Chapter 470 – Assassins!

Almighty Sword Domain

After he left the City Governor’s Estate, Yang Ye sent a transmission talisman to notify the Beast Emperor and Founding Emperor about everything that had occurred within the City Governor’s Estate. Moreover, he asked them to prepare in advance. Because they would undoubtedly be on the path towards obliteration if Luo Jun obtained the World Portrait and they weren’t prepared for it!

Next, Yang Ye sent out 3 more transmission talismans to Su Qingshi, Xiao Yuxi, and Qin Xiyue. He naturally had to notify them since he intended to head to the central territory, otherwise, they would definitely be worried. Now, he couldn’t do things as he pleased anymore, and he had to notify them at least even if he did intend to do so.

Once he was done with that, Yang Ye headed into a dense forest that was over 50km away from Ancient Domain City.

“Sword Master!” He’d just entered the forest when over 100 black clothed figures appeared before him, and then they bowed respectfully to him.

Yang Ye nodded before he waved his right hand, and then an expanse of white light sprayed out and a pile of top-grade energy stones instantly appeared before each and every one of them. All of them gazed at Yang Ye with puzzled expressions, and they heard him say. “I’m heading to the central territory, and I’m unable to bring all of you with me. So, cultivate well in the southern territory. There are 100 top-grade energy stones in front of every single one of you, and they are sufficient for you to cultivate to the Exalt Realm. I hope all of you work hard and don’t disappoint me!”

“Sword Master, why are you heading to the central territory?” asked Zhang Liu.

Yang Ye nodded and said, “I’m going to run an errand, and I don’t know when I’ll be back. In short, all of you have to work hard on getting stronger while I’m gone because a huge war is very likely to break out in the southern territory. Right, I obtained information that it’s very likely that the League of Doom is an organization established by the Exalted Han Empire!”

Their expressions changed while they clenched their fists tightly!

Yang Ye said, “This piece of information should be accurate because it was from the Founding Emperor. With the ability of the Grand Qin Empire, the intelligence they obtain should be accurate. In other words, we’re facing the Exalted Han Empire, and all of you should have heard of the strength possessed by that colossus. Just the Souleater Corps is already very difficult for us to deal with. So, I and every single one of you have to become stronger, otherwise, how would we seek revenge?”

“Sword Master, we’ll definitely work hard!” Zhang Liu spoke in a low voice.

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Zhang Liu, Leng Jun, and Leng Yin. The three of you have the best natural talent and are the strongest amongst the rest. I hope the three of you’ll be able to attain the Exalt Realm as soon as possible, and then lead the other brothers and help them attain the Exalt Realm as quickly as possible. Presently, we’re utterly unable to resist the Exalted Han Empire without strength at the Exalt Realm, understand?”

“Yes.” All of them replied in unison.

Yang Ye said, “The Sword Sect has numerous places to cultivate. All of you can head there to cultivate. You should be aware that the current Sect Master of the Sword Sect is my wife, so all of you can train well there. I’ve already notified her about it.”

“Yes!” They replied in unison once more.

Yang Ye nodded as he gazed at them, and then he said, “I hope everyone would have improved when we meet again!” As soon as he finished speaking, his figure flashed and vanished on the spot.

All of them bowed towards the direction Yang Ye stood just now, and then their figures shook and vanished on the spot as well. They were traveling swiftly towards the Sword Sect.


On the next day, Yang Ye arrived before the entrance of Ancient Domain City. Lu Jianyao, Lu Shou, and Lu Xun were waiting there for him. Moreover, based on their appearance, they were already waiting here for some time.

Lu Jianyao said upon noticing Yang Ye. “Great Young Master Yang, you really are haughty. Do you know that it’s very rude to have made us wait for an entire two hours?”

“I’m sorry. I was late because I was preparing some things!” said Yang Ye. The reason he was late was because he’d been crafting talismans throughout the night. After all, having a few more talismans on his trip to the central territory would definitely be useful.

Lu Jianyao glanced at him with a strange expression when she heard him apologize. This fellow knows how to apologize?

“Let’s head to the Ocean of Anarchy!” said Yang Ye. He’d finished notifying everyone that had to be notified. Now, he just wanted to rush to the central territory as soon as possible. Otherwise, he would be in a bad situation if Luo Jun were to obtain the World Portrait before then.

The Ocean of Anarchy was over 10,000km away from Ancient Domain City. Lu Shou and Lu Xun were Exalt Realm experts so they could naturally fly in the air while Yang Ye had the Ninth Hell Swordwings and Sword Control Technique, so his speed wasn’t inferior to them at all. As for Lu Jianyao, she was in a slightly embarrassing situation. Because her Profound Energy wings were inferior in both endurance and speed when compared to Yang Ye and the others!

Even though Lu Shou and Lu Xun were Exalt Realm experts, carrying Lu Jianyao along with them for a distance of over 10,000km would be extremely taxing for them. Because it would truly exhaust their strength.

Yang Ye didn’t ask them to bring her along with them. Since she wanted to follow them, then it would be better for her to return to Ancient Domain City if she couldn’t even overcome just this little bit of hardships.

Yang Ye and the others grew faster and faster while Lu Jianyao grew slower and slower instead. Before long, Yang Ye and the others had left Lu Jianyao far behind them.

“Young Master Yang, should we wait for the Junior City Governor?” Lu Shou couldn’t help but ask this question. Because he noticed that Lu Jianyao was on the verge of being unable to fly anymore.

