Chapter 464 – Ancient Domain City

Almighty Sword Domain

Ancient Domain City.

At this moment, a dense expanse of troops covered the area outside Ancient Domain City. This army was the Souleater Corps that was renowned throughout the continent. There were 100,000 of them. Every single one of them wore a white helmet that had a feather on it and golden armor. Besides that, they held silver spears in their hands and carried silver bows and arrows on their backs. They were extremely silent as they stood outside Ancient Domain City, and they didn’t even move a muscle.

A man and a woman were standing at the front of the army. Both of them were unlike the others because they had sabers in their hands, and the feather on their helmets were silver in color.

“In my opinion, there’s no need to negotiate at all. Wouldn’t launching a direct attack be easier? I refuse to believe that Ancient Domain City is capable of stopping our Souleater Corps!” The man gazed at the walls of Ancient Domain City while he spoke with disdain.

“Li Feng, are you questioning the Mortal Emperor’s decision?” The woman gazed at the man with a slightly hostile gaze.

“Of course not!” Li Feng said, “The Mortal Emperor naturally has a reason for doing this. But it’s truly aggrieving for us to just stand here. It’s only a tiny city. I refuse to believe that they would dare to resist us if your army were to press down upon them. Moreover, we Souleater Corps actually had to be mobilized just to subdue the southern territory. Isn’t it a waste of our strength on something so insignificant? Ruo Shui, don’t you agree?”

“You’ve underestimated the southern territory and Ancient Domain City!” The woman called Ruo Shui said, “The are all sorts of powers in Ancient Domain City are complicated. Not to mention those Ninth Rank Sects, even the An Clan and the mysterious City Governor’s Estate are already existences who can’t be underestimated. After all, their history isn’t any inferior to our Exalted Han Empire. Moreover, the Martial God off this era is from the An Clan!”

“The Martial God?” Li Feng chuckled while battle intent flashed through his eyes. “According to rumor, the Martial God is invincible in the same realm of cultivation, I really want to experience it for myself. Oh, right. That Sword Emperor as well. I heard that puppet of a Crown Prince, Mu Jun, was killed by him. Moreover, he has the Mortal Emperor Seal and Mortal Emperor Armor in his possession. Haha! How audacious of him! Not only did he kill the Crown Prince of my Exalted Han Empire, he actually took treasures that belong to the Mortal Emperor. I’ll definitely break his bones, one by one, if I were to encounter him!”

Ruo Shui glanced indifferently at Li Feng and said, “As a fellow member of the four Captain, allow me to advise you that it’s best not so underestimate the profounders of the world. Especially the Martial God and Sword Emperor. Since they were able to assume such a title, there’s naturally something extraordinary about them. Many people in this world die because they underestimate their enemies.”

Li Feng laughed indifferently and said, “It’s just a Spirit Realm profounder. In my opinion, the reason he was able to surmount a realm of cultivation to kill Exalt Realm experts was merely because those Exalt Realm experts of the southern territory are fucking trash. Not to mention anyone else, just ask him to surmount a realm of cultivation and kill one of us four captains!”

Ruo Shui spoke indifferently. “Even if you win, it’s nothing to be proud about when you fight a Spirit Realm profounder at the second rank of the Exalt Realm.”

“How can it not be?” Li Feng smiled and said, “It would naturally not be anything to be proud about if he was an ordinary profounder. But this is the Sword Emperor! Once I kill the Sword Emperor, then heh! I, Li Feng, would definitely be renowned throughout the continent. Haha!”

“Kill me and become renowned throughout the continent? Alright, I’ll give you that opportunity!” Right at this moment, a chuckle suddenly resounded here.

Li Feng and Ruo Shui’s expressions changed, and then they turned around and looked over. They saw two figures flashing over from the horizon. The Souleater Corps were just about to attack when Li Feng waved his hand and said, “Don’t attack. Let him come over here. The Sword Emperor? Heh! Since you are willing to fulfil my wish with your death, then I won’t hold back at all!”

