Chapter 482 – I’m Your Daddy!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye suddenly felt a trace of respect towards here. Even though she was joking, it showed that she wasn’t afraid of death and was just slightly unwilling to go. Otherwise, it would be impossible for her to joke at a time like this. Yang Ye respected those who were unafraid of death because he was extremely afraid of death at most times!


The ground quaked as an enormous black bear appeared near them.

“Am I really going to die?” There was no fear in Ding Shaoyao’s eyes as she gazed at the enormous bear, and there was only a trace of reluctance. I didn’t die to my illness yet am about to die in the mouth of this bear. Life really is unpredictable! Fortunately, I have someone to accompany me in death. I can be the only person in history to have the Sword Emperor accompany me in death, right?

Ding Shaoyao couldn’t help but gaze at Yang Ye when she thought up to this point, yet she saw Yang Ye grin at her as he said, “Marry me? I’m sorry but I don’t dare to marry you.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye waved his right hand, and then Hong and Black One appeared here.

“Spatial Cage!”

“Spatial Cage!”

Their voices resounded, and then the bear was instantly frozen on the spot. After that, countless rays of cold light flashed by, and then that bear fell slowly before the joint forces of Hong and Black One while Ding Shaoyao watched with astonishment.


The ground quaked violently as the black bear lost all vitality!

Ding Shaoyao’s gaze descended onto Hong and Black One, and then she took a deep look at them before her gaze moved to Yang Ye instead. She glanced at him and said, “I never expected that Young Master Yang had two seniors at the Exalt Realm protecting you from the shadows. I really made a fool of myself just now!”

What a smart woman!

Yang Ye knew that she’d definitely discerned that they weren’t ordinary profounders. However, she was very smart and didn’t expose it. Yang Ye felt very fortunate that she hadn’t sided with Luo Jun, otherwise, he would probably have a horrible time in the future with the intelligence she possessed.

Yang Ye said, “You don’t have to say that. Since I’ve revealed some secrets in front of you, Miss Ding, then it represents that I trust you. At the very least, we must trust each other when we work together, otherwise, how could we possibly work together? Right?”

“What else could I do when I feared that you would kill me to keep me silent?” said Ding Shaoyao in a light voice.

Yang Ye’s face darkened. Am I such a person? Actually, that thought had really past through his mind….

“Let’s return to the Ding Clan!” Ding Shaoyao said, “My father is unconscious, and Ding Xiang is dead, so there’s no one to lead the Ding Clan. It’s very likely for the Ding Clan to fall into internal strife if the Skydevil Sect and the other sects attack it. I must return as soon as possible to take control of the situation. On the other hand, Young Master Yang would need to make some preparations before heading to the central territory, otherwise, it might cause you to waste an innumerable amount of time!”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Then let’s go!” Presently, he’d recovered a little strength. Even though he still couldn’t fight, it wasn’t a problem for him to walk.

“Carry me!” Ding Shaoyao gazed at him as she spoke these words.

Yang Ye was stunned and thought he’d heard wrongly. He asked. “What?”

“I asked you to carry me!” Ding Shaoyao said, “I carried you just now, so now it’s your turn!”

“Couldn’t you have just said that you can’t walk anymore!?” The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched. Even though she was at the Spirit Realm, her body was even weaker than an ordinary person, and he felt that she was already completely exhausted after carrying him just now. Yang Ye felt slightly curious about exactly what sickness she suffered from to the point her body was actually weak to such an extent.

Even though he was curious, he didn’t ask because he wasn’t a great doctor!

Yang Ye walked over to her, turned around, and squatted down. Meanwhile, Ding Shaoyao didn’t act bashfully and climbed onto his back.

As he smelt the faint fragrance that she emanated and felt her soft and delicate body on his back, Yang Ye couldn’t help but have a slightly unusual feeling in his heart at the beginning. However, he quickly suppressed that feeling because the woman on his back was someone worthy of respect. Moreover, he didn’t want to unnecessarily affect their cooperative relationship.

It wasn’t that Yang Ye hadn’t thought about allowing Hong and the others to take them to the Ding Clan, but Yang Ye wanted to avoid any and all mishaps. They were at the outer area of Still Ridge right now, so it would definitely cause a huge amount of trouble if others noticed Hong, Black One, and Black Two. After all, his ability to refine Exalt Realm experts in puppets was a trump card of his, and he didn’t want to expose it.

Moreover, Yang Ye had decided that he wouldn’t summon the three of them unless he had no other choice. Because he would never be able to improve himself if he relief on them for everything.

Only his own strength was true strength. Yang Ye understood that principle well!

Yang Ye carried her on his back under the moonlight. In the beginning, Yang Ye’s footsteps were very slow, but it wasn’t long before he grew faster and faster, and then Yang Ye could travel on his sword after around an hour later.

“You said you didn’t dare to marry me just now. Was it because I’m too intelligent?” Ding Shaoyao spoke abruptly.

Yang Ye was stunned. He didn’t know why she’s suddenly asked this question, but he smiled and said, “You’re the smartest person I’ve seen in my entire lifetime, and your intelligent to the point it’s quite scary to me. Truthfully speaking, if you were my enemy, then I would do everything I could to kill you. Fortunately, you’re on my side, so it should be Luo Jun who will have the headache!”

“Answer my question!” said Ding Shaoyao.

“You wouldn’t have really intended to marry me, right?” Yang Ye feigned surprise and said, “I have a wife!” He refused to answer her question because she was petty just like him. So, who knew whether she would get angry if he said that he didn’t dare to marry her because she was too intelligent?

He didn’t want to offend her. Not because he feared her but because he didn’t want her to have him on her mind!

Ding Shaoyao glanced at him and said, “Head down. The Ocean of Anarchy is just 5km away. It’s too conspicuous to continue flying on a sword now!”

Yang Ye nodded when he heard this, and then he issued a command in his heart and descended down on his sword.

He’d merely walked forward for a while when a group dashed over abruptly. Yang Ye flipped his palm and took Dragonbone in his grasp.

“It’s the forces of my Ding Clan!” said Ding Shaoyao in a soft voice.

The group stopped just around 10m away from Yang Ye and Ding Shaoyao. It was an old man, a young man, and a young woman who were in the lead of the group.

The young man was visibly delighted when he saw Ding Shaoyao, but his smile instantly froze when he noticed that she was being carried on Yang Ye’s back, and a wisp of rage flashed through his eyes.

The young man gazed at Yang Ye and spoke furiously. “Who the fuck are you? How dare you carry my cousin sister on your back? Is my cousin sister someone you’re worthy of carrying? Quickly put her down!”

Yang Ye who was just about to put Ding Shaoyao down was stunned when he heard this. Where did this idiot come from?

Yang Ye changed his mind. He didn’t put her down but tighten his grip on her legs instead, and he secured her on his back as he said, “I’m your daddy!”

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