Chapter 505 – Cooperation

Almighty Sword Domain

A man in a white robe walked slowly towards Yang Ye. The expressions of those fellows who were watching the show had changed when they saw the white robed man, and they instinctively took a few steps back. On the other hand, the robust man and the others were delighted. Because they would be fine no matter what!

“It’s an outer court disciple of the Endless Sect. Hehe, the Endless Sect can be said to rule over Martial World City. We really have a show to watch now!”

“What show? This talisman master will definitely use the opportunity presented to him to extricate himself from this situation, and then they’ll shake hands and make up. Alas, how boring. We would have had a show to see!”

“That may not necessarily be the case. Perhaps that talisman master’s background is extraordinary?”

“Cut the crap! Wouldn’t you know the outcome if you just watch properly?”

The white robed man walked over to the robust man, and then he glanced at them and shook his head as he said, “What a bunch of trash! All of you are a humiliation!”

The robust man and the others revealed unsightly expressions but didn’t dare speak a single word. They just lowered their heads and smiled apologetically.

The white robed man turned around to look at Yang Ye before he said, “You have to take its master into consideration before striking a dog. Since you knew that they are Nominal Disciple of my Endless Sect yet still intended to annihilate them, aren’t you looking down on my Endless Sect?”

“Then what do you want?” Yang Ye clenched his fists slowly.

“I originally intended to give tooth for tooth. But since you’re a talisman master, then I have no choice but to give you some face. How about this? Leave 100 top-grade energy stones and 100 top-grade talismans behind as their medical expenses, and I’ll let you leave. Alright? I know talisman masters like you are very rich, and this little bit of wealth should be nothing for you, right?” The white robed man grinned as he spoke.

Yang Ye said, “Let me ask you a question, do you have a master or some sort of backing?”

The white robed man was stunned, and then he smiled. “Are you trying to find out about my backing? I’m not afraid to tell you that my grandfather is an elder of the Endless Sect. So what do you think? Are you willing to suffer a loss of wealth to escape calamity?”

“No wonder you’re not afraid of talisman masters!” Yang Ye nodded. Suddenly, he stomped the ground with his right foot, and he relied on his physical strength to shoot forward like a cannonball. He instantly arrived in front of the white robed man and grabbed the white robed man’s neck before he could even react. Yang Ye gazed at the white robed man whose entire face had flushed red while his eyes simply seemed like they were about to burst from their sockets, and Yang Ye said, “I know what you want to say, but I won’t give you the opportunity!” As soon as he spoke these words, Yang Ye exerted a little strength with his hand, and the sound of bones cracking resounded as Yang Ye broke the man’s neck.

The spectators were flabbergasted. He died just like that? That’s a disciple of the Endless Sect!

The robust man and the others had despair all over their faces. Because this talisman master before them had even killed a disciple of the Endless Sect after that disciple revealed the backing that he possessed. In other words, this talisman master didn’t fear the Endless Sect at all!

How stupid was I to have offended such a maleficent existence?

Yang Ye’s gaze descended onto the robust middle aged man’s group, and they practically instinctively took a few steps back. Yang Ye said, “See, I didn’t want to pay any attention to you in the beginning because my target was to look for Yang Ye. But you just had to refuse to leave me alone. Now you’ve courted death, huh! Alas, isn’t it better to keep a low profile?”

The corners of the spectators’ mouths twitched when they heard this. Keep a low profile? You’re not keeping a low profile at all, you’re the complete opposite of that!

However, they also came to understand that this talisman master had come to look for Yang Ye. No wonder his strength was that formidable!

Yang Ye naturally didn’t like to waste his breath. The only reason he’d spouted so much nonsense was because he wanted to tell everyone he wasn’t Yang Ye, so that those who doubted him would give up. Obviously, his words were quite effective because he noticed that those gazes which were on him had moved away!

“I admit my mistakes, I won’t ask you to show mercy to me, but I hope you’ll spare these brothers of mine. I’m willing to accept death!” said the robust man in a deep voice.

“Are you trying to arouse sympathy in me? Sorry but I’ll have to disappoint you because I have no such thing!” Yang Ye’s figure flashed over to the robust man, and then he swiftly smashed his right fist against the robust man’s chest. The latter’s body instantly split apart as it flew backward. After that, Yang Ye’s figure flashed swiftly before the others were blasted flying as well. All of them died from a single strike of his, and they didn’t even have room to struggle!

The gazes the others in the surroundings shot towards Yang Ye had transformed into deep fear!

Yang Ye glanced at their corpses before he turned around and left. He would naturally not spare them. After all, he was their target. Since they dared to come here with the intention of killing him, then how laughable was it to hope that he would let them go?”

Yang Ye turned around, and he walked into a corner before he stopped and said, “Are you still going to follow me?”

“Haha! Friend, your divine sense is really formidable!” Two men and a woman appeared before Yang Ye as this voice resounded. The men were handsome while the woman was beautiful, and they were all ninth rank Spirit Realm profounders.

