Chapter 481 – Terrifying!

Almighty Sword Domain

At this moment, Ding Xiang was both shocked and terrified. He was shocking that the Sword Emperor could actually control Exalt Realm experts. Those were Exalt Realm experts! How exactly did he accomplish that? Moreover, how does he possess four Dao Artifacts? Those are Dao Artifacts!!

He was terrified by Yang Ye’s strength because if he hadn’t sacrificed a low-grade Heaven Rank armor earlier, then he would have probably been transformed into bits and pieces by those rays of light!

Is he really at the Spirit Realm and not the Exalt Realm?

When he thought about the might of those four Dao Artifacts, Ding Xiang couldn’t help but shudder. At this moment, there were no thoughts of revenge in his mind. At the very least, there were none for now. All he wanted to do right now was to flee, flee as far as possible, and get far away from that little monster!

Right at this moment….

The tip of a sword suddenly appeared before the center of his forehead, and then it pierced through his forehead while Ding Xiang’s eyes had almost bulged out from their sockets from the shock he experienced.

“How… could that… be possible. I… don’t… want to… die… just yet….”

Ding Xiang’s eyes were opened wide and filled with unwillingness. Even until the moment death arrived, Ding Xiang was still unable to accept his death and the fact he’d even died at the hands of a Spirit Realm profounder.

It wasn’t long before color left Ding Xiang’s eyes, and he crashed down from midair.

When he saw Ding Xiang perish, Yang Ye waved his hand and took Hong and the others into his tiny vortex before he slumped weakly to the ground. Moreover, there was a bitter expression throughout his eyes. Because he’d really severely over exhausted himself this time. At this moment, he didn’t even have the strength to life a finger while his mind felt extremely heavy. It simply felt like someone had struck him heavily on the head with an iron rod.

He’d thought that 3 Exalt Realm experts, the sword formation, and his Sword Domain should be able to kill Ding Xiang, but he’d underestimated the strength of a fifth rank Exalt Realm expert. Even though he’d heavily injured Ding Xiang, Ding Xiang still had energy to flee, and that was something he hadn’t expected.

Could Yang Ye allow Ding Xiang to escape? Of course couldn’t because Ding Xiang knew his secrets, and Yang Ye would have to face endless future troubles if he allowed Ding Xiang to escape. Moreover, he didn’t want to breed calamity for himself in the future. Because if he couldn’t kill Ding Xiang now, then it would be extremely difficult for him to catch Ding Xiang by surprise and kill Ding Xiang with a single strike if Ding Xiang was ready for him!

At that time, it was clearly too late to order Hong and the others to chase after Ding Xiang, so he had no other choice but to utilize Void Flash. However, the consequences of utilizing Void Flash again was exhausting every shred of profound energy within his body, and it had even almost sucked him dry….

Severe over exhaustion of profound energy was extremely harmful to the body. Just like this very moment. Besides his eyes which could still move, every other part of his body felt as if it didn’t belong to him.

Right at this moment, Ding Shaoyao suddenly opened her eyes and glanced towards the surroundings before her gaze descended onto Yang Ye who laid there in the distance. She frowned upon noticing him. Has he died? In next to no time, she noticed that Yang Ye was still breathing, and she couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief.

Since Yang Ye was still breathing, then it represented that Ding Xiang had died!

Ding Shaoyao stood up slowly and walked towards Yang Ye.

Yang Ye’s heart constricted when he sensed her walking towards him. Would I be at her mercy if she were to attack me in my current state?

Dammit! I should have hit her harder if I knew this would have happened! Yang Ye couldn’t help but curse in his heart. Even though he felt that she wouldn’t do anything to him, he didn’t want his life to be in the hands of another. Unfortunately, he couldn’t do anything about it right now.

Ding Shaoyao walked over to Yang Ye’s side, squatted down, sized him up, and then said, “You seem to be really heavily injured.”

Yang Ye was speechless.

Ding Shaoyao held her chin up with her hands and stared fixedly at Yang Ye while she said, “Even though I don’t know how you killed Ding Xiang, I have to say that you’re really extraordinary. That fellow, Luo Jun, is really misfortunate to have someone like you as his enemy. Hmm? Are you looking at me in that way because you want to tell me something?”

He didn’t even have a bit of profound energy left right now while he couldn’t withdraw the top-grade energy stones within the tiny vortex as well. Yang Ye really wanted to ask her for some energy stones so that he could absorb energy as soon as possible to recover. However, he didn’t even have the strength to open his mouth right now. Yang Ye decided in his heart that he absolutely couldn’t allow himself to over exhaust his profound energy like this in the future because he really didn’t want to experience such a feeling of powerlessness again!

“Do you want me to do something? Then you should tell me. How would I know what you want if you don’t tell me about it? Only if you tell me would I be able to help you, otherwise, I wouldn’t know how to help you. If I don’t help you, then you won’t be able to recover. What if a beast were to come to this desolate mountain? What would you do then? So hurry up….” Ding Shaoyao blinked as she spoke.

Yang Ye. “….”

