Chapter 469 – The World Portrait

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted when he saw the middle aged man because the middle aged man actually gave him the same feeling as the Demon Emperor did. The middle aged man’s strength was deep and unfathomable!

“Senior, you’re the City Governor of Ancient Domain City?” asked Yang Ye.

The middle aged man nodded and said, “They call me City Governor Lu, and you can do the same.”

Yang Ye said, “City Governor Lu, I’m very curious. Most of the powers in Ancient Domain City have sided with Luo Jun, so why hasn’t this City Governor’s Estate of yours sided with him as well? Moreover, logically speaking, Luo Jun would probably not allow your City Governor’s Estate to escape his grasp. However, it just so happened that he didn’t touch the City Governor’s Estate. I wonder if City Governor Lu can help me with these questions?”

City Governor Lu smiled and said, “I knew you’d be curious about it. The compensation Luo Jun provided was very tempting, but I don’t believe that he’ll be able to fulfil his promise. Once the world is united, Luo Jun will possess the energy provided by the Belief of an entire continent. Moreover, he would be in possession of the Mortal Emperor Sword and the backing of the Exalted Han Empire. At that time, all of us clans and sects would be trash in his eyes, and we’ll be disposed of once we’ve outlived our usefulness!”

“Is Luo Jun very strong?” Yang Ye frowned as he asked this question.

City Governor Lu said, “He isn’t very strong right now, but once he takes control of the Belief from this entire continent, then even if he were still a Spirit Realm profounder at that time, he would be still able to utilize the energy of Belief and the Mortal Emperor Sword to even kill a Monarch Realm expert. His strength grows along with the growth of his authority and energy of Belief. The greater they are, the greater his strength would be! It’s even to the extent that he doesn’t have to cultivate at all, and his cultivation would rise automatically with sufficient authority and energy of Belief.”

That’s insane! Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched. As expected of the representative of the heavens and the earth. He’s truly richly endowed by nature!

“He merely possesses the energy of Belief from the Exalted Han Empire, but his current strength is already sufficient to kill Exalt Realm experts. You must be cautious of his Mortal Emperor Sword if you fight him in the future because when that sword is utilized with the energy of Belief, it’s equivalent to representing the heavens to kill someone. He’s acknowledged and protected by the heavens and the earth!” said City Governor Lu.

“If only he was willing to fight me one on one. Unfortunately, he refuses to do that!” Yang Ye spoke indifferently, and his tone was filled with confidence.

City Governor Lu glanced at Yang Ye and said, “Based on the strengths you both possess right now, you can kill him indeed. However, if he’s allowed to grasp the energy of Belief from the other territories, then it wouldn’t be so easy for you to kill him anymore. It’s even to the extent that it’s possible that you’re killed by him instead.”

Yang Ye didn’t argue and just said, “Senior, you seem to have not answered my second question.”

“The reason he hasn’t touched my City Governor’s Estate is merely because he isn’t willing to for now!” City Governor Lu said, “If I’m willing, then my estate can annihilate the entire Souleater Corps that’s garrisoned outside the city. However, it would be completely meaningless because the Exalted Han Empire would dispatch even more experts. Moreover, my City Governor’s Estate wouldn’t be able to resist those experts at all.”

“Then why have you invited me here, City Governor Lu?” asked Yang Ye.

City Governor Lu said, “Do you know why Luo Jun hasn’t attacked the southern territory yet?”

He continued before Yang Ye could answer him. “Because he still lacks something, a Dao Artifact called the World Portrait.”

“The World Portrait?” Yang Ye was puzzled and asked. “What’s that?”

“A Natural Dao Artifact that can hold 100,000 troops. Once it’s in his possession, he can place his army within it, and then his troops won’t suffer any sort of restriction. They’ll be able to appear anywhere he desires. At that time, do you think it would be difficult for him to conquer the southern territory?” said City Governor Lu.

It can hold 100,000 troops!

Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched. If it’s really like that. Then if Luo Jun makes an appearance within the Imperial Capital of the Grand Qin Empire, it would be equivalent to 100,000 troops directly appearing within the capital as well. How would we possibly resist him then!?

The World Portrait can’t be allowed to fall into Luo Jun’s hands! Otherwise, it would be too easy for him to conquer the entire human world.

“I’ve obtained information that ruins have appeared in the wilds of the central territory, and an extraordinary phenomenon appeared in the world when that ruin revealed itself. The sun and moon dimmed down while the heavens and the earth shook. If I’m not wrong, then that ruins belongs to an ancient Saint Realm expert, and the World Portrait should be within it! Because Luo Jun is rushing to that ruins right now,” said City Governor Lu.

“Ruins left behind by a Saint Realm expert!” Yang Ye’s pupils constricted. How many years has it been since a Saint Realm expert has appeared in the continent?

“If you’re able to obtain the World Portrait or prevent it from falling into Luo Jun’s hands, then I’m willing to form an alliance with the Darkbeast Empire and the Grand Qin Empire. Moreover, I’ll immediately act against the Souleater Corps within the city. If you can’t obtain the World Portrait and allow it to fall into Luo Jun’s hands, then I have no choice but to stand on Luo Jun’s side,” said City Governor Lu.

“The Exalted Han Empire won’t allow the World Portrait to escape its grasp. They’ll definitely dispatch Monarch Realm experts….”

City Governor Lu interrupted Yang Ye and said, “They won’t dispatch Monarch Realm experts into that ruins. Because the Master of that ruins seems to be searching for an inheritor, so there are restrictions set up around it that prevent Monarch Realm experts from entering. If Monarch Realm experts desire to enter it by force, then the restriction would suppress their cultivations. So, the Exalted Han Empire and the various large sects and clans decided to allow the experts from their respective younger generations to enter the ruins. As for whether they are able to obtain the inheritance and treasures of that Saint Realm expert, all of that would depend on their own fortune.”

