Chapter 449 – The Graveyard of Flowers!

Almighty Sword Domain

“You’ll finish me with one strike?” The middle aged woman was stunned, and then she roared madly with laughter. She laughed for a while before she said with a savage expression on her face, “Good! Very good! Let me, Qian Yu, see exactly how you kill me with one strike!”

The profound energy within her instantly surged out explosively with a wave of her right hand, and then an enormous green lotus shield was instantly condensed in front of Qian Yu. It was a low-grade Heaven Rank defensive technique of the Flower Palace, and it was called Green Lotus Guard. When this technique was executed by her, even a mid-grade Heaven Rank combat technique was unable to shake it in the slightest. Qian Yu’s face was covered in disdain and ridicule as she resided behind the enormous shield. Kill me with a single strike? Does he think he’s the Founding Ancestor of the Sword Sect? How laughable!Yang Ye stretched out his hand to grab the hilt of the sword, which was formed from the Ninth Hell Cold Gale, and then he suddenly stomped his right foot on the ground. His figure instantly shot forward explosively like an arrow that had left the bow, and he traversed the distance of 300m between them in an instant.

Once he arrived before Qian Yu, he didn’t hesitate at all to activate the Sword Domain, and then he swiftly stabbed the sword towards the enormous green lotus shield!


A clang that sounded like a sledgehammer striking against a large bell resounded, and it was simply deafening!

The tip of the sword which was formed from the Nether Ghostflame stopped a little upon colliding with her shield, and the disdain on the corners of Qian Yu’s mouth grew even denser upon witnessed this scene. However, Yang Ye suddenly spun the sword, and then the shield instantly cracked apart before exploding into pieces.

Qian Yu was horrified and was just about to retreat, but it was too late. The sword in Yang Ye’s hand suddenly sped up explosively, and it instantly transformed into a ray of light that pierced through her chest.

Qian Yu’s eyes were opened very wide, and she seemed to still be slightly unable to believe that she’d died just like that. She opened her mouth a little with the intention to say something, but a ray of light flashed by once more, and then her head flew into the air. So, those words she was about to speak were naturally gone with her.

Yang Ye’s countenance was much paler after he killed Qian Yu, and it was a sickly pale color. Yang Ye almost fell weakly to the ground upon descending down the midair. Even though he was at the Exalt Realm right now, it had been pushed up by external forces, and he wasn’t a true Exalt Realm expert. Earlier, he’d continuously overused his profound energy and had even executed the Sword of Elements just now, so it had fully dried up all the profound energy within his body!

Moreover, he felt extremely exhausted right now, and his head felt extremely heavy like it was filled with lead. He knew that if he continued exhausting himself like this, then there was no need for the Flower Palace to kill him because he would be dead before that!

Yang Ye shook his head and withdrew an extreme-grade energy stone to absorb the energy within it. No matter what, he was determined to destroy the grave of the Flower Palace’s founding ancestor and all its elders and sect masters of the past!

Since they’d set the rule that caused his mother’s death, then he wanted them to be unable to rest in peace!

Qian Huagu closed her eyes after she witnessed Qian Yu’s death, and she clenched her fists while the killing intent she emanated was seemingly material. It even caused the space around her to ripple incessantly like water!

Qian Yu had the best chance of stepping into the Monarch Realm! Yet she’s dead now! If I knew this would have happened, I shouldn’t have asked her to stop that little bastard! I really should have!

At this moment, Qian Huagu’s heart was filled with extreme pain!

Qian Huagu gazed at the Beast Emperor and Founding Emperor while resentment could be clearly seen within her eyes. If it weren’t for the two of them, then killing Yang Ye could be accomplished in an instant! Moreover, it was exactly because of their presence that she was unable to save Qian Yu just now. So, when compared to Yang Ye, she hated them even more.

Qian Huagu didn’t choose to attack in the end because it was completely meaningless! Moreover, there was no need to now.

“Disciples of my Flower Palace, heed my orders. Kill Yang Ye with all your might. The profound energy within him has been completely exhausted, so there’s no need to fear him. The one who kills him will be directly promoted to an elite disciple and rewarded with a mid-grade Heaven Rank dark treasure and 10 top-grade energy stones!” Qian Huagu’s voice that was enhanced by her profound energy swept throughout every single corner of the entire Flower Palace.

I’m only worthy a mid-grade Heaven Rank treasure and 10 top-grade energy stones? Yang Ye couldn’t help but laugh coldly when he heard this. Looks like the Flower Palace isn’t just shameless, it’s even really poor!

The Flower Palace was very poor in Yang Ye’s opinion, but those rewards were definitely extremely generous in the eyes of those disciples from the Flower Palace. Especially the mid-grade Heaven Rank dark treasure. It was something that they hadn’t even laid eyes on throughout their lives! So, how could they not be tempted by it? Since they were tempted, they acted! There were always those were willing to risk it all when the reward was generous enough. In next to no time, numerous disciples stopped engaging in combat with An Nanjing and the others, and they charged towards Yang Ye!

Yang Ye grunted coldly when he saw them charging towards him. His hands moved slightly as the Dragonclaws appeared on his hands. At this moment, the profound energy within him hadn’t recovered indeed, but it didn’t represent that he didn’t have the strength to fight. Even if his profound energy couldn’t support him anymore for now, his physical body could still be utilized to kill them!

Yang Ye stomped his right foot on the ground and charged into the group of disciples from the Flower Palace, and then he swung the Dragonclaws about swiftly. Any disciple of the Flower Palace who was struck by him were either injured or perished! On the other hand, he fully abandoned any form of defense and just allowed their techniques to blast onto him!

