Chapter 496 – The Central Territory!

Almighty Sword Domain

The Nether Ghostflame spread swiftly upon falling into the ocean, and less than two breaths of time had passed when an area of over 500m had transformed into a flaming ocean and the water there had instantly started to boil. Some comparatively weaker members of the Mermaid Clan were instantly burnt alive, whereas, the remaining mermaids and mermen were horrified and hurriedly fled towards the depths of the ocean.

The surroundings were in a mess, and there were sorrowful howls resounding incessantly through the surroundings!

The members of the Ocean of Clouds Merchant Group had solemn expressions on their faces as they gazed at the ocean of flames. Moreover, their gazes towards Yang Ye were filled with fear.

Even the veiled woman’s eyes were filled with fear. At this moment, she recalled a saying — The Sword Emperor, an existence that destroys all techniques with a single strike and is invincible amongst those at the same realm of cultivation!

She hadn’t really believed these words in the past, especially when the Sword Emperor had appeared in the southern territory.

However, she had no choice but to believe it now!

My big brother is probably unable to defeat that fellow, right? An Xiaonan muttered softly as she gazed at Yang Ye who floated in midair.

Those experts of the merchant group who were fighting off the Exalt Realm Oceanic Creatures by Yang Ye’s side were extremely shocked as well. Even those Exalt Realm experts were the same. Because they sensed an extremely strong sense of danger from Yang Ye!

“AH!! Human! I’ll kill you!” Right at this moment, the merman from before suddenly roared furiously, and he pounced towards Yang Ye with his trident in hand and was even accompanied by some Exalt Rank Oceanic Creatures.

Yang Ye naturally had no intention to go head on against him because it was meaningless. Yang Ye waved his hand, and the Nether Ghostflame instantly transformed into a small clump of flames that entered in his body. His figure flashed off and descended onto the deck before he glanced at the veiled woman. She understood his intentions and activated the formation once more, causing a few dozen rays of light to charge into the air. That merman was horrified. He didn’t dare go head-on against the rays of light and hastily evaded them. However, two Exalt Rank experts by his side didn’t possess strength that could rival his, and they were struck by the rays of light and perished on the spot!

The merman was simply furious to the point flames almost sprayed from his eyes as he watched his clansmen perish. However, he didn’t dare to approach the ship, and he could only stare resentfully at Yang Ye from afar.

Yang Ye sized the ship up. Needless to say, it was a very extraordinary treasure indeed. Because it could even blast Exalt Realm experts to death with ease. Should I get one? But Yang Ye quickly gave up on this thought because it was utterly useless to him. After all, it could only be used on the ocean!

“Miss Ye, are there many ships like this one in the Ocean of Anarchy?” asked Yang Ye.

The veiled woman nodded and said, “There are over 10,000!”

“That many?” Yang Ye was astounded. If over 10,000 of them were to activate their formations at once…. He didn’t dare imagine how terrifying it would be.

The veiled woman said, “I know what you’re thinking. Actually, you might have not thought about it but while this ship is terrifying, its consumption of resources is extremely terrifying as well. Even some sects aren’t able to afford utilizing such ships. So, while there are many such ships throughout the Ocean of Anarchy, they aren’t terrifying. After all, no one would activate its formations like we did and exhaust over a thousand top-grade energy stones in a single day. We’re the first to do such a thing in the last 100 years!”

Yang Ye nodded. It was true because if he hadn’t obtained a fortuitous encounter and gained the treasures that the white dragon had accumulated for over thousands of years, he wouldn’t activate the formations on this ship no matter what. Because it truly burned up too many top-grade energy stones. Simply speaking, most sects or powers regarded such a ship as something they could afford to buy but couldn’t afford to use!

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment and asked another question. “Miss Ye, which power in the Ocean of Anarchy possesses the most of these ships?”

“The Ding Clan!” The veiled woman said, “They have control of practically 80% of all ships throughout the Ocean of Anarchy. They are true overlords here.”

The Ding Clan, huh? At this moment, he believed what Ding Shaoyao had told him that day. She said that if the Ding Clan wanted to, then the forces of the Exalted Han Empire wouldn’t be able to pass through the Ocean of Anarchy at all. Indeed, even though it would require a huge amount of top-grade energy stones, but with so many ships and coupled with the ability and reserves of the Ding Clan, it shouldn’t be a problem for those ships to be utilized a few times!

Not to mention a few times, even once wasn’t something that ordinary armies could endure!

The veiled woman suddenly said, “Young Master Yang, are you travelling to the central territory to head to the Saint Ruins in the wilds?”

Yang Ye was slightly surprised and said, “How did you know?”

She pondered deeply for a moment before she said, “Are you aware that the central territory is the Exalted Han Empire’s territory? Moreover, the 3 Ninth Rank Sects of the central territory have sided with the Exalted Hand Empire. Besides that some other extraordinary clans have shown faint signs of siding with the Exalted Han Empire as well. You can be said to be surrounded by enemies upon entering the central territory. To be frank, you’ll probably be unable to do anything upon arriving at the central territory with the strength you possess right now!”

Yang Ye fell silent. Actually, he was naturally aware of the difficulties that he would face! However, he had no choice. He had to continue forward. Even though he wasn’t afraid, he was clearly aware about what would be waiting for him once he arrived at the central territory. It would definitely be a pursuit to kill that was 10 times or even 100 times more terrifying than before.

But so what about that?

Yang Ye said, “I agree with Miss Ye. However, could it be that I should turn around and go back right now? I’ll move forward regardless of what awaits me ahead! They say that once the Mortal Emperor emerges, then all territories will submit to him as he’s the representative of the heavens! However, I, Yang Ye, refuse to do so! Let me see if the Mortal Emperor will have the last laugh, or I will!”

