Chapter 461 – No!

Almighty Sword Domain

The blue sword chest appeared before Yang Ye. In the next moment, four swords shot into the sky from within the sword chest, and then they transformed into four rays of light that shot like bolts of lightning towards the middle aged man and Beiming Hai. On the other hand, Yang Ye’s countenance had turned ghastly pale while his figure even trembled violently. He’d almost fell to the ground.

Utilizing four Dao Artifacts at once caused the profound energy within him to be instantly exhausted without leaving a drop behind. Just like the Sword of Elements, while the might of this sword formation was formidable, its consumption was extremely terrifying. If it weren’t for his formidable physical body and the Mortal Emperor Armor, he would dare utilize this terrifying sword formation or the Sword of Elements!

Dao Artifacts!

The middle aged man’s pupils constricted when he witnessed this scene, and he instantly discarded his contempt while a solemn expression appeared on his face. He clenched his right palm towards those four swords from afar while he shouted. “Spatial Cage!”

As soon as he spoke, those four swords were instantly frozen on the spot. However, a mere instant passed before they stabbed the spatial barrier apart and shot towards the middle aged man.

The middle aged man’s expression changed. He swiftly clenched his right hand into a fist and smashed it towards the swords. “Tiger Blast!”

An enormous tiger formed from energy suddenly appeared here. It roared furiously before pouncing like a starving tiger that was pouncing towards food, and it pounced at the four swords.

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

The middle aged man watched with astonishment as the four swords pierced through the enormous tiger with ease, and then it dispersed while those four swords arrived before him. The swords shook a little before countless extraordinarily dazzling rays of light flashed through the spot where the middle aged man stood.

“No!” The middle aged man’s shrill and miserable cry resounded from amidst the rays of light from the swords, and his body had been transformed into a pile of pieces when the rays of light dispersed.

Beiming Hai was first stunned upon witnessed this scene, and then he turned around and ran towards the Talisman Master’s Association. He shouted as he ran. “Master, save me! Master, save me!”

“Alas!” A sigh resounded before an old man who wore the black robes of a talisman master appeared by Beiming Hai’s side. The old man shook his head while he gazed at Beiming Hai who had a ghastly pale countenance which was covered in horror. He said, “Master told you a very long time ago that your character needs to be changes or you’ll bite of more than you can chew, one day. But you just wouldn’t believe me. Now, you’ve finally suffered, huh!?”

“Master, save me! I merely spoke a few words to the woman by his side and wanted to invite him into the Talisman Master’s Association. I don’t know how I infuriated this fellow, Yang Ye, to the point he killed Elder Hei and even killed my father just now. Master, you must uphold justice on my behalf!” Beiming Hai held forcefully onto the old man’s leg, and he cried as he pointed a finger at Yang Ye and spoke.

The old man sighed lightly, and then he gazed at Yang Ye at Yang Ye and said, “Yang Ye, he’s my only disciple. Can you give me some face and spare his life this time?”

“No!” Yang Ye carried the blue sword chest on his back and had Void Flash in his hand as he walked slowly towards Beiming Hai. He said, “With your wisdom, Senior should be able to discern if he’s telling the truth. Since you can yet still choose to protect him, then I presume you’ve contributed to the reason why he dares to act in such an unbridled and brazen manner. Out of consideration for the fact that Senior is from the Talisman Master’s Association like my master, Lin Shan, just return back into the association!”

“Is there really no room for discussion?” asked the old man in a low voice.

“None!” Yang Ye spoke indifferently. He felt that it was best to kill someone like Beiming Hai. He didn’t believe that Beiming Hai would mend his ways. Moreover, even if Beiming Hai did, it had nothing to do with Yang Ye. Because Beiming Hai was going to die in the end, and Yang Ye refused to change his decision for any reason.

In Yang Ye’s opinion, Beiming Hai had to die from the moment he humiliated Xiao Yuxi!

“What if I want to protect him?” The old man looked Yang Ye in the eye.

“Then you can die with him!” Two swords shot into the sky from a single command Yang Ye issued in his heart, and then they circled the sky above the old man. The effects of the extreme-grade energy stone he was absorbing energy from allowed his profound energy to recover a little during this period that they were talking. Even though he couldn’t fully utilize four swords, he could still utilize two of them!

The old man’s face turned grim, and then a terrifying aura surged explosively from within him.

He was an Exalt Realm expert!

“Stay your hand!” Right at this critical moment, a figure had flashed out from within the association building, and then it instantly arrived between Yang Ye and the old man.

It was Lin Shan, Yang Ye’s master.

“Shen Mo, are you trying to bully the weak?” Lin Shan glared angrily at the old man.

“Bully the weak?” The old man called Shen Mo laughed coldly and said, “Lin Shan, those words of yours don’t make sense. This disciple of yours is capable of killing Exalt Realm experts. Don’t you see those two corpses at the side? Both of these Exalt Realm experts were killed by your disciple. Even if I fight him right now, who knows which one of us will be the bully in the end?”

Lin Shan’s eyelids twitched when he saw the corpses that belonged to Elder Hei and Beiming Hai’s father. He hadn’t imagined that the strength of this disciple of his would actually be so terrifying to the point that Yang Ye could even kill Exalt Realm experts.

After a moment of silence, Lin Shan gazed at Yang Ye. He was just about to say something when Yang Ye spoke first. “Master, if you want to ask me to spare Beiming Hai, then don’t. He insulted Yuxi, and it’s a taboo of mine. I’m determined to take his life. So, please don’t say anything so as to avoid hurting our relationship for an outsider!”

