Chapter 466 – The Ancient Sheath’s Sword VS The Mortal Emperor Sword! InVader's Thoughts

Almighty Sword Domain

Luo Jun’s gaze turned icy cold, and he said, “Since you’re in such a hurry to die, then I’ll send you off. Elder Xuan, I’ll be troubling you with it!”

As soon as he spoke, an old man suddenly appeared in front of Yang Ye, and he glanced indifferently at Yang Ye before he waved his hand casually. A strand of cold energy shot violently towards Yang Ye, and it was so swift that it was impossible for Yang Ye to avoid. However, Yang Ye’s expression was calm and without a trace of fear. Even if it was a Monarch Realm expert who was standing before him.

There was naturally a reason why Yang Ye was so calm and composed, and it was because the little fellow had told him that help had arrived.

Sure enough, the space before Yang Ye warped when the cold energy arrived just a few inches in front of Yang Ye, and then it directly vanished.

The old man’s expression changed. He raised his head and gazed into the sky as he said, “Who’s attacking from the shadows? Show yourself if you have the ability!”

“Hmph! A mere fifth rank Monarch Realm profounder dares to mouth off at me!?” A cold grunt resounded in the air, and then the space around the old man actually started to warp strangely. It seemed like it was about to fold and compress itself layer by layer.

“Spatial Folding! You’re the Demon Emperor!” The old man was horrified. He hurriedly utilized the energy of space to resist the folding space. However, it seemed to be completely useless because that expanse of space was still folding slowly, and it had merely slowed down a little.

Right when the old man was about to be folded by half, Luo Jun suddenly drew his sword and slashed it down towards the folding space that enveloped the old man. In an instant, a white strand of sword qi struck that space, and then a pitch black spatial rift was torn open there. The old man hurriedly executed a spatial escape technique and fled from the pitch black spatial rift.

As soon as he left through the rift and reappeared outside the area, the space he was standing in just moments before had folded with a bang, and it transformed into an extremely strange shape.

The old man’s eyelids twitched when he witnessed this, and his heart was filled with a sense of lingering fear!

“As expected of the Mortal Emperor Sword that’s ranked at the 1st position on the Natural Dao Artifact rankings. It’s actually able to slash apart my spatial techniques!” The Demon Emperor appeared before them as his voice resounded.

The violet mink on Yang Ye’s shoulder was delighted upon seeing the Demon Emperor, and a ray of violet light flashed before she descended onto the Demon Emperor’s shoulder. After that, she patted the Demon Emperor on the head.

A wisp of a gentle expression flashed through the Demon Emperor’s eyes. He smiled, and then he gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Thank you for taking care of her during this time!” He’d heard everything related to Yang Ye, and he only had a single thought about it — he was very pleased!

Yang Ye chuckled as he shook his head. “The little fellow is a loved one to me!”

The violet mink revealed a cute smile, and then she nodded.

“Demon Emperor, this is the world of humans!” Luo Jun spoke in a gloomy voice.

The Demon Emperor laughed with disdain and said, “So what if it’s the human world? I’ll come and go as I please. Could it be that you intend to prohibit me from stepping foot into the human world? Alright, I can’t be bothered to talk nonsense with you. I made an appearance here today for just one thing!” When he spoke up to this point, the Demon Emperor pointed at Yang Ye and said, “From today onward, he’s considered as a member of my demon territory. Understand?”

Luo Jun’s face sank. The demon territory, devil territory, and his Exalted Han Empire had an agreement. It was one where their respective Monarch Realm experts were prohibited from acting against their juniors. Because Monarch Realm experts were truly too terrifying. If they were determined to kill a profounder below the Monarch Realm, then it was too easy to accomplish.

The experts of the three races had naturally made such an agreement to protect their juniors. So, now that the Demon Emperor had spoken these words, it represented that the Exalted Han Empire… actually, the entire human race couldn’t dispatch Monarch Realm experts against Yang Ye!

“Demon Emperor, he’s a human profounder and not a Darkbeast!” Luo Jun’s expression was quite unsightly. After all, how many people below the Monarch Realm could kill Yang Ye with the strength he possessed? So, the Demon Emperor was clearly protecting Yang Ye!

