Chapter 446 – A Surprise Attack!

Almighty Sword Domain

Qian Huagu and the others didn’t attack in the end because the Founding Emperor and Beast Emperor were right beside them. So, it would be completely useless even if they did attack!

“Send a transmission for Feng Moyan to face him!” Qian Huagu spoke in a low voice.

“Haha!!” Right at this moment, Bai Qi suddenly roared with laughter, and he laughed for a while before he gazed at Qian Huagu and ridiculed. “This is what a great sect of the southern territory is like? How truly laughable! A sect is actually unable to find anyone in the same realm of cultivation to obstruct Yang Ye. Now, you’re actually dispatching a seventh rank Exalt Realm profounder against him! How laughable!”

All of them had heard of Feng Moyan. She was an Exalt Realm expert of the older generation, and she was one of the top experts in the Exalt Realm within Flower Palace. Moreover, she enjoyed a very great reputation even if it was in the entire southern territory. Because she was once the strongest amongst the Four Young Flowers of the Flower Palace. Her greatest accomplishment in battle was killing a peak Spirit Realm expert while at the third rank of the King Realm!

It was that battle that made her name reverberate through the southern territory!

The Beast Emperor shook his head as well. A seventh rank Exalt Realm profounder against a second rank Spirit Realm profounder. The Flower Palace has really started to disregard its honor!Qian Hui grunted coldly when she heard Bai Qi ridicule them, and she rebuked. “Bai Qi, you speak as if your Grand Qin Empire can produce someone in the same realm of cultivation who’d capable of going against that little bastard. He has a Dao Artifact and the ancient sheath of the Sword Emperor in his hands, and he has even comprehended 8th level Sword Intent, the Domain of the Sword. Moreover, he possesses a Natural Spirit Treasure as well. My Flower Palace is already giving him face by merely dispatching a single seventh rank Exalt Realm profounder to face him!”

“How shameless!” Bai Qi spoke coldly. “You’re dealing with a second rank Spirit Realm profounder with a seventh rank Exalt Realm profounder, yet you still try to see honorable and upright. I, Bai Qi, look down upon you!”

“Bai Qi, are you itching for battle?” Qian Hui’s face was gloomy as she spoke these words.

“Why would I fear you?”

“Then come!” Qian Hui’s figure flashed towards the sky. Bai Qi grunted coldly when he saw this, and then he hurriedly followed her. In next to no time, the sounds of their battle resounded from that area.

Yang Ye stood with his sword in hand within Bamboo Hall, and over a thousand corpses were scattered around him. Besides the corpses of the Flower Palace’s disciples, there were 200 swords flickering about incessantly in the surroundings!

Earlier, he’d utilized the sword formation to annihilate all these disciples. However, it wasn’t easy for him because all of them fought desperately against him. Fortunately, his physical body was formidable, and he was wearing the Mortal Emperor Armor, so they weren’t able to cause any material harm to him!

Yang Ye glanced indifferently at the Pearl of Baleful Blood that was happily absorbing the blood and resentment in the surroundings, and then his figure flashed into the depths of Bamboo Hall. He plundered everything that was valuable within the entire hall, and then he flicked the Nether Ghostflame forward, causing it to spread in midair and explode within the hall. The entire hall was transformed into ashes in an instant!

“My Flower Palace has never suffered such a humiliation since the Founding Ancestor established the sect! No matter how great of a monstrous genius you are or who you have backing you, you’re dead! Once you die, I’ll definitely trap your soul and make you suffer the pain of being burned by Sunflames for eternity!” Qian Huagu’s slightly savage voice resounded from the sky.

Yang Ye raised his head, looked into the sky, and then laughed coldly as he said, “I, Yang Ye, swear on my soul that I’ll definitely annihilate all disciples of the Flower Palace in my lifetime, and I’ll wipe off the Flower Palace from the face of this world. If I’m unable to accomplish it, then I’m willing to perish and be forever denied reincarnation!”

