Chapter 448 – I’ll Finish You With One Strike!

Almighty Sword Domain

“Just die!” The swords in front of Yang Ye transformed into rays of light that descended into the crowd of disciples from the Flower Palace.


An enormous explosion resounded and rumbled atop Lily Peak, and then a huge mushroom cloud shot into the sky. After that, a wave of fire suddenly swept out from within the mushroom cloud while countless shrill cries instantly resounded above Lily Peak!

A short while later when the dust and dirt dispersed, the mountaintop was covered in corpses. Most of the Spirit Realm and King Realm profounders here had been annihilated by this attack, and they amounted to a few thousand in number. The remaining survivors mostly consisted of Spirit Realm profounders. While they were still alive, they’d suffered varying degrees of injuries. Besides that, there had even been some losses amongst the Exalt Realm experts!

The might of Yang Ye’s sword formation was actually that terrifying and formidable!

The surviving disciples of the Flower Palace gazed at Yang Ye with shock, and it seemed like they were looking at a monster. Is he really a second rank Spirit Realm profounder who’d relied on external sources to rise into the Exalt Realm?

Qian Huagu’s face was horrifyingly gloomy while killing intent surged explosively within her eyes. This fellow is absolutely a disaster that must be eliminated. Otherwise, if he’s allowed to mature, then he’ll definitely become a lethal threat to my Flower Palace. He has only utilized a secret technique to attain the Exalt Realm right now, yet he’s already capable of utilizing such a terrifying technique. If he were to truly become an Exalt Realm expert, then would any Exalt Realm disciple of my Flower Palace be able to go against him?

Actually, there was no need to wait for the future because the Exalt Realm experts of the Flower Palace were already unable to subdue Yang Ye.

Situ Hai had a solemn expression as well. Obviously, Yang Ye’s attack had surprised him.

I never expected that such a peerless genius would have actually appeared in the southern territory. He must be eliminated! Otherwise, it’s very likely that he’ll become a great enemy of the Mortal Emperor. Situ Hai decided in his heart.

It wasn’t just Situ Hai and Qian Huagu who were surprised and shocked, even the Founding Emperor and Beast Emperor were extremely shocked right now. They hadn’t expected that Yang Ye actually possessed a secret technique to forcefully advance into the Exalt Realm and was actually capable of executing such a terrifying combat technique. That technique he executed just now was probably at the mid-grade of the Heaven Rank at least!The Founding Emperor and Beast Emperor exchanged glances, and then they grinned. Because the stronger Yang Ye was and the more trump cards he possessed, it was naturally better for them!

Before long, An Nanjing and almost 70 Exalt Realm experts arrived. Besides them, over 100 Spirit Rank Darkbeasts had rushed over to Lily Peak as well.

All of them were shocked when they saw the mess in the surroundings. Yang Ye did all of this?

“Eh, you’ve attained the Exalt Realm?” An Nanjing suddenly spoke with surprise. After all, Yang Ye was only at the second rank of the Spirit Realm before they came to the Flower Palace!

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “I advanced by force via a secret technique. Alright, let’s get to the point. There are numerous experts here, so the more you kill, the more top-grade energy stones you earn. It all depends on your ability. Don’t worry, experts at the Monarch Realm won’t attack all of you, so you can kill to your heart’s content!”

When the heard those last few words Yang Ye said, all of them weren’t worried anymore, and they pounced towards the group of disciples from the Flower Palace. In their eyes, every single one of those disciples was a bunch of top-grade energy stones!

The forces on Yang Ye’s side were much fewer than the forces of the Flower Palace, but their quality surpassed the Flower Palace. After all, the weakest on his side was at the Spirit Realm. Besides that, so long as a Spirit Realm expert wasn’t an exceptionally monstrous genius, then the Spirit Realm expert would practically have no ability to resist an Exalt Realm expert. After all, not just anyone could break through the Spatial Cage of an Exalt Realm expert like Yang Ye and An Nanjing could!