The Demon Emperor laughed coldly and said, “Based on what you just said, can I attack and kill all those Demon Beast mounts that your Exalted Han Empire has fostered?”

“Looks like you really intend to protect him!” Luo Jun spoke in a low voice. “But I’m very curious. Why would you personally step forward to protect a human profounder?”

The Demon Emperor said, “There’s no need for you to know that. I’ll repeat it one last time. He’s to be considered as a member of my demon territory. So, he’s included in the agreement between the three races. It’s fine if he perishes at the hands of a profounder below the Emperor Realm, and he can only blame himself for possessing insufficient strength and I can only blame myself for misjudging him. However, if you dare to dispatch Monarch Realm experts to attack him, then don’t blame me for breaking the agreement and personally taking your head. Let me see if those old fossils of the Exalted Han Empire can stop me!”

The Demon Emperor flicked his right sleeve as soon as he finished speaking, and then Yang Ye and the little fellow instantly vanished on the spot.

Luo Jun’s expression was extremely unsightly. His gaze was gloomy, and he seemed to be lost in thought.

An Biru who’d remained silent until now frowned. She hadn’t expected that there was actually enmity between Yang Ye and Luo Jun. Moreover, it seemed to be irreconcilable enmity….

A short while later, she shook her head and said to herself, why am I thinking so much about that? The An Clan’s future is the most important! But…. She hesitated for a moment before she nodded to the blacked clothes woman by her side, and the latter’s figure shook and immediately vanished on the spot.

An Nanjing glanced at her father, and then she walked towards the city gates. However, her mind was filled with the scene where Yang Ye blocked those arrows for her with his own body….

Yang Ye bowed to the Demon Emperor at far away spot, and he said, “Thank you for the help, Senior!”

The Demon Emperor said, “There’s no need for that. I’ve already discerned that you’ve treated Zi’er very well and it’s completely sincere without any selfish desire. Your natural talent and potential aren’t inferior to anyone in the world, and if you don’t die prematurely, then an extraordinary expert would definitely be born into this world in the future. So, your relationship with Zi’er is only beneficial to her. In short, I won’t interfere in your relationship, and the two of you can do as you please!”

Yang Ye was delighted when he heard this. Because it was best if the Demon Emperor wasn’t against the relationship they had. Otherwise, it would be very difficult to deal with. After all, the Demon Emperor was the little fellow’s father. Fortunately, he didn’t have to worry about that anymore.

The violet mink flashed over to the Demon Emperor’s shoulder and patted him on the head. Obviously, she was very satisfied with the Demon Emperor’s words….

The Demon Emperor chuckled and said, “I came to take Zi’er back. Because she has attained the Exalt Rank, so she musty receive the inheritance of the clan. It’s very important to her!”

Yang Ye was quite reluctant in his heart. Because the little fellow had just woken up, and he hadn’t even caught up with her properly. However, he knew that he wasn’t able to stop it, and he couldn’t as well. After all, inheritance was extremely important to demon beasts.

The violet mink didn’t act willfully this time because the inheritance was really important to her. After all, it would allow her to take human form….

The Demon Emperor suddenly said, “Based on the current situation, Luo Jun will definitely be able to take over the entire southern territory. I know you’ll definitely stop him, but it’s alright to just do your best. Your individual strength is limited. There’s no need to make unnecessary sacrifices, understand?”

Yang Ye nodded. He would naturally not make unnecessary sacrifices, but he wouldn’t allow the Mortal Emperor to take over the southern territory with ease as well. After all, he was mortal enemies with the Mortal Emperor, and their enmity was irreconcilable. Only one of them could survive in the end.

“Senior, you should be aware that it wouldn’t be a good thing for the demon territory if the Mortal Emperor is able to unite the human territories, so why don’t you stop him?” asked Yang Ye in a low voice.

“Of course I do!” The Demon Emperor smiled and said, “After all, the Mortal Emperor’s goal is to unite the entire continent, so how could he possibly spare my demon territory? But why should my demon territory stop him? Isn’t it better to let the humans kill each other and weaker their overall strength? Moreover, the entire human race would definitely unite if my demon territory were to act now. After all, your human race is very fearful and hostile against my demon race. At that time, the Mortal Emperor might not even need to mobilize a single troop before he obtained the ability to command all the profounders throughout the continent. In the end, he holds the Mortal Emperor Sword and has the support of the Exalted Han Empire!”

