Chapter 445 – A Bloody Battle In The Flower Palace! (Part 2/2)

Almighty Sword Domain

After he killed Feng Min, Yang Ye withdrew another extreme-grade energy stone and placed it in his pocket. Void Flash truly exhausted a huge amount of profound energy, and even with the profound energy he possessed, he could only utilize its ability to pierce through space three times. If he didn’t possess these extreme-grade energy stones and profound energy reserves that far exceeded profounders at the same level of cultivation, he wouldn’t dare utilize Void Flash at all!

He’d only dared to utilize Void Flash and the Ninth Hell Swordwings so fearlessly because he possessed enough extreme-grade energy stones to provide an unending supply of profound energy to him. It was also the reason he could display strength that exceeded his ordinary ability. The current strength he revealed was something that had been boosted by the power of wealth!

After the Pearl of Baleful Blood absorbed Feng Min’s blood, Yang Ye walked towards Bamboo Hall that was situated on Bamboo Peak. Because he sensed that numerous disciples of the Flower Palace were within it!

The enmity between him and the Flower Palace was irreconcilable, and no one or thing could change that! Since it was irreconcilable, then he intended to kill them all. Especially at this moment. After all, such an opportunity was difficult to come by!

Yang Ye suddenly stopped moving when he arrived at the entrance to Bamboo Hall because a wave of fluctuation had appeared in the space over 30m in front of him. After that, a middle aged woman appeared there. The middle aged woman held a sword in her hand while a strand of fierce Sword Intent swept out incessantly from within her, and the space in its path crackled as her Sword Intent tore it apart.

7th level Sword Intent!

Yang Ye’s expression grew slightly solemn because this Exalt Realm expert before him was actually a sword cultivator. Moreover, she was a sword cultivator who had comprehended Sword Intent. How surprising!

“It’s the Sword Fairy, Feng Jian!” Li Si frowned slightly in midair while Bai Qi’s brows had knit together a little as well. Because the Sword Fairy was an existence of the same generation as them. Even though she was only a fifth rank Exalt Realm profounder right now, her reputation all those years ago was like the scorching sun in the midday sky, and it even surpassed their reputations!

However, for some unknown reason, she’d suddenly vanished from the southern territory, and this lasted for over 10 years of time, and her cultivation had been constantly stuck at the fifth rank of the Exalt Realm once she showed herself again. Li Si and Bai Qi hadn’t expected that the Flower palace would actually dispatch her.

Yang Ye’s in danger this time!

Feng Jian glanced indifferently at Yang Ye. Her eyes were calm and composed, and only the sword in her hand was howling lightly.

Both of them exchanged glances. In the next moment, the Ninth Hell Swordwings on Yang Ye’s back flapped, and then a gust of violent winds arose as Yang Ye vanished on the spot.


The clear and melodious sound of metal colliding resounded, and then Yang Ye returned to where he stood earlier while Feng Jian was standing on the spot. However, the sword in her hand had split into two halves!

Yang Ye’s expression became serious. Even though her sword had been broken, he was in a disadvantaged position during that collision. Because she’d resisted the suppression from his Sword Intent and had still been able to push him back. Even though his Slaughter Sword Intent was a level higher than her Sword Intent, his cultivation was far inferior to hers.

The gap between their cultivations became obvious once more!

Feng Jian suddenly said, “You’re Senior Sister Feng Yu’s son?”

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly. He didn’t attack and was just about to speak, but he suddenly shook his head and laughed with self-ridicule. It’s meaningless no matter what her relationship with mother is because mother is already dead!“I’m very sorry about your mother. I owe her my life, yet I’m unable to repay her anymore!” said Feng Jian in a low voice.

“You still can. Move aside and allow me to slaughter all those disciples in there, and you can consider yourself to have repaid your debt. Alright?” Yang Ye had a slightly ferocious expression on his face as he spoke these words.

Feng Jian frowned slightly, glanced at Yang Ye, and then sighed lightly upon noticing that Yang Ye’s eyes were completely red. “Your natural talent is very good, and it’s the best I’ve ever seen. However, you’re utterly unable to shake the Flower Palace right now. Even if I move aside, someone else would step forward to stop you, and that person would only be even stronger than me. You’ll still have a chance at survival if you retreat now!”

“Retreat?” Yang Ye laughed with madness and said, “Then who will avenge my mother? Cut the fucking crap! Since you refuse to move aside, then I’ll go over your dead body!”

As he spoke, Yang Ye suddenly stomped the ground with his right foot as he utilized the Rapid Shift technique. He instantly arrived before Feng Jian, and the Void Flash swept forward swiftly. The latter’s expression changed slightly, and she didn’t dare act carelessly at all. Her figure shook a little before she vanished on the spot and appeared behind Yang Ye, and then the new sword which had suddenly appeared in her grasp stabbed forcefully towards Yang Ye’s back!

However, Yang Ye didn’t dodge this attack, and Void Flash maintained its momentum and swept ahead. It pierced through space before its tip suddenly appeared behind Feng Jiang, causing her expression to change slightly. However, she didn’t dodge and just increased the strength she exerted in her attack.

Both sword cultivators hadn’t chosen to evade, and they intended to exchange lethal blows!

Feng Jian’s sword stabbed onto Yang Ye’s body first. However, her expression suddenly changed when that happened because her sword couldn’t go any further. Meanwhile, Void Flash had stabbed her back, and it easily stabbed through her skin. But Feng Yu directly vanished on the spot when the Void Flash’s tip had pierced through her skin, and she appeared over 100 away!

