Chapter 497 – The Slaughter Begins!

Almighty Sword Domain

Book 5 — Sword Demon

Yang Ye’s reputation in the southern territory was huge, and it was to the extent that he was known to all and feared by all. However, many people in the central territory didn’t know Yang Ye, or it should be said that they weren’t aware of Yang Ye’s true strength. Even though they knew that Yang Ye was the Sword Emperor, Yang Ye was only a Spirit Realm profounder in their opinion, so even if he were a monstrous genius, how monstrous could he be?

Besides that, the rewards provided by the Exalted Han Empire was truly too tempting, and many weren’t able to refuse it at all nor did they want to refuse it. Especially the independent cultivators, it was an opportunity that couldn't be chanced upon in a thousand years to them. They just had to kill Yang Ye and their fates would be changed. Thus, countless independent cultivators had started to search all over for Yang Ye.

It wasn’t just independent cultivators, even the experts of some clans and sects were tempted by the rewards. 3,000 top-grade energy stones might not be anything great in the Exalted Han Empire, but it was quite a large sum of wealth to some clans and sects. Most importantly, they just had to kill a Spirit Realm profounder to obtain such wealth!

A Spirit Realm profounder? Such an ant could be annihilated with a flick of their fingers….

Yang Ye felt the world around him spin, and it made him feel slightly dizzy. He didn’t know how long had passed before that feeling vanished, and he opened his eyes. However, he couldn’t help but feel stunned. Where the heck am I?

At this moment, Yang Ye was within a room, and the room was suffused by the faint fragrance of flowers that gladdened the heart and refreshed the mind. There was a dressing table, a pink canopy…. Yang Ye just had to take a single glance to realize that it was the bedroom of a woman. Yang Ye was instantly speechless when he realized that he’d been randomly teleported into the room of a woman. Could my luck with women be that good?

Yang Ye didn’t want to be mistaken as someone who’d snuck into the room of a woman with ill intent, so he turned around with the intention of leaving. However, right at this moment, a voice suddenly resounded from outside the room, and it caused the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth to twitch. He had no choice but to stop.

“Wan’er, Chen Yu has attained the seventh rank of the Spirit Realm at such a young age, and he’s even an elite disciple of Skymist Sect. Not to mention in Needless City, he’s an outstanding genius throughout the central territory or even throughout Profounder Continent! If you marry him, then you’ll be the madam of the Chen Clan once he attains the Exalt Realm and takes control of it. If you miss such a good candidate and such good conditions, then you’ll regret it for your entire lifetime!”

A middle aged man was standing outside the door of the room while he tried his best to convince the woman standing before him.

The woman was around the age of 20, wore a light green dress, and had wave hair that hung down to her shoulders. She was graceful and beautiful, but she seemed to be weak and delicate.

The woman didn’t answer the middle aged man when she heard him, and she just lowered her head slightly while her eyes drooped.

The middle aged man persuaded. “Wan’er, Chen Yu has had deep feelings for you for a very long time. So he will absolutely not disappoint you if you marry him. Moreover, our Lu Clan will be protected in Needless City once you’ve married him, and no one will dare to rashly bully us.”

Lu Wan’er still remained silent, and she clenched her dress tightly.

The middle aged man sighed lightly, and he hesitated for a moment before he asked. “Wan’er, is it because you like someone else?”

“How dare you!” Right at this moment, a young man in luxurious robes appeared outside the entrance to the house.

A wisp of fear flashed within Lu Wan’er’s eyes when she saw him, and she instinctively took 2 steps back.

“Young Master Chen, what brought you here today?” The middle aged man was stunned before he spoke with a smile on his face.

Chen Yu walked over to them. He paid no attention to the middle aged man and just gazed at Lu Wan’er as he said, “Wan’er, you’ve been constantly avoiding me. Do you really like someone else?”

Lu Wan’er was clearly very terrified of this man, and she took two more steps back and didn’t dare look at him at all.

A fierce glow flashed through Chen Yu’s eyes as he said, “Wan’er, you should be aware of my feelings. I’ll kill you if I find out that you’ve betrayed me!”

Lu Wan’er clenched her dress tightly while her body trembled slightly.

Chen Yu suddenly smiled and said, “Alright. Wan’er, I came here today to tell you that our wedding has to be delayed. Just stay at home and wait for me to come marry you once I’m done!”

“It has to be delayed?” The middle aged man was puzzled. “Young Master Chen, why?”

Chen Yu said, “Uncle, you’ve probably heard of Yang Ye, right?”

“The Sword Emperor, Yang Ye? What about him?” The middle aged man was puzzled.

Chen Yu spoke with disdain. “The Sword Emperor? He’s just a sword cultivator from a trash territory. He can dominate the southern territory, but he’s nothing once he’s here at the central territory. I’m just quite curious about why the Exalted Han Empire would give such a huge reward for his head. But it doesn’t matter because with the reputation it possesses, the Exalted Han Empire would probably not go back on its word!”

“Young Master Chen, you intend to kill Yang Ye?” The middle aged man spoke with surprise.

“Of course!” Chen Yu smiled and said, “I’m not the only one. The outer court disciples of my Skymist Sect and even the disciples of my Chen Clan have gone to look for him. If I’m able to obtain those 3,000 top-grade energy stones and those Heaven Rank techniques and treasures, then I’m confident in my ability to attain the Exalt Realm in 5 years at most!”

