Chapter 493 – Ye Liangchen’s Love!

Almighty Sword Domain

“The Mermaid Clan is one of the clans of Oceanic Creatures, and most of them live within the Ocean Anarchy. They’re extremely hostile to humans because humans used to capture them as slaves. They usually don’t show themselves above the ocean because they fear being captured. Once they do make an appearance above the ocean, then it represents that they were in a group. So, we’re in danger!” An Xiaonan had suddenly walked over to Yang Ye’s side and spoken in a low voice.

Sure enough, she’d just finished speaking when Yang Ye noticed numerous profounders from the Mermaid Clan in the ocean around them. Yang Ye noticed to his surprise that many were women, extremely beautiful women. However, regardless of their gender, all their gazes carried hatred when they looked at the human profounders on the ship!

“What? Aren’t you afraid that I, this great demon, would kill you?” Yang Ye glanced at An Xiaonan and spoke with an amused expression.

An Xiaonan took a few steps back and seemed slightly vigilant against him when she heard that. Such actions made Yang Ye feel very speechless. Am I really that terrifying?

Yang Ye paid no further attention to her, and he shot his gaze towards the distance. At this moment, their ship had been surrounded by the Mermaid Clan and profounders from the Mermaid Clan filled their fields of vision. There were over 10,000 of them!

“Human! Hand over our clansman, otherwise, all of you’ll be buried beneath the ocean today!” The merman in the lead of the group pointed his trident at the ship as he spoke with a furious voice.

A clansman of theirs? Yang Ye noticed that Ye Liangchen’s expression grew slightly unusual.

The veiled woman frowned and said, “We haven’t captured any of your clansmen. Have you made a mistake?”

“Human, don’t try to weasel your way out of it. I can sense her aura. She’s on your ship. You’ve definitely utilized despicable methods to capture her. I’ll give you a chance to hand her over, and we’ll leave immediately. Otherwise, all of you’ll meet your doom today!” The merman spoke in a furious tone.

The veiled woman was just about to speak when Yang Ye suddenly said, “Perhaps you should ask your younger brother about it!”

Ye Liangchen’s expression grew even more unsightly.

The veiled woman’s face fell when she noticed the change in his expression and said, “What exactly is going on?”

Ye Liangchen remained silent!

The veiled woman spoke angrily “Are you trying to get everyone killed?”

Ye Liangchen remained silent.

“Search the ship!” said the veiled woman.

A man by her side acknowledged her order and withdrew from here. Before long, the man appeared here once more. However, he had a woman in his hands, and the woman’s lower body was covered by a black dress. But it wasn’t difficult to discern that she was a mermaid from the Mermaid Clan.

The other members of the merchant group had gloomy expressions when they saw her. They hadn’t expected that their young master had really brought a mermaid along on the ship. After all, that was like poking a hornet’s nest!

“Big Sister, I beg you to spare her. Big Sister, I beg you….” Ye Liangchen pleaded hastily when he saw the woman.

The woman flashed over to Ye Liangchen and slapped him on the face before she said furiously, “Ye Liangchen, you actually brought a mermaid onboard! Do you know that all of us would die because of you? Just have a look outside. There are over 10 Exalt Rank and over 1,000 Spirit Rank Oceanic Creatures out there. So long as they’re willing, they can double or even triple their forces. You want us to spare her? Are you an idiot?”

“Big Sister, we love each other sincerely. Please don’t give her to the Mermaid Clan. Otherwise, I’ll take my own life right now. You should know that I’m not joking!” said Ye Liangchen in a serious tone.

“You….” The veiled woman’s chest rose and fell rapidly from her anger.

“Human! Hand her over!” Right at this moment, the merman outside the ship’s barrier spoke once more.

Yang Ye noticed that the number of members of the Mermaid Clan outside was growing.

“Hand her over!” The veiled woman ordered in a cold voice.

“Don’t you dare!” Ye Liangchen suddenly flared up. “I’ll annihilate the entire family of anyone who dares to hand her over!”


Another palm print appeared on Ye Liangchen’s face.

He gazed at the veiled woman and said, “Big Sister, I’ve never asked you for anything throughout my life. But I beg you to not give her to them, alright? Her clansmen will kill her if you hand her to them. They’ll really kill her!”

“Liangchen….” Meanwhile, the mermaid suddenly said, “Don’t put your older sister in a difficult position. I’m already very satisfied to have been able to meet you and fall in love with you. Thank you for rescuing me from those humans who tried to capture me and allowed me to keep my dignity. Thank you.”

“Hongyu, I won’t hand you over to them, I won’t!” Ye Liangchen said, “We’ve agreed that we would explore the human world together, and I promised that to you. I’ll absolutely fulfil my promise. Big Sister, I beg you, don’t hand her over. Don’t hand her over to them and I’ll obey everything you say in the future, everything….”

The veiled woman took a deep breath and said, “Do you realize that we’ll be besieged to death by these fellows from the Mermaid Clan?”


