Chapter 490 – Exposed!

Almighty Sword Domain

“Wait, how could you possibly be that demon, Yang Ye!?” An Xiaonan rejected her own words and shook her head. “I heard that Yang Ye is extremely unsociable and likes to kill for no reason. Even though you aren’t very nice, I’m able to sense that you aren’t bad. Alas, why did you have to grow to possess a similar appearance as that demon? Alas….”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched while the killing intent in his eyes vanished, and he spoke calmly. “You’ve met Yang Ye?”

An Xiaonan shook her head and said, “I haven’t. However, I’ve seen a portrait of him.” As she spoke, she withdrew a portrait and passed it to Yang Ye as she said, “Look!”

Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched upon taking a glance at it because it was none other than himself! The only difference was that he was drawn to seem too cold and unsociable!

“Actually, you look more and more like Yang Ye as I continue looking at you!” An Xiaonan stared fixedly at him as she spoke.

“I am Yang Ye!” It was a rare moment where Yang Ye spoke the truth for once.

An Xiaonan was stunned, and then she roared with laughter. She laughed for a while before she pointed at him and said, “You really are brave to actually pretend to be that demon. Be careful. If that demon finds out, then he’ll skin you, pull out your bones, and kill everyone you know.”

“Is Yang Ye really that crazy and unreasonable?” Yang Ye couldn’t help but ask this question. He was aware that his reputation wasn’t good, but he hadn’t expected that it would be horrible to such an extent.

“He should be!” An Xiaonan said, “In any case, anyone in the southern territory that speaks of him would experience a visible change in their expression. Right, I heard that he annihilated an entire clan called the Beiming Clan in the Imperial Capital. He didn’t even spare the children and elderly. You’re from the southern territory, so you should have heard of it, right? Is it true?”

“It is!” said Yang Ye.

An Xiaonan stood up, clenched her fists, and said furiously, “If I, An Xiaonan, encounter such a crazy and unreasonable demon, then I’ll definitely castrate him and beat him up. I, An Xiaonan, will uphold justice for the heavens!” When she spoke up to this point, she gazed at Yang Ye and said, “You’ll support me, right? Oh, you definitely will. Anyone with a sense of justice would definitely not allow such a demon to continue bringing disaster to the world!”

Yang Ye gazed at her with astonishment. Uphold justice for the heavens? Support her to castrate myself? If she weren’t around the age of 17, he would have thought that it was Bao’er in disguise. Needless to say, she was definitely the granddaughter or daughter of an extraordinary expert.

Otherwise, an ordinary clan would be absolutely unable to foster such a weirdo!


Suddenly, the ship shook violently. The things within the room instantly started to roll about while An Xiaonan almost fell to the floor.

Yang Ye frowned. Meanwhile, the door was opened before Manager Yun walked in and said, “Don’t be anxious, it’s just a level 24 storm, and it’ll pass very soon!”


He’d just finished speaking when the ship trembled violently once more. This time, it trembled even more violently than before, and it felt like the ship was about to capsize.

Yang Ye’s brows that had just eased up were knit together once more. It’s absolutely not a storm. The ship is being attacked!

Manager Yun’s countenance turned pale as he said, “Just stay here and don’t go anywhere. I’ll go have a look….”

Yang Ye and An Xiaonan exchanged glances before both of them walked out successively from the room.

At the deck.

A veiled woman who wore a light gauze veil over her face and a young man were standing here, and both of them had solemn expressions in their eyes. There were a few dozen guards standing behind them, and for of them were Exalt Realm experts while the rest were Spirit Realm experts. However, all of them had extremely solemn expressions on their faces as well because a strange and enormous fish that wasn’t any smaller than the ship was right before it.

It was an Exalt Rank Oceanic Creature, a Winged Shark!

“Big Sister, the Winger Sharks usually move about deep within the ocean, so has one appeared here now?” The young man by the veiled woman’s side asked this question in a low voice.

“I don’t really understand it as well, but I presume that someone intends to seize this batch of goods from our Ocean of Clouds Merchant Group!” said the veiled woman in a flat voice.

“How could that be possible?” The young man was puzzled. “Our Ye Clan has notified the Ding Clan and all the other sects before it came to the Ocean of Anarchy to do business. How could they possibly target us? Could it be that someone else has set their eyes on us?”

The veiled woman shook her head and said, “No matter who it is, we’ll know very soon! Uncle Yun, I’ll be troubling you to deal with this animal. Don’t allow it to live. I really want to see exactly which ignorant fool dared to attack my merchant group’s ship! That person is really tired of living!”

“Hehe! Leave it to me!” An old man behind her flashed and directly appeared above the Winged Shark before he flipped his palm and grasped a sword in his hand. Countless rays of light rained down like raindrops with a single swung of his right hand. In an instant, the rays of light from his sword were like dazzling suns that seemed extremely striking beneath the veil of night.

The rays of light instantly enveloped the Winged Shark, and it wasn’t long before a shrill cry resounded from it. However, it was still alive, and it even shot out an extremely long torrent of water at the old man. The old man didn’t dare act carelessly against it at all. He held his sword tightly with both hands before he slashed down forcefully against the torrent of water, and then an enormous strand of sword qi flashed out and collided with the torrent!


