Chapter 465 – Submit?

Almighty Sword Domain


Right when the ink black arrow was only over 10 centimeters away from the center of Yang Ye’s forehead, a spear had suddenly struck it, and then a light clang resounded as it broke apart.

An Nanjing withdrew her spear. After that, she turned to look at the rain of arrows that blotted out the sky as they descended, and her pupils constricted. It wasn’t someone that the strength of a single person could resist. Not to mention that she was only at the Spirit Realm right now, she wouldn’t be able to resist this rain of arrows even if she’d attained the peak of the Exalt Realm. After all, it was 100,000 Spirit Realm experts who’d released this rain of arrows!

Right at this moment, a figure flashed, and then Yang Ye appeared in front of An Nanjing.

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted as he gazed at the rain of arrow that covered the sky as they descended. The Souleater Corps really thinks highly of me, huh? He didn’t have the time to think too much about it before he shouted. “Sword Domain!”

As soon as he spoke, those 100,000 arrows stopped 30m away from Yang Ye. However, a mouthful of blood suddenly sprayed out from Yang Ye’s mouth while his figure directly bent down as if he was being crushed by an enormous mountain.

Even though his Sword Domain had blocked off this rain of arrows, the offensive strength they possessed had exceeded the endurance of his Sword Domain. After all, Yang Ye was unable to fully display the Sword Domain’s might with his current strength, and it was extremely heaven defying for him to be even capable of blocking this mass of arrows!

“Shoot!” Suddenly, a ghastly voice resounded once more.

The Souleater Corps drew their bows, knocked their arrows, and shot simultaneously.

Another rain of arrows shot violently at Yang Ye and An Nanjing.

Yang Ye’s expression changed, and then he took a step forward and suddenly shouted. “An Nanjing, leave! Quickly!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he activated the Sword Domain again.


The space within the Sword Domain trembled violently as another mouthful of blood sprayed from Yang Ye’s mouth. If he didn’t have Void Flash to support his body, then he would probably be lying prone on the ground.

As if he’d sensed something, Yang Ye suddenly turned around, and he saw An Nanjing standing on the spot and staring fixedly at him. Yang Ye was instantly infuriated when he saw that she actually hadn’t left, and he said angrily, “What’re you still doing here? Do you want to die?”

He was naturally angry because he’d forcefully utilized the Sword Domain again in order to block the arrows off to buy time for An Nanjing to leave. With the strength she possessed, she should be able to escape if he resisted the rain of arrows for a while!

However, she was stunned on the spot. So, how could he not feel angry?

“Haha! As expected of the Sword Emperor. You were actually able to resist a rain of arrows from an army of 100,000 while at the Spirit Realm. How admirable!” Right at this moment, a man who carried a green longbow on his back appeared here.

“Gong Mu, aren’t your actions quite inappropriate?” Ruo Shui spoke in a low voice from the side. Earlier, it was Gong Mu who ordered the Souleater Corps to attack, and she didn’t agree with his actions at all. After all, Yang Ye and Li Feng were fighting fairly, so if news of Gong Mu’s actions were to spread, then it would definitely affect the reputation of the Souleater Corps.

“It’s not inappropriate at all!” Gong Mu spoke indifferently. “Their strength and natural talent are extremely formidable. They’ll definitely become great enemies for the Mortal Emperor if they are to be allowed to gro. So, it’s best to seize the moment when they’re still weak to eliminate them. As for our reputation. Hah! Would anyone know that they were besieged to death by us once they’re dead? The facts are dictated by the winner, aren’t they? Heed my command! Shoot again!”


Another rain of 100,000 arrows whistled down towards Yang Ye and An Nanjing.

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted violently. At this moment, he was unable to activate the Sword Domain again, and he wouldn’t be able to resist this rain of arrows even if he could. How should I resist this attack? Yang Ye didn’t have the time to think about this. He swiftly turned around and embraced An Nanjing who was still looking at him. He didn’t know whether An Nanjing’s physical body was strong or weak, but he was sure that it wasn’t as strong as his.

Moreover, no matter how heaven defying her strength was, it was impossible for her to evade such a dense rain of arrows, and she would naturally die if she couldn’t evade it….

So, Yang Ye hadn’t hesitated to embrace her and utilize his own body to resist the rain of arrows. He hadn’t thought about whether his physical body could resist the rain of arrows because he didn’t have any time to think about that right now. All he knew was that he had to do this. An Nanjing hadn’t abandoned him at the Flower Palace that day, so how could he possibly just watch as she died now?

She hadn’t abandoned him that day, so how could he abandon her now?

An Nanjing stared blankly at Yang Ye and seemed to be unable to understand why Yang Ye had done this. Does he not know that he might die if he does that? He’s definitely aware of it, but he has still acted in such a way. So, there’s only a single explanation. He would rather die himself than allow me to die!

An Nanjing’s heart suddenly trembled when she thought up to this point. However, right at this moment….


The rain of arrows buried them.

Yang Ye’s pupils instantly constricted violently when those arrows came into contact with his body, because he noticed that the Mortal Emperor Armor had actually sunk into his body at this critical moment! Yang Ye didn’t know why it suddenly acted in this way, and all he knew was that he had to forcefully resist these arrows with just his physical body!


Countless arrows descended to the ground, and the entire area trembled violently. Yang Ye and An Nanjing had been buried by the arrows instead.

