Chapter 462 – His Reverse Scale! InVader's Thoughts

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye poured the last remaining strands of profound energy like a madman into Void Flash, and then he suddenly slashed it at Beiming Yan from afar. The tip of Void Flash suddenly appeared behind Beiming Yan’s head, and it caused his hairs to stand on end. Beiming Yan twisted his body and barely avoided this strike again.

Even though he’d avoided Yang Ye’s attack, his expression was extremely solemn, and there was clear fear in his eyes as he gazed at the Void Flash sword in Yang Ye’s hand. Because the attacks from this Dao Artifact were truly too strange, and even he didn’t dare underestimate it!

What a pity! Yang Ye exclaimed in his heart when he saw Beiming Yan avoid his attack. He knew that his current strength was insufficient to kill Beiming Yan. After all, he wasn’t at the Exalt Realm right now. Besides his intent to annihilate all potential trouble, he’d attacked because he was very well aware that Beiming Yan would definitely not spare him. Since both sides weren’t prepared to spare the other, then he could only seize the initiative to attack!

Yang Ye’s countenance turned sickly pale once he swung this attack. Killing two Exalt Realm experts just now had made him severely overexert his profound energy. Now, even an extreme-grade energy stone was unable to support him in swinging Void Flash again.

“Big Brother….” Little Yao stretched out her hand to grab Yang Ye’s hand, and her face was covered in worry.

Xiao Yuxi walked over to Yang Ye’s side. Even though she didn’t say anything, the worry in her eyes was obvious.

Yang Ye smiled to the two of them and said, “I’m fine. I just need to rest a little!”

“You don’t have time to rest!” Beiming Yan stared fixedly at Yang Ye from midair, and he said coldly, “My Beiming Clan wasn’t willing to become enemies with you, but you refuse to give my Beiming Clan any face. Since it’s like that, then I’ll kill you. Let me see if the Founding Emperor and Beast Emperor will attack my Beiming Clan because of you!”

“Beiming Yan, you seem to have forgotten me!” Lin Shan stood before Yang Ye and spoke in a cold voice.

Beiming Yan glanced at Shen Mo and said, “Brother Shen Mo, my grandson was your one and only disciple. Now that he has been killed right before your eyes, could it be that you aren’t going to avenge him?”

Shen Mo glanced at Beiming Hai’s corpse that had its head severed by a single swing of Yang Ye’s sword, and then a wisp of ghastly killing intent flashed through his eyes. He took a deep breath and gazed at Lin Shan as he said, “Geezer Lin, it seems to have been some time since we last sparred. Why don’t we exchange a few blows?” Before Lin Shan could even answer him, Shen Mo had charged explosively towards Lin Shan….

“Shen Mo, you bastard! Do you know what you’re doing!?” Lin Shan shouted furiously as he fought Shen Mo.

“What I’m doing? My disciple is dead, so I naturally have to avenge him. Are you saying that only you, Lin Shan, can be protective? Cut the crap! I don’t dare what sort of backing your disciple possesses. He’s going to die today, and no one can save him!” Shen Mo spoke ferociously as he attacked Lin Shan.

“Good! Good! Bastard! Since you want to die, then don’t blame me!” Lin Shan had been infuriated as well, and he immediately stopped holding back.

Both their strengths were on par, so it was utterly impossible to decide on a victor in a short period of time.

Beiming Yan laughed coldly, and then his gaze descended onto Xiao Yuxi as he said, “Yang Ye, since you killed my grandson for that woman, then I’ll make a hundred people sully her honor before your eyes, and then I’ll make both of you pay for my grandson’s death with your own lives. What do you think about this idea?”

Yang Ye raised his head to gaze at Beiming Yan, and then he said, “I was originally slightly hesitant, but now I understand how stupid I was. Beiming Yan, I’ll definitely annihilate your Beiming Clan today just because of those words you spoke. Don’t worry, so that you, your son, and grandson aren’t lonely in hell, I’ll make everyone from your Beiming Clan accompany the three of you in hell!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye withdrew an top-grade transmission talisman and tossed it into the air. It shook lightly in midair before it exploded apart.

