Chapter 504 – Martial World City!

Almighty Sword Domain

Martial World City.

It could only be considered as a small city amongst the numerous cities throughout the Exalted Han Empire, and it only had a little over 5 million residents. However, this small city was very famous because its residents held extremely high regard for martial strength. Practically every single resident of the city was a profounder. This was also the reason why Martial World City became the city which was most difficult to manage throughout the numerous cities in the Exalted Han Empire. Because not a single City Governor of Martial World City had been able to live for more than a year!

The current City Governor’s name was Xia Yinghou, and he was a second rank Exalt Realm expert. However, he was an exception because he’d lived for 2 years since he assumed the position of City Governor. Of course, this wasn’t because he was at the Exalt Realm, and it was because he had a good elder sister instead. His elder sister was a concubine of the Exalted Han Empire’s Emperor!

It was exactly why Xia Yinghou had lived a peaceful life for the last two years, but that was all. Because he wasn’t able to manage anything within the city. Moreover, his older sister had told him not to interfere with anything within the city. Because the inhabitants of Martial World City were formidable, and the distribution of powers here was very complicated. So, the slightest mistake would be equivalent to eternal damnation!

Xia Yinghou was very aggrieved and depressed from being a governor with no actual authority. Because he desired to attain great accomplishments in his lifetime. Unfortunately, he was unable to interfere in anything within the city. However, his opportunity had arrived!

“Good! Very good! Haha…. It has been two years now, and the opportunity that I, Xia Yinghou, have been waiting for has finally arrived!”

Xia Yinghou paced up and down incessantly within a room in the City Governor’s Estate. His hands were clenched tightly while his face was covered in excitement and delight.

Just a while ago, Xia Yinghou received word from his elder sister. She told him that the Sword Emperor, Yang Ye, would be passing through Martial World City, and that he must capture Yang Ye. Even if he couldn’t capture Yang Ye alive, it was alright to bring Yang Ye’s corpse back. Moreover, she said that the Mortal Emperor, Luo Jun, would definitely give him an important position if he were able to deal with Yang Ye at Martial World City!

Of course, the thing that delighted him the most was that because Yang Ye was passing through Martial World City and for the sake of capturing Yang Ye here, the Emperor of the Exalted Han Empire had given him command of all the troops throughout the city. Moreover, the Emperor had even ordered the sects and clans within the sect to cooperate with him. In other words, the entire city could truly be considered to be under his control now! Of course, he’d never thought about how long it would last!

However, there was one thing that he was certain of. If he was able to capture Yang Ye or kill Yang Ye, then he would definitely have a better future even if he couldn’t really take control over Martial World City!

In short, it was time to change his destiny!

“Notify everyone to gather outside the estate!” Xia Yinghou walked out of his room in high spirits.

Outside the City Governor’s Estate.

At this moment, countless profounders were gathered outside the City Governor’s Estate. All of them were residents of the city, and there were many at the Mortal Realm. However, there were also those at the First Heaven Realm, King Realm, and even many at the Spirit Realm.

“Everyone, I gathered all of you here today to tell you that the Sword Emperor from the southern territory, Yang Ye, is going to be passing through our city. I presume that all of you are familiar with him, right? Yes, he slaughtered the City Governor and thousands of troops in Needless City, and he annihilated the guards and City Governor of Huntsman City as well. Moreover, I heard that he’s even unscrupulous to the point of killing even children, the elderly, and women. Everywhere he passes, corpses cover the ground while blood forms into rivers. Now, he’s going to arrive at our Martial World City. So, what do all of you think we should do!?”

Xia Yinghou stood before the door to his estate while he gave an inspiring speech, and he even utilized his profound energy to enhance his voice and waved his hands about incessantly in order to be even more inspiring!

“Yang Ye? That Sword Emperor who came from a barbaric area like the southern territory? Tsk, tsk. He’s really overestimating his strength. A sword cultivator from such a savage place actually dares to call himself the Sword Emperor and even dares to run wild in our central territory? He’s truly courting death!”

“I heard that the reward for killing him is 8,000 top-grade energy stones, and a few mid-grade Heaven Rank techniques and treasures. Right, it even provides the position of city governor for a city with around 5 million residents. Tsk, tsk. Such rewards…. Haha! That fellow’s life is mine. Don’t fight me for it! Hahaha!!”

“He actually dared to come to our central territory and even dares to pass through our Martial World City. He’s really courting death. Does he think our Martial World City is a trash city like Needless City and Huntsman City? Hmph! It’s fine if he doesn’t come, but if he dares to, then I’ll definitely make him stay here forever. In any case, I just happen to be lacking energy stones!”

“I heard Yang Ye’s strength isn’t bad….”

“So what if it is? Could he be able to slaughter our entire city? Does he even have the ability? Even if he’s a ninth rank Exalt Realm expert, he still has to bow before us once he’s in Martial World City!”

“Indeed. We can’t allow that barbarian to run wild in our city no matter what!”

Xia Yinghou nodded with satisfaction as he gazed at the furious crowd, and then he said, “Everyone, I’ve obtained news that he has entered our city. So, I’ve ordered for the anti-flight formation to be activated and the four city gates to be closed. Now, we just have to find Yang Ye in the city and kill him. I’ll order my subordinates to post up Yang Ye’s portrait throughout the city, so all of you can go have a look. Haha! Glory and wealth are right before your grasps, and its just a matter of whether all of you are able to grab onto it!”

A robed man within the crowd who wore a cloak raised his head to gaze at Xia Yinghou, and his eyes were filled with bewilderment. The man was Yang Ye. He’d entered Martial World City a while back, and he intended to leave it without making a sound. However, he hadn’t expected that the city gates would be suddenly closed, and the anti-flight formation was activated as well!

