Chapter 450 – Destruction!

Almighty Sword Domain

As everyone watched with shock, a white haired old woman walked slowly out of the graveyard. Her hair was completely white while her face was covered in wrinkles, and it made her seem extremely old.

However, it was exactly such an old woman that made the expressions of the Founding Emperor, the Beast Emperor, and the others to change violently. Because this old woman was a Monarch Realm expert! At this moment, the Monarch Realm experts on their side and the Flower Palace were in confrontation, so the addition of another Monarch Realm expert on the Flower Palace’s side had undoubtedly caused them to fall into a disadvantaged position.

The situation is really bad!Qian Huagu and the others instantly heaved sighs of relief upon seeing the old woman, but in next to no time, their expressions became solemn again for some unknown reason.

Yang Ye pulled himself up from the ground, and he’d just stood on his feet when a mouthful of blood sprayed once more from his mouth. He wiped off the fresh blood on the corners of his mouth while his expression was quite unsightly. He hadn’t expected that a Monarch Realm expert would be hiding in the Graveyard of Flowers! If the Mortal Emperor Armor hadn’t resisted more of the force on his behalf, then he would have probably been blasted into pieces by this old woman!

Monarch Realm experts are actually that formidable!

Yang Ye took a deep breath. He knew that he was utterly incapable of going against Monarch Realm experts right now!

The old woman glanced at the surroundings, and then a wisp of ridicule arose on the corners of her mouth when she noticed the mess in the surroundings. She said, “I never expected that even the Flower Palace would suffer such a fate. I truly never expected it. The dignified Flower Palace was actually attacked. How laughable! How pitiable!”

Qian Huagu spoke in a low voice from midair. “Senior Sister!”

“Don’t call me that!” The old woman waved her hand and said, “I’m not a disciple of the Flower Palace anymore. Qian Huagu, you should be clearly aware of that. I’m not worthy to be addressed as Senior Sister.”

Qian Huagu frowned and sighed lightly. “Senior Sister, you were a disciple of Flower Palace no matter what. Now that the palace is in grave danger, could it be that you intend to stand by idly? Would Master’s spirit in the heavens be happy if the Flower Palace were to be destroyed? Let’s put aside the enmity between us for now and join forces against our enemies, alright?”

“Master?” The old woman revealed a savage expression on her face as she said, “What does her happiness have to do with me? Qian Huagu, have you forgotten how she treated my husband and child? Have you forgotten how she forced me to swear an oath to repent eternally before the seniors of the palace within the Graveyard of Flowers?”

Qian Huagu fell silent.

“You’re Qian Yan!” Meanwhile, the Founding Emperor suddenly said, “I never expected that you are actually still alive. Moreover, you’ve even advanced to the Monarch Realm. How truly surprising!”

Qian Yan was an existence of his generation, and she was a genius in the southern territory at that time as well. Moreover, the Flower Palace had even appointed her as the next Palace Master. However, she’d fallen in love with a man and had a child with him. At that time, the Palace Master of the Flower Palace was infuriated upon discovering it, and she personally captured Qian Yan’s husband and child before bringing them back to the Flower Palace!

Qian Yan had never shown herself in the southern territory after that. Many thought that she’d probably been sentence to death by the Palace Master, and this included the Founding Emperor. However, no one had expected that not only was she still alive, she’d even advanced into the Monarch Realm. Fortunately, she seemed to possess a huge amount of resentment towards the Flower Palace!

Qian Yan glanced coldly at the Founding Emperor and said, “Founding Emperor, I never expected that you’ve really acted against the various sects. Hmm? The Beast Emperor is here as well. I never expected that the two of you would actually join forces.”

When she spoke up to here, Qian Yan suddenly looked at Yang Ye and said, “You’re quite surprising as well. You are actually still able to stand after suffering a strike of my palm. Such strength at such a young age… the young have truly surpassed the old!”

“Will you move aside, or do you intend to continue stopping me?” Yang Ye looked her in the eyes, and there was no fear in his eyes at all. He was determined to destroy the graves of Flower Palace’s seniors, and no one could stop him!

Qian Yan’s brows raised as she said, “You seem to be very confident in yourself?”

So she refuses? Yang Ye took a deep breath and was just about to summon the white dragon. However, right at this moment, Qian Yan suddenly said, “Even though I wish for nothing more than to see you annihilate the Flower Palace, unfortunately, I’ve sworn an oath to repent in the Graveyard of Flowers and protect it. So long as you don’t touch this place, you can feel free to do anything you like throughout the Flower Palace!”

The expressions on the faces of Qian Huagu and the others sank when they heard this, whereas, the Founding Emperor and the others were delighted.

However, Yang Ye shook his head and said, “I’m sorry, but I’m definitely destroying their graves today!”

Qian Yan’s eyelids twitched, and then she said coldly, “Then it’s time to reveal your trump cards!”

Yang Ye nodded and was just about to summon the white dragon when a voice suddenly resounded here. “Since you want to destroy their graves, then go and do it. I’ll stop this person for you!”

Along with this voice, Xiao Tianji appeared here.

A Monarch Realm expert!

The expressions on the faces of Qian Huagu and the others changed violently. They hadn’t imagined that Yang Ye actually had the help of another Monarch Realm expert. Moreover, it was at least a fifth rank Monarch Realm expert!

