Chapter 494 – Rumbling Counterattack!

Almighty Sword Domain

Right when Yuan Yan’s group arrived within 300m of the ship, a few dozen rays of light had shot once more into the sky and charged towards their group. Yuan Yan’s expression changed when he saw these rays of light, whereas, the others by his side were horrified. They didn’t have the time to think as they hurriedly tore space apart and fled backward. However, there were still 6 of them that hadn’t been able to flee in time, and they were struck by the rays of light and blasted into nothingness.

“Dammit! How could they possibly have more top-grade energy stones!”

“Yuan Yan! Didn’t you say that they had none left?”

“Yuan Yan! Are you trying to kill all of us? Or perhaps your Skydevil Sect is exhausting our forces on purpose!?”

The other 8 Exalt Realm experts who survived the attack glared angrily at Yuan Yan. Yuan Yan was at the sixth rank of the Exalt Realm, so while those rays of light from the ship were dangerous to him, they weren’t life threatening. But it wasn’t the same for them. They weren’t even at the fifth rank of the Exalt Realm, so they were practically incapable of resisting such rays of light!

“How would I know that they still had more top-grade energy stones?” Yuan Yan spoke furiously. “I’m doing it on purpose? Have a good look! Even my Skydevil Sect lost 3 Exalt Realm experts!”

“Hmph! In any case, I won’t be attacking again. You, Yuan Yan, can do it yourself!” One of the old men spoke coldly because he would have probably lost his life just now if he were just a tad bit slower.

As soon as the old man spoke these words, then all the others besides Medusa who was from the Skydevil Sect as well had stood on the old man’s side. Obviously, they didn’t want to go give their lives away.

Yuan Yan gazed at the old man and said in a low voice, “Liu Xun, you should know who gave the order to pursue and kill Yang Ye. Would you and your sect be able to bear the responsibility if we let Yang Ye go?”

“Then why doesn’t your Skydevil Sect do it!?” Liu Xue said coldly, “Don’t act like we don’t know that the only reason your Skydevil Sect is working so hard is that the Mortal Emperor promised to make your Skydevil Sect the number one sect in the Ocean of Anarchy. Your Skydevil Sect would naturally do its best when there’s such a reward waiting for you. Yuan Yan, I’ll be frank. My Bluewave Sect won’t be participating in this anymore. We’ve lost 3 Exalt Realm experts, so we have an excuse even if the Mortal Emperor seeks to punish us!”

Yuan Yan’s expression was slightly unsightly as he glanced at the members of the Nebula Sect and Divine Mystery Sect. He said, “Your sects don’t intend to participate anymore as well?”

An elder of the Divine Mystery Sect said, “Yuan Yan, it isn’t that we refuse, but we’re utterly unable to do anything against that fellow, Yang Ye, right? How about we do it this way? If you, Yuan Yan, are able to destroy the offensive formations on that ship, then my Divine Mystery Sect will stay behind, alright?”

“I agree!” An elder of the Nebula Sect said, “Yuan Yan, we’re willing to continue pursuing Yang Ye with you if you’re able to deal with the ship’s formations. If you can’t, then I’m sorry. After all, we’ve lost numerous Exalt Realm experts, and it would be an extremely heavy blow to our sects if all of us were to perish here!”

Yuan Yan’s expression was gloomy. The Sect Master of his sect had instructed him to make sure that he killed Yang Ye because Yang Ye couldn’t be allowed to arrive at the central territory. He was full of confidence when he came here because he was at the sixth rank of the Exalt Rank and was even leading 20 Exalt Realm experts with him. Such a force could slaughter a sect, so wouldn’t it be extremely easy for them to kill an ant at the second rank of the Spirit Realm?>

However, the reality of the situation was that this ‘ant’ was even more difficult to deal with than a sect was! Yuan Yan slightly understood why the Mortal Emperor desired to kill Yang Ye. If such a monstrous genius were to be allowed to mature, then even the Mortal Emperor would probably be extremely fearful of him, right? If I’m unable to kill Yang Ye here, then the Mortal Emperor will probably be very disappointed in my Skydevil Sect, right?

He didn’t really mind if the Mortal Emperor were disappointed in his sect, but the terms that the Mortal Emperor had promised his sect would probably be gone!

When he thought of that, Yuan Yan stopped hesitating, and his figure flashed over to the sky above the ship. He gazed at the members of the merchant group and said, “Miss Ye, Yang Ye is someone the Mortal Emperor wants to kill. Aren’t you afraid of offending the Mortal Emperor if you continue helping him like this? I think that Miss Ye’s father would probably not support Miss Ye’s current actions, right?”

The veiled woman said, “We have no intention to become enemies with the Exalted Han Empire, but I believe Senior has noticed that my younger brother’s life is in Yang Ye’s hands. I have no choice but to do as he says.”

Yuan Yan’s face fell, and he said, “Then don’t blame me for showing no mercy!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yuan Yan suddenly slapped his right palm down towards the ship. A palm that was around 300m long flashed into appearance, and it caused the ocean below to be directly blasted up and was practically on the verge of drowning the ship.


The palm blasted upon the barrier of light which covered the ship. The entire ship sank down swiftly while countless waves shot into the air.

The expressions of everyone within the ship changed drastically!

Yang Ye gazed at the veiled woman. The latter hesitated slightly before she activated the formation again. In an instant, a few dozen rays of light shot into the air towards Yuan Yan.

A vicious expression flashed through Yuan Yan’s eyes as he slapped his right palm down once more, causing over a dozen rays of light to be instantly blasted into nothingness. However, there were still over 20 that didn’t slow down at all as they arrived before him. Yuan Yan’s expression change a little, and he stretched his hands forward as he suddenly shouted. “Spatial Cage!”