“Actually, she can grow even stronger!” Yang Ye said, “However, she has been spoiled by all of you. If I’m not wrong, she has never arrived at her limits while she cultivated, right?”

Lu Shou opened his mouth yet was unable to say anything. Yang Ye was right. Lu Jianyao’s natural talent was very good, otherwise, it would be impossible for her to comprehend Sword Intent and raise it to the 7th level. However, in Yang Ye’s opinion, her path of cultivation had always been a smooth one, and she’d never encountered any hardships and tribulations.

Simply speaking, Lu Jianyao hadn’t fully unearthed her natural talent, and it had been completely buried instead!

Lu Shou and Lu Xun exchanged glances, and then they shook their heads and smiled. At this moment, they understood why Yang Ye’s cultivation was lower than their Junior City Governor, yet his strength far surpassed her. Because Yang Ye’s strength had been honed from slaughter and bitter cultivation, and such strength was utterly solid.

As for Lu Jianyao….

Even though the two of them were still worried about her, they didn’t speak about helping her.

At this moment, Lu Jianyao’s countenance was pale while her beautiful face was even covered in sweat. The Profound Energy Wings on her back were almost translucent and were flapping weakly as if they would stop at any moment.

Are you thinking about laughing at me? Ridiculing me? Or making me beg for help? Hmph! I, Lu Jianyao, would rather die of exhaustion than allow you to succeed! As she gazed at Yang Ye who had the enormous Ninth Hell Swordwings on his back, Lu Jianyao gritted her teeth while her eyes were filled with an unyielding expression.

Six hours later, Lu Jianyao wasn’t able to support herself anymore, and the wings behind her back vanished abruptly before her figure crashed down from high up in the air.

A black shadow flashed by right when she was about to hit the ground. Yang Ye appeared by her side and stretched out his hand to bring her into his arms.

Yang Ye shook his head as he gazed at the ghastly pale woman in his arms. She really is rather unyielding!

He placed his palm on her stomach, and then a strand of violet profound energy flowed slowly into her body. In less than 15 minutes of time, Lu Jianyao’s countenance had become rosy again, and then she slowly opened her eyes after another short while passed.

Yang Ye released his grip when he saw her awaken, and the latter instantly fell to the ground.

“You!” Lu Jianyao glared at Yang Ye while her eyes simply seemed as if they could spray flames.

“Cut the crap and rest well. We’ll be continuing on our journey in a while. We had no choice but to slow down just because of you, so you should feel ashamed, understand?” said Yang Ye.


“Shut your mouth, otherwise, I’ll give you a good beating. Trust me!” Yang Ye glared fiercely at her.

Lu Shou and Lu Xun closed their eyes tightly and acted indifferently towards all of this. It was like they hadn’t noticed it at all because both of them felt that it wasn’t a bad thing to let Yang Ye teach their Junior City Governor a lesson….

Lu Jianyao was about to say something when Yang Ye’s figure suddenly flashed and shot explosively towards her.

Lu Jianyao was stunned. He really intends to give me a beating?

Lu Shou and Lu Xun were stunned as well. That fellow was serious?

In next to no time, they didn’t think like that anymore.

At the instant Yang Ye’s figure moved, a black shadow had suddenly appeared behind Lu Jianyao, and then a ray of cold light swept towards her.

The expressions on the faces of Lu Jianyao, Lu Shou, and Lu Xun changed violently!

Right when that ray of cold light was about to come into contact with her body, she felt her vision flash before she was embraced by a pair of arms.


That cold ray of light struck Yang Ye’s back.

Yang Ye’s expression changed because he noticed that his skin had actually been cut through. Earlier, he was in such a haste that he hadn’t activated the Mortal Emperor Armor. Of course, he hadn’t intended to utilize it in the first place. After all, it really exhausted too much profound energy. Moreover, he was confident in the ability of his physical body. But he hadn’t expected that the enemy could actually cut through his defenses!



Right at this moment, two shrill cries suddenly resounded from the side.

Lu Jianyao looked over towards the source of the shrill cries, and then her face instantly turned pale again. Lu Shou and Lu Xun’s heads had been parted from their necks, and two black clothed figures were standing behind their corpses.

Yang Ye embraced Lu Jianyao in his arms as he shot explosively by over 100m to the side. Right at this moment, a black figure suddenly appeared behind him, and the dagger in that black figure’s hand transformed into a ray of cold light as it shot towards Yang Ye’s neck from behind.

Yang Ye had noticed the black clothed figure at the instant that figure appeared, so he immediately clenched his right hand into a fist and swiftly smashed it backwards!


As soon as they came into contact, , Yang Ye was blasted back by over 10 steps from the strength the dagger carried, and a deep bloody mark that was a few centimeters deep had appeared on his fist!

There were 10 black clothed figures around him. Just this short exchange between them had allowed Yang Ye to confirm that most of them were experts at the fifth rank of the Exalt Realm or above!

Of course, most importantly, he recognized some of them. For example, the person standing before him was none other than Hong who he’d worked together with!

It was obvious that this group of assassins were from the An Clan!

Yang Ye took a deep breath, and he held Lu Jianyao in his arms as he took a deep glance at Hong. He said, “The Southern An Clan? Just you wait, I’ll repay this a hundredfold!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye suddenly stomped his right foot on the ground and executed Rapid Shift. He left an afterimage behind as his figure vanished on the spot. In the next moment, his figure was already over 1km away.

“After him!” Someone spoke these words, and then the black clothed figures here instantly transformed into numerous shadows that chased after Yang Ye and Lu Jianyao.

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