Chapter 507 – A Familiar Face!

Almighty Sword Domain

Everyone swarmed out of the door. Lu He’s group of three flashed towards the outside as well.

Yang Ye frowned a little on the spot. Someone is pretending to be me? That should be impossible. Would anyone dare to pretend to be me right now? Does that person want to die? If it isn’t someone pretending to be me, then where did that ‘Yang Ye’ who’s outside come from?

Yang Ye left the hall while these questions filled his mind.

At this moment, there was an ocean of people gathered outside the Pavilion of Indulgence, and more and more were gathering here.

At the center of the crowd was a black robed and black masked figure standing there. This mysterious person of unknown gender had a sword in hand, and the person’s figure even emanated sharp Sword Intent.

It’s 7th level Sword Intent, at least! Yang Ye discerned the level of this figure’s Sword Intent with a single glance.

“Yang Ye, you won’t be able to escape this time!” A young man standing before the mysterious figure had a savage expression, and his eyes carried excitement because he was the one to have found ‘Yang Ye’!

Everyone withdrew their weapons. But they didn’t attack. Obviously, they were still quite fearful. After all, Yang Ye was infamous for his strength and ruthlessness!

The mysterious person slowly removed the mask under the gazes of everyone in the surroundings, and then everyone was stunned, including Yang Ye. They were stunned because the mysterious person was a woman, and it was even a very beautiful woman. Yang Ye was stunned because he knew her. She was none other than the daughter of Ancient Domain City’s Governor, Lu Jianyao!

At this moment, Lu Jianyao was quite annoyed as well. She’d concealed her appearance because she didn’t want to expose her identity, but she hadn’t expected that the profounders here would stare at her with hostility all along the way. In the end, she was stopped here, and it was because they suspected her to be Yang Ye!

She was Yang Ye?

Lu Jianyao felt both amused and infuriated. At the same time, she hadn’t expected that Yang Ye had actually become so infamous in the central territory to the point that everyone was chasing after him. But truthfully speaking, she still felt slight admiration towards Yang Ye because Yang Ye had relied on just his own strength to go against the entire central territory, yet the profounders in the central territory weren’t able to do anything against him!

Such a scene was like something the Founding Ancestor of the Sword Sect had done 10,000 years ago!

When they saw that the so-called ‘Yang Ye’ they were drawn over here for was actually a woman, the experts in the surroundings merely took a greedy look at her before they left. Even though she was beautiful, her strength was obvious for everyone to see. So if they wanted to look for trouble with her, then they had to possess Intent at the 7th level or greater!

“Stop right there!” The young man before Lu Jianyao intended to leave but was stopped by her. Even though she’d only just come out to travel the world and temper herself, she knew that she had to be a bit more ruthless while she did it.

The young man’s countenance instantly turned pale. If Lu Jianyao was Yang Ye, then all the experts in the surroundings would definitely swarm her. Unfortunately, she wasn’t. So, since she wasn’t Yang Ye, then it was he who would suffer misfortune!

When he thought up to this point, the young man knelt before Lu Jianyao, and then swiftly kowtowed as he said, “Great Madam, it was my mistake. I mistook you for someone else. Please spare my life….”

“Err!” Lu Jianyao was at a loss for what to do when facing such a situation. Because the young man was a Spirit Realm expert at any rate. Even though he was only at the first rank, she hadn’t expected that he would be so cowardly. This made Lu Jianyao feel very speechless.

The young man interpreted her silence as unwillingness to spare him, so a ferocious expression flashed through his eyes as he suddenly stomped his feet on the ground. His figure pounced forward as he formed a claw with his right hand and clawed at Lu Jianyao’s throat. It was so swift and coupled with the close proximity between them, he’d arrived in front of Lu Jianyao in an instant!


A ray of light flashed, and then the young man’s figure stiffened in midair because a sword had stabbed through his stomach!


Lu Jianyao withdrew her sword, glanced at the young man who’d fallen to the ground, and then said, “Yang Ye was right. One can’t be too benevolent. He would definitely call me an idiot if he saw this!”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched when he heard her, and he said in his heart, You are an idiot! An extraordinary stupid idiot! Just kill him, why did you have to talk nonsense? Now, everyone here is aware that you know me. I’ve really never met such a stupid woman like you!

Sure enough, all the spectators who were about to leave had suddenly stopped moving when they heard her, and then they turned around to gaze at Lu Jianyao.