Lin Shan fell silent when he heard this, and then he sighed lightly. “Fine, I won’t interfere in this matter. Shen Mo, attack if you really want to die. I can guarantee that the association will absolutely not stand on your side. As for the reason, you should know it yourself!”

At this moment, Yang Ye had the support of the Founding Emperor and Beast Emperor. With these two lords by his side, even the Talisman Master’s Association wouldn’t offend him rashly. Moreover, Yang Ye’s own natural talent would definitely allow him to become a peerless expert even if he couldn’t become matchless throughout the world like the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor had been all those years ago. The Talisman Master’s Association wouldn’t offend someone who possessed both natural talent and backing.

Shen Mo’s face changed a little. Only now did he recall that the Founding Emperor and Beast Emperor were standing behind Yang Ye. With the two of them there, the association would definitely not make an enemy of Yang Ye for his sake. After all, the association would refuse to offend the Beast Emperor and Founding Emperor. Moreover, Yang Ye had connections within the association as well, so he would really be fighting alone if he were to go against Yang Ye!

Not to mention whether he could defeat Yang Ye, he would probably be unable to do anything to Yang Ye even if he could defeat Yang Ye. After all, Lin Shan was here, so it was impossible for him to kill Yang Ye. However, Beiming Hai was his only disciple, and he was truly unwilling to abandon his only disciple just like that!

Suddenly, Shen Mo’s expression eased up, and he heaved a sigh of relief while he looked up into the air because he didn’t have to stay conflicted and depressed anymore.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye and Lin Shan had looked up into the sky as well. A wave of intense trembling suddenly arose from an expanse of space over 100m away, and then a white haired old man in a luxurious robe walked out slowly from within space!

He was a ninth rank Exalt Realm expert!

“Beiming Yan, this grandson of yours would be dead if you got here a little later!” Shen Mo grunted coldly as he gazed at the white haired old man.

On the other hand, Beiming Hai seemed as if he’d laid eyes upon his savior. He instantly leaped over to the area below Beiming Yan and said, “Grandfather, I would have been killed by that fellow, Yang Ye, if you got here a little later! Grandfather, you must uphold justice for me. Father is dead! Elder Hei is dead! Both of them were killed by Yang Ye! Grandfather, you must avenge them!”

Beiming Yan glanced at the corpses at the side, and then he gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Sword Emperor, you’ve killed two Exalt Realm experts of my Beiming Clan. You should have finished venting by now, right?”

“Looks like you intend to save him.” Yang Ye spoke indifferently.

Beiming Yan’s eyes narrowed a little as he said, “Sword Emperor, it seems like you don’t intend to let my grandson live. Since it’s like that, then I, Beiming Yan, have no choice but to see guidance from the Sword Emperor.”

Seek guidance from me? Yang Ye couldn’t help but chuckle upon hearing this. How shameless!

“Brother Beiming, it’s hardly justifiable to challenge a first rank Spirit Realm profounder while you’re at the ninth rank of the Exalt Realm!” Lin Shan spoke in a low voice from the side.

Beiming Yan spoke indifferently. “I would naturally not act so shamelessly against anyone else, but Lin Shan, you should be clearly aware of the strength that this disciple of yours possesses. He slaughtered numerous Exalt Realm experts of the Flower Palace by himself. Moreover, there were ninth rank Exalt Realm experts amongst them! So, I feel that I’m not bullying the weak!”


The Ninth Hell Swordwings suddenly appeared behind Yang Ye.

“Rapid Shift!” Yang Ye shouted furiously before his figure suddenly vanished on the spot. In the next moment, everyone heard a swish resound through the air, and the Beiming Hai’s head instantly flew into the air while a fountain of blood sprayed from his neck.

Yang Ye returned back to where he stood earlier, and he held Void Flash in his hand while he gazed at Beiming Yan who was still astounded. He said, “As expected, like father like son. The three of you are really the same type of trash, and I truly can’t stand to continue wasting my breath with you. I’ve killed him, so what do you intend to do now?”

“You’re courting death!” Beiming Yan’s face had instantly warped after he recovered from his shock, and then his figure flashed over to Yang Ye. He swiftly slapped his palm towards Yang Ye, and the space in his palm’s path was warped by the powerful force within his palm that was smashed down towards Yang Ye!

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed a little, and he was about to utilize the Sword Domain. However, Lin Shan appeared before him, and then swung his palm as well.


Their palms collided, and then the space there instantly trembled violently while both of them took a few steps back.

“Lin Shan, do you intend to become enemies with my Beiming Clan?” Beiming Yan’s gazed at Lin Shan with a ferocious expression.

“Become enemies?” Lin Shan grunted coldly and said, “There’s nothing wrong with that statement. Beiming Yan, you’re acting shamelessly and utilizing a cultivation at the Exalt Realm to bully my disciple right before my eyes. How could I, Lin Shan, allow that? Cut the crap! Make your move if you want to fight!”

“Good! Good! Good!” Beiming Yan was infuriated to the extreme and was just about to attack. However, right at this moment, the tip of a sword had suddenly appeared an inch away from the center of his forehead. Beiming Yan’s pupils constricted violently while his figure flashed swiftly and barely avoided this attack.

“Good my ass! I’ve killed your son and your grandson, so allow me to kill you as well!” Yang Ye’s furious howl resounded from the ground below.

Yang Ye wasn’t being ruthless. He knew that since enmity had been sown between them, then he naturally had to spare no one. Moreover, just think about it, if Yang Ye didn’t possess sufficient strength and backing, then what would be the fate that awaited him, Xiao Yuxi, and Little Yao?

Yang Ye wasn’t an optimistic person, and he always thought about the worst case scenario!

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