The Founding Emperor and Beast Emperor exchanged glances, and they noticed shock in each other’s eyes. Obviously, Xiao Tianji’s appearance had surprised them!

Yang Ye was slightly surprised as well. Even though Xiao Tianji had promised to lend him a hand, he hadn’t imagined that Xiao Tianji would actually come to the southern territory with him and help him!

No matter what, this was a good thing!

Yang Ye bowed slightly to Xiao Tianji, and then he walked slowly towards the Graveyard of Flowers. Qian Yan’s expression was extremely gloomy, but she didn’t attack and could only allow Yang Ye to head towards the graveyard. Because it was meaningless even if she did attack. This blindman who’d suddenly appeared before her was far stronger than her, so attacking would only be like asking for insult and humiliation!

As they watched Yang Ye walk towards the graveyard, Qian Huagu and the other disciples of the had horrifyingly ferocious expressions. If the graveyards of the Founding Ancestor and all the seniors of the Flower Palace were destroyed by Yang Ye, then the Flower Palace’s reputation in the southern territory would be destroyed as well. At that time, there would probably be no one who joined the Flower Palace, and all of them would be unable to hold their heads up high while facing the disciples of the other sects!

“Yang Ye, you’ve won.” Right at this moment, Qian Huagu suddenly said, “If you stop right now, then my Flower Palace is willing to compensate you, and even pardoning your mother isn’t impossible. If you’re unsatisfied, my Flower Palace is willing to further compensate you with 50 top-grade energy stones!”

Qian Huagu felt extremely aggrieved in her heart when she spoke these words, but she had no other choice. She couldn’t allow Yang Ye to destroy those graves no matter what. After all, it was related to the Flower Palace’s dignity.

“Stop? Compensation? 50 top-grade energy stones?” Yang Ye roared with laughter, and then over 100 top-grade energy stones appeared with a flip of his hand before he tossed them on the ground. He said, “I’ll give you 100 top-grade energy stones for you to destroy the graves of all the seniors of your Flower Palace, alright? If it isn’t enough, I’ll give you 200 more, alright?”

“Good! Very good! Very good!” Qian Huagu was clearly infuriated, and the killing intent in her eyes seemed material as she said, “Yang Ye, from now onward, the enmity between my Flower Palace with you will never end until one of us is annihilated. From today onward, the number one mission of the entire Flower Palace will be to annihilate you. From today onward, I….”

However, Yang Ye didn’t have the mood to hear her talk nonsense. His figure flashed into the Graveyard of Flowers, and it caused Qian Huagu to almost go mad with rage.

“Everyone, attack!” Qian Huagu threw all caution to the wind, and both she and Qian Nian flashed towards Yang Ye. However, the Founding Emperor and Beast Emperor had hurriedly acted and immediately stopped them from rushing towards Yang Ye.

At this moment, Qian Huagu and the others has disregarded whether fighting was meaningless or not. All they knew was that the graves of their ancestors and seniors were about to be destroyed, so they naturally attacked like they’d gone mad.

Then entire Flower Palace was instantly filled with terrifying explosions.

After he entered the Graveyard of Flowers, Yang Ye withdrew Void Flash and summoned both the Violetcloud Lightning and Nether Ghostflame. He had to be careful because no one knew if there were more experts in this grave.

The area inside of the graveyard was formed from petals, and an enormous space that was over 10km wide had appeared before Yang Ye. There were coffins made of petals here, and they were placed around 100m apart from each other. Yang Ye’s figure flashed and arrived before one of those coffins, and then he flicked his sword and instantly flicked away its cover.

Within the coffin was an extremely beautiful woman, but she had no vitality or aura. Only her physical body had been perfectly preserved to the point even her face was rosy like she was a living person!

Yang Ye wasn’t interested in looking at these corpses. He shot his gaze towards the distance, and it wasn’t long before his gaze descended on an enormous coffin at the center. This coffin was a few times larger than the other coffins, and it was on an independent circular platform which was made from petals as well. Yang Ye’s figure flashed over to the circular platform, and a wisp of a ferocious expression instantly appeared on the corners of his mouth when he saw its tombstone.

Mu Hanshan. Founder of the Flower Palace. Founding Ancestor of the Flower Palace….

There were some legends and introductions related to her written on the tombstone as well. However, Yang Ye wasn’t interested in reading through all of it. In his opinion, it was sufficient so long as he’d confirmed it belonged to the Flower Palace’s Founding Ancestor.

Yang Ye flicked his sword again, and the cover was instantly flicked away without anything unexpected occurring. Moreover, it was extremely easy.

Yang Ye walked over to the coffin, but it was completely empty.

Could she have traversed the Heavenpath and vanished from this world? So, this coffin was merely created for symbolic purposes and to allow the disciples of Flower Palace to worship her? Yang Ye frowned as he muttered in a light voice.

In next to no time, Yang Ye shook his head, and then he flashed over to the graveyard’s entrance. After that, he glanced at the surroundings before he took a deep breath, and then a savage expression surged into his eyes. He flipped his palm, and the Nether Ghostflame instantly exploded apart. It wasn’t long before it transformed into an ocean of flames that enveloped the entire graveyard.

“NO!!!” Qian Huagu’s furious howl resounded from outside the graveyard, and it was filled with a hysterical and insane tone.

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