“Annihilate my Beiming Clan?” Beiming Yan started laughing from extreme rage, and he said, “Good! Good! Let me see how you annihilate my Beiming Clan. Don’t worry, I’ve changed my mind. I won’t let her die because I’m going to make her life a living hell. The same goes for your sister. I heard you really dote on her. Don’t worry, I won’t kill her as well, and I’ll let you witness how they are sullied and humiliated before your very eyes!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Beiming Yan was just about to attack when the space in the surroundings fluctuated, and then two black clothed women suddenly appeared here while Beiming Yan watched with bewilderment. After that, over 30 more figures appeared successively.

All of them were Exalt Realm expert! Beiming Yan’s heart shook!

It was naturally Qing and Hong who’d arrived first.

“Who should we kill?” Hong was the first to speak. The trip to the Flower Palace had allowed her to earn a huge amount of top-grade energy stones, so she had a pretty good impression of Yang Ye. After all, the compensation Yang Ye provided was truly too generous. So, once she received Yang Ye’s transmission talisman, she hadn’t hesitated to rush over. After all, those top-grade energy stones would belong to others if she were late!

Beiming Yan’s expression changed when he heard Hong. He hadn’t expected that all of them were actually Yang Ye’s backup! With such an amount of Exalt Realm experts…. Beiming Yan’s countenance instantly turned pale when he recalled what Yang Ye had just said.

Ling Shan and Shen Mo had stopped fighting as well. Both of them were looking with shock at Hong and the others. After all, it was an extremely unbelievable sight to see so many Exalt Realm experts appear at once! Especially when it was Yang Ye who’d summoned them!

Yang Ye glanced at Beiming Yan and said, “All of you head to the Beiming Clan and kill all the experts above at the Exalt Realm there. As for the Spirit Realm experts and those below the Spirit Realm, all of you don’t have to pay any attention to them. As for this Patriarch of the Beiming Clan, keep him alive for now!”

“Yang Ye! Don’t you dare!” Beiming Yan shouted furiously.

Yang Ye disregarded Beiming Yan and glanced at Hong, and then the latter nodded. She left 3 Exalt Realm experts behind before all them others flashed towards the Beiming Clan with her.

“Yang Ye, my Beiming Clan has lost. Let’s just let bygones be bygones, alright?” Beiming Yan yielded. After all, how could he not when so many Exalt Realm experts were rushing to the Beiming Clan?

“Let bygones be bygones?” Yang Ye laughed coldly and said, “Why didn’t you ask for that earlier? You only want to let bygones be bygones when I have more forces on my side and am stronger than your Beiming Clan? Who was the one who said you’d make our lives hell? Beiming Yan, a dragon has a reverse scale, and touching it would incur the dragon’s wrath! Allow me to tell you that I’ll eliminate your Beiming Clan from the Imperial Capital today!”

If Beiming Yan had just acted against him, then he would have just killed Beiming Yan and put an end to everything. However, Beiming Yan should have never spoken about acting against Xiao Yuxi and Little Yao because that had undoubtedly touched Yang Ye’s ‘reverse scale’. So, in Yang Ye’s opinion, just killing Beiming Yan was far from sufficient!

“Yang Ye, it’s best to never go too far when you do things!” Beiming Yan’s stared at Yang Ye with an unsightly expression while killing intent surged explosively throughout his body.

“I stress upon pulling up weeds by the root and leaving no potential trouble behind!” Yang Ye spoke indifferently.

“Good! Good!” Beiming Yan started laughing from the extreme rage he felt, and he said, “Let me see if the Grand Qin Empire will allow you to act against my Beiming Clan in the Imperial Capital!”

“Then let’s just wait and see!” said Yang Ye.


In the Imperial Palace.

