Chapter 451 – The Master Of All Mortals!

Almighty Sword Domain

In next to no time, the Graveyard of Flowers had become an ocean of flames.

Countless disciples of the Flower Palace were stunned. The graves of the founding ancestor and all the seniors of our palace have been destroyed just like that? At this moment, their minds were completely blank, and only this thought echoed incessantly within their minds.

The Founding Emperor and the Beast Emperor exchanged glances, and there was shock in both their eyes. Obviously, they hadn’t expected that Yang Ye would actually dare to destroy the Graveyard of Flowers. In that way, the Flower Palace would truly become sworn enemies with Yang Ye, and it would be the type that wouldn’t stop until one side was completely annihilated.

However, both of them understood that since the moment Yang Ye’s mother passed away, Yang Ye would never rest until the Flower Palace was annihilated!

After he made the Nether Ghostflame explode within the graveyard, Yang Ye’s countenance instantly turned pale again. If it weren’t for him holding himself up with Void Flash, he would be lying weakly on the ground right now. He knew that his body had started to suffer from backlash because he’d overexerted his strength. After all, he wasn’t a true Exalt Realm expert!

“You shouldn’t execute another technique, otherwise, I’ll bring irreparable harm to your body!” The Sword Spirit’s warning resounded in Yang Ye’s mind.

Yang Ye laughed bitterly. I can’t execute one now even if I wanted to! Even he felt that his body was on the verge of collapse, so executing another technique would truly be no different than courting death. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to destroy the Flower Palace today!“Are you alright?” An Nanjing arrived by Yang Ye’s side and asked in a light voice.

“I’m alright!” Yang Ye said, “Tell everyone to retreat. Kill a few more if the Flower Palace stops them from leaving. If worse comes to worse, I’ll compensate them with some top-grade energy stones once all of this is over!”

An Nanjing glanced at Yang Ye, and then she turned around and gazed at the Exalt Realm experts who’d arrived before her. She said, “Retreat. Don’t get locked in battle. It won’t be good for anyone if we force them into a corner!”

The others nodded, and then they flashed towards the distance.

“All of you can dream of leaving today!” Right at this moment, Qian Huagu suddenly said, “I don’t know which power all of you’re from, but since you dared to come here and kill so many disciples of my Flower Palace, then all of you can stay behind and be buried alongside them!”

In next to no time, countless experts of the Flower Palace encircled Yang Ye’s group.

“Are you thinking of fighting to the death?” The Founding Emperor gazed at Qian Huagu and spoke indifferently.

“So what if I do?” Qian Huagu spoke in a ferocious tone. “If I don’t annihilate all of you here today, then how would my Flower Palace have the face to call itself an extraordinary sect?

“Disciples of the Flower Palace, heed my order! Stop at nothing, even detonating yourselves. All these outsides much be annihilated here today!”

The countless disciples of the Flower Palace immediately charged towards Yang Ye’s group as if they’d gone mad. The destruction of the Graveyard of Flowers had undoubtedly aroused feelings of humiliation within them. Because Yang Ye hasn’t just destroyed a graveyard, he’d trampled upon the dignity of their sect. So, at this moment, all of them wished for nothing more than to skill him alive and bathe in his blood!

A wisp of a smile appeared on Yang Ye’s pale face while he watched those disciples of the Flower Palace charge over, and then he said to An Nanjing, “Looks like we won’t be able to leave!”

“We’ll be exhausted to death here if this continues!” said An Nanjing in a flat tone.

“Not at all!” Yang Ye grinned and said, “Since the Flower Palace is so eager to die, then I’ll fulfil their wishes!”


As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, a ray of white light shot into the sky from within Yang Ye, and then it transformed into an enormous white dragon that was almost 3km long. The enormous body of the white dragon immediately covered the sky above the Flower Palace.

At this moment, everyone was stunned, even An Nanjing!

Besides An Nanjing and the others who came from the Ancient Battlefield, everyone else wasn’t aware of the white dragon’s origins. However, it wasn’t important. The important point was they knew it was an extraordinary expert at the Monarch Realm!

“He still used it in the end?” Xiao Tianji who was in confrontation with Qian Yan shook his head slightly. The reason he’d stepped forward earlier was because he didn’t want Yang Ye to summon the white dragon. Because once it was summoned, then it meant that Yang Ye would never know peace in the future. After all, all the experts, clans, and sects throughout the continent would target Yang Ye!

Unfortunately, Yang Ye had still utilized it in the end.

Situ Hai’s knows knit together tightly as he seemed to have thought of something. Before long, his pupils suddenly constricted, and he cried out involuntarily. “How could this be possible? Isn’t it being suppressed beneath the Hidden Dragon Pagoda? Why has it made an appearance here? How could this be possible?”

Qian Huagu asked. “Brother Situ, you recognize that dragon?”

Situ Hai didn’t answer her, and he just muttered in a low voice while seeming to be distracted. “How could this be possible?”

“What a surprising little fellow!” The Beast Emperor shook his head lightly while he spoke in a low voice. Yang Ye’s trump cards had been appearing one after the other, and even he was shocked by them.