Yang Ye and An Nanjing descended to the ground. Yang Ye’s heart shook as he glanced at the Souleater Corps in the surroundings. What a formidable army! Yang Ye noticed that the footsteps, actions, movements, and gazes of these soldiers were practically the same. Not to mention their own individual cultivation, as far as Yang Ye knew, just this coordination was something that not a single army or sect in the southern territory was capable of accomplishing!

An Nanjing’s brows knit together a little while a rare solemn expression appeared in her eyes. Obviously, she’d been slightly surprised by this army.

“The Sword Emperor?” Li Feng licked his lips, and then he revealed a cruel smile as he said, “Sure enough, you’re very arrogant, just as the rumors said. Don’t worry. I guarantee that it’s absolutely the last time you act arrogantly. Why? Because you are going to die in a moment. Haha….”

“Indeed!” Yang Ye nodded and said, “You have 100,000 troops on your side, and all of them are at the Spirit Realm. So, it really is extremely easy to kill the two of us!”

“Don’t try to provoke me!” Li Feng laughed coldly and said, “Would I need the help of others to kill you? Everyone, move 300m back. No one is allowed to interfere in my battle with him. Those who disobey my order will be killed without mercy!”

The Souleater Corps didn’t hesitate to move 300m backward in an orderly manner.

“Li Feng, have you forgotten the Mortal Emperor’s orders?” Ruo Shui spoke in a low voice.

“Don’t worry. Once I kill him and offer both the Mortal Emperor Seal and Mortal Emperor Armor to the Mortal Emperor, he will definitely not punish me. Perhaps he would directly promote me into a Grand Commander!” Li Feng chuckled.

Ruo Shui glanced at Li Feng before she moved aside.

“He isn’t an ordinary Exalt Realm expert!” An Nanjing spoke indifferently from the side.

Yang Ye nodded and said, “I know, but I must kill him!” He wasn’t a rash person. The reason he’s made an appearance here was mainly to prove himself. What was he trying to prove? He was naturally trying to prove that he possessed both strength and potential. If he didn’t reveal his strength and potential, then what would he use to negotiate with those powers in Ancient Domain City?

In this world, one was only taken seriously when one possessed formidable strength and potential! Otherwise, would anyone care who you are?

An Nanjing moved aside. She wasn’t able to make the decision to make the City Governor’s Estate, the other An Clan, and the various other powers in Ancient Domain City to ally with the Grand Qin Empire and Darkbeast Empire. Because once they joined forces, it would be equivalent to becoming enemies with the Exalted Han Empire. No power was able to remain completely without fear when facing that colossus, and that included her An Clan!

Yang Ye could only rely on himself to convince those clans.

“Are you ready to give your life away?” Li Feng chuckled as he spoke.

Yang Ye withdrew Dragonbone and shrugged. “I’m right over here! Come on!”

“As you wish!” Li Feng shouted loudly with an enormous black iron hammer had appeared in his grasp. He suddenly stomped the ground with his right food, and the ground collapsed as his figure relied on the counterforce to instantly arrive in the air above Yang Ye. After that, he smashed the hammer down towards Yang Ye’s head!

Yang Ye was about to counterattack when Li Feng suddenly shouted. “Spatial Cage!”

The space around Yang Ye suddenly froze, and Yang Ye was frozen on the spot as if the acupuncture points on his body had been blocked.

Ruo Shui instantly heaved a sigh of relief when she witnessed this scene. She knew that while Li Feng seemed to underestimate Yang Ye and revealed disdain on the surface, he would definitely not underestimate Yang Ye when the battle began. Because Li Feng always did his best when he fought an enemy. Of course, it would be impossible for him to become one of the four captains if it weren’t for that!

