Chapter 471 – Kill Without Mercy!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye naturally had to flee. He was up against than 10 Exalt Realm experts, and most of them were at the fifth rank of the Exalt Realm or above. Moreover, they were all assassins. So, did he have any other choice? Yang Ye didn’t have to guess to know that it was definitely Luo Jun who dispatched these assassins, but he hadn’t imagined that the An Clan would actually participate as well.

Did he feel hatred?

He did in the very beginning. After all, there were some feelings between him An Biru. So, he naturally felt uncomfortable when she assisted Luo Jun to kill him and dispatched assassins for his head. However, he quickly got over it. An Biru couldn’t be blamed for her actions because it was him, Yang Ye, who said that they would be enemies when they met next!

Since they were enemies, then wasn’t it very normal for her to want him dead?

This incident caused that bit of feelings he had for An Biru to vanish from his heart. Moreover, he clearly understood that they were enemies now!

The Sword Control Technique enhanced by the Ninth Hell Swordwings and a Strides Talisman allowed Yang Ye’s speed to arrive at an extremely terrifying extent. So, those Exalt Realm assassins were still unable to catch up to him even if they tore space apart. Of course, Yang Ye hadn’t lost them completely because he sensed them not too far behind him.

However, he knew that they would catch up, sooner or later, if they continued for a long. If he didn’t possess extreme-grade energy stones to incessantly recover his profound energy, then they would have caught up to him a very long time ago. Even then, he was unable to persist for long. After all, the gap between their cultivations was too huge, and extreme-grade energy stones weren’t all-powerful treasures!

After pondering deeply for a moment, Yang Ye glanced at Lu Jianyao who laid in his embrace and spoke in a low voice. “How far are we from the Ocean of Anarchy?”

He originally had no intention of saving her. After all, he wasn’t even able to protect himself. However, he had no choice but to save her when he thought of her identity. He was still in cooperation with the City Governor’s Estate, so if he were to refuse to save her and allowed them to fall into the enemy’s hands, then it might really push the City Governor’s Estate to Luo Jun’s side.

So, this woman absolutely couldn’t fall into the hands of the enemy!

At this moment, Lu Jianyao was still slightly stunned. Never had she imagined that while everything seemed to be fine and fell, those two uncles of hers would have perished in the blink of an eye. Moreover, they were even being pursued by a group of Exalt Realm assassins.

“It’ll take half a day more based on your current speed!” said Lu Jianyao.

“Half a day?” Yang Ye frowned because he couldn’t hold on for half a day of time. He felt that their pursuers were getting closer and closer. Based on the current circumstances, they would catch up within two hours, at most.

Right at this moment, Lu Jianyao suddenly said, “Flee on your own!”

Yang Ye was stunned and glanced at her with slight surprise. She said, “They won’t kill me, and they’ll use me to threaten my father instead. So, I won’t die. But if we flee together, then both of us will die.”

“You’re absolutely right, but have you thought about how your father would fall under the control of another because of that? In other words, the City Governor’s Estate will become a slave in someone else’s hands! At that time, do you think Luo Jun would let you go? He wouldn’t. He will keep you under even stricter watch and use you to threaten your father. In other words, you’ll be a prisoner for eternity, and your father would become someone else’s goon because of you. Understand?” said Yang Ye.

Lu Jianyao fell silent for a short while before she raised her head to glance at Yang Ye before she said, “You only saved me because you’re afraid the City Governor’s Estate would side with Luo Jun, right?”

Yang Ye said indifferently, “Would you believe me if I said that I did it because I liked you?”

Lu Jianyao glanced at him, and then she fell silent.

An hour later, the gap between them was growing closer and closer while Yang Ye’s brows were knit together even more tightly. Presently, he’d brought his speed up to its limits, but he was still unable to struggle free of their pursuit. This made him feel very helpless. His cultivation was too low in the end. If he was at the Exalt Realm, then not to mention escaping their pursuit, it was even possible for him to annihilate them!