“Well said!” Meanwhile, An Xiaonan suddenly clapped and said, “Demon Yang, you’re right. I can’t stand the sight of that fellow, Luo Jun, as well! The Mortal Emperor? He’s just a despicable fellow. I would admire him if he came and defeated you in an upright manner. However, he used such despicable methods to kill you. I look down on him. Fortunately, my grandfather didn’t agree to cooperate with him!”

Demon Yang? The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched. She has really taken me to be a demon!

However, it made sense to him, in a way. After all, all his actions were done willfully, and he’d never considered right or wrong. So, how was it any different from the actions of those legendary demons of the human world?

The veiled woman hesitated for a moment before she said, “Young Master Yang can come to my Ye Clan to lay low for a while, if you so desire. Even though my Ye Clan is inferior to the Exalted Han Empire, it isn’t an existence that others can crush at will.”

She’d originally intended to cut all ties with Yang Ye. After all, she didn’t want to completely offend the Exalted Han Empire. However, she’d decided to show favor to Yang Ye after giving it some thought. Because she felt that the Mortal Emperor may not be able to eliminate Yang Ye!

Once Yang Ye survived and matured, then it would be equivalent to obtaining the friendship of an extraordinary expert for the Ye Clan!

Yang Ye was slightly surprised by this. Because she actually dared to do that when she knew that his enemy was the Exalted Han Empire. Needless to say, he felt that she was very brave. He said, “Miss Ye, I appreciate your kind intentions, but it’ll be extremely harmful to your Ye Clan if I were to go there now. Moreover, I have to reach the Saint Ruins as soon as possible!”

She wanted to say something when the old man by her side suddenly said, “Young Miss, we’re at the central territory!”

Yang Ye raised his eyes to look over when he heard this, and he saw an expanse of grand buildings had appeared within his field of vision.


The Ninth Hell Swordwings appeared on his back.

He knew that there were probably countless fellows waiting for him on the shore. So, he had no choice but to flee for his life again. Even though it was slightly aggrieving, what could he do when he’d come into his enemy’s territory?

Right at this moment, the veiled woman suddenly withdrew a talisman and a sheepskin scroll before passing it to Yang Ye. She said, “Young master Yang, this is a high-grade Random Teleportation Talisman and a map of the central territory. Both of them should be quite useful to you right now!”

Yang Ye glanced at her, and then he grinned. He didn’t refuse it and took it from her as he said, “I’ll remember this kindness!”

The veiled woman said, “Take care!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then his figure flashed into the sky. Right at this moment, over a dozen figures suddenly appeared on the distant shore, and they flashed swiftly towards Yang Ye.

All of them were Exalt Realm experts! Moreover, there were even 5 of them at the fifth rank of the Exalt Realm or above!

Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched. Luo Jun has really set up a huge net for me!

Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to crush the talisman in his grasp, and then a wave of light flickered before he vanished on the spot. Yang Ye had just vanished when those Exalt Realm experts arrived where he was just standing!

“Dammit! He actually had a Random Teleportation Talisman!” A middle aged man had a gloomy expression as he cursed. He would have been able to obtain 1,000 top-grade energy stones from killing Yang Ye, but such a reward was gone just like that. He was furious to the point of wanting to kill someone right here and now!

In next to no time, he shot his gaze towards the ship of the Ocean of Clouds Merchant Group, and his eyes flickered with a ferocious glow. He was just about to attack them when another Exalt Realm expert by his side had suddenly stopped him and said, “That’s a ship which belongs to the Ocean of Clouds Merchant Group. Don’t be rash, otherwise, all of us will die if we offend that old madman from the Ye Clan!”

The middle aged man’s eyelids twitched when he heard the name — the Ocean of Clouds Merchant Group. The killing intent in his heart instantly vanished as he said, “That fellow, Yang Ye, hasn’t gone far. Let’s split up. We’ll definitely be able to catch up to him with the speed we possess!”

“Split up?” One of them frowned and said, “According to rumor, he has the strength to kill Exalt Realm experts. Wouldn’t it be….”

“You even fucking believe that nonsense?” The middle aged man said furiously, “A Spirit Realm profounder killing an Exalt Realm expert? Do you think he’s the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor from all those years ago! I believe that his strength isn’t bad, but I refuse to believe he’s able to kill Exalt Realm experts! It’s probably just a groundless rumor that makes him seem that extraordinary!”

The others thought for a moment and felt that it made sense as well. Indeed, it was too inconceivable for a second rank Spirit Realm profounder to kill Exalt Realm experts. In any case, they’d never witnessed something like that throughout their entire lifetimes!

Their figures flashed towards different directions, and they vanished in the blink of an eye.

Ye Liangchen said, “Big Sister, they seem to be independent cultivators. Looks like Luo Jun has issued a bounty on Yang Ye in the entire central territory!”

The veiled woman nodded and didn’t say anything.

After just around 10 minutes of time, the news of the Sword Emperor, Yang Ye’s, arrival at the central territory had spread through the central territory like a plague. Countless independent cultivators of the central territory started to search madly for Yang Ye, and it even included profounders at the Spirit Realm, King Realm, and even the First Heaven Realm!

Because the compensation for the bounty on Yang Ye that the Exalted Han Empire issued had been increased from 1,000 top-grade energy stones to 3,000. Moreover, it even included 2 low-grade Heaven Rank techniques and a low-grade Heaven Rank Dark Treasure!

The entire central territory was instantly stirred by Yang Ye’s arrival!

— End of Book Four —

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