Chapter 491 – Hostage!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye swept the surroundings with his gaze, and he noticed that there were Exalt Realm experts all around the ship. There were four at the fifth rank of the Exalt Realm, a single sixth rank Exalt Realm expert, and the rest were first to fourth rank Exalt Realm experts. Moreover, there were 3 other ships on either side and behind the ship he was on, and there were countless Spirit Realm profounders on these ships….

Over 20 Exalt Realm experts, over a hundred Spirit Realm experts…. How do I flee from such a force?

At this moment, a powerless feeling had arisen in Yang Ye’s heart again. His enemies were too huge in number and too strong, and he was still too weak in the end!

“You refuse to take your own life? Then I won’t hold back.” Yuan Yan raised his right hand slowly, causing a wave of fluctuation to arise in space.

“Wait!” Right at this moment, the young man by the veiled woman’s side had suddenly stepped forward.

Yang Ye glanced at the young man before he took a glance at the woman, and then he seemed to have thought of something, causing a wisp of a mysterious smile to immediately arise on the corners of his mouth.

The veiled woman frowned and said, “What are you doing?”

Yuan Yan said, “Young Master Ye, this is a matter between Yang Ye and us. I hope Young Master Ye doesn’t interfere.”

The young man smiled and said, “Don’t worry, Senior. I have no intention to protect Yang Ye. It’s just that I heard he’s the Sword Emperor of this era who possesses peerless attainments in the Sword Dao and the strongest amongst the sword cultivators of the younger generation. I, Ye Liangchen, am not convinced of that at all. Since I’ve encountered him today, I intend to have a little competition with him. After all, he’s going to die in a moment. So, I wouldn’t have another chance if I were to miss this opportunity. Thus, I hope Senior can fulfil my wish!”

“You intend to challenge Yang Ye?” Yuan Yan spoke with astonishment.

The young man nodded and said, “Of course!”

Yuan Yan glanced at the young man. He knew that this fellow before him intended to use Yang Ye to make a name for himself. If he killed Yang Ye or defeated Yang Ye, then his reputation would definitely shock the entire southern territory and Ocean of Anarchy! However, could he defeat Yang Ye? In any case, Yuan Yan didn’t believe that Ye Liangchen could. Because if Yang Ye was so easy to defeat, then the Mortal Emperor wouldn’t have sent so many of them here.

Ye Liangchen continued. “Senior, please give my Ocean of Clouds Merchant Group some face and fulfil this wish of mine! In any case, Yang Ye won’t be able to escape regardless of whether I win or lose, right?”

Yuan Yan pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “Since Young Master Ye is so confident, then please go ahead. However, I must warn Young Master Ye that Yang Ye doesn’t possess an undeserved reputation. So, I hope Young Master Ye will be careful!”

“Thank you, Senior!” Ye Liangchen nodded, and then he turned around to gaze at Yang Ye.

Meanwhile, the veiled woman obstructed Ye Liangchen’s path and said, “You’ve investigated him, and you are aware of his character. It’s very likely that you’ll die!”

Ye Liangchen rolled his eyes and said, “Big Sister, do you have no confidence in your own younger brother? Just watch properly and see how I beat down this Sword Emperor.”

As he spoke, he turned around to gaze at Yang Ye. At the same time, a sword had appeared in his hand as he said, “Yang Ye, I’ve been wanting to fight you for a very long time, and I’m finally able to get my wish today. Come, show me your entire strength, and let I, Ye Liangchen, see how strong the so-called Sword Emperor is!”

Yang Ye said, “Do I have a choice?”

“You don’t. Haha….” As soon as he finished speaking, Ye Liangchen waved his sword lightly. In an instant, the ocean water in the surroundings of the ship started to roil, and then an enormous amount of water transformed into numerous waves that shot into the air.