“Good! Good! Very good!” Qian Huagu spoke with a savage expression. “You want to annihilate the disciples of my Flower Palace and destroy it? Let me see what ability you, Yang Ye, possess to accomplish that!”

“Let’s wait and see!” Yang Ye grunted coldly before he flapped the wings on his back, and he caused a gale to arise as he vanished on the spot and flashed towards the next mountain.

Qian Huagu’s entire body surged with killing intent, and her savage expression made it seem like she would go berserk at any moment. On the other hand, the profound energy within the Founding Emperor and Beast Emperor surged, and they were ready to act at any moment. Because Yang Ye couldn’t resist the strength of a Monarch Realm expert at all. So, they had to guarantee that they could stop Qian Huagu and Qian Nianci’s attacks, otherwise, Yang Ye might be killed instantaneously!

A short while later, Qian Huagu took a deep breath, and she glanced at the Founding Emperor and Beast Emperor with a gloomy expression while the resentment in her eyes was clear for all to say. If it wasn’t for the two of them, then she could kill Yang Ye in just an instant. However, if the Flower Palace wanted to kill him in their presence…. Of course, the Flower Palace could still accomplish it. After all, if all its Exalt Realm experts were to swarm Yang Ye, then what could Yang Ye do even if he had such strength?

However, she didn’t act completely shamelessly in the end. Because even if they were able to kill Yang Ye after sending a group of Exalt Realm profounders to kill a Spirit Realm profounder like him, the Flower Palace would definitely become the laughingstock of the southern territory!

Qian Huagu spoke softly in her heart. I hope Moyan doesn’t disappoint me!

Yang Ye had just arrived on the next mountain when a woman was waiting there for him. The woman was very beautiful, and her beauty even surpassed the two women from before. Of course, her appearance wasn’t attractive to Yang Ye at all. He only cared about the aura she revealed because it was even stronger than Feng Jian!

“I was still a little too late!” Feng Moyan gazed at Yang Ye as she spoke slowly. “I never expected that you would really dare to slaughter the disciples of my Flower Palace within my Flower Palace itself. Moreover, you even burned down its hall. The most surprising thing is that you’re only at the second rank of the Spirit Realm, and you’re actually Feng Yu’s son. I presume you came here today to avenge your mother?”

“Isn’t that very obvious?” Yang Ye flipped his palm, and then Void Flash appeared within the dragon claw on his hand. He was prepared to kill anyone who stood in his path of butchering the Flower Palace. Even if that person who obstructed him was someone his mother knew years ago, he would still kill without the slightest hesitation!

Feng Moyan pondered deeply for a moment before she said, “Turn back. I won’t kill you out of consideration for your mother. Do it now while I still haven’t changed my mind!”


A ray of light flashed, and it slashed down towards Feng Moyan. She sighed lightly when she saw this, and she knew that this was Yang Ye’s answer. With a flick of her finger, a flower petal condensed from energy shot forward violently, and it collided with the ray of light from Yang Ye’s sword before both of them exploded apart.

“Flower Bloom!” Feng Moyan shouted as she gestured with both hands. In an instant, all the flowers on the entire mountain instantly rose from the ground, and then they transformed into a rain of petals that filled the sky. Moreover, every single petal was spinning at high speeds and seemed like a sharp blade!

In just an instant, an area of 300m around them had been filled by these terrifying petals!

A Heaven Rank technique!

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly upon witnessing this scene. Because only a Heaven Rank technique possessed such terrifying might. He hadn’t expected that she would actually utilize a Heaven Rank technique as soon as she attacked, and this surprised him a little. Yang Ye took a light breath before he walked slowly towards her!

Feng Moyan would naturally not underestimate him. She was a senior Exalt Realm expert who possessed abundant experience, so she would naturally not make such a stupid mistake. After all, since Yang Ye had been able to kill the two Exalt Realm experts earlier, then how could he possibly be weak? So, she’d immediately utilized her full strength when the battle began as she hoped to kill him with a single blow!