Even though Yang Ye had much fewer profounders on his side, the Flower Palace gradually fell into a disadvantaged state after some time of battle!

Yang Ye didn’t participate in the battle. He stood silently on the spot for some time before the wings on his back flapped, and he flashed towards the depths of the Flower Palace.

Qian Huagu’s pupils constricted when she noticed the direction he was heading, and she roared furiously. “Don’t you dare kid!” Because the direction Yang Ye was heading led to a restricted area within the Flower Palace, the Graveyard of Flowers.

What was the Graveyard of Flowers? It was the grave of the Flower Palace’s Founding Ancestor, and all the prestigious Sect Masters and Elders of the sect. The fallen souls of the Flower Palace’s experts were laid to eternal rest here, and they entered the cycle of reincarnation once more to be reborn.

It could be said that while there were no treasures there nor was it a paradise of cultivation, it was a restricted area to the Flower Palace.

Qian Huagu and the others naturally didn’t think that he was going to pay his respects to the seniors of the Flower Palace. Even an idiot knew that he was absolutely up to no good. If Yang Ye were to enter the Graveyard of Flowers and destroy it, then not only would the Flower Palace lose face, even she, Qian Huagu, would become an unprecedented sinner of the sect!

The disciples of the Flower Palace seemed to be aware of Yang Ye’s intentions, so it wasn’t long before a disciple obstructed his path. Yang Ye didn’t waste his breath and just swung Void Flash that was enhanced by his 8th level Slaughter Sword Intent, and that disciples didn’t even have the chance to react before her head was split from her body. After that, Yang Ye didn’t slow down at all as he flashed towards the Graveyard of Flowers!

All along the way, countless disciples obstructed his path incessantly, but practically every single one of them were slaughtered by a single swing of Yang Ye’s sword .At this moment, with Void Flash, 8th level Slaughter Sword Intent, and the Sword Domain at his disposal, Yang Ye was practically invincible against profounders at the same realm of cultivation!

In next to no time, Yang Ye arrived before the Graveyard of Flowers. It was situated within a gorge, and a woman in a green dress was standing silently at the entrance to the gorge with a sword in each of her hands.

“There’s still time for you to stop!” The woman said in a low voice, “If you intended to avenge your mother, then you’ve already succeeded. You should be aware that it’s absolutely impossible for you to annihilate my Flower Palace. At the very least, it’s impossible for you right now. If you stop now, then perhaps the enmity between our sides will have a chance of being resolved. But if you dare to step foot into the Graveyard of Flowers, then we’ll really be irreconcilable enemies!”

“Stop? Irreconcilable enemies?” Yang Ye started laughing from extreme rage upon hearing her. “I’ve been irreconcilable enemies with the Flower Palace since the moment my mother died. Stop? That’s absolutely impossible. I heard that the Founding Ancestor of your Flower Palace is buried in the Graveyard of Flowers. I, Yang Ye, would really like to see exactly what sort of person would set such an inhumane rule. I presume you won’t move aside, so it’s best for you to just die!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye’s figure flashed and instantly arrived before the woman in a green dress while the latter seemed to have expected this. Her figure shook a little when Yang Ye’s figure had just started moving, and then she transformed into countless petals and vanished on the spot. After that, two rays of light suddenly appeared behind Yang Ye.

Yang Ye grunted coldly. He ignored the rays of light behind him while he slashed Void Flash towards the sky in front of him.

The pupils of the woman who’d appeared behind him constricted, but her reaction wasn’t slow at all, and she crossed her swords in front of her body.


She was blasted flying along with her swords.

A wisp of surprise flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes because this woman who was only around the eighth rank of the Spirit Realm had actually been able to block an attack from Void Flash. However, Yang Ye figures it out in an instant. It was definitely because the sword in her hands were no ordinary swords, otherwise, Void Flash’s might would have definitely slashed them apart even if they were Earth Rank or low-grade Heaven Rank swords!