“Emperor, Yang Ye seems to intend to annihilate the Beiming Clan. Should we stop him? After all, the Beiming Clan is one of the four great clans. It will probably displease many clans if we allow it to be annihilated in the Imperial Capital. Moreover, it might cause unnecessary trouble as well.” Li Si spoke lightly to the Founding Emperor who stood before him.

The Founding Emperor said, “What do you think Yang Ye would do if we were to stop him?”

Li Si was slightly stunned. He pondered deeply for a moment before he laughed bitterly and said, “He’s extremely vengeful and wouldn’t tolerate it at all. If we were to stop him from annihilating the Beiming Clan, then perhaps he wouldn’t say anything on the surface, but he would definitely have a bad opinion of our empire. Moreover, he might look for trouble with our empire in the future.”

The Founding Emperor said, “It’s inadvisable for us to become enemies with him right now, and we even have to try our very best to be on good terms with him. It isn’t just because he represents the Darkbeast Emperor, it’s also because he’s the Sword Emperor of this era and has a good relationship with the Martial God. After all, only the Sword Emperor and Martial God have no need to fear the Mortal Emperor’s Mortal Emperor Sword! Moreover, with the natural talent he possesses, it would take 100 years at most before there would probably be no one in the southern territory capable of stopping him.”

Li Si sighed lightly and said, “But the Beiming Clan is one of the four great clans in the end. Moreover, it has a rather good relationship with our empire. We….”

The Founding Emperor waved his hand and interrupted Li Si. “Beiming Yan sought death himself, and he can’t blame anyone for it. He was clearly aware of the Sword Emperor’s rise in the world and that the Sword Emperor is on friendly terms with both my Grand Qin Empire and the Darkbeast Emperor, yet Beiming Yan just had to touch a taboo of his. He really is an idiot. Compared to Beiming Yan, Shangguan Mo is much wiser. It’s inadvisable for our empire to interfere in this matter. We’ll help neither side, and the fate of the Beiming Clan will depend on their own fortune!”

Li Si stopped persuading the Founding Emperor and immediately nodded upon hearing this. After that, he walked slowly out of the palace. Right when he was about to step out of the door, the Founding Emperor suddenly said, “There’s one more thing. Yang Ye is my son-in-law now. So announce it to the world once this incident comes to an end and allow the world to know my empire’s attitude towards Yang Ye!”

Li Si’s heart shook, and then he shook his head to himself. The Beiming Clan is really finished.

Beiming Yan sat weakly on the ground outside the Talisman Master’s Association, and he looked ahead while seeming as if he’d lost his soul. A few dozen bloody heads were lying there around 30m in front of him. He recognized all these heads because they belonged to the experts of the Beiming Clan, and two of them were his own younger brothers.

Over 200 people were kneeling by the side of those heads. He recognized these people as well. They were disciples of the Beiming Clan, and there were profounders of all ages amongst them. Most importantly, there was a black clothed figure by the side of every single one of them. Moreover, daggers that were suffused with a cold glow were right against their necks.

“Yang Ye, this matter is between the two of us, and it isn’t related to the disciples of my Beiming Clan. So long as you’re willing to let them go, then I’ll willing to take my own life to calm your rage and atone for my crimes!” Beiming Yan gazed at Yang Ye as he spoke these words. At this moment, he was aware of the Grand Qin Empire’s attitude towards Yang Ye and the Beiming Clan. He had no doubt that the empire was standing on Yang Ye’s side, and his clan had no hope.

Yang Ye laughed coldly and said, “It’s too late!”

Right when Yang Ye was about to give the order to kill….

“Alas!” A sigh resounded before Bai Shan appeared before everyone.

Bai Shan glanced at the pile of heads, and then he glanced at Yang Ye with a complicated expression and said, “Enmity shouldn’t extend to wives and children. Yang Ye, give me face and spare them, alright?”

“President Bai, why didn’t you step forward and plead for mercy on my behalf when Beiming Yan attacked me?” Yang Ye spoke indifferently.

Bai Shan was speechless. Right when he was about to say something, Yang Ye waved his hand and said, “There’s no need to say anything. Zhang Liu, spare no one!”

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