Chapter 460 – Just Watch!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye turned around to look at the two of them, and then Dragonbone appeared in his grasp with a flip of his palm. He knew that since they dared to speak such words without an ounce of fear while they were in broad daylight and right before the Talisman Master’s Association, they were definitely confident in their ability and backing. However, it wasn’t important to him. The important thing was that they had to die.

“Elder Hei, he seems to intend to kill us!” The young man exaggerated and took two steps back upon seeing Yang Ye withdraw a sword, and he said, “Someone is actually trying to kill me, Beiming Hai, in the Imperial Capital and right in front of the Talisman Master’s Association. Elder Hei, I’m so afraid!”

Elder Hei glanced at Yang Ye with disdain and said, “Don’t worry Young Master. He’s just an ant at the Spirit Realm which I can end with a swing of my stick!”

The young man acted in an exaggerated manner again and heaved a huge sigh of relief before he gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Kid, I’ve taken a liking to that woman by your side. Hand her over if you want to live, and perhaps I’ll be delighted and spare your life. Otherwise, heh. It would be difficult for you to die even if you wanted to!”

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he was just about to attack when roaring laughter suddenly resounded from the side. “Haha! Beiming Hai, you lusty fellow! Looks like you’ve found something nice again that you’re actually trying to seize her openly in front of the Talisman Master’s Association. I, Shangguan Tian, am truly filled with anticipation! Of course, I should have a share since I was here to witness this!”

The Shangguan Clan? A cold glow flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes as he turned his head to the side. He saw a young man walking over slowly with an old man leading the way. Yang Ye directly disregarded the young man and shot his gaze onto the old man. Because the old man was none other than the old man who’d stood up for Shangguan Ji in the Pei Estate.

The old man’s face had a smile on it because such a thing was very common amongst the great clans. After all, even he’d frequently committed such acts.

However, the smile on his face instantly froze upon catching sight of Yang Ye, and then it became extremely unsightly. On the other hand, the young man by his side had shot his gaze onto Xiao Yuxi instead, and his eyes immediately lit up before he said, “How gorgeous! Beiming Hai, your taste is pretty good this time. I, Shangguan Tian, will get a turn as well, right? Ha….”


Suddenly, the old man by Shangguan Tian’s side slapped him on the face, and the latter was instantly slapped flying by over 30m.

Beiming Hai, Elder Hei, and Shangguan Tian were stunned.

The old man walked over to Yang Ye and revealed a slightly flattering smile as he said, “Young Master Yang, this is a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding. I hope you can be magnanimous and forgive this nephew of mine!”

“Young Master Yang?” Beiming Hai said in a low voice, “Shangguan Mu, he’s a member of the Yang Clan? Why haven’t I heard of him? But it doesn’t matter. Shangguan Mu, is your Shangguan Clan going from bad to worse? The Yang Clan is just a clan that’s in decline. It’s their honor for members of my Beiming Clan and your Shangguan Clan to take a liking to their women. Is it necessary to treat him in such a…?”

“It’s none of your fucking business!” The old man suddenly turned around and interrupted Beiming Hai, and then he shouted furiously. “Beiming Hai, you idiot! When has your Beiming Clan ever been in a position to teach my Shangguan how to act? You brainless idiot. You should just think about how you’re going to die later. Let me see if that protective father of yours is able to save you!”

At this moment, Shangguan Mu really wanted to cry. How could he have imagined that he would encounter this maleficent existence again. Moreover, he’d even offended this maleficent existence again. Could it be that the heavens want to torture me?

Beiming Hai was immediately infuriated upon hearing Shangguan Mu, and he was about to speak when Yang Ye said, “So the disciples of the four great clans are such trash. It had nothing to do with me before this, but all of you just had to look for trouble with me. Right, Shangguan Mu, right? You won’t have any objections if I kill him, right?”

The corners of Shangguan Mu’s mouth twitched, and then he smiled bitterly as he said, “Young Master Yang, he’s a rare talisman master of my Shangguan Clan. Please show mercy!”