As the disciples fell one after the other to Yang Ye’s Dragonclaws, the expressions on the faces of Qian Huagu and the others had become unsightly again. They hadn’t expected that Yang Ye’s physical defense and physical strength were actually formidable to such an extent. Exactly what sort of monster is he? Can anyone in the Exalt Realm even kill him while he’s at the Exalt Realm?

At this moment, Qian Huagu and Qian Nianci were truly filled with regret. They regretted sentencing Feng Yu to death. Because if they hadn’t killed her and pardoned her instead, then it would be equivalent to obtaining a peerlessly monstrous genius for their Flower Palace! Moreover, even if they didn’t pardon her, she could still be used to threaten Yang Ye! But now, Yang Ye had nothing to worry about after Feng Yu perished!

In short, they shouldn’t have underestimated Yang Ye from the very beginning. Unfortunately, they’d never taken him seriously, because they felt that they could annihilate him in an instant, even if he was a monstrous genius. Now, reality told them that this person they thought was an ‘ant’ could actually pose a threat to them!

“Beast Emperor, the relationship between your Darkbeast Empire and that kid seems to be not bad?” The Founding Emperor spoke abruptly. After he found out that the Darkbeast Empire’s objective was to enter the demon territory, the Founding Emperor wasn’t hostile towards the Darkbeast Empire anymore. Because their interests didn’t clash with each other. Conversely, there were many aspects that they had to join forces to accomplish!

The Beast Emperor glanced at the Founding Emperor, and then he grinned and said, “It isn’t bad. That kid is unlike the other humans, and he isn’t so hostile to my Darkbeast Emperor. Moreover, his relationship with some Darkbeasts of my Darkbeast Empire is very good. Of course, his relationship with your Imperial Household isn’t bad as well. Unfortunately, I don’t have a granddaughter like you!”

The Founding Emperor chuckled and said, “This kid is an extremely loyal fellow. I believe that he will definitely not disappoint that child, Xiyue!”

Li Si grinned as he shook his head. At this moment, he finally understood why the Founding Emperor conferred a title to Qin Xiyue and her mother yesterday. So it was because of Yang Ye!

Yesterday, the Founding Ancestor had suddenly conferred the title of Moon Princess to Qin Xiyue, and he’d even bestowed to her a mid-grade Heaven Rank dark treasure and the authority to look through everything within the Technique Pavilion of the Imperial Household!

No one understood why the Founding Ancestor had done that, and even Li Si wasn’t very sure. After all, Qin Xiyue was only an ordinary princess amongst them all, and her mother was even an ordinary court lady. So, Qin Xiyue’s status in the Imperial Palace was merely a little higher than the court ladies! However, the Founding Emperor had conferred a title to her, and that was strange no matter how one looked at it!

Now, it wasn’t strange at all. So she was linked to Yang Ye….

On the ground below, Yang Ye was killing like a madman. His Dragonclaws were already dyed scarlet red while the Pearl of Baleful Blood was ceaselessly absorbing the blood and resentment of every single profounder that he killed. In less than an hour, Yang Ye had killed a few hundred disciples, and the scarlet red color of the Pearl of Baleful Blood had grown even brighter after it absorbed the blood of so many!

However, there was no end to the disciples of the Flower Palace. Because countless disciples were charging over incessantly from the various peaks throughout the sect. As soon as 100 were killed, 200 filled their places. So, in less than 2 hours of time, Yang Ye’s side had started to fall into a disadvantaged state. After all, there was only less than 200 amongst them, whereas, there was no end to the disciples of the Flower Palace, so this difference naturally caused them to fall into a disadvantaged state!

“The situation will get bad if this continues!” An Nanjing arrived by Yang Ye’s side and spoke in a low voice. She wasn’t afraid of these disciples of the Flower Palace, but she had to consider those experts of the An Clan who stood behind her. If this were to continue, then it was very likely that they would perish here. After all, it was impossible for such a small force like theirs to annihilate an entire sect!


After he slapped the head of an expert apart, Yang Ye stopped and glanced at the surroundings, and he frowned when he saw that his side were in a disadvantaged state. He pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “Hold them off for around 15 minutes, and then we’ll leave. Alright?”

“What are you going to do?” asked An Nanjing.

Yang Ye revealed a ferocious expression as he said, “I’m naturally going to give the Flower Palace an unforgettable lesson. I’m going to make them utterly humiliated in the southern territory!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye didn’t stay here any longer, and he flashed towards the Graveyard of Flowers.

When she saw Yang Ye flash off towards the Graveyard of Flowers, Qian Huagu’s expression changed while she howled furiously in a slightly hysterical voice. “Quickly stop him!” If Yang Ye were to enter the Graveyard of Flowers and completely destroy it, then the Flower Palace’s reputation would be destroyed. Moreover, she, Qian Huagu, and even all the disciples of the sect would become unprecedented sinners of the sect!

Those disciples seemed to realize how severe the matter was, and they immediately stopped engaging in battle with An Nanjing and the others. All of them charged madly in pursuit of Yang Ye, and a few Exalt Realm experts had even torn space open and teleported through it to stop Yang Ye.

“Rapid Shift!” Yang Ye suddenly shouted, and then he transformed into a ray of light under the boost provided by the Ninth Hell Swordwings and the Rapid Shift technique. He instantly entered the entrance to the Graveyard of Flowers!

However, Yang Ye had just entered it when he was suddenly blasted out from it. Moreover, a conspicuous strand of blood could be seen on the corner of his mouth!

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