“Haha! What a pity!” Gong Mu chuckled. “The Sword Emperor and Martial God have died just like that. It’s truly such a pity.”


Right at this moment, the pile of arrows that buried Yang Ye and An Nanjing exploded apart, and then a figure transformed into a shadow that shot rapidly towards Gong Mu. In just an instant, that figure had arrived in front of Gong Mu, and the latter’s expression changed while disbelief filled his eyes upon seeing the figure. Because it was exactly Yang Ye. At this moment, besides a slightly pale countenance, there wasn’t a sign of injury on Yang Ye’s body!

How could this be possible? Gong Mu didn’t have the time to ponder on this question. He didn’t dare act carelessly at all, and he was just about to utilize the energy of space. However, right at this moment, a strand of violet light suddenly appeared behind him, and it made his expression change violently. The appearance of the violet light was too sudden and shocking. At this moment, he was utterly incapable of dodging it, and he could only allow it to smash upon his body!


Gong Mu’s lips twitched when the violet light struck him, and then fresh blood seeped out slowly from the corner of his mouth. Meanwhile, a ray of light flashed, and it caused the hairs on his body to stand on end. He was just about to utilize a spatial technique to avoid this attack from Yang Ye’s sword, yet he noticed to his shock that his spatial technique wouldn’t work. A thin violet colored barrier of light had suddenly appeared around him, and the space within the barrier seemed as if it had been strengthened, so he was utterly unable to tear open the space here!


Gong Mu had only been stunned for an instant, but a ray of light had flashed through his neck, and then his head fell off his neck.

Ruo Shui’s expression changed. All of this had truly occurred too quickly. Since Yang Ye attacked until Gong Mu’s death, less than 2 breath of time had passed. It was such a short period of time that she hadn’t even been able to recover from her initial shock.

After she returned to her senses, Ruo Shui was just about to act when a fluffy violet colored mink appeared in front of her. The violet mink blinked before she raised her little claw and waved it swiftly. In an instant, Ruo Shui’s expression changed violently because she noticed that the space around her had actually been frozen!

Ruo Shui was astounded. Meanwhile, a ray of golden light flashed, and then a golden rope had wrapped itself around her. In an instant, the surging profound energy within her had calmed down, and she couldn’t mobilize it no matter what!

I’m finished! Ruo Shui cried in her heart.

A sword was pressed against Ruo Shui’s neck, and Yang Ye who held the sword gazed coldly at her while his face was covered in an expression of ridicule. He said, “So the so-called four captains of the Souleater Corps are actually such trash. Resorting to attacking jointly in a group upon failing in a one on one battle. How disappointing!” Earlier, if the violet mink hadn’t made an appearance and utilized its violet light to protect him and An Nanjing, then the consequences would be unimaginable.

Yang Ye was pleasantly surprised to find out that the violet mink had recovered and attained the Exalt Rank. It was exactly because it had attained the Exalt Rank that its violet light could block off the rain of arrows. Because the little fellow’s violet light barrier seemed to possess some sort of other force that it didn’t have in the past, and the rain of arrow hadn’t even come into contact with the violet light barrier before they were deflected away by that mysterious energy!

It was exactly because of the violet mink that both Yang Ye and An Nanjing were completely fine and he was even able to launch a surprise attack!

“If you want to kill me, then do it. Why waste your breath?” Ruo Shui spoke coldly while her face didn’t carry a trace of fear.

“Don’t worry, you’ll definitely die. But it won’t be now!” Yang Ye would naturally not kill her right now. If he did, then those soldiers from the Souleater Corps would have nothing to worry about. At that time, it would be difficult for An Nanjing and him to leave safely. As for the little fellow, if the little fellow intended to flee now, then only a Monarch Realm expert would be capable of catching up to her!

“Yang Ye, you’re too late.” Right at this moment, a group of people walked out from the entrance to Ancient Domain City, and it was exactly Luo Jun who was in the lead. An Biru and the Assassin Sovereign were on Luo Jun’s left while a middle aged man was on his right.

Yang Ye’s face sank when he heard this, whereas, An Biru frowned instead. Because the middle aged man on Luo Jun’s right was her father.

“Jing’er, come here!” The middle aged man spoke in a deep voice.

“Father, have you surrendered to the Exalted Han Empire?” asked An Nanjing.

“No!” Luo Jun smiled and said, “Everyone is just cooperating. Miss Jing, we’re allies now, so let’s just incident past incident as something that never occurred, alright?”

An Nanjing paid no attention to Luo Jun, and she just gazed at her father. The latter nodded and said, “Indeed. The powers within our city have formed an alliance with Young Master Luo. I’ll explain this matter to you in detail later!”

An Nanjing fell silent while she tightened her grip on Skysplit.

Meanwhile, Luo Jun suddenly gazed at Yang Ye and smiled as he said, “Yang Ye, I’ll spare your life today if you hand over both the Mortal Emperor Armor and Mortal Emperor Seal, and then submit to me. Moreover, I can let bygones be bygones and appoint you as one of the three Grand Commanders of the Souleater Corps. The weakest amongst the Grand Commanders of the Souleater Corps is at the fifth rank of the Exalt Realm, and every single one of them commands a few tens of thousands of elites from the Souleater Corps!”

“Submit to you?” Yang Ye laughed coldly before he flicked his wrist, and then a ray of light flashed before Ruo Shui’s head flew into the air.

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