Chapter 486 – Virtue!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye felt that he was benevolent because he only wanted to kill Qin Hao and not annihilate the entire Qin Clan. He’d merely sent Hong and the others to sneak into the Qin Clan to search for Qin Hao. But he hadn’t expected that the three of them had entered the room of an Exalt Realm expert. So, Yang Ye had no choice but to order his death because that Exalt Realm expert had noticed the three of them!

Unfortunately, the three of them had ‘carelessly’ allowed the other four Exalt Realm experts of the Qin Clan to notice their presence. So, Yang Ye had no choice but to order Hong, Black One, and Black Two to kill those Exalt Realm experts as well.

Yang Ye had investigated the Qin Clan before he came here, and he knew that the Qin Clan had 6 Exalt Realm experts. However, all of them weren’t very highly ranked in the Exalt Realm. The strongest amongst them was merely at the seventh rank of the Exalt Realm, and he hadn’t gotten there via normal means. So, while it was slightly difficult to assassinate that seventh rank Exalt Realm expert, the three of them had still been able to join forces and kill him.

In other words, the Qin Clan only had a single Exalt Realm expert right now!

Yang Ye put Hong and the others into the tiny vortex before he appeared openly within the Qin Clan.

“The virtue of the heavens is to not kill innocents. Qin Clan, I only want Qin Hao. Hand him over and I’ll leave immediately. If you don’t, then the heavens might forget its virtue today!” Yang Ye’s voice was enhanced by profound energy, and it rumbled throughout the ears of every single member of the Qin Clan. In an instant, everyone within the Qin Clan was shocked.

Someone has actually come to our Qin Clan to cause trouble! Doesn’t that fellow know that our Qin Clan is protected by the Ding Clan? Who’s so audacious to do such a thing?

They had such thoughts because they weren’t aware that five of the Qin Clan’s Exalt Realm experts were already dead. The assassination techniques of Hong, Black One, and Black Two was extremely sharp, and they’d even joined forces while Yang Ye supported them with the Immortal Binding Rope. So, killing an Exalt Realm expert merely took a few breaths of time. Thus, no one had noticed the deaths of those Exalt Realm experts yet when Yang Ye openly revealed himself in the Qin Clan!

Luo Shaoying, Qin Hao, and Qin Lian appeared before Yang Ye. As they gazed at the corpses of the Qin Clan’s guards that filled the surroundings, a cold glow flashed in Luo Shaoying’s eyes while terror appeared in the eyes of Qin Hao and Qin Lian. Especially Qin Lian, she even couldn’t help but take a few steps back.

Luo Shaoying had a gloomy expression as she gazed at Yang Ye who carried a sword chest on his back, and she said, “My Qin Clan was just about to go look for you, but I never expected that you would come here and give your life away. That’s fine as well. It saves my clan the trouble. Needless to say, you’re very brave to actually dare to attack my Qin Clan by yourself. Right, I presume you definitely have something to rely on, but I’m not interested in listening to it. I….”

“Cut the crap!” Yang Ye waved his hand and interrupted that old woman in front of him. He said, “Hand that fellow by your side over to me, and I’ll leave. If you don’t, then I’ll take him myself.”

Luo Shaoying started laughing from extreme rage, and she said, “Take him? Why don’t you give it a try?”

Right at this moment, a middle aged man suddenly arrived before Luo Shaoying, and he had a ghastly pale countenance and eyes filled with terror as he spoke with a trembling voice. “Madam, all the Exalt Realm expert of our Qin Clan, including the Patriarch, have had their throats slit….”

Luo Shaoying was first stunned, and then she suddenly shouted. “How could that be possible? How could that be possible? You’re talking nonsense!”

“I can certify that he’s right!” Yang Ye flipped his palm and Void Flash appeared in his grasp before he walked slowly towards Qin Hao and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t kill you immediately because that would truly be letting you off lightly. I don’t have the habit to torture, but I can change it for you. In short, I’ll make you feel like dying is a luxury.”

