Chapter 495 – Astonishment!

Almighty Sword Domain


The Immortal Binding Rope shot through space and instantly arrived in front of Yuan Yan, causing his expression to change slightly. He didn’t dare allow this Dao Artifact to bind him. He was just about to flash away when the space around him froze, and his expression changed again. He was naturally aware that it was caused by the Spatial Cage technique, and it was even more than one Spatial Cage!

He’s thinking of trapping me with Spatial Cages that are only at such a level? Yuan Yan felt disdainful in his heart. He suddenly pushed his hands forward, and then it sounded like glass was shattering as the Spatial Cage that the 3 of them created was instantly blasted apart. Moreover, even the Immortal Binding Rope had been blasted away by this attack!

Right at this moment, Yuan Yan’s pupils constricted while an unprecedentedly serious expression appeared on his face!

Because 4 swords had suddenly appeared around him. The four of them were connected by numerous rays of light, and they surrounded him at their center. With his discerning ability, he was naturally able to immediately discern that they were all Dao Artifacts, and they’d formed a formation that made even him feel severely threatened!

Exactly how many Dao Artifacts does he possess!? Yuan Yan cursed in his heart, and he didn’t dare act carelessly at all. The profound energy within him surged explosively and he was about to attack. Meanwhile, the four swords around him had suddenly started to revolve swiftly, and then countless rays of light flickered into appearance and enveloped Yuan Yan, causing Yuan Yan’s expression to change drastically!

“Ruin!” Yang Ye’s furious roar resounded from outside the sword formation while his countenance turned ghastly pale. However, his eyes were filled with a ruthless expression while a thin layer of golden film gradually floated up onto his body and remained beneath his clothes.

Along with Yang Ye’s shout, those rays of light around Yuan Yan had suddenly stopped moving. In the next moment, a bang resounded as they flashed over and instantly destroyed the space in the area where Yuan Yan stood. Countless pitch black rifts appeared there while a horrifying torrent of black energy surged there.

Yang Ye didn’t reveal a relaxed expression at all. Conversely, his expression grew even more solemn!

“Die!” Right at this moment, Yuan Yan shot out from amidst the rays of light created by the four Dao Artifacts, and he instantly arrived before Yang Ye before slapping his palm down towards Yang Ye’s chest. There was an extremely fierce glow on his palm. At this moment, Yuan Yan was in a slightly embarrassing state. His clothes had been completely cut apart into rags that revealed a large amount of his skin, and the exposed skin throughout his body and even his face were covered in bloody scars!

However, Yuan Yan had a smile of delight on his face because even an expert at the same realm of cultivation as him would find it impossible to avoid his attack, let alone Yang Ye. In other words, Yang Ye was dead. Once Yang Ye was dead, then those Dao Artifacts and the Natural Treasures Yang Ye possessed would be his!

He could be considered to be invincible in the Exalt Realm once he possessed all of them! So, Yuan Yan’s smile grew even more brilliant when he thought of that.

Yuan Yan hadn’t noticed that there was a smile on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth as well!


Yuan Yan’s palm slapped onto Yang Ye’s chest. Yang Ye didn’t move at all, and it caused Yuan Yan’s smile to freeze on the spot while disbelief surged into his eyes. Meanwhile, Yang Ye’s smile grew wider. Yang Ye was aware that the Ruin Sword Formation wouldn’t be able to kill Yuan Yan at all, and it would be able to heavily injure him at most. After all, Yuan Yan was even stronger than Ding Xiang! So, he’d activated the Mortal Emperor Armor while he utilized the sword formation!

Yuan Yan didn’t have the time to think, and his instincts urged him to evade. Meanwhile, the Immortal Binding Rope on Yang Ye’s arm seemed like a little snake that instantly coiled around Yuan Yan’s body. Horror appeared in Yuan Yan’s eyes when he noticed the profound energy within his body falling into a completely still state.

Right at this moment, Hong appeared behind him, and then a strand of cold light pierced through his back!