Right at this moment, the ship suddenly shook. All of them looked over and saw that the merman had started attacking the ship.

Yang Ye’s expression became solemn because that fellow’s strength was very formidable!

“Human! Quickly hand her over!” The merman struck the defensive barrier a few more times, causing the ship to shake violently.

Yang Ye fell silent. He’d decided to stay out of this matter. In any case, the Mermaid Clan hadn’t come looking for him!

The veil woman looked Ye Liangchen in the eye for a long time. Suddenly, she slapped him on the back of his head, and he instantly fell unconscious. Of course, he was still under Yang Ye’s control.

“You should be aware that he’ll hate you forever once he wakes up. Perhaps he’ll even take you to be his enemy!” said Yang Ye.

The veiled woman glanced coldly at Yang Ye, and then she walked over to the mermaid and said, “I’m sorry but I can’t keep you here.”

The mermaid called Hongyu nodded and said, “I understand. Tell him that I’ll be his wife in my next life!”

The veiled woman nodded, and then she brought Hongyu with her as she walked over to the merman and said, “Ask your forces to withdraw and I’ll hand her over immediately!”

The merman glanced at the veiled woman. Suddenly, he pointed at Yang Ye and said, “Hand him over as well!”

The veiled woman was first stunned, and then she was delighted because her intuition told her that these fellows from the Mermaid Clan were going to be in trouble.

Yang Ye was stunned as well. I don’t even know this fellow! Could the Mermaid Clan have sided with Luo Jun as well? Yang Ye’s gaze turned icy cold when he thought of this.

“What? You’re unwilling to do that?” The merman spoke coldly. Countless waves surged around him, and his imposing aura was shocking.

The veiled woman gazed at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye said, “I don’t think we know each other, right? I’m really curious why you’ve asked for me?”

“Someone has placed a bounty on you. 1,000 top-grade energy stones for you alive and 500 if you’re dead!” The merman said, “I’m really curious why an ant who’s merely a second rank Spirit Realm profounder would be worth 1,000 top-grade energy stones? Alright, enough of talk. Come over if you’re sensible, otherwise, all those by your side will die because of you!”

Yang Ye didn’t have to give it any thought to know who’d placed a bounty on him! He didn’t waste his breath at all and just waved his hand, causing 100 top-grade energy stones to fall into the slots in the surroundings. In an instant, countless rays of light shot into the air. That merman was astounded, and his figure flashed swiftly and barely avoided the rays of light. However, some of the other mermen and mermaids in the surroundings weren’t that swift, and they were instantly blasted into bits!

Yang Ye didn’t lack top-grade energy stones as well. After all, he had at least 30,000 extreme-grade energy stones within the tiny vortex. One of them was equivalent to 100 top-grade energy stones. So, how many did he have? Could anyone in the world be richer than he was?

Yang Ye waved his hand and another 200 top-grade energy stones appeared before the veiled woman as he said, “Blast them! Blast all of these bastards into bits! Motherfuckers! They just had to go be Luo Jun’s dogs instead of just being Oceanic Creatures as they should! I’ll make it so that they can’t even be dogs!”

The corners of the others’ mouths twitched when they saw Yang Ye produce 200 more top-grade energy stones. Exactly how rich is he?

The veiled woman’s eyelids twitched as well because even she, one of the owners of the Ocean of Clouds Merchant Group wasn’t able to casually produce so many top-grade energy stones like Yang Ye had!

No matter what, the danger they faced seemed to have been resolved, and she didn’t have to hand Hongyu over. She naturally doted upon her younger brother and didn’t want him to live his life in pain!

Now that it had sufficient energy stones, the formations around the ship didn’t stop for a moment. Countless rays of light shot incessantly towards the surroundings, and a large number of mermen and mermaids were instantly blasted to death. That merman from before hurriedly gave the other for them to retreat, and he didn’t dare approach the ship again.

Yuan Yan and the others were delighted when they saw this scene. Because they felt that it was definitely the last energy stones that the Ocean of Clouds Merchant Group had. So, once this wave of attacks concluded, then the merchant group would definitely be out of energy stones. They refused to believe that the merchant group had brought over 1,000 top-grade energy stones with them on this rip!

So, they intended to attack once this wave of attacks came to an end!

“Yang Ye, you’re really rich!” An Xiaonan had suddenly appeared by Yang Ye’s side. However, she didn’t get too close to him. Obviously, she was still afraid of this ‘demon’!

“You’re thinking of robbing me?” said Yang Ye.

An Xiaonan hurriedly waved her hands and said, “Not now, only when I get back….” An Xiaonan had blurted it out by accident. She seemed extremely afraid that Yang Ye would attack her, so she hurriedly took a few steps back and didn’t dare speak another word.

Yang Ye rolled his eyes as her. She actually really intends to rob me….

Right at this moment, those rays of light had vanished. At the same time, Yuan Yan and the others attacked once more!

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