Chapter 492 – The Mermaid Clan!

Almighty Sword Domain

“Yang Ye, I’m not convinced of my defeat. If you’re so capable, then let me go, allow me to recuperate, and have a fair fight with me!” Ye Liangchen spoke furiously.

“I’ll chop off the hand which you use to wield your sword if you don’t shut up!” Yang Ye glanced coldly at Ye Liangchen, and the latter instantly shut his mouth. Obviously, he didn’t want to lose his hand!

“Young Master Yang, our top-grade energy stones aren’t sufficient to maintain such a speed until we arrive at the central territory. Moreover, this defensive formation on our ship utilizes 100 top-grade energy stones every 15 minutes. So, if you want to live, then it’s best that you leave the ship right now. Perhaps you’ll still have a chance at surviving in the boundless ocean with the strength you possess!” said the veiled woman.

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “Young Miss Ye, stop trying to deceive me. This ocean is practically boundless, and there are all sorts of mysterious Oceanic Creatures within it. I would definitely die if I left the ship. I have no choice but to ask Miss Ye to escort me to a safe place.”

“I’m powerless to accomplish that!” The veiled woman gazed at Yang Ye as she spoke these words.

Yang Ye smiled while he placed his sword on Ye Liangchen’s neck, and he said, “Miss Ye, you have them, don’t you?” He naturally couldn’t let Ye Liangchen go right now, because those fellows pursuing them and these fellows from the Ocean of Clouds Merchant Group would definitely not spare him once he did!

“Young Master Yang, while everyone says that you’re ruthless and stop at nothing. I know that you differentiate clearly between kindness and enmity, and all those you killed were those who offended you first. But Young Master Yang, my merchant group didn’t offend you, right? Aren’t your current actions a little immoral?” said the veiled woman.

“You didn’t?” Yang Ye smiled and said, “Miss Ye, have you forgotten that it was your younger brother who attacked me first? Don’t tell me that he didn’t injure me. Everyone understands that the reason he didn’t was because he doesn’t possess sufficient strength. So, Miss Ye, please don’t waste your breath. Otherwise, your younger brother will lose his head.”

The veiled woman said, “Young Master Ye, a huge amount of top-grade energy stones is required to maintain the defensive and offensive formations in order to stop those Exalt Realm experts who’re pursuing you. However, we don’t have top-grade energy stones anymore. So, the defensive and offensive formations will be deactivated in around 7 minutes from now. Thus, if you really want to live, then it’s best to leave this ship. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to help you even if you kill my younger brother!”

Yang Ye gazed at her for a short while, and he didn’t kill Ye Liangchen. He knew that she wasn’t lying. After all, not everyone was like him and used top-grade energy stones like they were just rocks. So, Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment before he waved his hand, and then 100 top-grade energy stones appeared before the veiled woman. He said, “I’ll supply the energy stones. Your only responsibility is to speed up and take me to the central territory. It’s best that you don’t try to play tricks. Otherwise, your younger brother will really die!”

A wisp of surprise flashed through her eyes because casually producing 100 top-grade energy stones wasn’t something that just anyone could accomplish. He’s actually that wealthy! This surprised her a little, and she had no other choice but to do as Yang Ye said!

“Can you let me go now?” Ye Liangchen glared angrily at Yang Ye. He felt very aggrieved right now. Because he hadn’t expected that he would lose in the span of a single move. Just one move! That was such a blow to his confidence!

“Can you not ask such stupid questions?” asked Yang Ye.

“Yang Ye, you’re going too far!” Ye Liangchen was furious.

Yang Ye pressed his sword against Ye Liangchen’s neck and said, “What’re you going to do about it?”

“You….” Ye Liangchen almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly turned around and gazed towards the distance, and he saw numerous figures following closely behind the ship. It was exactly Yuan Yan and the others! Yang Ye was quite furious when he saw them pursuing him without any intention to give up. He issued a command in his heart, and the Immortal Binding Rope instantly wrapped itself around Ye Liangchen’s neck. He held the rope in his left hand while he held Void Flash in his right, and then the profound energy within him started surging violently!

“Yang Ye! What’re you doing!?” The corners of Ye Liangchen’s mouth twitched. Truthfully speaking, he felt quite fearful of Yang Ye right now. Because this fellow seemed to attack at the slightest hint of provocation, and Yang Ye clearly seemed like he was about to attack right now! At this moment, Ye Liangchen felt slight regret for being reluctant to accept the situation he was in, and he only hoped that Yang Ye wouldn’t go berserk and behead him.

“Yang Ye, We’ve done as you said. What else do you want!?” The old man by the veiled woman’s side spoke furiously.

The veiled woman’s eyes narrowed while killing intent surged with them!

The others glared angrily at Yang Ye as well. Even An Xiaonan was glaring fiercely at Yang Ye as she felt that Yang Ye was really going too far.

Yang Ye paid no attention to them. After his profound energy surged madly into Void Flash, his 8th level Sword Intent attached itself to Void Flash as well. Ye Liangchen instantly felt a strand of heavy pressure when Yang Ye’s Sword Intent appeared! Ye Liangchen was extremely shocked because he possessed 7th level Sword Intent, and it was only a level lower than Yang Ye’s Sword Intent. Why is his Sword Intent so strong?

In next to no time, Yang Ye’s gaze locked onto a middle aged man almost 300m away who was a second rank Exalt Realm expert. A wisp of a cold glow flashed in Yang Ye’s eyes. In the next moment, he suddenly stabbed Void Flash forward!

