadn’t imagined that he would actually be able to destroy her Spatial Cage with such ease!

Yang Ye’s strength had surpassed her expectations!

The wings on Yang Ye’s back flapped swiftly, and then he suddenly vanished on the spot. He instantly arrived before Feng Min, and then a ray of light flashed as Void Flash swept towards her throat!

Feng Min’s figure flashed, vanished on the spot, and appeared behind Yang Ye. Yang Ye wasn’t surprised by this at all, and Void Flash didn’t slow down at all as it continued to sweep forward. However, the only difference was that Void Flash’s blade had pierced into space while Feng Min was horrified!

Because she’d just appeared behind Yang Ye and hadn’t even had the chance to attack when the tip of a sword had shockingly appeared before her neck, and the cold glow that suffused it caused her hairs to instantly stand on end. She was just about to evade, yet a strand of invisible energy suddenly appeared around her, and it caused the space in her surroundings to freeze momentarily. It just this instant of delay allowed that sword to sweep through her neck….

“It’s the energy of Domain! It’s the Sword Domain!” The expressions of Qian Huagu and the others changed when they witnessed this scene. In the past, there had been rumors that Yang Ye possessed the Sword Domain, but they didn’t believe it. After all, Yang Ye was so young, so how could he possibly possess it!? Yet now, they had no choice but to believe it.

Qian Huagu and the others had extremely unsightly expressions because Yang Ye was a sword cultivator who possessed the Sword Domain and 8th level Slaughter Sword Intent. Most importantly, he was only around the age of 20! If he’s allowed to grow, then he’ll definitely become another expert on par with the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor.

Most importantly, such a monstrous genius was a mortal enemy of the Flower Palace!


Qian Huagu was truly filled with regret. If I hadn’t punished Feng Yu at that time and accepted her back into the sect, then it would be equivalent to the Flower Palace possessing an extraordinary genius!

Even though the rules of the sect disallowed it, she believed that the Founding Ancestor would definitely support her decision if she were still alive. After all, such a peerless genius was worthy of making the Flower Palace make an exception for him!

Unfortunately, not only had it not obtained such a peerless genius, the Flower Palace had made him into a peerless enemy in the future!

Sentencing Feng Yu to death was truly a wrong decision!

At this moment, it wasn’t just Qian Huagu who thought in this way. Even Qian Nianci and Qian Hui had similar thoughts in their hearts!

At this moment, Situ Hai had a solemn expression on his face. Even if he’s only at the Spirit Realm right now, but once a Sword Emperor who has comprehended Sword Domain matures, he would definitely become a peerless existence! This Flower Palace is truly idiotic! They actually completely offended such a genius and became mortal enemies with him! Once they fail to destroy him and allow him to mature, then wouldn’t he be able to annihilate the Flower Palace in an instant?

Situ Hai glanced at Qian Huagu and the others while he shook his head and said to himself, They really are a bunch of pigheaded idiots!

On the other hand, the Founding Emperor and Beast Emperor seemed to be taking pleasure in the Flower Palace’s misfortune. They offended such a peerless genius yet are unable to kill him. This Flower Place is bound to suffer a tragedy!

Actually, there’s no need to wait for the future because they’re suffering a tragedy right now!

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