Chapter 447 – Secret Technique!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye’s figure was blasted flying for almost 3km before he finally with a small hill! The hill instantly trembled violently from the collision and countless rocks rolled down from it!

On the other hand, a woman in a red dress had appeared where Yang Ye stood just now. The woman stood there proudly while her hands were enveloped by mysterious metal-studded gloves!

“An ant like you actually dares to boast about destroying my Flower Palace? You’re courting death!” The woman gazed coldly at Yang Ye who’d sunken into the side of the hill, and she spoke with disdain.

“How laughable!” Li Si suddenly spoke in the sky. “A ninth rank Exalt Realm profounder actually launched a surprise attack against a second rank Spirit Realm profounder, and you even seem to feel very proud of it? So the Flower Palace is filled with such trash! How truly laughable!”

The woman in a red dress had a slightly unsightly expression on her face yet didn’t refute him. After all, Li Si was a Monarch Realm expert!

“It’s laughable?” Qian Huagu spoke coldly. “Could it be that the disciples of my Flower Palace should head over one by one to be killed by him? Since he dared to attack and kill in my Flower Palace, then he should be prepared to face death. If we’re talking about something being laughable, then your Grand Qin Empire is laughable! Don’t tell me that the conflict within the palace of your empire is all upright and aboveboard! Even you, Li Si, have probably conducted any dirty deeds, right? Since you’re nothing good yourself, then on what basis do you ask others to act in that way?”

Li Si was about to say something when the Founding Emperor waved his hand and said, “There’s no need to speak further about it. The outcome hasn’t been decided yet!”

The expressions on the faces of Qian Huagu and the others changed, and they looked downward and witnessed the scene of a figure flashing out from the hill. Their expressions became gloomy when they saw this figure because it belonged to Yang Ye!

The women in a red dress had an extremely unsightly expression. She hadn’t imagined that this ant at the Spirit Realm would actually be able to survive after suffering a full force attack from her! It was like an immediate slap to the face!

At this moment, Yang Ye’s expression was extremely unsightly as well. He didn’t blame her for launching a surprise attack against him, and he only blamed himself for not being sufficiently cautious and quite careless. Of course, he was a little surprised as well. He was surprised that a ninth rank Exalt Realm expert would actually launch a surprise attack against him. She has really disregarded all shame!

Of course, the most important aspect was that he’d realized how terrifying ninth rank Exalt Realm experts were. If he didn’t possess the Mortal Emperor Armor to resist most of her strength while his formidable physical body did the rest, then just that strike would have probably blasted him into pieces!

Just this attack alone told him that he was probably unable to kill him even if he utilized the Sword Domain and the Dao Artifacts he possessed!

The gap in their realms of cultivation wasn’t something that could be made up for with external forces anymore!

“I underestimated you a little, ant!” The woman rubbed her metal gloves together as she spoke in a low voice.

Yang Ye took a deep breath. Even though he was quite unwilling, he knew that it was practically impossible for him to kill her with his current level of cultivation. So, continuing the battle like this would only be a waste of time!

When he thought up to this point, Yang Ye stopped hesitating. He lowered his head to gaze at the ancient sheath in his hand and said, “Activate the secret technique!”

A ray of light flashed before the Sword Spirit appeared in front of Yang Ye, and she pondered deeply before she said, “Even though you aren’t cursed by the heavens any longer, and you’ve even advanced into another realm of cultivation, you only have 10 years of lifespan left. This secret technique will burn away a year of your lifespan every 2 hours. Are you sure?”

“Yes!” Yang Ye said firmly, “Do I have another choice? I might die if I don’t!”

The Sword Spirit pondered deeply for a moment before she nodded, and then she transformed back to her original shape. After that, the ancient sheath transformed into a ray of light that shot into the space between Yang Ye’s brows.

“This secret technique is one that activates the potential of the body by utilizing the body’s lifespan. It will strongly affect your body once you finish using it. Remember not to utilize it for a long period of time, otherwise, not to mention the huge decline in your lifespan, it’s even very likely for irreparable harm to be inflicted upon your body!”


After the Sword Spirit finished speaking these words, an extremely terrifying aura erupted from within Yang Ye, and then Yang Ye’s cultivation actually started to rise explosively!

The third rank of the Spirit Realm!

The fourth rank of the Spirit Realm!

The ninth rank of the Spirit Realm!


A terrifying imposing aura erupted once more from within Yang Ye’s body, and then it swept towards the surroundings like tidewater. Under the astounded expressions of everyone in the surroundings, Yang Ye had actually advanced into the Exalt Realm!

“How could this be possible?” The woman in a red dress was slightly stunned by the sight of Yang Ye who’d advanced into the Exalt Realm. How could he have possibly advanced from the second rank of the Spirit Realm to the Exalt Realm in an instant? How could this be possible?

Qian Huagu and the others had gazes that were filled with shock as they witnessed this scene. They were aware that some secret techniques in the world could temporarily improve one’s cultivation, but most of them could only improve a person’s cultivation by one or two ranks, or five at most. Yet now, Yang Ye had advanced by an entire realm of cultivation. What secret technique is that?

In next to no time, they stopped thinking about this because another terrifying question had appeared in their mind. That question was how terrifying Yang Ye would be now that he’d attained the Exalt Realm! 8th level Slaughter Sword Intent, the Enlightened Sword Heart, the Sword Domain, a Natural Treasure, two Dao Artifacts….

Could anyone in the Exalt Realm resist him?