Spatial teleportation!

Yang Ye retracted his sword and gazed at Feng Jian with a very solemn expression. He hadn’t expected that she would actually be able to execute spatial teleportation and avoid his attack at such a moment! The grasp of space that a fifth rank Exalt Realm expert possesses is really much greater than the other Exalt Realm experts of the Flower Palace who I’ve faced!

“Exactly what sort of monster are you!?” At this moment, Feng Jian’s expression was solemn as well, and her eyes were filled with shock as she gazed at him. She’d never imagined that she would actually be almost killed by a Spirit Realm profounder one day. Yes, she would be dead if her reaction wasn’t sufficiently swift just now!

A second rank Spirit Realm profounder had almost killed a fifth rank Exalt Realm expert! If she hadn’t experienced it herself, she would never believe it was possible!

Yang Ye didn’t answer her, and he just stabbed Void Flash swiftly towards the space in front of him. Feng Jian’s pupils constricted, and she didn’t hesitate to vanish on the spot and appear over 30m away. However, she was just about to descend to the ground when her pupils constricted once more because the tip of a sword had directly appeared where she was about to land, and she seemed as if she was moving towards it!

Feng Jian forcefully twisted her body at the critical moment and prevented Void Flash from stabbing a vital point on her body. So, the stab that would have struck her heart had instantly pierced through her left chest instead!

Yang Ye was about to swing his sword again but a wave of emptiness arose from within him, and it was because the profound energy within the tiny vortex had dried up from overuse. Yang Ye grunted coldly and kept Void Flash within the tiny vortex before his figure flashed and arrived in front of Feng Jian. At the same time, the Dragonclaws flashed into appearance and his claws grabbed onto Feng Jian’s shoulders!

Yang Ye was just about to exert strength and tear this woman into two. But right at this moment, Feng Jian suddenly revealed a strange smile and shouted. “Spatial Teleportation!”

As soon as she finished speaking, both of them entered into space!

At this moment in the sky, the expressions on the faces of the Founding Emperor, the Beast Emperor, and the others on their side had changed violently, whereas, delight arose onto the faces of everyone on Qian Huagu’s side. Tearing space open to accomplish teleportation required a certain grasp of space, because only then could one survive the extremely dangerous spatial rifts and accomplish teleportation!

However, Yang Ye was only at the Spirit Realm right now, so he was utterly unable to grasp the profundities of space. Since he hadn’t grasped them, then how could he survive a spatial rift? Entering a spatial rift and experiencing the chaotic flow of space within it was sufficient to tear Yang Ye into bits!

“Haha! Beast Emperor, Founding Emperor, the outcome is decided. What do the two of you think?” Qian Huagu beamed as she gazed at the Beast Emperor and Founding Ancestor, and her smile was as brilliant as a hundred flowers blooming at the same time.

However, right at this moment, the space below trembled before a spatial rift appeared before their eyes. After that, two figures fell out from within it!

The smile on Qian Huagu’s face had suddenly stiffened when she saw them, whereas, a smile had appeared on the faces of the Beast Emperor and Founding Emperor. Because one of those two people was Yang Ye, and Yang Ye was still breathing. Even though his clothes were in rags, he was still breathing, and it meant that Yang Ye was still alive!

“What a shocking little fellow!” The Beast Emperor laughed lightly.

After he left the spatial rift, Yang Ye broke out in cold sweat as he recalled the terrifying scenes that he’d witnessed within it. He’d almost died earlier. Yes, if it weren’t for the Mortal Emperor Armor, then even his physical body which was comparable to an Exalt Rank Darkbeast would probably suffer a heavy injury even if he was able to avoid death!

The chaotic flow of space within the spatial rift was truly too terrifying. Unless he knew how to avoid them, otherwise, he didn’t possess any confidence in his ability to resist them with his physical body! Fortunately, he had the Mortal Emperor Armor, and it was fortunate that he’d utilized it at the critical moment. Otherwise, the consequences would be truly unimaginable!

Feng Jian had a pale countenance, and her chest was bleeding incessantly as she gazed at Yang Ye and asked in a low voice. “How… How exactly did you accomplish that!?”

“Take your questions with you to hell!” Yang Ye’s figure flashed and instantly arrived before her. With the lesson he’d learned just now, Yang Ye didn’t grab her this time, and he just slapped his claws right towards her head.

Feng Jian was just about to move when Yang Ye suddenly shouted. “Sword Domain!”

As soon as he spoke, an invisible pressure immediately enveloped an area of 30m around them. Feng Jian’s pupils constricted while shock and horror filled her eyes. Meanwhile, Yang Ye’s claws had struck her head. Since she was under the effect of the Sword Domain, Feng Jian didn’t even have the ability to evade or resist before her head was smacked apart by Yang Ye’s claws!

After he killed her, Yang Ye withdrew another extreme-grade energy stone and placed it in his pocked, and then he glanced up into the air and grunted coldly. Some of them are definitely really disappointed that I’m still alive, right?

Yang Ye withdrew his gaze, waited for the Pearl of Baleful Blood to finish absorbing Feng Jian’s blood and resentment before he flashed towards Bamboo Hall.

Why was he heading to Bamboo Hall? It was naturally to kill, burn, and plunder!

Qian Huagu and the others had terrifyingly gloomy expressions on their faces when they saw Yang Ye enter Bamboo Hall, and the space around them surged.

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