Chapter 485 – The Qin Clan

Almighty Sword Domain

After she returned to the Ding Clan, Ding Shaoyao was able to quickly take control of the entire Ding Clan due to Ding Xiang’s death. Once she finished doing that, the first thing she did was to swiftly eliminate all Ding Xiang’s remaining forces in the Ding Clan. Only then did she truly have full control over the Ding Clan.

Once she was done with all of that, Ding Shaoyao started acting against the Skydevil Sect and the other sects. In less than half a day of time, over 10,000 of the islands in their control had been completely wiped clean. Of course, even though it was partially due to the strength of the Ding Clan, there was another reason, and it was that those sects didn’t resist the Ding Clan.

Before long, the Skydevil Sect, Bluewave Sect, Nebula Sect, and Divine Mystery Sect had openly declared their alliance, and all of their forces had converged together. So, the Ding Clan stopped when that happened.

The Ding Clan.

Ding Shaoyao sat at the seat of the host within the Ding Clan’s assembly room, and there were 3 old men by her side. They were the core figures of the Ding Clan.

“Patriarch, why have we stopped now? Those sects heavily injured the former patriarch and killed Elder Ding Xiang. Even you almost fell into their hands. How can our Ding Clan maintain its foothold in the Ocean of Anarchy without avenging this? In my opinion, we should annihilate all of them in one go!” A middle aged man stood up and spoke angrily.

“Sit down!” One of the old men by Ding Shaoyao’s side glared angrily at the middle aged man and said, “Ding Hai, there’s naturally a reason why Shaoyao has acted in such a way. What’re you shouting about?”

The middle aged man called Ding Hai puckered his lips. Even though he was slightly displeased, he didn’t dare go against the old man and could only sit down unwillingly.

Ding Shaoyao glanced at them and said, “I understand how all of you feel, and it’s indeed an extremely great humiliation to our Ding Clan. I really understand your desire to take revenge, but have all of you thought about why those sects dared to join forces against our Ding Clan when they are clearly far inferior to our Ding Clan and even have to be mindful not to offend us in the past?”

The old man who stopped Ding Hai just now frowned as he spoke. “Shaoyao, you mean that someone is supporting them?”

Ding Shaoyao nodded and said, “If they didn’t possess the support of someone, then would they even dare to act against our Ding Clan? Since they dared to do so, then it represents that the power supporting them is definitely not inferior to our Ding Clan or even superior to our Ding Clan. If we continue attacking rashly, then it’s very likely that it would provide that power an opportunity to exploit and bring destruction to our Ding Clan!”

Silence filled the room for a while before someone suddenly said, “Is it the Exalted Han Empire?”

The expressions of the others changed a little when they heard this. Even though the Ding Clan was an overlord in the Ocean of Anarchy, its forces were nothing in the eyes of the colossus that was the Exalted Han Empire. If it was really the Exalted Han Empire that was acting against the Ding Clan, then the Ding Clan would really be in danger.

“Why aren’t we allying ourselves with the Exalted Han Empire.” One of the others spoke in a low voice. “Patriarch, the Mortal Emperor’s rise can’t be stopped. Our Ding Clan should really not stand before something it can’t stop. I suggest that we take the initiative to ally ourselves with the Exalted Han Empire. If we’re willing to do so, then I presume that the Exalted Han Empire will definitely choose us and not those sects.”

“I think that Ding Ceng is right!” Another middle aged man stood up and said, “The barrier between continents existed in the past, so our Ding Clan could pay no attention to the Exalted Han Empire. But now, it has been destroyed, so how would our Ding Clan defend itself if the Exalted Han Empire intends to destroy us? Thus, our Ding Clan should take the initiative to become allies with the Exalted Han Empire and repair our relationship with it!”

In next to no time, many more chimed in with agreement, and they suggested that Ding Shaoyao should allow the Ding Clan to form an alliance with the Exalted Han Empire.

“Have all of you forgotten what Mister Xiao said?” Ding Shaoyao glanced indifferently at them. If she hadn’t met Yang Ye, then it was very likely that she would still choose to form an alliance with the Exalted Han Empire because it was the best choice for the Ding Clan right now. However, after she met Yang Ye, she knew that it was exactly that ‘best choice’ which might bring a calamity down upon the Ding Clan in the future, just as Xiao Tianji had said!

The Exalted Han Empire was very strong, Luo Jun of the Exalted Han Empire was the Mortal Empire, and he even possessed the support of many clans and sects. But was Yang Ye weak? Perhaps the Grand Qing Empire and Darkbeast Empire were inferior to the Exalted Han Empire, but what about the Demon Emperor of the demon territory? What about Xiao Tianji? With the wisdom Xiao Tianji possessed, if he didn’t know something about Yang Ye or had predicted something related to Yang Ye, would he allow his daughter to marry Yang Ye and support Yang Ye?

Most importantly, Yang Ye’s own potential was extraordinarily terrifying. So long as he didn’t die prematurely, then he would definitely become an extraordinary expert like the Unfettered One. After all, the Exalted Han Empire’s overall strength was much stronger all those years ago, but hadn’t it still suffered an attack from the Unfettered One to the point he reached its Imperial Palace?