The middle aged man hesitated before he said, “Since that fellow, Yang Ye, was able to become the Sword Emperor, then I presume his strength should be not bad. Moreover, he definitely possesses some sort of shocking trump card, otherwise, it would be impossible for him to arrive at the central territory. Besides that, the Exalted Han Empire wouldn’t have provided such abundant rewards for his life. Young Master Chen, I think that you should be careful. It’s best not to go looking for Yang Ye. Let others test his strength first. That’s a safer method!”

Chen Yu spoke with displeasure. “That fellow is only a second rank Spirit Realm profounder while I’m at the seventh rank of the Spirit Realm. Uncle, do you think that I’m inferior to him?”

“That’s not what I meant….”

The middle aged man intended to speak further but Chen Yu interrupted him with a wave of his hand. He said, “Uncle, just get everything done. I’ll marry Wan’er once I return. Once Wan’er is married to me, then not one within Needless City will dare to act against your Lu Clan.” When he spoke up to this point, he gazed at Lu Wan’er and said, “Wan’er, just stay at home during this period of time and wait calmly for me to marry you. Understand?”

“I… I don’t want to get married!” Suddenly, Lu Wan’er raised her head and gazed at Chen Yu. Even though there was fear in her eyes, there was firmness that allowed no doubt in her words.

“What did you say!?” Chen Yu’s face suddenly fell. In his impression of her, this woman had never dared to speak to him at all, yet now that she had, she’d actually said that she didn’t want to marry him!

Lu Wan’er instantly took a few steps back when she heard this shout of his. However, a firm expression still remained in her eyes as she said, “I… I don’t like you, and I don’t want to marry you!”

“Wan’er, what nonsense is that!? Quickly apologize to Young Master Chen!” Meanwhile, the middle aged man had recovered from his shock, but he was still extremely surprised in his heart. After all, his daughter had done everything he said in the past, so it made him wonder why she’d suddenly changed! Is it because I’ve been too hard on her?

Lu Wan’er’s eyes were instantly filled with tears when the middle aged man shouted at her, and then she glanced at the middle aged man before she turned around, pushed the door open, and ran into the room. However, she was stunned right after that.

The middle aged man and Chen Yu were stunned as well upon following her in.

Yang Ye was speechless. He really wanted to hide but this room was only that big, so where could he hide?


Suddenly, Chen Yu raised his hand and slapped Lu Wan’er, causing the latter to be instantly struck flying. Chen Yu’s expression was slightly ferocious as he said, “Bitch! I never expected that you’ve really betrayed me, and you even brought a man into your room! Tell me! Have you done it with him a very long time ago” At this moment, Chen Yu was extremely furious. After all, even he hadn’t entered Lu Wan’er’s bedroom!

The middle aged man was utterly stunned as well. Obviously, he’d never imagined that there would be another man in his daughter’s room!

Yang Ye walked slowly over to Lu Wan’er, and then he helped her up. Right at this moment, a gust of wind assaulted Yang Ye from behind, and it caused him to frown. A ray of light shot out from the sword chest on his back, and a cry of pain resounded as Chen Yu’s arm flew off into the air.

“AH! My hand! My hand!!!” Chen Yu roared with pain.

The father and daughter pair of the Lu Clan were stunned.

Yang Ye paid no attention to Chen Yu. He placed his hand on Lu Wan’er’s swollen face, and then the violet profound energy within his body surged slightly as he said, “You must realize that saying no to someone stronger than you requires strength to be accomplished. You’ll suffer if you don’t possess such strength, just like this very moment. Understand?”

Lu Wan’er gazed at Yang Ye while a glow that had never appeared before in her eyes had suddenly appeared there. At this moment, she seemed to have understood something.

“AH! Who exactly are you…?” Chen Yu looked at Yang Ye with horror. He wanted to run, but he felt an indescribable force lock onto him as soon as he’d aroused such a thought. He knew that he would immediately lose his life if he dared to run right now!

Yang Ye withdrew his palm, turned around, and gazed at Chen Yu as he said, “Didn’t you want to look for me?”

Chen Yu was stunned, and then his expression changed drastically as he gazed at Yang Ye with astonishment and said, ‘You… you’re the Sword Emperor, Yang Ye!”

The middle aged man’s expression changed as well. The Sword Emperor, Yang Ye, is actually that strong!“Besides your own sect, there are other sects who are coming after me?” asked Yang Ye.

“Haha!! Do you think that I would tell you? You….” Suddenly, Chen Yu’s voice stopped abruptly because a huge hole had appeared on his chest, and a strand of Sword Intent instantly minced his internal organs into pieces.

“I only allowed you to live because I wanted to know something. But you refused to tell me. Then your life has no meaning anymore!” Yang Ye shook his head, turned around, and walked towards the door.

When he arrived at the door, Yang Ye suddenly stopped and gazed at Lu Wan’er. He hesitated for a moment before he flicked his wrist and tossed a scroll towards her while he said, “If you want to take control of your own fate, then you must possess formidable strength, otherwise, you’ll always be at the mercy of others!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye grabbed Chen Yu’s corpse and vanished from the room.

Lu Wan’er clenched tightly onto the scroll in her hand while she gazed at Yang Ye’s back, and a strange glow that had never appeared in her eyes flashed through them.

Yang Ye didn’t know that a random decision he made would give birth to a new Sword Emperor a few dozen years later. Moreover, he’d never imagined that this future Sword Emperor would give him a huge headache.

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