Right when Li Feng’s hammer was about to descend onto Yang Ye’s head, a red glow suddenly erupted from Yang Ye and instantly blasted the spatial barriers into pieces. The red glow didn’t slow down at all, and it surged towards Li Feng.

Li Feng’s expression changed because he hadn’t expected that Yang Ye would actually be able to destroy his Spatial Cage with such ease! He didn’t dare act carelessly in the slightest against the red glow, and he exerted strength in his arm to smash the hammer down at it.


The red glow was instantly blasted apart and dispersed into the air.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye appeared in front of Li Feng, and then a ray of light flashed. Dragonbone instantly arrived before Li Feng’s chest, and it made Li Feng’s pupils constrict. However, a savage expression flashed through his eyes in the next moment.

“Die!” Li Feng gave up on avoiding Yang Ye’s attack, and he just smashed his hammer down towards Yang Ye’s head.

Yang Ye’s sword was the first to arrive, and it didn’t encounter any obstruction as it pierced through Li Feng’s heart. However, a strange smile appeared on the corners of Li Feng’s mouth, and it made Yang Ye’s expression changed while he shouted in his heart. Shit!

At this moment, it was impossible for him to dodge Li Feng’s hammer. At the critical moment, he swiftly moved his head aside and allowed the hammer to smash onto his shoulder.


The ground trembled violently while Yang Ye was directly smashed into the ground, and his fate was unknown.

“Idiot!” Li Feng patted the bleeding hole on his chest and ridiculed. “The four captains have no hearts. We’re already utilized secret techniques to preserve them somewhere else. So, unless our consciousness and souls are destroyed, otherwise, it’s useless even if you destroy our physical body! Alas! What a disappointment! So the Sword Emperor wasn’t anything great at all. I was even prepared to fight an intense battle!”

“Thank you for the information!” Right at this moment, Yang Ye walked up slowly from within the hole, and the Ninth Hell Swordwings were on his back. The clothes on Yang Ye’s shoulder had been torn apart, and his swollen red skin was exposed in the open.

The ridicule on the corners of Li Feng’s mouth vanished, and there was only a solemn expression left there as he said, “I really underestimated you. I never expected that your physical body has already attained such a state. That’s fine. It would be too boring if you died right away.”

“Would it kill you if you stopped trying to flaunt your ability?” Yang Ye flipped his palm, and the Void Flash appeared in his hand before the profound energy in his body started to surge. In the next moment, Yang Ye closed his eyes a little, and then his soul slowly floated out from his body and floated in the air above his body. After that, Void Flash which Yang Ye’s body held had floated up to his Soul Body.

Soul Ejection? Li Feng was stunned. What’s he trying to do?

Ruo Shui seemed to have thought of something, and her expression changed violently as she said anxiously, “Retreat! Quickly! It’s a Sword Soul Technique of legend. It disregards all defenses and space….”

Retreat? It’s too late!

Yang Ye’s spirit body laughed coldly, and then he held Void Flash with both hands as he slashed it swiftly towards Li Feng who was still stunned on the spot. In an instant, a ripple that was visible to the eye flashed out from the tip of Void Flash, and it instantly arrived before Li Feng.

Li Feng’s expression changed violently, and he hurriedly placed the enormous iron hammer in front of him. However, the ripple directly pierced through his hammer and shot violently towards his chest. Li Feng was horrified. He swiftly torn space apart and appeared 300m away. Right when he’d just heaved a sigh of relief, a light ripple suddenly appeared before him again, and then it flashed past his neck.

Li Feng’s pupils constricted violently, and then he just fell to the ground….


Suddenly, a sharp and ear piercing whistle resounded as an ink black arrow that came from nowhere descended like a dazzling shooting star, and it shot violently towards Yang Ye.

“Attack!” A ghastly voice resounded.


The Souleater Corps drew their bows, knocked their arrows, and shot in unison. Their actions were orderly and swift.


100,000 arrows covered the heavens and the earth as they enveloped down towards Yang Ye and An Nanjing.

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