The white dragon’s figure moved incessantly through the air and even threw the clouds into disorder. Moreover, strands of terrifying Dragon Pressure raised down and made the disciples of the Flower Palace shudder with fear.

Dragon Pressure! It’s actual Dragon Pressure!

“Kill them all!” Yang Ye ordered in a cold voice. He naturally knew what summoning the white dragon meant, but he had no choice. Because it was very like that all of them would die here today if he didn’t. As for the problems that would arise after this, he could only deal with them later. Dealing with the problem at hand was the most important thing right now!

The white dragon roared upon hearing Yang Ye, and then it slammed down forcefully at the disciples of the Flower Palace on the ground below. All of them were horrified. After all, how could they resist an enormous dragon that was at the Monarch Realm?

Qian Huagu and the others would naturally not leave those disciples to resist a Monarch Realm expert by themselves. However, the Founding Emperor and Beast Emperor had made a move as soon as they had. They were forcefully held back and could only watch helplessly as the enormous dragon slammed down towards those disciples on the ground below!


The white dragon slammed onto the ground, and the mountain trembled violently while countless disciples were smashed into mush before they could even let out a shrill cry. Just this slam alone had killed at least five or six thousand disciples!

Yang Ye’s expression was very calm as if the disciples being slaughtered by the white dragon weren’t living beings at all. He was naturally aware that many of them were innocents, and they hadn’t acted against his mother or added fuel to the flame when his mother was imprisoned below Passionless Cliff. However, all of that wasn’t important now. The important thing was that they were disciples of the Flower Palace. Since they enjoyed the benefits brought to them by the sect, then they should naturally share in the calamity that the Flower Palace brought upon itself!

Moreover, he firmly believed that if they were given the chance, then they would kill him without the slightest hesitation. Benevolence to the enemy was cruelty to one’s own self. Yang Ye would naturally not try to be benevolent, and he refused to allow even a single one of them to escape!

The white dragon seemed to be very delighted when it came to slaughtering humans, and a few thousand disciples instantly perished with a sudden swing of its tail!

They were being absolutely crushed! They didn’t even have the strength to fight back when facing the white dragon. Not to mention fighting back, even fleeing was impossible!

As she watched the disciples of the Flower Palace being slaughtered, a savage and happy smile had suddenly appeared on Qian Yan’s face. She hated the Flower Palace because it had killed her husband and used her son’s life to coerce her into swearing an oath which made her become a grave keeper who protected the Graveyard of Flowers for eternity. If the Flower Palace was destroyed, then she would naturally be freed of her oath. After all, she’d merely sworn to protect the Graveyard of Flowers all those years ago, and that oath would naturally cease to exist once the Flower Palace was destroyed!

Qian Huagu and Qian Nianci stopped attacking. Qian Huagu seemed to have lost her soul as she watched those disciples being slaughtered by the white dragon. She knew that even if the Flower Palace wasn’t destroyed today, it was still finished. From today onward, it was impossible for the Flower Palace to stay as one of the six great sects of the southern territory!

From today onward, the Flower Palace wouldn’t be qualified to be ranked amongst the Snow Palace and Origin School. In short, everything was over. Earlier, it was merely the Flower Palace’s reputation was would be destroyed; now, it was its foundation. These disciples were the pillars of the Flower Palace, but they were all gone now! All was lost!

Regret, extreme regret. Qian Huagu had never been so regretful in her life. If she hadn’t killed Feng Yu and let Feng Yu off a little, then the Flower Palace would have absolutely not suffered such an outcome. Of course, she hadn’t expected that Yang Ye would counterattack madly after she killed Feng Yu, nor had she imagined that Yang Ye would actually possess the support of so many experts!

After feeling regret, it was hatred that welled up next. Hatred that ran deep into the heart and bone. Of course, she hatred Yang Ye because all of this was caused by him, and it was Yang Ye who’d made the Flower Palace fall to such a state. So, how could she not hate him? The thing that she hated the most was that she was unable to make a move and kill that ant which she could slap to death with a single swing of her palm!

Qian Huagu was feeling regret and hatred, but the white dragon hadn’t stopped its slaughter. In just a short period of a few breaths of time, over 10,000 disciples of the Flower Palace had been slaughtered by it. Some of those disciples knew it was impossible to escape death, so they chose to detonate themselves. However, it didn’t affect the white dragon at all, and it wasn’t even able to damage the white dragon’s skin!

Numbers and self-detonation were truly useless before Monarch Realm experts!

“Is the Flower Palace really going to be eradicated from the world today?” said the Founding Emperor in a low voice.

The Beast Emperor pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “Let’s wait and see. If the Flower Palace doesn’t have any contingency plans, then it might really be eradicated from the world today. But the troubles he’ll face in the future….”

The Founding Emperor said indifferently, “Even though I don’t know how he brought that dragon with him, I presume he has a way to deal with those problems since he dared to reveal its presence. We don’t have to worry about that!”

The Beast Emperor glanced at the Founding Emperor, and then he didn’t speak further.

Right when the white dragon was about to continue its slaughter, a voice suddenly resounded in the air. “Hmm? Looks like I’m late!”

Situ Hai was overjoyed when he heard this voice, and he said, “Mortal Emperor!”

Mortal Emperor?

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