“So you disagree?” Yang Ye spoke indifferently.

Shangguan Mu’s heart shook while thoughts flashed incessantly through his mind. If he were to rescue Shangguan Tian, then it meant that he might offend Yang Ye. With Yang Ye’s character, he felt that Yang Ye might really attack the Shangguan Clan. The Shangguan Clan had no need to fear Yang Ye if he was all alone, but the Founding Emperor, Beast Emperor, and a mysterious Monarch Realm expert were standing behind Yang Ye!

The most important factor was Yang Ye’s own natural talent. If the Shangguan Clan couldn’t annihilate such an enemy, then it was best not to make such an enemy. Otherwise, the Shangguan Clan wouldn’t be able to endure his rage!

Shangguan Mu took a deep breath, and then he moved to the side and said, “Young Master Yang, please do as you please!”

When he witnessed this scene, Shangguan Tian held his swollen face and said with disbelief, “Third Uncle, I’m your nephew. How could you allow him to kill me? How will you face my father if you do this? No matter how formidable he is, can he be more formidable than my Shangguan Clan? He’s just an ant at the Spirit Realm, I….”

A ray of light flashed from a saber, and then Shangguan Tian’s head flew into the air.

Yang Ye glanced at Xiao Yuxi who’d launched the attack, and she spoke indifferently. “He insulted you!”

Yang Ye was stunned.

Meanwhile, Shangguan Mu said, “Young Master Yang, this matter should be over now, right?”

Yang Ye said, “I could sense that you wanted to make a move just now, but you didn’t attack in the end. It’s quite regrettable to me because I really want to pay a visit to your Shangguan Clan!”

Shangguan Mu’s expression changed, and then he laughed bitterly and said, “Young Master Yang, you must be joking. Even though you are only at the Spirit Realm, I’m afraid it isn’t difficult for you to kill Exalt Realm experts. So, how could I dare to act against Young Master Yang? As for paying a visit to my Shangguan Clan. I represent the Shangguan Clan to sincerely invite Young Master Yang to our clan. My Shangguan Clan has numerous sword cultivators that are filled with admiration towards Young Master Yang!”

Yang Ye chuckled and said, “You can go. Remember what you said at the Pei Estate!”

“Of course!” As soon as he finished speaking, Shangguan Mu turned around and walked towards the distance. However, he’d merely taken a few steps before he stopped once more, and then he glanced at Beiming Hai and said, “Idiot!” After that, he didn’t stay here any longer and vanished on the spot.

“Who exactly are you!?” Beiming Hai spoke in a low voice. He would really be an idiot if he hadn’t noticed that there was something fishy about the entire incident. However, he couldn’t figure out exactly who this person was that Shangguan Tian would actually give up on rescuing Shangguan Tian! After all, Shangguan Tian was a talisman master, and he played a great role in the Shangguan Clan!

Yang Ye didn’t answer Beiming Hai. His figure flashed and instantly arrived in front of Beiming Hai before he swung his sword. The latter was horrified by this scene.

At the critical moment, a black stick appeared before Beiming Hai, and it obstructed Yang Ye’s sword.


A soft clang resounded, and then Elder Hei’s iron stick broke before the shocked gazes of Beiming Hai and Elder Hei. Both of them were astounded by this scene because the black iron stick was a high-grade Earth Rank treasure, yet it had actually been cut apart just like that!

Yang Ye gave up on killing Beiming Hai, and he gazed at Elder Hei while he twisted his wrist a little, causing Dragonbone to slash horizontally towards Elder Hei.

How could Elder Hei dare to resist this attack head-on? His figure flashed and appeared over 60m away, and then he stretched a hand forward and clenched his fist as he shouted. “Spatial Cage!”

Yang Ye’s figure was instantly frozen on the spot. Beiming Hai and Elder Hei were delighted upon witnessing this scene, but in the next moment, a strand of red light surged out explosively from within Yang Ye.


The spatial barriers around him were instantly blasted apart.