The water on this entire area of the ocean suddenly seethed as waves that were over 50m tall rose up in the surroundings. However, these waves merely caused the ship to shake a little.

“Uncle Yun’s sword technique has grown even stronger. Hehe, I heard that the southern territory has a Sword Emperor. I think that Sword Emperor would definitely not dare to call himself the Sword Emperor if he saw Uncle Yun’s sword technique, right?” The young man by the veiled woman’s side chuckled as he spoke.

The woman glanced indifferently at him and said, “I know you’re not convinced of Yang Ye’s strength and desire a battle with him. I support your intentions, but you must remember not to be careless. Even Mu Jun perished at his hands, so do you think he’s someone with an undeserving reputation? Many people in this world die because of their own carelessness. Master has repeated this principle to you on countless occasions, so are you still unable to commit it to memory?”

The young man seemed to fear the veiled woman, and he laughed with embarrassment and didn’t dare speak again.

The old man in midair had a solemn expression. Because he knew that he’d underestimated that Exalt Realm Oceanic Creature. Its defensive strength was much more formidable than he’d imagined. So, even though his sword qi had struck it, his sword qi wasn’t able to cause it any material harm at all. The old man pondered deeply for a moment before the profound energy within him started to surge violently because he knew that he had to be serious against this enemy!

Right at this moment, a wave of fluctuation arose in the sky above the Winged Shark, and then 24 middle aged men and a woman appeared above the Winged Shark. At the same time, three other ships that were on par with the Ocean of Cloud Merchant Group’s ship had suddenly appeared in the surroundings. Moreover, all three of those ships were filled with Spirit Realm experts!

The expression of the old man who the veiled woman addressed as Uncle Yun had changed violently upon witnessing this scene. Besides that, the veiled woman’s expression had changed a little as well because those figures above the Winged Shark were all Exalt Realm experts!

Everyone on the ship seemed as if they were facing a formidable enemy!

“Who exactly are all of you!?” said the veiled woman in a gloomy voice.

A middle aged man took two steps forward, and then he stopped in midair and said, “I’m the Fourth Elder of the Skydevil Sect. We have no ill intent against your merchant group. We only seek to ask for a certain person from your merchant group. Hand him over and we’ll leave immediately without disturbing your merchant group at all.”

The Ocean of Clouds Merchant Group had some background as well, so the Skydevil Sect naturally didn’t dare to offend it rashly.

“Who?” asked the veiled woman.

The middle aged man grinned, and then he glanced at the ship and said, “Yang Ye, there’s no need to hide. Since we’ve made an appearance here, it represents that we’re completely sure that you’re here. This is out of the Ding Clan’s scope of influence, so no one will be able to protect you now. Come out obediently and receive your death. Don’t worry, we won’t make you die a very unsightly death. After all, you’re a Sword Emperor!”

Yang Ye? The Sword Emperor?

All of them were stunned.

An Xiaonan who was by Yang Ye’s side was stunned. After that, she swiftly turned to look at Yang Ye before she screamed and took a dozen steps backward. She pointed at Yang Ye and spoke with a trembling tone. “You… you… you’re that demon. You….”

Yang Ye rolled his eyes at her. She is so…. Yang Ye shook his head and paid no further attention to her, and then he took a deep breath. He’d thought that he could hide from them, but he hadn’t expected that he would still be discovered by them!

Yang Ye walked slowly towards the deck under the surprised and curious gazes of everyone.

At this moment, the veiled woman and the young man were looking at Yang Ye with curious expressions as well. It was especially so for the young man as there was also excitement and battle intent in his eyes.

“Hey….” Right at this moment, An Xiaonan’s voice suddenly sounded out from behind Yang Ye, and he turned around to look at her.

An Xiaonan hesitated for a moment before she said, “Err, Great Demon. If you die later, then I’ll… I’ll help you bury your corpse out of consideration for the conversation that we just had!”

Yang Ye’s face twitched as he glared fiercely at her. He’d decided to not speak a word to her because he really couldn’t speak with her like a normal person.

Yang Ye turned around as Void Flash appeared in his hand. Two steps later, the blue sword chest appeared on his back. When he arrived at the center of the deck, the Ninth Hell Swordwings had appeared on his back as well.

“According to rumor, Yang Ye possesses a Natural Treasure and an extremely formidable Dao Artifact! Looks like he really is the Sword Emperor!” The young man by the veiled woman’s side spoke with slight excitement.

“Haha! As expected of the Sword Emperor. You’re able to maintain such indifference and composure even when facing our group of so many Exalt Realm experts. It truly makes me feel embarrassed. After all, I didn’t even dare to speak loudly when I faced an Exalt Realm expert at your age!” said the middle aged man.

“Over 20 Exalt Realm experts, and there are even four at the fifth rank. Tsk, tsk. Your Skydevil Sect…. No, I should say that Luo Jun really does think highly of me to prepare such a force!” said Yang Ye.

“It can’t be helped. Even though you are at the Spirit Realm, ordinary Exalt Realm experts aren’t a match for you. The Mortal Emperor naturally sent so many of us so that we can kill you in one go. Because he doesn’t want to give you any chances. Now, how about I allow you to take your own life? If I were to do it, then the dignified Sword Emperor might have no corpse left when I’m done!” said the middle aged man.

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