Chapter 472 – Escape!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye didn’t continue his flight when he entered the boundless dense forest, and he found a place to conceal himself and Lu Jianyao instead. He’d chosen a naturally formed pit in the ground to hide. The pit wasn’t really large, and it should be called small, and it was just enough for two people. It was even to the extent that they were both pressed closely against each other upon entering the pit, and it made them fall into a rather embarrassing state. It was especially so for Lu Jianyao. Her entire face was covered in an uncomfortable expression, and she even felt that Yang Ye might have done this on purpose.

At this moment, Yang Ye naturally didn’t think too much about this. There were 10 Exalt Realm experts pursuing him, so how could he possibly have the time to think about all of that? He wasn’t someone that allowed his lower body to control his actions.

He wanted to kill his pursuers, but it wasn’t a very realistic thought. Because they were all Exalt Realm experts. So, he had to kill them in a single strike, and it had to be when one of them was all alone. Because if there were two there, then the others would be able to rush over by the time he annihilated to the two of them. After all, Exalt Realm experts could tear space open and teleport through it!

Besides that, he had a burden by his side as well….

So, the current situation didn’t look good at all.

Yang Ye lowered his head to gaze at Lu Jianyao while he felt quite helpless in his heart. If this woman wasn’t here, then the pressure he suffered would be comparatively lighter. However, he couldn’t act freely while she was by his side. The thing he felt most helpless about was that he couldn’t just abandon her. It wasn’t because he was reluctant to do so but he really couldn’t!

Luo Jun had numerous supporters right now. So, if the City Governor’s Estate were to lean over to his side, then the southern territory would be in a worse situation! Thus, he couldn’t allow her to fall into Luo Jun’s hands, no matter what.

Suddenly, Yang Ye’s expression changed, and his hands around Lu Jianyao couldn’t help but tighten their embrace on her. Lu Jianyao’s face flushed red but she seemed to have noticed something, so she immediately glared at Yang Ye with anger and embarrassment yet didn’t say anything.

Two black clothed figures appeared near their hiding spot.

“Strange, the Sword Emperor’s aura actually vanished completely!” said one of the black clothed figures.

“His strength is extraordinary indeed. Even those little bastards at the Asura Camp are probably unable to compare to him. No wonder the Mortal Emperor redeployed us from the central territory to deal with him. I was quite puzzled in the beginning because it was naturally unnecessary for us to be dispatched to kill a Spirit Realm profounder! Now, it would seem like the Mortal Emperor’s decision was correct. Ordinary Exalt Realm profounders would really be unable to kill him,” said the other black clothed figure.

“He’s only at the Spirit Realm now yet already possesses such strength. If he’s allowed to attain the Exalt Realm, then even we would probably be helpless against him. So, he must be eliminated. Otherwise, he’ll definitely become a great enemy to the Mortal Emperor.”

“You are right. He shouldn’t have gone far. We are probably still able to catch up! Let’s go!”

Their figures flashed and vanished on the spot.

Yang Ye frowned within the pit, and his expression hadn’t eased up at all. Lu Jianyao was about to speak when she heard them leave, but Yang Ye’s expression changed violently. He pressed his lips down onto hers while she watched with an astounded expression, and it made her swallow the words she was about to speak.

Lu Jianyao’s mind was completely blank, and she stared at Yang Ye with disbelief.

On the other hand, Yang Ye was looking at her as well. However, his eyes were filled with rage instead. Lu Jianyao wanted to resist but Yang Ye held tightly onto her to the point she couldn’t even move, and she had no choice but to let Yang Ye kiss her.

A short while later and just when Lu Jianyao intended to fight desperately against Yang Ye, the voices of those two black clothed figures suddenly resounded here again.

“Looks like he isn’t here!”

“That’s strange. Could he have evaporated into thin air?”

“We must kill him no matter what! Let’s split up and search for him.”

The two of them vanished again.

Yang Ye moved his lips away from Lu Jianyao’s lips, and then he glanced coldly at her. Earlier, she’d almost spoiled everything. She’s really useless at everything but great at spoiling things! 

“Sorry!” At this moment, Lu Jianyao was slightly aggrieved. It was she who’d been taken advantage of, yet it was her who apologized as well. She knew that if Yang Ye hadn’t stopped her just now, then both of them would definitely be finished right now. It was especially so for her. Because Yang Ye might be able to escape, but she would definitely be captured by them.

Yang Ye held Lu Jianyao in his arms as he flashed onto the ground, and then he pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “Miss Lu, you are clearly aware of the current situation we face. Just as you’ve said, both of us will be unable to escape if I continue bringing you along. However, truthfully speaking, I’m unable to abandon you as well. After all, your father and I can be said to be cooperating with each other.”

“Go on, tell me what I need to do!” said Lu Jianyao. She knew that Yang Ye definitely had a way.

“You don’t have to do anything. I just have to make Miss Lu suffer a little injustice for some time.” Yang Ye waved his right hand, and then the ancient sheath appeared here. He said, “It has a space of its own within it, and it can hide living people. I hope Miss Lu will be able to stay in there for the time being!”

“Do I have a choice?” Lu Jianyao glanced at Yang Ye while a complicated expression flashed through her eyes.