The leader of the group of a man who held an iron fan. He smiled at Yang Ye and said, “I’m an inner court disciple of Clear River Sect, Lu He. This brother by my side is the Sikong Clan’s Sikong Ming. This beauty is the Mo Clan’s Mo Qingyue. The three of us have no ill intent towards you. We just noticed that your strength was extraordinary, and your objective was Yang Ye, so we wanted to form a group with you to hunt Yang Ye!”

The Mo Clan?

Yang Ye’s gaze descended onto the woman. He hadn’t expected that he would meet someone from the Mo Clan again, and it made him recall the promise that he’d made his mother. He said in his heart, I should probably head to the Mo Clan once I’m done with the Saint Ruins. Even though he refused to acknowledge his ancestry, he still intended to complete his mother’s wish!

Mo Qingyue seemed to have noticed Yang Ye’s gaze and frowned a little, but she didn’t flare-up.

“I know your strength is formidable, and you’re very confident in your own ability, but I have no choice but to strike a blow to your confidence. Not to mention that you’re only at the Spirit Realm right now, you’ll probably be unable to kill Yang Ye even if you’ve attained the Exalt Realm,” said Lu He.

“Oh? Why?” Hearing others talk about him felt very interesting to him.

Lu He said, “There are many ignorant fellows in the city, and that includes the City Governor. They think that Yang Ye is just a Spirit Realm profounder, and they can use numbers to kill him with ease. Yet they’re unaware how stupid such thoughts are. Even though he’s only at the third rank of the Spirit Realm, his Sword Intent is at the 8th level, and he even possesses numerous Natural Treasures and Dao Artifacts. His combat strength is sufficient to kill ordinary Exalt Realm experts. Perhaps only the Martial God, An Nanjing, is the only person throughout the continent who can rival his strength at the same realm of cultivation!”

Fortunately, these fellows aren’t aware that I’ve attained the fourth rank of the Spirit Realm and 9th level Sword Intent, otherwise, it would truly be too unbelievable! Yang Ye asked. “Is he really that strong?”

“My Cousin Sister was at the 7th level of Sword Intent, and her cultivation was many ranks higher than his. However, she was still killed by him. So, is he strong or not?” Mo Qingyue suddenly said, “Even though you didn’t reveal your true strength just now, we were able to discern based on your physical body and speed that you’re a monstrous expert as well. But to be frank, that little bit of strength you possess isn’t sufficient to face Yang Ye!”

Lu He said, “Even though Miss Mo spoke quite frankly, her words do make sense. She isn’t saying it on purpose. Because even any one of the three of us would probably die without a doubt if we encountered Yang Ye by ourselves. In the end, it’s as I said just now, An Nanjing is the only existence throughout the continent who can truly fight Yang Ye at the Spirit Realm!”

“Since he’s that strong, then why have all of you come looking for him? Even though it’s a huge amount of top-grade energy stones and treasures, they aren’t worth your lives, right?” said Yang Ye.

Lu He smiled and said, “Of course it’s worth it. We wouldn’t just obtain all of those rewards by killing Yang Ye, we’ll gain fame as well. After all, wealth and fame are sought in the midst of danger. Moreover, we’re profounders of the central territory, so how could we allow a profounder from the southern territory to swagger about here? That’s an extraordinary humiliation to our central territory! You’re a profounder of the central territory as well, so I presume that even you can’t stand it, right!?”

So that’s why!

That fellow Luo Jun is really good at scheming. Yang Ye laughed coldly in his heart. He launched a full-scale bounty for me throughout the central territory and announced everything I did merely for the sake of making the central territory become hostile against me, or I should say against the entire southern territory. No wonder he hasn’t sent a true expert to kill me until now. So that was his plan!Needless to say, Luo Jun’s plan was very well made. Because it was just Luo Jun who was seeking to kill him in the beginning, but now, Luo Jun’s actions had made him the common enemy of the profounders throughout the entire central territory.

However, he didn’t care. In any case, he had a huge number of enemies already, so a little more wasn’t a big deal.

“Brother, what do you think about forming a group with us? If you’re willing to join us, then our chances of killing Yang Ye upon meeting him would definitely increase greatly. Don’t worry, we’re very fair. The rewards we obtain from killing Yang Ye will be split equally amongst us!” Lu He invited Yang Ye sincerely.

Yang Ye had originally intended to refuse because he wasn’t interested in cooperating with them to kill himself. But when he gave it some thought, he realized that it was a good opportunity to pool the wool over the eyes of everyone in the city? Perhaps he would even be able to rely on this to leave Martial World City.

So, when he thought up to this point, Yang Ye said, “I agree. But let me say it in advance, we’ll share the rewards equally once we kill Yang Ye!”

Lu He was delighted when he heard this, and he said, “Of course. With you in our group, Brother, that Sword Demon, Yang Ye, will definitely die upon meeting us!”

Definitely die? Yang Ye glanced at Lu He with a strange gaze and said, “Perhaps!”

“May I know your name?” said Lu He.

“Ye Yang!”

“Brother Ye, let’s head to the Pavilion of Indulgence because the disciples of numerous clans and sects have gathered there. Moreover, our intelligence will be sent there as well. So, perhaps we’ll be able to obtain even more information related to Yang Ye by going there!” said Lu He.


Just like that, Yang Ye, Lu He, and the others headed to the Pavilion of Indulgence.

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