“Feng Hong, retreat quickly! He’s invincible amongst those in the same realm of cultivation. He isn’t someone you can stop anymore!” Qian Huagu’s voice was slightly anxious. Because the Flower Palace had lost 3 Exalt Realm experts now, and it truly couldn’t afford to lose more.

Feng Hong had a slightly ferocious expression on her face upon hearing this. Retreat? If I did that today, then how would I stand up with my head held high in the southern territory? He’s just a Spirit Realm profounder who has advanced to the Exalt Realm by way of a secret technique! How could he possibly go against me, a ninth rank Exalt Realm expert!?

“Don’t worry Martial Ancestor, I’ll definitely eliminate this enemy who might become a formidable enemy for the Flower Palace in the future!” After she spoke these words, Feng Hong didn’t wait for Qian Huagu to speak before her figure flashed over to Yang Ye, and then she swiftly smashed her fists at Yang Ye. Everywhere they passed, space was warped by the force within her fists, and it was an extremely astounding sight!

A ray of light flashed!


An enormous bang resounded as Feng Hong moved back to where she stood just now. Moreover, her eyes were opened wide, and they were filled with shock and disbelief. Because her low-grade Heaven Rank Darkmetal Gloves had actually been slashed into pieces by Yang Ye’s attack!

Yang Ye greedily inhaled a deep breath as he gazed at the sword in his hand, and then he clenched in right hand. He instantly felt a feeling of fullness in his hand, and it was the feeling of grasping space!

“This is how the Exalt Realm feels like?” Yang Ye squeezed space lightly with his right hand while he chuckled, and then he gazed at Feng Hong. A ninth rank Exalt Realm expert? It doesn’t seem so out of reach now! Yang Ye issued a command in his heart, and his 8th level Slaughter Sword Intent swept out and instantly enveloped Feng Hong. The latter was astounded, and her pupils constricted because Yang Ye had arrived in front of her!

Yang Ye revealed a savage smile as he swept Void Flash forward!

Feng Hong naturally didn’t dare to go head on against this attack. What a joke! That was a Dao Artifact enhanced by 8th level Slaughter Sword Intent. How could she dare to resist it head-on? She immediately intended to retreat but an invisible force suddenly appeared around her, and it was like a mountain that caused her to feel fairly suffocated. Moreover, the profound energy within her had even stopped moving and was impossible to circulate!

On the other hand, the Sword Intent on Yang Ye’s Void Flash grew even sharper after this invisible force had appeared, and its speed had risen by at least five times.

If that invisible force wasn’t there to suppress her, then she would still be capable of avoiding such speed. But now, she could only watch as Yang Ye’s sword stabbed towards her!

“Don’t you dare!” Qian Huagu’s furious howl reverberated like a thunderclap in the air, and then an enormous palm pierced through space and slapped down towards Yang Ye.

Yang Ye frowned but there was no hesitation in his actions, and he even increased the strength he swung his sword with.


Void Flash slashed through Feng Hong’s neck, and the latter’s eyes seemed to bulge from their sockets while blood flowed slowly from her neck. It flowed down onto her fiery red dress, and it made this scene seem extremely beautiful yet blood!

Right when that enormous palm was about to strike Yang Ye, another enormous palm had flashed into appearance, and it collided with Qian Huagu’s attack.


A wave of fluctuation surged through space as both the enormous palms rumbled and dispersed.

Qian Huagu glanced at the Beast Emperor with resentment and said, “Beast Emperor, does your Darkbeast Empire really intend to become irreconcilable enemies with my Flower Palace?”

The Beast Emperor shook his head and said, “Is there any point in saying that now?”

“Good! Very good!” Qian Huagu’s expression had turned completely ferocious, and then she looked down towards Yang Ye and said, “You as well! Don’t you want to annihilate my Flower Palace and make it vanish completely from this world? Let me see if a monstrous genius who’s merely inferior to the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor is capable of accomplishing that today! Disciples of the Flower Palace, heed my order! Kill this fellow with all your strength! Attack all at once!”

So they intend to act with complete disregard of shame? Yang Ye laughed coldly, but this just happened to suit his intentions.

As soon as Qian Huagu finished speaking, movement instantly arose throughout the Flower Palace as countless profounders flashed towards the mountain that Yang Ye resided on, Lily Peak. In less than a few breaths of time, over 10,000 experts of the Flower Palace had gathered on the mountain! The weakest amongst them were at the King Realm while most of them were Spirit Realm profounder. Moreover, there were actually almost 40 Exalt Realm experts amongst them as well. However, most of them were below the fifth rank of the Exalt Realm, and only a little over 10 were above that!

Could Yang Ye go against so many experts by himself? Of course he couldn’t! But he naturally wasn’t stupid enough to go against so many experts by himself.

Yang Ye flipped his palm, and then a transmission talisman flew in the air and exploded with a bang. He’d notified An Nanjing and the others who were hiding near the Flower Palace to kill their way into Flower Palace once he gave the signal via a transmission talisman. With the strengths they possessed, it would only take a short while for them to rush over!

In the meantime, Yang Ye naturally intended to give these fellows before him something to enjoy!

With a command in his heart, 200 swords shot into the sky, and then the Nether Ghostflame flashed into appearance under his command. It trembled a little in midair before it transformed into countless strands of flame that enveloped those swords. However, this wasn’t the end of it. A red glow surged out and covered the sword formation, causing the swords to instantly emanate sharp howls!

The expressions of everyone in the surroundings changed violently!

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