The color in Yuan Yan’s eyes vanished gradually, and his eyes were still filled with boundless unwillingness when he died.

Yang Ye instantly heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Yuan Yan perish. Because activating the Mortal Emperor Armor had completely exhausted all the profound energy that remained within his body. Fortunately, he’d predicted that would happen, and he’d withdrawn an extreme-grade energy stone and started to absorb the energy within it as soon as he activated the sword formation. That was why he wasn’t completely weak and paralyzed like he had been the other day!

Yang Ye couldn’t help but curse himself when he recalled the embarrassing state he was in after he killed Ding Xiang that day, and he really felt that he was an idiot. After all, if he’d planned everything well that day like he had just now, then he would have definitely not fallen to such a state.

Yang Ye shook his head and summoned the Sword Spirit before passing Yuan Yan’s corpse to her. Yuan Yan’s strength wasn’t bad at all, and he was extremely suitable to be refined into a Sword Servant. Even though he couldn’t subdue such a Sword Servant yet, he believed that he would be able to very soon.

“Quickly advance to the Exalt Realm. Once you’ve done that, then besides Monarch Realm experts, there’s probably not a single Exalt Realm expert in this world who’ll be able to kill you with ease! Moreover, you’ll be able to subdue even more Sword Servants once you’ve attained the Exalt Realm. In short, the Mortal Emperor won’t be able to use assassins against you once you’ve attained the Exalt Realm,” said the Sword Spirit.

Yang Ye nodded. He agreed with the Sword Spirit. Even though he could kill Exalt Realm experts now, he was relying on the Dao Artifacts and Sword Servants he possessed. Even if he didn’t have them, then he would absolutely be unable to kill Exalt Realm experts in a head-on collision. Even the most ordinary Exalt Realm experts. So, just like the Sword Spirit had said, he had to advance to the Exalt Realm as soon as possible!

Yang Ye took a deep breath and sat down cross-legged as he absorbed the energy within the energy stone in his palm. Even though he wanted to attain the Exalt Realm, he still had to take it one step at a time.

The energy within extreme-grade energy stones were extremely pure, and it surged incessantly into Yang Ye’s body like material threads of energy. After they entered his body, they were selected, eliminated, refined, and transformed into profound energy that slowly moved along his meridians and surged in the tiny vortex. Earlier, his profound energy had dried up, so the entrance of new profound energy instantly caused the blood within him to become lively once more.

Just like that, around an hour passed before Yang Ye’s profound energy had recovered. Moreover, he noticed that he’d advanced by a rank of cultivation and attained the third rank of the Spirit Realm. Besides that, he faintly showed signs of moving up and charging into the fourth rank of the Spirit Realm, but he’d suppressed that breakthrough.

Even though he wanted to attain the Exalt Realm as soon as possible, he wanted to maintain a solid foundation. Improvement of strength that was too fast would leave to potential troubles in the end. Especially when he’d once utilized a secret technique to forcefully increase his cultivation. At that time, he’d sensed that while it hadn’t really harmed his foundation, it had more or less affected it. So, taking it one step at a time and establishing a solid foundation was the most important to him.

Besides another Sword Servant and improving a rank in his cultivation, Yang Ye had gained one more thing from this battle, and it was a low-grade Heaven Rank technique that Yuan Yan carried with him — Titan’s Palm! Yang Ye was quite satisfied by this technique’s strength. After all, Yuan Yan had almost destroyed the defensive barrier of the ship when he executed it just now!

Even though it wasn’t a sword technique, it was still useful to Yang Ye.

After he put the technique away, Yang Ye didn’t stay here for another moment. The Ninth Hell Swordwings on his back flapped before he vanished on the spot.

On the ship which belonged to the Ocean of Clouds Merchant Group.

Ye Liangchen who’d woken up asked the veiled woman. “Big Sister, has that fellow, Yang Ye, really gone to kill Yuan Yan?” Ye Liangchen was overjoyed when he saw that the mermaid was still here when he woke up, and his impression of Yang Ye instantly skyrocketed when he found out that it was because of Yang Ye.