The rays of light suddenly froze on the spot!

Yang Ye’s face turned a little gloomy, and he waved his right hand once more, causing 100 top-grade energy stones to fall before the veiled woman. He said, “Attack! Blast him to death!”

The veiled woman glanced at Yang Ye before she activated the formation again.

Another few dozen rays of light shot into the sky again, and it caused Yuan Yan’s expression to change drastically. He didn’t dare go head on against them, and his figure flickered a few times before it appeared at the other side of the ship. He said, “Let me see exactly how many top-grade energy stones you have.” He slapped his palm down once more as he spoke these words.

Yang Ye had no choice but to admit that Yuan Yan’s strength was extremely formidable. Because Yuan Yan had actually been able to resist the formations on the entire ship by himself. However, Yang Ye could also discern that it wasn’t easy for Yuan Yan. After all, the destructive force of those rays of light were extremely terrifying, and even a sixth rank Exalt Realm expert like Yuan Yan would probably be heavily injured if he were to be struck by them!

Yang Ye knew that Yuan Yan was using his life to exhaust their top-grade energy stones. Because once they ran out, then it would be the moment of their deaths. However, would he run out of them?

Even though Yang Ye had a huge amount of them, he didn’t want to play such a game of exhaustion with Yuan Yan! Yang Ye grasped Void Flash while the profound energy within him surged. The members of the merchant group had noticed Yang Ye’s actions as well, and the corners of their mouths twitched. Could he be thinking of killing Yuan Yan? Yuan Yan is a sixth rank Exalt Realm expert after all!Yuan Yan had noticed Yang Ye’s actions as well, and his eyelids twitched. He was naturally afraid of that mysterious Dao Artifact in Yang Ye’s possession. After all, that sword was extremely mysterious. If it was at any other time, then he would be naturally confident in his ability to dodge the attacks of that sword since he was vigilant against it. However, just dealing with those rays of light was quite exhausting for him, so how could he possibly have the ability to be vigilant against Yang Ye’s attacks?

Yang Ye gradually raised Void Flash, and it caused Yuan Yan’s expression to change slightly. He stopped hesitating, slapped apart the ray of light in front of him, and then directly vanished on the spot.

Everyone on the ship was astounded. He was scared away just like that? A dignified sixth rank Exalt Realm expert was actually scared away just like that?

Yang Ye was slightly astounded. He fled just like that? But that’s fortunate as well. I can save my profound energy! After all, he exhausted a huge amount of profound energy with every swing of Void Flash!

Liu Xun and the others shook their heads when they saw Yuan Yan retreat in defeat, and they didn’t hesitate to leave. Besides the two members of the Skydevil Sect, everyone else tore space apart and left immediately. Since the formation of the ship couldn’t be eliminated, then it was utterly pointless for them to continue staying here because the slightest mistake might even cause them to perish!

So, they hadn’t hesitated to leave once Yuan Yan retreated in defeat!

Yuan Yan’s expression was slightly unsightly when he saw them leave. He’d intended to ask them to lend him a hand because he felt that the enemy’s top-grade energy stones had definitely arrived at its limits. So long as they all joined forces and exhausted a few more rounds of attacks, then Yang Ye would definitely die. However, he hadn’t expected that these fellows would actually run without saying a single word!

“What a bunch of trash!” Yuan Yan spoke with rage.

“Elder Yuan, are we still going to attack now?” asked Medusa as she stood by Yuan Yan’s side. Actually, she really wanted to leave because they were utterly incapable of killing Yang Ye now. Moreover, the slightest mistake might cause her to lose her life here. But she had no choice but to stay because she was a member of the Skydevil Sect, so she didn’t dare leave before Yuan Yan gave the order!

Yuan Yan fell silent for a short while before he shook his head and said, “He’ll be at the central territory in half a day from now, and we’ll be utterly unable to find him once he hides amongst the masses there. We’ve lost our best chance to kill him. Go back and notify the Sect Master that the assassination has failed.”

“Elder Yuan, are you not returning?” asked Medusa.

A cold glow flashed in his eyes as he said, “I have matters to attend to. You return first.”

Medusa nodded, and then she tore space apart and vanished on the spot.

Killing intent flashed through Yuan Yan’s eyes as he gazed at the ship on the ocean below. He was determined to kill Yang Ye because the Mortal Emperor had promised to make him an Imperial Honorary Elder of the Exalted Han Empire if he could kill Yang Ye. The benefits of such status were enormous. Not to mention anything else, just the 100 top-grade energy stones he could obtain every single month were tempting to him!

Moreover, he was tempted by the Dao Artifact in Yang Ye’s possession as well. If it was in his possession, then he was confident that he would be invincible in the Exalt Realm!

A savage smile suddenly appeared on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth when he saw that just Yuan Yan remained. He could only let the matter rest if Yuan Yan left. However, Yuan Yan had actually stayed behind, and he was even all by himself. He’s really courting death!

Yang Ye released Ye Liangchen and put the Immortal Binding Rope away before he said, “Go on ahead. I’ll catch up in a while!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the Ninth Hell Swordwings flapped behind Yang Ye, and he vanished on the spot! He was sure that the veiled woman would wait for him because those members of the Mermaid Clan hadn’t left, and they had to rely on him to resist the Mermaid Clan!

Yuan Yan was slightly stunned when he saw Yang Ye appear in front of him. This fellow came to give his life away?

However, his expression changed in next to no time because 3 black clothed figures had appeared around him!

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