Of course, there was an even more important reason. It was that both she and her father had almost died this time! Her father was still unconscious right now, and it was all thanks to Luo Jun. So, how could she possibly form an alliance with Luo Jun?

The others here fell silent.

They couldn’t disregard what Xiao Tianji said. He was a legend, and it was exactly a few words from him that allowed the Ding Clan to be what it was right now!

The old man by Ding Shaoyao’s side shook his head and said, “Little Girl, you make the decision. I believe that you won’t doom the Ding Clan!”

Ding Shaoyao fell silent for a while, and then she said, “Let’s put this matter aside for now. Let me give it thorough consideration!”

All of them nodded with understanding. They knew that it was related to the future of the Ding Clan, so it naturally couldn’t be decided carelessly. Proper consideration was necessary.

After they left, Ding Shaoyao shook her head while a bitter expression appeared in her eyes. At this moment, she suddenly realized that it wasn’t Yang Ye who was seeking an alliance with her clan, and it was her clan instead that had to think about how to form an alliance with Yang Ye and the powers that he represented!

There was some friendship between her and Yang Ye, so they should have been able to cooperate well. Unfortunately, it was just because of a single person that they seemed like enemies now, and it had even made the Ding Clan fall to such an embarrassing state. Qin Hao really deserves death!

When she thought about him, Ding Shaoyao’s expression suddenly changed, and then she stood up and shouted. “Uncle Quan, quickly notify the Qin Clan to hide Qin Hao immediately. No, there’s no need for that, it’s already too late. We’re going to the Qin Clan….”

Ding Shaoyao had been fully occupied by a string of things to do as soon as she returned to the Ding Clan, so it caused her to forget Qin Hao. Now that she had, she finally thought of a problem — was it possible for Yang Ye to spare Qin Hao? The answer was that it was impossible! With Yang Ye’s character, he would definitely kill Qin Hao. Moreover, the Qin Clan didn’t possess any Monarch Realm expert, so how could it possibly stop Yang Ye?

The Qin Clan.

The Qin Clan was situated on an island in the Ocean of Anarchy. After he returned to the Qin Clan, Qin Hao almost exploded with rage when he thought about how his fiancée had actually struck him in public and asked him to kneel down and apologize because of another man. That was an extraordinary humiliation to any man!

Qin Hao didn’t dare look for trouble with Ding Shaoyao. Even though she was his fiancée in name, he was very clearly aware that it was very easy for her to break it off. Moreover, the slightest mistake might offend the Ding Clan, and that might bring a calamity down upon the Qin Clan. But he was really unable to swallow this humiliation and anger!

While he didn’t dare look for trouble with Ding Shaoyao, he didn’t have to worry at all when it was Yang Ye. So, he went to see his mother upon returning to the Qin Clan, and then he exaggerated as he described what had happened between him, Ding Shaoyao, and Yang Ye.

Qin Hao’s mother was a beautiful woman around the age of 40, and her name was Luo Shaoying. She was a first rank Exalt Realm expert. Such strength was naturally not the best in the entire Qin Clan, but her status in the Qin Clan was extremely high because of her relationship with Ding Shaoyao. Her status was even higher that her husband, Qin Hao’s father as well.

After she heard him, Luo Shaoying said, “I raised Ding Shaoyao myself. She isn’t an ungrateful and unfaithful person, so you’ve probably misunderstood her. But it doesn’t matter. It should be fine after I go with you to explain everything to her. As for that man…. Hmph! He actually dared to try and kill my Hao’er. I’ll absolutely not let him off even if he’s a friend of Shaoyao’s. I….”

“Mother, he’s very strong….” Qin Hao’s younger sister spoke abruptly. “Even Uncle Ding was almost killed by him. Moreover, he’s the Sword Emperor of the southern territory. It’s… it’s best if we don’t offend him!”

She’d witnessed Yang Ye’s strength with her own two eyes, and she was really unable to forget it even until now. He’d almost killed an Exalt Realm expert while at the second rank of the Spirit Realm! That was something she had never even heard of!

“The Sword Emperor?” Luo Shaoying frowned and said, “What Sword Emperor?”

The young woman intended to say something, but Qin Hao spoke before her. “What Sword Emperor? He’s just a trash sword cultivator from the southern territory. Qin Lian, who exactly is your older brother? Your brother, I, have been bullied, but you’re actually still speaking on behalf of an outsider. You’re such a traitor!”

The young woman instantly felt wronged. She wanted to say something, but Luo Shaoying waved her hand and said, “No matter who he is, I won’t let him off since he dared to try and kill my son! Give the order for my Qin Clan’s scouts to investigate him and immediately report his whereabouts once they find him. My Qin Clan has kept a low profile for so many years, and it’s time to kill him and make a show of our strength. I refuse that Shaoyao will denounce me just for that man!”

Qin Hao was instantly delighted when he heard this. Because killing Ding Shaoyao’s lover would definitely be done once he had his mother’s support. Hmph! Doesn’t that fellow really care about his loved ones? I’ll send some forces to capture all his loved ones and humiliate them before his very eyes. Let me see how he will look then.

A smile of delight instantly appeared on the corners of Qin Hao’s mouth when he thought of such a scene….

Meanwhile, 3 black clothed figures had snuck into the Qin Clan, and then a fourth rank Exalt Realm expert of the Qin Han died mysteriously in his own room.

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