“You don’t!” Yang Ye restrained his smile, and then a strand of light flashed from within the ancient sheath before Lu Jianyao was taken into it by the Sword Spirit.

After this burden of his, Lu Jianyao, was gone, Yang Ye unconsciously felt much more relaxed. Actually, he should have placed her within the ancient sheath a long time ago, but he was afraid that she would refuse. If she did and resisted, then it would undoubtedly spoil everything while they were in a situation like the one that they just overcame. If he were to still take her along while they were in such a situation, then just as she said, they would be finished.

So, he intended to force her into the ancient sheath even if she refused. Fortunately, she cooperated with him, otherwise, it would probably cause even more trouble for him.

Yang Ye flipped his palm, and then the blue sword chest appeared on his face, and then Void Flash appeared in his grasp with another flip of his palm. However, as if he felt that wasn’t enough, Yang Ye withdrew a bunch of talismans, and just slapped all of them onto himself while disregarding exactly what type of talismans they were. Once he was done, Yang Ye withdrew the Immortal Binding Rope and coiled it around his arm.

He was facing elite Exalt Realm assassins this time, so he didn’t dare act carelessly at all. Because the slightest mistake might cause him to be besieged by numerous enemies. Once they locked him in combat, it would be extremely difficult for him to escape once more. They weren’t stupid, so how could they possibly give him another chance to flee?

Thus, he had to kill them immediately if he were to attack, otherwise, he would open himself up to all sorts of potential threats!

Once he fully prepared himself, Yang Ye’s figure flashed and vanished on the spot.


The central territory.

An Biru gazed at the black clothed woman, her aunt, who stood before her in this room, and she asked in a low voice. “Why!?”

Only after they arrived at the central territory did she realize that some assassins of the An Clan had left the clan and their whereabouts were unknown, and only after she investigated it did she find out that they’d actually gone to assassinate Yang Ye.

Moreover, it was her aunt who gave the order!

I approved of the union between you two in the past, but it’s utterly impossible for anything to happen between the two of you now. The Mortal Emperor has risen, and his footsteps to unite the continent can’t be stopped. Yet he has enmity with the Mortal Emperor. So, the entire An Clan will definitely have to go against the Mortal Emperor if the two of you were to get together. If that happens, then the Southern An Clan would be finished. Thus, regardless of whether it’s for you or the An Clan, he still must die!” said the black clothed woman.

An Biru shook her head and said, “Aunt, do you know that with his character, he’ll definitely hate our An Clan to the extreme because of your action. With his character, he’s capable of doing anything once he goes mad with rage. Not only have your actions brought no benefit to the An Clan, it’ll even create a formidable enemy for our An Clan!”

“We’re already enemies with him now, aren’t we?” said the black clothed woman.

An Biru said, “It’s not the same. Before this happened, perhaps he would still feel displeased that we’ve sided with Luo Jun, but he would be understanding about it. Because we just had differing standpoints. Yet now, we’ve taken the initiative to kill him, and it’s equivalent to tell him that we’re really mortal enemies with him and that we’ve truly gone over to Luo Jun’s side. Once he thinks like that, then our An Clan will definitely suffer his unbridled revenge in the future. At this moment, Monarch Realm experts can’t act against him, and very few amongst the Exalt Realm are capable of killing him. Understand?”

“He’s only at the Spirit Realm!” said the black clothed woman.

An Biru shook her head and said, “The Flower Palace suffered such consequences because they had similar thoughts like you, Aunt. Even though he’s only a Spirit Realm profounder, he’s related to the interests of numerous powers. Not to mention any other powers, just the Grand Qin Empire, the Darkbeast Empire, the Sword Sect, the Xiao Clan, and the Demon Emperor of the demon territory will all stand on his side. In short, once all of these forces truly join forces, then even the Exalted Han Empire wouldn’t dare underestimate them at all!”

When she spoke up to this point, An Biru paused for a moment and said, “There’s one more thing. He’s the Sword Emperor. I presume you are aware of the natural talent he possesses. Once he’s allowed to mature, then even the Mortal Emperor would probably have to fear him. Even if it has been 10,000 years, the Exalted Han Empire should have not forgotten the might of the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor!”

“But didn’t he say that we’re mortal enemies?” said the black clothed woman.

Am Biru said, “Even though he spoke in that way, I firmly believe that he would only target Luo Jun. But now, our An Clan has dispatched assassins to pursue and kill him, so he won’t just target Luo Jun.” When she spoke up to here, An Biru laughed bitterly and said, “Once he goes berserk and disregards everything, then our An Clan will definitely suffer heavy losses. Aunt, your actions are undoubtedly like helping Luo Jun share some hatred and enmity!”

“There are 10 Exalt Realm assassins after him. Moreover, 3 of them are at the fifth rank while 2 more are at the sixth rank. How could he possibly escape when facing such a force!?” said the black clothed woman.

An Biru spoke with certainty. “They won’t be able to kill him!”

The black clothed woman glanced at An Biru and said, “Little Girl, tell your aunt the truth. Do you hope for his death, or do you hope that he survives?”

An Biru was stunned, and then the atmosphere in the room fell silent.

The black clothed woman sighed lightly when she saw this, and then she turned around and headed out of the room.

“Aunt, what’re you doing?”

“I’m going to ask Hong and the others to return!”

“It’s already too late….”

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