The tip of a sword suddenly appeared before the middle aged man’s throat, and his expression changed drastically. He wanted to evade it, but it was too late, and he could only activate his profound energy barrier to cover his throat.


The tip of the sword stabbed against his throat, and then it experienced no obstruction at all and directly pierced through the middle aged man’s throat!

The middle aged man’s eyes opened wide and were filled with disbelief. Never had he imagined that he would actually die just like that! In next to no time, his corpse crashed down from midair!

An Exalt Realm expert perished just like that?

Everyone here was shocked, and they gazed at Yang Ye as if they were looking at a monster!

Ye Liangchen shivered as he pointed a finger at Yang Ye. He wanted to say something but didn’t say anything in the end, and only his eyes were filled with shock and fear!

It wasn’t just Ye Liangchen, even the veiled woman and those other Exalt Realm experts from the merchant group had fear all over their faces. In the past, they’d merely heard that Yang Ye could surmount a realm of cultivation to kill Exalt Realm experts, but it was only rumors in the end, and they hadn’t seen it for themselves. But they’d seen it for themselves now! An Exalt Realm expert had just died like that before their very eyes, and Yang Ye was only a second rank Spirit Realm profounder!

Would anyone in the Exalt Realm be able to stop him if he attains the Exalt Realm?

Yuan Yan and the others had extremely unsightly expressions on their faces as well. They hadn’t expected that Yang Ye would still be able to kill one of their companions at a time like this! At the same time, they felt deep fear in their hearts. This fellow is truly a monstrous genius. He’s only at the second rank of the Spirit Realm. Wouldn’t he be able to kill us like we are ants if he attains the Exalt Realm?

No wonder the Mortal Emperor thinks so highly of him!

Yuan Yan hesitated for a moment before he said in a low voice. “Attack! They should have no more top-grade energy stones to activate the offensive formations. Let’s attack together and destroy the defensive barrier. We can’t allow him to survive no matter what!”

The others nodded, and then they charged towards the ship!

Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched when he saw so many Exalt Realm experts charging towards them, and then he turned to gaze at the veiled woman and said, “Activate the offensive formations!”

“I have no energy stones….” The veiled woman had only spoken halfway when a ray of white light flashed, and then another 100 top-grade energy stones appeared in front of her! She took a deep glance at Yang Ye before she waved her hand and placed them into those slots on the deck. In an instant, countless rays of light shot into the air.

Yuan Yan was astounded, and the expressions of the other Exalt Realm experts changed drastically!

“Retreat! Quickly!” Yuan Yan’s figure flashed and appeared 300m away. The reactions of the others weren’t any slower, and they hurriedly evaded it. However, the four fellows who were charging right at the front of the group hadn’t been able to dodge in time, and they were struck by the rays of light and perished on the spot!

“How could they possibly have more top-grade energy stones!” One of the Exalt Realm experts roared furiously.

Yuan Yan’s expression was slightly ferocious. He hadn’t imagined that the Ocean of Clouds Merchant Group would still have more top-grade energy stones. Up until this very moment, it had at least spent 400 top-grade energy stones! 400 top-grade energy stones…. The Ocean of Clouds Merchant Group is actually that rich to casually toss away 400 top-grade energy stones!

After all, even he wasn’t able to casually produce that many top-grade energy stones!

The deaths of those four Exalt Realm experts caused Yuan Yan and the others to dare not attack rashly. Even though they were still 15 strong, they didn’t want to use their lives as the wager and bet on whether the enemy still had top-grade energy stones!

Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief when he witnessed this scene, and then he snuck out an extreme-grade energy stone and placed it within his pocket to be absorbed. So long as he had the ship and top-grade energy stones, then those Exalt Realm experts wouldn’t be a threat to him anymore. Conversely, he could even launch surprise attacks against them from time to time!

In short, the current situation was much better than the situation he was in earlier! However, he still didn’t dare allow himself to be careless. Because the slightest bit of carelessness from him could mean that these fellows around him would launch a lethal strike against him. He hadn’t forgotten that the reason they were helping him was because he had control over Ye Liangchen’s fate!

The veiled woman spoke abruptly. “Young Master Yang, let my younger brother go to recuperate. I’ll be your hostage, alright?”

“No!” Ye Liangchen said, “Big Sister, I heard that this fellow is a pervert. He’ll definitely do something to you if you were to fall into his hands. Don’t mind me. I can hold on. Isn’t it just a few injuries from his sword? It’s fine!”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched. A pervert? Who exactly is spoiling my reputation!?

The veiled woman glared fiercely at Ye Liangchen, and then she gazed at Yang Ye. Yang Ye waved his hand and withdrew an extreme-grade Healing Talisman before slapping it onto Ye Liangchen. Ye Liangchen was his protection charm right now, so he would naturally not allow Ye Liangchen to die.

Surprise appeared on the veiled woman’s face when she saw that extreme-grade Healing Talisman, and she took a long glance at Yang Ye. This Sword Emperor is really mysterious!


Suddenly, an enormous pillar of water shot out from the surface of the ocean, and then a creature with the body of a person, the tail of a fish, and a trident in his hand appeared before them.

“The Mermaid Clan!” Yang Ye noticed that the veiled woman and the others had unsightly expressions on their faces while the Exalt Realm experts had extremely solemn expressions on their faces!

The Mermaid Clan? What the fuck is that? Yang Ye frowned!

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