“Heh. I never expected that the Young Master has actually succeeded in cultivating the Billowing Waves Sword Technique. After all, it’s a mid-grade Heaven Rank sword technique! Young Master, you can set your mind at rest now, right?” The old man by the veiled woman’s side said, “Young Master has already grasped 90% of this sword technique, and we’re above the ocean now, so its might would be improved greatly. I think that even if Young Master is only a seventh rank Spirit Realm expert, his current attack is something that even ordinary Exalt Realm experts wouldn’t be able to resist! Hehe! Let me see how that fellow, Yang Ye, deals with the Young Master’s attack!”

The veiled woman didn’t speak, and she just gazed at Yang Ye. At this moment, Yang Ye’s expression was very calm, and he didn’t show any signs of executing a technique. However, the more Yang Ye acted like that, the more uneasy she felt in her heart!

Yang Ye paid no attention to the might of Ye Liangchen’s technique, and his gaze was just moving ceaselessly between the veiled woman and Ye Liangchen as if he was thinking about something.

On the other hand, An Xiaonan’s eyes glowed as she gazed at the waves that filled the air, and she frequently shot glances at Yang Ye as well while excitement and curiosity filled her eyes!

“Billowing Waves Sword Technique!” Right at this moment, Ye Liangchen shouted as he spun his wrist, and then the countless waves shot violently towards Yang Ye like torrents. Moreover, Ye Liangchen’s figure flashed as he shot explosively towards Yang Ye while the sword in his hand carried an enormous torrent of its own!

Yang Ye shook his head lightly as he gazed at the torrents that covered the air. This sword technique was really not bad and Ye Liangchen had trained well in it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enhanced by Sword Intent, and a sword technique without Sword Intent wasn’t much of a threat to Yang Ye!

A wisp of a strange smile arose on the corners of Ye Liangchen’s mouth when he noticed that Yang Ye had still not attacked. In the next moment, a wisp of bright light flashed in Ye Liangchen’s eyes as his speed rose explosively and instantly arrived in front of Yang Ye. At the same time, an invisible force surged explosively from within him and enveloped Yang Ye.

It was Sword Intent! 7th level Sword Intent!

The spectators in the surroundings were shocked. They hadn’t expected that this fellow who looked really unreliable would actually possess 7th level Sword Intent! Moreover, they hadn’t expected that this fellow who acted like an idiot would have actually been putting on a show of weakness to his enemy!

It was especially so for the veiled woman and the others. They were extremely surprised right now because Ye Liangchen only possessed 6th level Sword Intent in the past, yet now….

In other words, he had been constantly concealing his strength.

The veiled woman revealed a wisp of a smile when she thought of this.

Yang Ye was slightly surprised as well. 7th level Sword Intent…. This fellow is a genius in the Sword Dao just like Lu Jianyao. But so long as it wasn’t 8th level Sword Intent which could take material form, then it was impossible for it to be a threat against him!

Yang Ye stopped hesitating and acted decisively. A strand of red light shot into the sky from him, and a bang resounded when it collided with the torrents before water splashed throughout the surroundings.

8th level Sword Intent! Ye Liangchen’s pupils constricted. He knew that Yang Ye possessed 8th level Sword Intent, but he hadn’t expected that it would be so formidable to the point it was actually countless times stronger than 7th level Sword Intent! Ye Liangchen suppressed the shock in his heart before he spun his wrist again, and another torrent formed on his sword as it slashed down towards Yang Ye!

Right at this moment, Ye Liangchen noticed to his astonishment that Yang Ye had suddenly vanished! His expression changed drastically and was just about to dodge. Unfortunately, it was still too late. Yang Ye had already appeared behind him and a sword was placed against the back of his neck.

Dejection covered Ye Liangchen’s face as he’d lost just like that….

Everyone in the surroundings were dumbstruck!

“I, Ye Liangchen, am not convinced of my loss!”

“Shut up!” Yang Ye turned to look at the veiled woman and said, “Activate the offensive formation and blast all of these fellows into bits!”

Everyone was stunned by this!