He was very puzzled by that development. When he heard the city governor of Martial World City right now, he finally understood that it was done intentionally. However, he felt even more bewildered because he wondered how this fellow, the city governor, could have possibly found out that he was at Martial World City? After all, he was sure that nothing was following him!

Could a Monarch Realm expert have made a move?

Yang Ye’s face sank when he thought up to this point. Because if it was like that, then he would be in a very bad situation. Even if he couldn’t win against an Exalt Realm expert, he could still run from that expert. But if it was a Monarch Realm expert, then he wouldn’t even have the chance to run!

Yang Ye fell silent for a moment before he put the ancient sheath away, and then he turned around and left. Regardless of whether it was a Monarch Realm expert that had targeted him or not, it was pointless to think about it now. Because he had to escape the city now. After all, he didn’t want to be trapped here, and he would be besieged to death by the horde of profounders in the city if his identity was exposed!

“Hey! Stop right there!” Yang Ye was just about to enter a corner when a voice suddenly resounded from behind him. Yang Ye paid no attention to the person who called out to him and continued forward.

“You’re courting death!” A strong gale assaulted Yang Ye from behind. Yang Ye stopped moving before he swiftly turned around and smashed his fist forward.


The sound of the bones within an entire arm breaking resounded when Yang Ye’s fist collided with that person’s fist, and then that person was blasted flying before falling unconscious on the ground.

Yang Ye looked over and saw six people were standing before him, a group of five men and a woman. The leader of the group was a robust man with thick brows and large eyes, and he used his shoulder to hold up a large and wide saber which was even larger than his own shoulder.

The robust man glanced at the young man on the ground whose fate was unknown, and then he raised his head to look at Yang Ye and said, “Nice ability. That brother of mine is at the seventh rank of the King Realm, but he wasn’t even able to endure a single punch of yours. You don’t seem very old, so I’m very curious when a genius like you arrived in Martial World City!”

Yang Ye glanced at the man, and then he turned around and walked away.


The sound of air being torn apart resounded.

Yang Ye turned around, stretched out his hand, and grabbed. He grabbed an iron arrow in his hand, and he looked at the woman in the group.

“You injured a brother of mine yet intend to leave just like that? Isn’t that….” The robust man suddenly shut his mouth while his pupils constricted because the arrow in Yang Ye’s hand had shot back towards them at a speed which was a few times faster than before. The woman was horrified by this. Fortunately, the robust man stood in front of her, and he slashed the arrow with the large saber in his hand, causing it to be instantly blasted flying. However, the robust man’s face was solemn because his hand was trembling!

Yang Ye glanced at the gathering crowd which had been alarmed and drawn over by the commotion here. He hesitated for a moment, and then didn’t attack in the end. He just turned around and left. He really couldn’t expose himself too much at a time like this because the consequences might be terrible!

“You’re Yang Ye!” Right at this moment, the robust man’s furious roar suddenly resounded from behind Yang Ye.

Yang Ye?

Those two words were no ordinary words now. So, the expressions of the spectators had instantly changed when they heard him, and then they surged over and surrounded both Yang Ye and the robust man. Moreover, the amount of profounders surrounding them was growing in number.

All of them were staring at Yang Ye with hostile gazes!

Yang Ye stopped moving, and then he turned around to gaze at the robust man as he said, “I’ve never seen someone who wished to court death as much as you do!”

When he spoke up to this point, Yang Ye withdrew a blank piece of talisman paper and a talisman brush before he started crafting a talisman right before the eyes of everyone, and it wasn’t long before a strength talisman appeared in his hand.

Yang Ye held the talisman in his hand and waved it around in a circle before he said, “Everyone, I’m a talisman master, and I can’t show my face in public for certain reasons. I presume all of you understand, right?”

The hostility in the eyes of the crowd vanished when they saw and heard this. Because they hadn’t heard that Yang Ye was a talisman master. Since it was like that, they naturally refused to offend a talisman master. Some of them even cupped their hands towards Yang Ye before they turned around and left. Those that remained in the surroundings had shot their gazes onto the robust man’s group instead, and their eyes were filled with ridicule.

The robust man and the others had unsightly expressions on their face since the moment Yang Ye announced that he was a Talisman Master. Actually, he’d come after Yang Ye only because he wanted to join forces with Yang Ye. After all, every single additional member counter to their overall strength. But he hadn’t expected that this fellow would actually be so arrogant, pay no attention to him at all, and even injure a fellow brother in his group.

Of course, most importantly, he noticed that this fellow’s strength was formidable, extremely formidable. At the very least, he was definitely not a match for this fellow! This made him think of Yang Ye, and then he spoke those words instinctively. He was even delighted when he saw Yang Ye stop moving because he felt that his guess was correct. However, once Yang Ye revealed his identity, the robust man knew that his guess wasn’t just wrong, he’d even offended a talisman master, and this talisman master was a formidable expert as well!

“Friend, I’m sorry. I’m a Nominal Disciple of the Endless Sect. It was our mistake. I apologize!” The robust man immediately humbled himself and apologized. Even though he was a nominal disciple of the Endless Sect, he was just a nominal disciple, so the Endless Sect would definitely not offend a talisman master for him.

“A nominal disciple of the Endless Sect? You apologize? But I refuse to accept it….” A wisp of a cold smile arose on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth which was concealed beneath his cloak. He’s trying to use his sect to threaten me at a time like this?

“I think you should accept it for your own good!” Right at this moment, a voice suddenly resounded from the side.

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