Chapter 503 – The King of Spears!

Almighty Sword Domain

“I want to become as strong as you!”

That was what Lu Wan’er said before she left.

Yang Ye just stared blankly at her vanished figure. He knew that she wasn’t joking because he saw the same firmness and resolution he had in her eyes. With her disposition, she should have stayed at home, enjoyed the warmth and comfort there, and received the care and protection of others. But the cruelty of reality caused her to have no choice but to experience hardships and lay eyes upon the most ruthless side of society.

In short, she was an unlucky woman. No, to a certain extent, she should be considered as lucky. Because it was very likely that she would be able to take control of her fate in the future and prevent herself from being at the mercy of others. How many people could truly take control of their fate and destiny on this continent which respected the strong?

Yang Ye didn’t let her head to the southern territory by herself, and he’d sent out his newest Sword Servant, that City Governor of Needless City, to escort her. So, unless someone targeted her on purpose, it shouldn’t be a problem for her to arrive at the southern territory while protected by an Exalt Realm expert.

Yang Ye withdrew his gaze and looked at the Pseudo Dao Artifact in his hand, Frostlight. It was around 1m long, dark blue in color, and it emanated extreme coldness. Yang Ye’s profound energy surged into it, and then a dazzling and icy cold glow instantly erupted from the sword before the ground around him was immediately covered in ice!

A freezing effect? Yang Ye was quite surprised. He hadn’t expected that this sword would actually possess the ability to freeze. He hesitated for a moment before he stretched out his hand to touch its blade, and his fingers were instantly frozen in ice. At the same time, a strand of ghastly coldness instantly assaulted him, and he couldn’t help but shudder because of it. The coldness he experienced and the ice on his fingers were only dispersed upon activating his Sword Intent!

Yang Ye wasn’t just surprised this time, he was slightly shocked. He hadn’t expected its freezing effect to actually be so formidable. Because even he felt threatened by it. Of course, it was much more inferior to Void Flash, but the consumption of this sword was far lower than Void Flash. Even though he couldn’t swing it without any worries at his current cultivation, he could still use it like Dragonbone with the help of extreme-grade energy stones!

At this moment, Yang Ye felt quite lucky. He felt lucky that he’d comprehended 9th level Sword Intent, otherwise, he would have definitely been at a disadvantage in that battle with Qin Chuan! The freezing effect of this sword was similar to the effect of Sword Intent. It was capable of suppressing the enemy’s mobility, and it could even freeze the enemy.

It could be said that the suppressive ability of this sword’s freezing effect was even greater than 5th level Sword Intent. Of course, one had to possess exceptional ability to utilize this sword. For example, he was able to utilize it because he possessed 9th level Sword Intent and didn’t fear suffering backlash from Frostlight’s freezing effect. However, an ordinary Spirit Realm profounder would probably become frozen before even being able to harm the enemy!

In short, this sword was a good gain!

Yang Ye didn’t continue on his way this time. He stood on the spot, closed his eyes, and released his consciousness into the surroundings. He opened his eyes a short while later while a strand of bewilderment flashed through his eyes. The Sword Spirit appeared by his side with a wave of his right hand, and then he asked. “According to that City Governor of Huntsman City, the Exalted Han Empire has known of my whereabouts since I arrived at the central territory. I utilized my divine sense earlier yet wasn’t able to notice anyone following me. What exactly is going on? Could it be that a Monarch Realm expert is keeping track of my whereabouts?”

Yang Ye wasn’t able to accept his whereabouts being in the hands of his enemy because that would put him in a passive position.

The Sword Spirit swept the surroundings with her gaze. Suddenly, she raised her head and looked into the sky. She pondered deeply for a moment before she said, “If I’m not wrong, then something is watching you from the sky.”

Yang Ye raised his head and looked up. The sky was clear blue, and there was nothing there besides a few clouds. However, he didn’t think the Sword Spirit was lying to him. So, he hesitated for a moment before the Ninth Hell Swordwings flapped on his back, and he flashed into the sky. After he arrived 300m high in the air, Yang Ye’s divine sense swept out once more, yet he still didn’t notice anything, and it made him even more bewildered.

“Go up further!” Meanwhile, the Sword Spirit arrived by Yang Ye’s side, and her gaze shot towards a cloud that was floating in the sky.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly as he gazed at that cloud. A ray of light shot out from the blue sword chest, and it instantly arrived beneath the cloud before it minced it up into pieces. Right at the instant it was destroyed, a large silver eagle shot out from within it, and it flapped its wings as it dived down towards Yang Ye. At the same time, two golden rays of light suddenly shot out from its golden eyes. Those rays of light were extremely swift and instantly arrived above Yang Ye!

An Exalt Rank demon beast! Yang Ye’s expression changed slightly. He hadn’t expected that the eagle would actually be a demon beast at the Exalt Rank. No wonder it was able to fly up so high and conceal itself so well.

Yang Ye waved his hand and a strand of sword qi shot out violently before instantly shattering those two rays of light. At the same time, his figure flashed and transformed into a ray of light that shot towards the silver eagle!


The silver eagle emanated a sharp and ear piercing cry before countless rays of golden light erupted from its eyes. On the other hand, Yang Ye swung Frostlight swiftly, and his sword qi covered the heavens and the earth as they shot off towards the golden rays of light.


Numerous explosions resounded incessantly through the sky while countless waves of air swept out in succession, causing even space to tremble.

Finally, both of them collided. Yang Ye’s sword stabbed onto the silver eagle’s claw, and it caused his expression to change because his arm felt slightly numb. Obviously, he’d underestimated its strength, and it was just this instant of surprise that allowed the silver eagle to wrap its claw around Frostlight. However, right at this moment, a strand of bone piercing coldness suddenly erupted from the sword, causing the eagle to instantly release it, dive down, and claw at Yang Ye’s hand.