Qin Hao’s expression changed, and his eyes were filled with fear as he watched Yang Ye walk step by step towards him.

Luo Shaoying stood in front of Qin Hao and a trace of fear appeared in her eyes as she gazed at him. She said, “Who exactly are you? Don’t you know of the relationship between my Qin Clan and the Ding Clan?”

“I do!” Yang Ye nodded, and then he pointed Void Flash at Qin Hao and said, “Not to mention the Ding Clan, I would kill him without hesitation even if he’s the crown prince of the Exalted Han Empire.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye suddenly flicked Void Flash at her, and its tip suddenly appeared behind Luo Shaoying’s neck. The latter’s expression changed drastically, and her figure flashed away by over 100m. When she turned around and looked, her pupils constricted violently because Yang Ye’s sword was placed against her son’s neck!

At this moment, Qin Hao’s countenance was ghastly pale, his eyes were filled with fear, and his legs were trembling. He would have probably slumped weakly to the ground if Yang Ye’s sword wasn’t right against his neck.

Luo Shaoying was just about to attack when Yang Ye moved his sword a little, and then a strand of blood immediately appeared on Void Flash’s blade. He said, “Don’t move. What if you scare me? I might accidentally make your son’s head leave his neck. Wouldn’t that be too easy for him?”

“Let my son go and I’ll agree to anything you want!” Luo Shaoying stood on the spot. She knew that the Qin Clan had offended someone that it couldn’t afford to offend. Even though this young man was merely a Spirit Realm profounder, his strength was something that even some Exalt Realm experts couldn’t compare to!

How could there be no power standing behind such a genius? Moreover, it was definitely not a weak one! Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to have killed so many Exalt Realm experts of the Qin Clan without making a single sound and be completely fearless towards the Ding Clan!

Yang Ye paid no attention to her. He was just about to torture Qin Hao when a few rays of flowing light shot over swiftly from the horizon. Yang Ye frowned. He stopped thinking about everything else and flicked his wrist, causing a ray of light to shoot into Qin Hao’s legs.

“AH!” Qin Hao’s eyes opened wide as he let out an extremely miserable and shrill cry….

Another ray of light flashed as a thread of sword qi entered his mouth, causing his voice to stop abruptly because he’d lost his tongue. The enormous pain he suffered caused Qin Hao’s entire face to warp. But that wasn’t the end….

Yang Ye suddenly kicked Qin Hao’s stomach, and the latter’s eyes almost bulged out from their sockets because his Dantian had been blasted apart….

“AH!!!” Luo Shaoying seemed as if she’d gone mad and pounced at Yang Ye. Her son had been crippled before her very eyes. So, she threw all caution and fear to the wind, and her mind was filled with only madness and killing intent. Even if this fellow before her was the emperor of the Exalted Han Empire, she still intended to kill him with her own two hands!


A sword within the sword chest on Yang Ye’s back transformed into a ray of light that slashed down towards Luo Shaoying. The latter didn’t even give it any thought before she slapped her palm towards it.


The sword pierced through her palm with ease, and it caused her expression to change drastically. The intense pain she experienced cleared her mind a little, and she hurriedly executed the Spatial Cage technique to trap that sword. However, right at this moment, another ray of light charged out from within the sword chest on Yang Ye’s back and shot swiftly towards her!

Another Dao Artifact! Luo Shaoying was horrified.

An old man appeared in front of Luo Shaoying, and he waved his right hand. A strong gale blew forward and struck the sword that was shooting towards Luo Shaoying.


The sword merely stopped for a moment before it directly blasted that gale apart.

“Eh!” exclaimed the old man. After that, he clenched his palm into a fist and smashed it forward, causing Yang Ye’s sword to be instantly blasted flying.

He’s at least a fifth rank Exalt Realm expert!

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed, and he was just about to attack again when Ding Shaoyao’s voice suddenly resounded. “Young Master Yang, that’s enough!”

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