“He should have!” The veiled woman was slightly uncertain. Truthfully speaking, Yang Ye had completely overturned her understanding of monstrous geniuses. Even if it was in the central territory, only a handful of Spirit Realm experts were capable of killing Exalt Realm experts. So, if Yang Ye really killed Yuan Yan who was a sixth rank Exalt Realm expert, then he wasn’t someone that could just be described as a monstrous genius.

“I thought that even if I couldn’t defeat him, I should be able to fight him equally. But I never expected that the gap between us would be that huge. It’s really such a blow to my confidence!” Ye Liangchen sighed. As someone from the central territory, he looked down upon the profounders of the other territories just like everyone else in the central territory did. So, he didn’t really care even when he found out that Yang Ye had become the Sword Emperor. Only when he fought Yang Ye did he notice the gap between him and Yang Ye!

“He’s very strong. Even if it’s within my Mermaid Clan, no…. I should say that he’s at the top even if it’s throughout all the clans of Oceanic Creatures.” Hong Yu who was by Ye Liangchen’s side said, “But you shouldn’t lose heart. Even if there’s a gap between the two of you, it isn’t to the point that it warrants despair. You should make him your target and work hard to pursue his footsteps. Only in that way would you be able to grow stronger and stronger!”

Ye Liangchen smiled. He stretched out his hand to grab hers and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t lose heart because of him!”

Hong Yu grinned as she grabbed Ye Liangchen’s hand as well, and her eyes were filled with tender affection.

“Young Miss, are we really going to wait for him?” The old man by the veiled woman’s side said, “He’s a sworn enemy of Luo Jun’s. We shouldn’t allow ourselves to be swept into their enmity.”

The veiled woman said, “It’s already too late. It was too late since we activated the formations to attack those fellows from the Skydevil Sect and the other 3 sects. Now, we’re on the same boat as him!”

“We can give the Mortal Emperor an explanation!” said the old man.

“Do you think that he would believe it?” The veiled woman said, “Moreover, it doesn’t matter whether he believed it or not. Now that he has such an excuse, we’ll either have to submit to him or he will act against our merchant group. It’s impossible for us to stay neutral anymore!”

The old man shook his head upon hearing this. The Ocean of Clouds Merchant Group had originally maintained a neutral position and hadn’t been swept into the enmity between the Mortal Emperor and all the other territories. But even though they’d been forced to provide Yang Ye with assistance this time, would Luo Jun care about that? It was just as the veiled woman had said, it was impossible for their merchant group to remain neutral.

Right at this moment, a figure flashed through the sky, and then Yang Ye appeared before them.

Their expressions changed a little when they saw Yang Ye.

“Yang Ye, did you kill Yuan Yan?” An Xiaonan asked this question softly.

The others looked at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye didn’t answer An Xiaonan. He gazed at the veiled woman and said, “Miss Ye, how long more until we arrive at the central territory?”

The veiled woman looked ahead and said, “If those mermaids and mermen in the surroundings don’t obstruct us, then it’ll take six hours at most. However, if they do, then we’ll be delayed for a day or two because they’re able to affect the ocean or create storms!”

Yang Ye waved his hand, and then 300 top-grade energy stones appeared before the veiled woman. He said, “Go at full speed with the formations activated all along the way. Blast them to pieces!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye’s figure flashed into the air as he said, “Miss Ye, ask your companions to help me stop the attacks of some Exalt Rank Oceanic Creatures. I’m going to cook these fellows that are courting death!”

The veiled woman was stunned. She didn’t know what Yang Ye intended to do, but she didn’t refuse. She nodded to the others behind her, and then they flashed off into the sky.

Yang Ye nodded when he saw this. The Nether Ghostflame appeared with a flip of his palm, and a wisp of a ruthless expression flashed through his eyes as he gazed at the Oceanic Creatures in the distance before he tossed the Nether Ghostflame down towards the ocean.

“I’ll cook all of you today! Dogs of Luo Jun!”

The others were speechless when they heard this.

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