“Are you unable to speak?” Ding Shaoyao continued. “That’s truly a pity. Since you can’t speak, then I can’t help you do anything. So, I’ll have no choice but to flee myself if a beast were to arrive here later. You wouldn’t blame me for doing that, right? Hmm, I’ll take your silence as tacit approval.”

She’s taking revenge! At this moment, Yang Ye understood that she was definitely taking revenge on him for hitting her on the butt just now. Otherwise, how could she be unable to discern with the intelligence she possessed that he’d over exhausted his energy and required a huge amount of energy to recover? What was it like to suffer instant karma? Yang Ye understood how it felt right now!

Ding Shaoyao suddenly stretched out her hand to pinch Yang Ye’s cheek and grinned as she said, “Don’t glare at me. Weren’t you very imposing just now? Why don’t you do it again? Hmm? I’ll bury you alive if you continue glaring at me! It would definitely be aggrieving for a Sword Emperor to be buried alive, right?”

What did Yang Ye feel right now? All he knew was that if he recovered his strength, then the first thing he wanted to do was hit her on the butt until it got swollen! Because it was the first time he’d been ‘humiliated’ like this throughout his life!

Ding Shaoyao removed her hand from Yang Ye’s face and said, “Stop glaring at me. I would have buried you alive by now if I intended to. I never intended to humiliate you as well. I just wanted to tell you to always respect others at all times, especially women. Understand? I know you did it on impulse and it wasn’t intentional, but did you think about how I felt? I presume you didn’t, otherwise, you wouldn’t have acted so indifferently!”

Yang Ye. “….”

Ding Shaoyao withdrew an top-grade energy stope and placed it on Yang Ye’s palm, and then released the energy within it so that Yang Ye could absorb it.

Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief in his heart when he witnessed this scene, and then he glanced at Ding Shaoyao as he thought. She really is an interesting fellow….

Ding Shaoyao’s gaze descended onto Void Flash that floated by Yang Ye’s side, and it caused Yang Ye’s heart to tremble. Would she try to kill me and seize it!?

Unfortunately, even though he had profound energy to absorb right now, it was truly too little. According to the current degree of over exhaustion his body suffered, it would take at least 2 top-grade energy stones and 2 hours of time before he could move again!

So, he would really be in danger if she aroused any ill intent!

She withdrew her gaze and gazed at him before she said, “Are you think about whether I would kill you and seize it? Truthfully speaking, I’m quite tempted. Even my Ding Clan only has a single Dao Artifact!”

Yang Ye. “….”

Yang Ye watched as Ding Shaoyao stretched out her hand to grab Void Flash, and it caused his heart to constrict. She wouldn’t really intend to kill me and take it right? She’s only at the Spirit Realm and seems to be weak and sickly, so her strength should probably be insufficient to break through my defenses, right? But it would be difficult to say for sure since she would be using Void Flash to stab me….

Ding Shaoyao didn’t stab him with it and just placed it in his hand, and then she stretched out her hand and helped Yang Ye up. After that, she turned around and allowed Yang Ye to lay on her back before she carried Yang Ye as she walked towards the distance.

Yang Ye felt speechless again.

“Ding Xiang had fostered a Darkbeast, that bear from before, and he left it behind in order to tear space apart and teleport in pursuit of us. But that bear will definitely track Ding Xiang’s smell and come here. So, we must leave this place as soon as possible, otherwise, we would both become its dinner once it arrives here!” said Ding Shaoyao.

Yang Ye nodded in his heart upon hearing this, and he felt that she did make sense. However, he didn’t understand why she didn’t form wings with her profound energy. After all, flying was always faster than walking!

As if she knew what he was thinking, Ding Shaoyao said, “Even though I’ve attained the Spirit Realm, certain reasons have caused me to be unable to utilize profound energy. As for the exact reason, we can talk about it in the future. In any case, you just have to pray that bear is stupid and doesn’t rush over here too soon. Otherwise, it would definitely disregard everything and pursue us once it finds out that Ding Xiang is dead. If you still haven’t recovered at that time, then you should know what the consequences would be!”

Yang Ye rolled his eyes. She really is too intelligent. She’s like a parasite that resides in my mind and knows everything I’m thinking about. She really is a freak!Roar!

Just around an hour after the two of them left, a furious roar that shook the heavens resounded from Still Ridge, and then the entire expanse of Still Ridge trembled.

Yang Ye’s heart shook. He knew that the bear had definitely noticed Ding Xiang’s corpse. The beast was an Exalt Rank Darkbeast and possessed intelligence that wasn’t inferior to a human, so the bear would definitely chase up to them. However, he needed at least another hour to recover his ability to move. Moreover, it was merely the ability to move.

In next to no time, Yang Ye and Ding Shaoyao felt the entire ground start to tremble, and Yang Ye knew that the bear was getting closer to them.

Ding Shaoyao placed Yang Ye on the ground, took a deep breath, and then glanced at him as she said, “I’ll marry you if you can kill that bear as well, alright? I really don’t want to die right now….”

Yang Ye was completely speechless.

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