Yang Ye couldn’t help but laugh bitterly because he’d actually forgotten this. Because while he wasn’t hostile against the demon beasts, the other human profounders were! If the demon territory were to act now, then it would probably be just as the Demon Emperor said. Luo Jun wouldn’t even need to mobilize a single troop to unite the entire human world.

“Come to my demon territory if there’s no place for you in the human world in the future!” said the Demon Emperor with a smile on his face.

Yang Ye smiled and said, “Don’t worry, Senior. I’ll definitely head to the demon territory if that day comes. To be honest, I don’t want to die just yet!”

The Demon Emperor roared with laughter, and then he grabbed the violet mink who was still reluctant to leave before he vanished on the spot. He only left a single sentence behind. “Watch out for the Mortal Emperor Sword. Good luck!”

The Mortal Emperor Sword? Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment before he summoned the Sword Spirit of the ancient sheath, and he gazed at her as he said, “Can you suppress the Mortal Emperor Sword?”

Yang Ye thought with uncertainty in his heart. The sword sheath is able to suppress swords. Since the Mortal Emperor Sword is a sword, then the sword sheath should probably be able to suppress it, right?

However, he was disappointed because the Sword Spirit shook her head and said, “I can’t suppress it!”

“Why?” Yang Ye was puzzled and said, “Aren’t you said to be able to make all swords submit before you? Isn’t the Mortal Emperor Sword a sword as well?”

The Sword Spirit’s eyelids twitched as she said, “It’s a Natural Dao Artifact, and it’s one that was born along with this world and is protected by the world. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be ranked at the 1st position on the Natural Dao Artifact rankings. Understand?”

“The Natural Dao Artifact rankings? Are you a Natural Dao Artifact or an artificial one?” Yang Ye continued.

“I don’t know!”

Yang Ye was stunned and said with shock. “How could you not know? Then what sort of thing are you?”

“You’re the thing!” The Sword Spirit glared at Yang Ye with slight anger.

“You can even get angry and scold others….” Yang Ye gazed at the Sword Spirit with astonishment.

The Sword Spirit was speechless.

Yang Ye fell silent for a short while before he shrugged and said, “Let’s talk properly. If there’s a sheath, then there should be a sword. Where’s your sword?”

“It has been sealed!” The Sword Spirit spoke with slight sorrow.

“Who did it?”

“Master did!”

“Who’s your master?”

“Master is my master!” The Sword Spirit spoke impatiently.

“Is your master formidable?”

“A billion of you aren’t a match for him!” The Sword Spirit glanced indifferently at Yang Ye.

The corners of his mouth twitched as he said, “Then why haven’t you gone to look for your master!?”

“He’s dead,” said the Sword Spirit.

“Tch! I thought he was extremely formidable! But it turns out that even he has perished!” Yang Ye spoke with slight disdain.

“Have you met anyone that can avoid death?” said the Sword Spirit.

Yang Ye was had nothing to say in reply because he really hadn’t met such a person in his life.

Yang Ye asked another question. “Let’s not linger on this topic. Right, is your sword more formidable or the Mortal Emperor Sword?”

“The Mortal Emperor Sword is nothing!” The Sword Spirit spoke with disdain. “It can’t even struggle free of the laws of this world, so how can it compare to me?”

Yang Ye’s eyes lit up, and he said, “Come on! Let’s go!”


“To unseal your sword, of course!” Yang Ye spoke as a matter of course.

The Sword Spirit was speechless again.

Yang Ye said, “What? Don’t you want to?”

The Sword Spirit said, “Your strength is insufficient. You’d be giving your life away if you went there!”

Yang Ye was stunned and asked. “How strong must I be for it to be sufficient?”

The Sword Spirit pondered deeply for a moment and said, “In any case, even the Unfettered One’s strength from all those years ago was insufficient!”

Yang Ye started to perspire… in streams….

Right at this moment, a black clothed figure appeared in front of Yang Ye. The black clothed woman glanced at the Sword Spirit before her gaze descended onto Yang Ye, and she said, “The Madam wishes to see you!”

The Madam was naturally An Biru.

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