Chapter 483 – Enemies!

Almighty Sword Domain

My What? The young man was stunned, and then he exploded with rage upon recovering from his shock.


A sword appeared in his hand, and he pointed it at Yang Ye as he said in a ghastly voice, “Kid, it doesn’t matter who you are. You, your loved ones, and everyone related to you will die for what you’ve just said! That’s the price for insulting me, Qin Hao!”

Yang Ye didn’t even spare a glance at that man called Qin Hao. He put Ding Shaoyao down and said, “It doesn’t matter if I kill him, right?” Actually, he wasn’t a bloodthirsty person, but there were many occasions where he had to kill even if he didn’t like to kill. Because Qin Hao had revealed killing intent in his eyes upon noticing Ding Shaoyao on Yang Ye’s back!

Yang Ye wasn’t stupid. He naturally knew that Qin Hao had revealed kill intent towards him because of Ding Shaoyao. There really was nothing between him and her, but he didn’t want to explain because he would just bring insult onto himself. Moreover, why should he explain? Who was this fellow to deserve an explanation from him?

Besides that, explaining was useless as well because only strength mattered in this world. Since that fellow intended to kill him, then he would naturally not hold back. The only reason he hadn’t attacked immediately and killed that fellow was because of Ding Shaoyao.

Ding Shaoyao was just about to speak when she heard Yang Ye, but Qing Hao suddenly started laughing from extreme rage and spoke before her. “Kill me? Haha! What a joke! Someone actually intends to kill me in the Ocean of Anarchy. Good! Good! Come on! I’m standing right here. You’re my grandson if you don’t kill me today!”

Yang Ye shrugged towards Ding Shaoyao. The later sighed lightly, walked over to Qin Hao, and then swung her palm against his face.


The right side of Qin Hao’s face instantly turned red.

Qin Hao was stunned on the spot. Never had he imagined that his cousin sister who was always gentle in the past would actually slap him in public, and it caused him to be slightly dazed.

“Apologize to Young Master Yang!” said Ding Shaoyao in a low voice.

“You hit me….” Qin Hao’s face instantly became ferocious as he roared hysterically. “You actually hit me for another man. Ding Shaoyao, we have a marriage agreement between us, yet you’ve actually hit your fiancé for another man! You….”


Ding Shaoyao slapped him once more, and it caused his voice to stop abruptly.

Meanwhile, the old man and the young woman arrived by Qin Hao’s side, and the young woman was instantly infuriated upon noticing Qin Hao’s completely red right cheek. She glared angrily at Ding Shaoyao and said, “Cousin Sister, to think my older brother has been deep in love and devoted to you, yet you actually hit him because of another man, and you even asked him to apologize. You’ve truly disappointed me.”

The old man frowned and said, “Shaoyao, aren’t your actions a little….” As her uncle, he’d watched Ding Shaoyao grow up, and he knew her very well. He knew that she wouldn’t act like this for no reason. But Ding Shaoyao was going a bit too far by acting like this in public and without giving Qin Hao any face.

Ding Shaoyao shook her head and said, “Our of consideration for my aunt, I’m willing to pay a certain price to save your life if you kneel down and apologize.”

She’s investigated Yang Ye, and she knew his character very well. Her judgment of him at that time was that Yang Ye was a vengeful and ruthless madman who acted according to his heart.

Qin Hao had aroused killing intent towards Yang Ye, and Yang Ye had done the same. The difference was that the latter could kill the former with ease. She felt slightly regretful that she hadn’t explained at the first possible moment, but she knew that it was actually useless. Because men were always narrowminded when it came to women.

She couldn’t allow Qin Hao to die. It wasn’t because she had feelings for him, and it was merely because Qin Hao’s mother, her aunt, had raised her. She really couldn’t bear to see her aunt feeling sad, and that was the main reason why she’d agreed to the marriage agreement with Qin Hao at that time.

Both the old man and young woman were slightly stunned when they heard Ding Shaoyao, and then their gazes descended onto Yang Ye. They weren’t idiots. Since Ding Shaoyao had spoken such words, then it was definitely because of this sword cultivator who carried a sword chest on his back. Who exactly is he? He’s actually able to make Ding Shaoyao feel so fearful and attach such importance to him?

“Ding Shaoyao, stop making up excuses!” Qin Hao gazed at her with a ferocious expression, and he said, “So what even if he’s the young master of an extraordinary clan? Could it be that the joint forces of the Ding Clan and my Qin Clan would fear them? You’re just doing this because you’ve taken a liking to that pretty boy, right? Haha! I knew it! I knew you didn’t like me! I knew that you only agreed to the marriage between us because of my mother! You brought him back with you to tear apart the marriage agreement between us, right!?”

A wisp of disappointment flashed through Ding Shaoyao’s eyes, and then she turned around to gaze at Yang Ye and said, “Young Master Yang, killing him won’t be beneficial to you at all, and it’ll bring a huge amount of trouble to you instead. So….”

“Ding Shaoyao! Shut your mouth!” Right at this moment, Qin Hao suddenly shouted furiously.

“Stop embarrassing the both of us! I, Qin Hao, would like to see how he killed me!”

When he spoke up to here, he turned to gaze at Yang Ye and laughed ferociously. “Didn’t you want to kill me? Come, I’m standing right here. Come here and kill me! If you don’t kill me or are unable to kill me today, then you’re a fucking….”