Yang Ye swung his sword, and then a hole appeared on Ye Liangchen’s back, causing him to instantly break out with cold sweat. However, Ye Liangchen didn’t make a sound. At this moment, he understood that he was a hostage.

Yang Ye gazed at the veiled woman as he moved his hand again, and then another hole appeared on Ye Liangchen’s body. He said, “If you still refuse to activate the formation, then the next swing of my sword will separate his head from his body.”

The veiled woman recovered from her shock, and her expression was slightly unsightly. How could she not understand that Yang Ye was using her younger brother to threaten her, and he wanted her to use the ship’s formations and the forces of her merchant group to help him!

“Attack!” Yuan Yan and the others stopped watching, and all of them were prepared to attack.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly while killing intent flashed through his eyes. He was just about to kill Ye Liangchen when the veiled woman suddenly shouted. “Activate the formations. Everyone, do your best and stop them!” Even though she wished for nothing more than to kill Yang Ye, she had no choice but to do as Yang Ye said because she firmly believed that her younger brother would definitely lose his head if she continued to hesitate!

The others behind her hesitated slightly upon hearing her, but they didn’t dare continue when they saw her fierce gaze. The profound energy within their bodies surged madly into the talisman markings around the ship. In an instant, numerous dazzling rays of light shot into the sky!

The expressions on the faces of Yuan Yan and the others changed violently. They didn’t dare go head on against these rays of light, and they just dodged successively and retreated to a distance of over 300m. On the other hand, the Winged Shark hadn’t been able to retreat in time and was struck by a few rays of light, causing it to be immediately blasted into pieces!

Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief when he witnessed this scene because he’d made the right bet.

“Young Miss Ye, what’re you doing!?” Yuan Yan had a very unsightly expression on his face. If he knew this would happen, then he would have never agreed to the one on one battle between Yang Ye and Ye Liangchen!

The veiled woman paid no attention to Yuan Yan. She just waved her hand and 100 top-grade energy stones fell into some of the slots around the deck. In an instant, a barrier of light covered the entire ship!

“Forward at full speed!” The veiled woman shouted.

As soon as she spoke, the ship was like an arrow that was released from a bow, and it instantly appeared 3km away.

Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched because he noticed that those 100 top-grade energy stones that she’d just placed into the slots had already transformed into a pile of ash in just this short moment of time. Fortunately, she withdrew another 100 of them to replace the last 100!

Its consumption of energy stones was horrifying! Even Yang Ye felt that such consumption of energy stones hurt! Fortunately, it wasn’t his energy stones that were being burnt away!

As they watched the Ocean of Clouds Merchant Group’s ship vanishing into the distance, Yuan Yan and the others had extremely unsightly expressions on their faces. They hadn’t expected that something which had no risk of failure would actually turn out like this!

“Pursue them! These ships exhaust a huge amount of energy stones. They won’t be able to hold on like that for long!” said Yuan Yan in a deep voice.

The others nodded, and then they tore space apart and chased after the ship.

On the ship, those four Exalt Realm experts had surrounded Yang Ye. At this moment, all of them from the Ocean of Clouds Merchant Group were glaring angrily at Yang Ye. If Ye Liangchen wasn’t in Yang Ye’s hands, then they would have probably rushed him as a group.

“Young Master Yang, can you let my younger brother go now?” said the veiled woman.

Yang Ye glanced at the others in the surroundings and said, “Miss Ye, all of you would definitely attack me immediately if I were to let your younger brother go now, right? Moreover, do all of you think I’ll be able to escape their pursuit even if all of you don’t attack me? So, I hope that Miss Ye will be able to send me to a safe place!”

“Yang Ye, you’re going too far!” Ye Liangchen spoke furiously. “You caused this trouble yourself, so why should we wipe your ass for you!? Aren’t you very formidable? Go deal with it yourself!”


Another hole appeared on Ye Liangchen’s chest while a strand of blood sprayed out from it, and then his countenance turned slightly paler!

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