“City Governor Lu, how am I supposed to trust you?” Yang Ye stared him straight in the eye.

City Governor Lu said, “I’m unable to make you trust me. Actually, you have to stop Luo Jun whether you trust me or not. Right? Once Luo Jun obtains the World Portrait, then no clan or sect in the entire human world would be able to stop him. Unless the demon territory or devil territory makes a move. However, both of them wish for nothing more than to watch us humans kill each other!”

Yang Ye fell silent for a short while before he shook his head and smiled. Indeed, it’s just as City Governor Lu said. Regardless of whether I trust him or not, I still have to go stop Luo Jun. Even if I’m unable to obtain the World Portrait, I can’t allow it to fall into Luo Jun’s hands. Of course, it couldn’t be any better if I’m able to kill him in the ruins.

“You’ve decided?” said City Governor Lu.

“Do I have a choice?” said Yang Ye. Presently, he was tied together to the Darkbeast Empire and Grand Qin Empire, so if the two of them were destroyed, then he could only take his loved once along with him and flee to the demon territory. As for his revenge, he would naturally have no chance to get it. After all, how would he annihilate the Flower Palace when it possessed the Exalted Han Empire’s support?

So, he couldn’t allow Luo Jun to obtain the World Portrait no matter what!

“Since you’ve made your decision, then quickly set out. After all, the ruins have already revealed itself to the world, and only a few illusion formations around it are left to be destroyed. Once those are destroyed, then countless people would swarm in. If you’re late, then you wouldn’t even get any scraps!” said City Governor Lu.

Yang Ye glanced at him. This fellow seems to be even more anxious than I am! Is he scheming against me or is he really afraid of seeing the World Portrait fall into Luo Jun’s hands? If it’s the former, then what sort of scheme would be? Am I even worthy of being schemed against by him?

Yang Ye stopped thinking about it because he couldn’t figure it out. In any case, he would fight off everything that came at him.

“City Governor Lu, may I know how to travel to the central territory?” asked Yang Ye.

City Governor Lu said, “That’s simple. The barrier between the central territory and southern territory has been destroyed by Luo Jun. So, you just have to pass through the Ocean of Anarchy that links the two territories and you’ll arrive at the central territory. Right, you have to be careful at the Ocean of Anarchy. There are countless islands there, and every single island has innumerable pirates living on them. Moreover, there are some bandits who’ve occupied islands and established bases there, and there are even some who’d established sects and clans on the islands there! There is no lack of experts amongst them!”

Yang Ye said, “City Governor Lu, can we be considered to be cooperating?”

City Governor Lu was stunned, and then he said, “Yes, for now. If you’re able to seize the World Portrait or stop Luo Jun from obtaining it, then it’ll be the same in the future as well.”

“Since we’re cooperating, then both sides should display our sincerity. I’ve decided to travel to the central territory to stop Luo Jun. This represents my sincerity, but City Governor Lu, shouldn’t you display yours as well?” said Yang Ye.

City Governor Lu glanced at Yang Ye and smiled. “You’re right. My City Governor’s Estate shouldn’t just sit idly and enjoy the fruits of your effort, it should lend a hand as well. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a form of cooperation, and it would be using you instead. Lu Shou, Lu Xun!”

Two middle aged man appeared here as soon as he spoke.

City Governor Lu said, “Both of them are at the sixth rank of the Exalt Realm. I’ll dispatch them to follow you all along the way and obey your orders. Don’t worry, they will absolutely follow every order of yours, and they won’t cause trouble for you at all!”

“I’m going as well!” Right at this moment, Lu Jianyao’s voice suddenly sounded out from outside the door, and then she appeared before everyone.

Lu Jianyao glanced at Yang Ye, and then she gazed at City Governor Lu and said, “Father, I’m going as well. I’d like to witness the strength of those geniuses from the central territory. At the same time, it’ll be a good chance for me to temper myself. I’ll never be able to grow by constantly staying within Ancient Domain City, right?”

“It’s very dangerous!” said City Governor Lu.

“Father, can you protect me forever?” Lu Jianyao said, “If you can’t, then allow me to go. Allow me to get used to the cruelty and brutality of this world. I’m a sword cultivator. How can a sword become sharp without being sharpened?”

City Governor Lu fell silent for a short while before he said, “Have you really thought it through? After all, even I might not be able to save you if you encounter danger there.”

“I have!” Lu Jianyao spoke firmly.

City Governor nodded, and then he gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Young Master Yang, I’ll be entrusting her to you!”

“Why entrust him!?” Lu Jianyao grunted coldly and said, “Do I need his protection? Even if I do encounter an opponent I can’t defeat, wouldn’t I still have these two uncles of mine to protect me. Is it even necessary for all of that?”

Yang Ye couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to her. He just cupped his fists to City Governor Lu and said, “City Governor Lu, I still have some matters to attend to, so I’ll be bidding my farewells for now. Make them wait for me outside Ancient Domain City tomorrow!”

City Governor Lu said, “You do need to make some arrangements. Please go on ahead, Young Master Yang!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he turned around and left.

After Yang Ye left, City Governor Lu spoke in a low voice. “Yao’er promise me that you won’t oppose him during your travels, and that you’ll try your best to follow his plans. Don’t go to the central territory if you can’t do that!”

“Why!?” Lu Jianyao was slightly infuriated.

“Because he’s ruthless, strong, and isn’t afraid to do anything!” City Governor Lu spoke in a low voice.

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