Obviously, the silver eagle intended to claw through Yang Ye’s head, but it failed because Yang Ye’s head was as hard as its claws. Yang Ye grabbed one of its claws with his left hand, and then he stabbed Frostlight at the eagle’s stomach.


His sword wasn’t able to pierce through the eagle’s stomach, but his 9th level Sword Intent surged out in the next moment, and then it instantly enveloped the silver eagle.

After that, Yang Ye twisted his wrist, and a hissing sound resounded as Frostlight pierced through the eagle’s stomach.

The eagle closed its eyes slowly.

On the ground, Yang Ye shook his head as he gazed at the eagle in his hand. How nice would it be if the little fellow were here! He wouldn’t have to do anything if the little fellow were here because she would only have to wave her claw before this formidable silver eagle would probably lay prone on the ground in submission!

Little Fellow…. A trace of a smile appeared on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth when he thought of that fluffy violet colored little fellow. Looks like I need to find the opportunity to travel to the demon territory. The Demon Emperor said that the little fellow would be able to take human form after she receives that inheritance of hers. I really look for to that!

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and gave the silver eagle to the Sword Spirit as he said, “It should be possible to refine it into a Sword Servant, right?”

The Sword Spirit glanced at it before she nodded.

Yang Ye’s smile grew even wider when he saw this. With this silver eagle as a Sword Servant of his, it would be almost impossible for others to launch a sneak attack or ambush against him! Moreover, its strength was very formidable as well, so it would be of great help to him once it was made into a Sword Servant!

It was like killing two birds with one stone!

Yang Ye sat cross-legged on the ground, withdrew two extreme-grade energy stones, and started to absorb the energy within them. He felt like he was about to attain a breakthrough during the battles just now. At this moment, his cultivation had arrived at a critical point, and it was impossible to suppress anymore. Since it couldn’t be suppressed, then it was time to advance!


The wilds.

“Mortal Emperor, we’ve lost contact with the Godvision Eagle!”

“It’s fine!”

“Should we send more to follow him?”

“There’s no need for that. You would just be sending them to their deaths. It’s not easy to obtain them, so don’t waste them on Yang Ye. Spread my order. Anyone who killed Yang Ye will be rewarded with 8,000 top-grade energy stones, 3 mid-grade Heaven Rank techniques, 3 mid-grade Heaven Rank dark treasures, and the position of City Governor over a city with 5,000,000 residents. Besides that, notify the southern territories Flower Palace that now is the best time if they want to take revenge. Moreover, notify the sects and the two An Clans that once the southern territory is subdued, then the one who killed Yang Ye would have priority to choose from the various places throughout southern territory that possess abundant energy!”


Luo Jun stood up slowly from his seat, and he walked off towards the door. The area 3km ahead within his field of vision was completely blurry, and his expression was solemn as he gazed at it. Because that area was where the ruins left behind by Saint Liu Yun resided. Besides Saint Liu Yun’s inheritance, the World Portrait resided there as well!

“The World Portrait…. Haha!”


Yang Ye opened his eyes, and then his lips parted slightly as he spat out a mouthful of foul air.

The fourth rank of the Spirit Realm. Hehe, I’ve taken another step forward! Yang Ye chuckled before he gazed at the Sword Spirit, and she nodded slightly before she waved her right hand. The silver eagle appeared before Yang Ye, and then his spiritual energy bore into its forehead….

Around 10 minutes later, another pair of eyes which belonged to Yang Ye resided in the sky.

This pair of eyes far exceeded Yang Ye’s expectations because he noticed that they could actually clearly see everything within an area of 250km. Even an ant was clearly visible before this pair of eyes. Yang Ye couldn’t help but shudder when he thought about how such a terrifying pair of eyes had been locked onto him!

Fortunately, they belonged to him now! So, it wasn’t he who should be worried but those who came to kill him!

Yang Ye chuckled, and then the Ninth Hell Swordwings flapped behind him before he vanished on the spot.

The demon territory!

“Sun Piercer!” A man with hair that hung down to his shoulders leaped up into the air on the peak of a mountain. His spear was like a scorching sun that carried dazzling and resplendent golden light as he tossed it swiftly towards the ground below. The spear left a golden trail of light behind it as it descended like a meteor, and it shot explosively towards an enormous mountain-sized white colored tiger which resided on the ground below!


It raised its head and roared furiously before swiftly slapping its claws on the ground. The entire mountain trembled violently while its figure leaped up and pounced towards the spear.


The two of them had just collided with each other when the spear pierced into the tiger, and the spear carried it along as it embedded itself into the ground.


That entire area on the mountain instantly rumbled and exploded apart when the spear descended there while carrying the white tiger along with it, and it caused a huge amount of dust and dirt to suffuse the air.

The man descended by the white tiger’s corpse before he gestured with his right hand, and the spear which was lodged within the white tiger’s body transformed into a silver ray of light that flew into his grasp.

“Too weak. So the four great Divine Beast Clans aren’t really great. Looks like I have no choice but to look for the Dragon Clan to train on!” The man shook his head, turned around, and left. However, he’d just taken a few steps when the space before him fluctuated violently. It was caused by a transmission talisman.

The man frowned a short while later and said, “The Sword Emperor? Invincible amongst those of the same realm of cultivation? There actually isn’t a single disciple in the sect who’s a match for him? Interesting! I never expected that such a genius would have actually appeared in the central territory while I’ve been in the demon territory for the last few years. Interesting…. I hope he isn’t too weak, or it would be too boring!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the man tore space apart and vanished on the spot.

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