Yang Ye shook his head and was about to swing his sword again. However, right at this moment, a middle aged woman appeared in front of him and stood before the woman in a green dress.

A ninth rank Exalt Realm expert! Yang Ye’s heart shook while he said to himself, As expected of a large sect. It actually possesses another ninth rank Exalt Realm expert!

The middle aged woman glanced coldly at Yang Ye before she said, “Jing Zhu, withdraw yourself from this battle. He’s invincible amongst those in the same realm of cultivation, so it’s absolutely impossible for you to surmount a realm of cultivation and go against him. Don’t make an unnecessary sacrifice!”

The woman in a green dress called Jing Zhu pondered deeply for a moment before she nodded, and then she glanced at Yang Ye before she flashed off into the distance.

“I never expected that my Flower Palace would actually be forced into such a situation by you. Needless to say, even if my Flower Palace kills you today, its reputation would definitely suffer a disastrous decline in the southern territory.” The middle aged woman spoke slowly. “I have to admit that Feng Yu really gave birth to a good son!”

Yang Ye laughed coldly and said, “The Flower Palace’s reputation? You are considering too much. The southern territory won’t have a Flower Palace in the future. Even if I can’t destroy your Flower Palace today, I’ll definitely be able to accomplish it one day. So long as I’m alive, I’ll slaughter every single disciple of your Flower Palace until none remain in the world!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye didn’t continue wasting his breath. The profound energy within him surged madly while the Ninth Hell Swordwings suddenly flapped, and a gale erupted from him as he instantly arrived before the middle aged woman!

“Sword Domain!” Yang Ye shouted as he activated the Sword Domain, and then Void Flash slashed swiftly towards her!

The middle aged woman frowned from being suppressed by the Sword Domain, and her eyelids twitched upon seeing Yang Ye swing Void Flash towards her. She didn’t dare act carelessly in the slightest, and she swiftly stomped her right foot and caused a pitch black and enormous hole to instantly crack open in space before she entered it!

In the next moment, an enormous fist that was over 100m in size blasted down from Yang Ye’s right! However, it instantly stopped upon arriving 30m away from Yang Ye, and then it exploded into pieces.

Yang Ye turned around to gaze at the middle aged woman who stood around 300m to his right. He hadn’t expected that she would actually be able to struggle free of his Sword Domain. She’s much stronger than the other ninth rank Exalt Realm expert from before!“That’s the Sword Domain?” The middle aged woman had a solemn expression on her face. “It really is extraordinary. It’s practically impossible for a profounder at the same realm of cultivation to kill you while you possess the Sword Domain. Looks like I must kill you even if I have to take you down with me. Otherwise, it’ll be just as you’ve said, and my Flower Palace will definitely be destroyed in the future!”

“Cut the crap!” Yang Ye took a deep breath as he withdrew the wings on his back, and then the Ninth Hell Cold Gale floated in front of him. After that, the Nether Ghostflame and Violetcloud Lightning flashed into appearance. The appearance of the three Natural Treasures had instantly shocked everyone in the surroundings!

“Ninth Hell Cold Gale, Violetcloud Lightning… and this flame… it should be the Nether Ghostflame. Three Natural Treasures! He actually possesses three Natural Treasures!” Qian Huagu’s eyes were filled with shock. An ordinary person might not even be able to lay eyes on Natural Treasures throughout their entire lifetimes, yet such Natural Treasures had appeared in the possession of a Spirit Realm profounder. Moreover, it was even three of them! Heavens! Why are you so kind and generous to him?As soon as they appeared here, they swiftly formed a sword under Yang Ye’s control, and he pointed this sword towards the middle aged woman whose eyes were filled with astonishment!

“I’ll finish you with one strike!” Yang Ye’s domineering voice resounded through the surroundings!

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