A red glow instantly surged out from within Yang Ye’s body, and it enveloped Qin Hao. The latter’s voice stopped abruptly before his legs felt weak, and he just fell to his knees while his eyes were filled with terror.

Yang Ye flicked his wrist, and then a ray of light flashed straight towards Qin Hao.

Right at this moment, the old man suddenly appeared before Qin Hao, and he slapped his palm towards that ray of light.


The ray of light dispersed into the air but a blood red gash that was a few centimeters long had appeared at the center of the old man’s palm. The old man’s expression changed once more because a third rank Exalt Realm expert like him had actually been injured by a Spirit Realm profounder!

The old man said in a deep voice, “8th level Sword Intent! Who exactly are you!”

At this moment, the old man understood why Ding Shaoyao had acted like that just now because this sword cultivator’s identity was definitely not simple. At the very least, it wouldn’t be inferior to the Ding Clan. Because how could the forces standing behind him be weak when he was able to comprehend 8th level Sword Intent at such a young age?

Yang Ye flipped his palm and Void Flash appeared in his grasp. Ding Shaoyao’s expression changed a little when she saw this, and then her figure flashed to stand in front of Yang Ye. She was just about to speak when the tip of Yang Ye’s sword immediately arrived before her throat. He said, “I’ll kill you if you try to stop me again!”

His mother would always be a taboo to him. Anyone who touched this taboo of his would be sentence to death!

Ding Shaoyao was stunned. At this moment, she felt icy coldness arise from the bottom of her heart. As she gazed at the indifferent gaze Yang Ye had, she knew that he wasn’t joking. He really is ruthless and merciless as the rumors said!

However, she was unable to let Qin Hao die here no matter what. Even though she wanted to kill that idiot, Qin Hao, as well. But he couldn’t be allowed to die because it would definitely make her aunt sad….

Ding Shaoyao’s hand shook a little, and then a talisman flashed. After that, a strand of blue light enveloped Qin Hao, and the latter’s body shook a little before his body slowly faded away.

It was a Random Teleportation Talisman, a true Random Teleportation Talisman!

“Haha! Didn’t you want to kill me? Come on and kill me! You can’t kill me, huh? Fucking bastard! Didn’t you care a great deal about your loved one? Don’t worry, I’ll kill all of them before your eyes one day. Hahaha!” Qin Hao’s frenzied voice sounded out at the moment the blue light had almost vanished.

Ding Shaoyao clenched her fists tightly while her eyes were filled with rage. He’s really an idiot! At this moment, she wished for nothing more than to give him a few slaps. Moreover, she would personally kill that idiot if he weren’t her aunt’s son!

Yang Ye’s expression was very calm, and so were his eyes. It was like he hadn’t heard Qin Hao’s words. However, Ding Shaoyao had a worse feeling in her heart. Fortunately, Yang Ye hasn’t attacked me. Perhaps it’s out of consideration for the friendship we formed.

But in the next moment, she felt a strand of coldness assault her.

Yang Ye didn’t waste his breath and just exerted a little force with his hand. Void Flash stabbed straight towards the center of her brows, and Ding Shaoyao instantly opened her eyes wide.

He really attacked!

When Void Flash was less than half an inch away from her, a strand of green light suddenly surged out from within Ding Shaoyao, and it caused Yang Ye’s sword to stop for a moment. However, a strand of red light flashed out from within Yang Ye, and then the green light round Ding Shaoyao was instantly dispersed. Moreover, she almost slumped weakly to the ground from the pressure of Yang Ye’s 8th level Sword Intent.

Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to flick his wrist and stab Void Flash straight towards the center of her forehead.

“Spatial Cage!” Right at this moment, the old man had finally recovered from his shock, and he was horrified when he noticed that Yang Ye intended to kill Ding Shaoyao and immediately executed the spatial cage technique.

Void Flash stopped once more, and it caused a savage expression to flash through Yang Ye’s eyes. Yang Ye spun his right wrist while his Sword Intent surged out.


The old man’s Spatial Cage was instantly blasted apart. The old man was astounded. He didn’t have the time to think and just swiftly slapped his palm at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed a little, and he slashed Void Flash at the old man. At the same time, he raised his right foot and kicked Ding Shaoyao in the gut.


Ding Shaoyao’s figure curved into a ‘C’ as it flew backward for over 100m, and a mouthful of blood immediately sprayed from her mouth.


Void Flash collided with the old man’s palm, and then it pierced through the old man’s palm, causing half his palm to fly off into the air while blood sprayed from it!

The old man spoke with astonishment. “A Dao Artifact and 8th level Sword Intent! Who exactly are you!”

This time, the old man was truly shocked because Yang Ye hadn’t just comprehended 8th level Sword Intent at such a young age, he even possessed a Dao Artifact. He’s absolutely not an ordinary person. That fellow, Qin Hao, is truly an idiot. He actually brought such a formidable enemy upon the Ding Clan and Qin Clan!Yang Ye didn’t waste his breath. The profound energy within him surged into Void Flash, and then a howl instantly resounded from it. Yang Ye held Void Flash in his left hand as he swiftly slashed it forward.

The old man was puzzled. An instant later, the old man’s pupils constricted violently while the hair throughout his body stood on end.

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