“Slaughter Sword Intent! You’re Yang Ye! The Sword Emperor, Yang Ye!” Elder Hei gazed at Yang Ye with horror while he cried out involuntarily.

Yang Ye!

Beiming Hai’s expression changed rapidly when he heard this name. It turned out that he’d been thinking about it from the wrong angle since the beginning. The Young Master Yang that Shangguan Mu had been referring to wasn’t the Yang Clan but the Sword Emperor, Yang Ye!

Beiming Hai’s countenance couldn’t help but turn ghastly pale when he thought up to here. The Sword Emperor, Yang Ye, was naturally not unfamiliar to him because rumors about him were spreading throughout the southern territory.

Of course, most importantly, all the clans in the entire southern territory had issued the order that Yang Ye shouldn’t be offended at all. Because Yang Ye was a madman, and anyone who offended him would definitely suffer unbridled revenge from him. The Flower Palace was the best example of this!

Beiming Hai’s countenance grew even paler when he thought of the Flower Palace’s fate. He knew that he would still have to suffer terribly even if he could survive this incident! At this moment, he understood why Shangguan Mu allowed Yang Ye to kill Shangguan Tian and why Shangguan Mu had called him an idiot. Indeed, even he felt that he was an idiot right now!

With a flip of his hand, Dragonbone vanished and Void Flash appeared in his hand, and then his Slaughter Sword Intent swept out swiftly.

Elder Hei’s expression changed violently when he saw Yang Ye withdraw Void Flash, and he spoke with astonishment. “The Dao Artifact, Void Flash! Young Master Yang, it’s a misunderstanding. It’s a misunderstanding….”

However, Yang Ye didn’t was his breath. He just swung Void Flash, and then its tip suddenly appeared before Elder Hei’s chest. The latter was astounded, and he flashed away by over 30m. However, right at this moment, a golden rope suddenly travelled through space and instantly wrapped itself around him.

Elder Hei howled with grief in his heart once he was bound by the golden rope, and he said to himself, I’m finished. Sure enough, the tip of Void Flash pierced through the center of his forehead, and then Elder Hei’s head instantly exploded into pieces.

Beiming Hai fell to the ground when he witnessed this scene, and his countenance was ghastly pale while his eyes were filled with terror. It really is as the rumors said, this madman really does possess the strength to kill Exalt Realm expert. I’m doomed!

Yang Ye’s countenance grew much paler after he killed Elder Hei. Killing an Exalt Realm expert was really not that easy because Void Flash and the Immortal Binding Rope really exhausted a huge amount of profound energy. Especially Void Flash, he was only able to swing it twice, at most, with the strength he possessed right now. Twice was his limit, and it was even under the circumstances that he wasn’t able to fully utilize Void Flash’s strength!

At this moment, Yang Ye really missed the moment he utilized Void Flash while at the Exalt Realm. Because while he could still only swing it three times then, he could utilize a substantial amount of Void Flash’s strength.

Yang Ye shook his head, withdrew an extreme-grade energy stone and started to absorb the energy within it. After that, he gazed at Beiming Hai and slashed with his sword, causing a strand of sword qi to instantly shoot towards Bei Ming Hai.

Right when it was about to strike Beiming Hai, a strand of red light suddenly erupted from a locket that Beiming Hai was wearing. The red light instantly dispersed the sword qi Yang Ye executed. At the same time, a voice rumbled through the surroundings. “Yang Ye, you’ve already killed an expert from my Beiming Clan. How about stopping here?”

“No!” Yang Ye laughed coldly. Beiming Hai had insulted Xiao Yuxi, so he was determined to kill Beiming Hai no matter what. Besides that, he was able to sense that the owner of this voice was talking to him through the locket, and that person was probably rushing over here right now.

That voice fell silent for a moment before it said, “Since it’s like that, then let me see how exactly you’ll kill my son!”

As soon as these words were spoken, a middle aged man who Beiming Hai really resembled had appeared here.

He was at the fifth rank of the Exalt Realm, at least!

“Just watch!” Wild laughter resounded from Yang Ye.

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