A wisp of ruthlessness flashed through Feng Moyan’s eyes when she saw Yang Ye walking slowly towards her, and then she waved her right hand and shouted. “Go!”

The petals in the air instantly shot violently at Yang Ye like petals being blown by a storm. Meanwhile, Yang Ye’s lips parted lightly when those terrifying petals arrived 15m away from him, and he shouted. “Stop!”

As soon as he spoke, the petals suddenly stopped within Feng Moyan’s shocked gaze, and then all the petals in an area of 30m around him weren’t able to approach anymore.

“Shatter!” Yang Ye suddenly shouted and then an explosion instantly resounded. All the petals within his Sword Domain were instantaneously transformed into dust while Yang Ye’s countenance became slightly pale. Regardless of whether it was the Sword Domain, Void Flash, or the Natural Treasures, he couldn’t execute them without limit. Even though he’d utilized the extreme-grade energy stones to support him through these three battles, some problems had still arisen within his body. For example, while he’d utilized the Sword Domain to deal with her Heaven Rank technique, he had still suffered a slight injury from its might. It wasn’t an external injury but an internal one. His internal organs had actually been injured by the impact!

He was a man, not a god, and he was overexerting himself in advance! The gap between him and all his opponents had been too huge. So, while he’d killed two Exalt Realm experts and slaughtered numerous disciples of the Flower Palace, he’d overexerted himself in exchange for the strength to accomplish all of that!

In short, his cultivation was still quite low, and he was unable to truly utilize the Sword Domain or Void Flash at will. If he was at the Exalt Realm, then destroying that Heaven Rank technique wouldn’t be difficult at all!

“The Sword Domain!” Feng Moyan spoke in a low voice. “It’s actually the Sword Domain. Needless to say, you really possess extraordinary natural talent. Besides the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor, you are the most monstrous genius in the last 10,000 years of the southern territory. Unfortunately, a monstrous genius like you has become a mortal enemy with my Flower Palace. In that way, it’s best to eliminate you before you’re able to grow, otherwise, my Flower Palace would definitely be unable to endure the flames of your rage in the future!

Yang Ye took a light breath and didn’t waste his time talking nonsense with her. His figure flashed as he shot forward towards her with Void Flash in his hand. Feng Moyan grunted coldly and was about to attack, yet right at this moment, a strand of gold light suddenly erupted from Yang Ye’s hand. After that, a golden rope flashed off from his hand, and it passed through space and arrived in front of her!

A Dao Artifact!

Feng Moyan’s pupils constricted. She hadn’t expected that Yang Ye actually possessed another Dao Artifact, and she was extremely shocked in her heart. Her figure immediately flashed and appeared over 30m away. But as soon as she descended to the ground, the golden rope had vanished mysteriously on the spot, and it was already around her when it appeared again. Meanwhile, Yang Ye had arrived in front of her, and then he swept Void Flash forcefully towards her neck!

Feng Moyan was horrified. She was just about to circulate her profound energy yet noticed to her astonishment that the profound energy within her body actually seemed like it had been caged and couldn’t be circulated at all.

I’m finished!

This was the last thought that flashed through her mind before her head flew into the air!

Qian Huagu and the others had horrifyingly gloomy expressions as they watched this scene. They hadn’t expected that Yang Ye actually possessed another Dao Artifact. Exactly how many Dao Artifacts does he possess?

Situ Hai’s expression was quite gloomy as well because the Immortal Binding Rope belonged to the Exalted Han Empire!

Right at the moment when Feng Moyan’s head flew into the air, an unexpected event occurred!

A woman suddenly appeared behind Yang Ye, and then she swiftly slapped her palm against Yang Ye’s back, causing his body to curve like a drawn bow as it flew backwards!

A ninth rank Exalt Realm expert!

A surprise attack!

The Founding Emperor and Beast Emperor’s expressions had become gloomy!

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