However, he was only a Spirit Realm profounder right now. So while he possessed numerous Dao Artifacts, he wasn’t able to fully utilize their might!

He wished he could utilize that secret technique again, but the Sword Spirit didn’t allow it. Because she said that he wouldn’t just lose a few levels of cultivation if he utilized it again. It was very likely to cause him to be unable to step foot into the Monarch Realm for eternity over even perish on the spot!

Every single secret technique has its side effects, and this secret technique from the Sword Spirit was no exception!

So, Yang Ye didn’t dare utilize it rashly unless he arrived at a moment of life and death. Even though he felt that the Sword Spirit might be just scaring him, he didn’t want to bet with his future on the line.

Lu Jianyao gazed at Yang Ye while lying in his arms. Yang Ye couldn’t be said to be handsome, but it was undeniable that he was very attractive. Or it should be said that strong men were attractive. Yang Ye was merely at the Spirit Realm yet could kill Exalt Realm experts, and he could even escape from 10 Exalt Realm assassins!

Moreover, Yang Ye who was merely a Spirit Realm profounder displayed no fear when facing 10 Exalt Realm experts. Just this courage alone was something that very few Spirit Realm profounders could compare to. As for her, she wasn’t able to accomplish it. Because she was very clearly aware of the gap between the Exalt Realm and Spirit Realm. It was exactly the reason why she felt slight admiration towards Yang Ye right now.

However, Yang Ye was truly a bit too rude. Because while she didn’t know if Yang Ye had done it on purpose or not, Yang Ye’s hands were on her butt right now. She’d struggled to move her body a few times, but it merely made Yang Ye hold her even more tightly. Meanwhile, she wanted to let him know about it, but she was truly unable to bring herself to say it. So, she had no choice but to leave herself at Yang Ye’s mercy!

Right at this moment, Yang Ye was suddenly delighted because he saw a mountain range in the distance. He was like a moving target in the air, and it was truly too easy for them to find him like this. However, if he were to enter a dense forest, then it wouldn’t be so easy for them to capture him once he utilized the tiny vortex to conceal his aura. It was even to the extent that he could kill them instead!

He acted as soon as he thought of this. Yang Ye’s figure flashed and transformed into a ray of light that shot into the mountain range.

As soon as he descended to the ground, Yang Ye’s figure flashed and vanished on the spot.

10 black clothed figures arrived at the same spot Yang Ye stood on just now in less than 10 breaths of time after he vanished from there.

One of them said, “Let’s split up!”

Hong suddenly said, “No!”

The other black clothed figures gazed at Hong with a puzzled expression.

Hong said, “He’s very strong and able to conceal his aura. It’s very likely that we would provide him an opportunity to take advantage of if we were to split up!” In the end, she was clearly aware of Yang Ye’s ability. After all, she’d been with him for a period of time, and that was exactly the reason why Hong didn’t dare underestimate him. Because Yang Ye’s strength was really sufficient to kill Exalt Realm experts!

“An opportunity to take advantage of?” One of the black clothed figures laughed coldly and said, “He’s just a Spirit Realm profounder. Even though he’s much stronger than an ordinary Spirit Realm profounder and possesses a speed that isn’t inferior to Exalt Realm experts, aren’t you speaking too highly of him and looking down on us by saying that he can kill us?!”

All of them were assassins, and they were Exalt Realm assassins. So, they felt that it was an insult to say that a Spirit Realm profounder could kill them instead! That was the reason why the black clothed figure’s tone had become cold and blunt as he finished speaking.

Hong frowned, and she felt quite helpless in her heart. There were 10 assassins here. 5 of them were from the An Clan, but the other five had been dispatched by Luo Jun and didn’t take orders from her at all.

Hong still wanted to say something, but the other five Exalt Realm assassins had vanished on the spot and dispersed towards the surroundings.

Hong shook her head when she saw this, and then she said, “We’ll stay together. If we encounter Yang Ye….” Hong hesitated for a moment when she spoke up to here, and then she said, “Don’t hold back and kill him without mercy!”

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