“You know Yang Ye?” It was Ye Cheng who asked this question. But it was exactly what everyone in the surroundings wanted to ask.

At this moment, Lu Jianyao realized that she’d made a slip of the tongue, and then she hurriedly shook her head and said, “I don’t know Yang Ye. How could I possibly know an extremely shameless and despicable fellow like him?”

Yang Ye was on the verge of spitting blood when he heard this. Are there no limits to her stupidity? It’s fine just to say that you don’t know me. Why did you have to insult me? It doesn’t matter if you insult me but don’t you realize that your words just happen to prove that you know me? Even Bao’er is smarter than her!

Ye Cheng was instantly excited when he heard her. It wasn’t just Ye Cheng, all the other people in the surroundings revealed excited expressions as well. Ye Cheng said, “You say that you don’t know Yang Ye, but why do you know that he’s shameless and despicable? Moreover, I didn’t look carefully just now, but your clothing and accent doesn’t seem like one possessed by the profounders of the central territory, right?”

“Why should I answer you!” Lu Jianyao wasn’t a complete idiot, and she didn’t follow along his line of questioning.

Ye Cheng said in a low voice. “Every here is looking for Yang Ye right now, so if you do know him, then please tell us information about him. Otherwise, you’ll probably die here today even if you’re a sword cultivator who has comprehended Sword Intent. I guarantee that we won’t make things difficult for you if you tell us where Yang Ye is!”

Yang Ye glanced coldly at Ye Cheng. This fellow really refuses to give up on his desire to kill me!

Lu Jianyao had never been threatened by anyone throughout her life, except Yang Ye, of course. At this moment, Lu Jianyao was infuriated upon being threatened in public, and she drew her sword and pointed it at Ye Cheng. “I’ll die here? Who do you think you are? Are you even worthy of threatening me? If you have the ability, then come over here and fight me!”

“Looks like you don’t want to tell us about Yang Ye’s whereabouts!” Ye Cheng spoke with a gloomy expression. “Everyone, it’s very likely that she’s a companion of Yang Ye’s. We’ll definitely be able to obtain information about Yang Ye’s whereabouts by capturing her. Or perhaps Yang Ye would even show himself to rescue her from us!” He would naturally not fight her because even he had to fear a sword cultivator who had comprehended Sword Intent!

“Hmph!” Lu Jianyao grunted coldly and said with disdain, “You don’t even dare to fight me. What a piece of trash!”

Ye Cheng’s expression became cold. He was just about to attack when an old man walked slowly out of the crown. He disregarded everyone and gazed at Lu Jianyao as he said, “Little Girl, I know from what you said just now that you’re definitely related to Yang Ye even if you don’t know his whereabouts. How about this? I won’t bully someone weaker than me. Just tell me everything you know about Yang Ye, and then I’ll let you go, alright?”

An Exalt Realm expert! Yang Ye slowly clenched his right fist. If Lu Jianyao told them that he was a talisman master and possessed a formidable physical body, then it would undoubtedly cause him to be immediately exposed. Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings and noticed that there were almost 20,000 profounders here, and there were at least 5 or 6 Exalt Real profounders while the Spirit Realm profounders in the surroundings were innumerable!

Moreover, everyone in the city would become his enemy once his identity was exposed!

Where would he flee then?

It was a huge problem!

Lu Jianyao’s heart shook while her expression turned serious. She wasn’t Yang Ye who could kill Exalt Realm experts with ease! So, she fell silent for a moment before she said, “I don’t know anything. You’ve asked the wrong person!” Even though her relationship with Yang Ye wasn’t a very happy and pleasant one, it wasn’t to the extent that she was willing to betray him.

Yang Ye’s heart felt slightly warm when he heard her. No matter what, she hadn’t betrayed him, and it made him feel that he hadn’t given her those talismans and energy stones for nothing!

“It’s actually the Amorous Sage! I never expected that this dirty old man would come to Martial World City as well!”

“Eh, it really is him. Tsk, tsk. That woman is going to suffer. I heard the Amorous Sage loves to play with all sorts of perverted moves. Alas, another beauty is about to fall into the claws of that demon and be wrecked by him!”

“If you can’t bear to see it, then why don’t you play the hero that saves the beauty?”

“What a joke! Even though he’s quite perverted, he’s still an Exalt Realm expert! I don’t want to die!”

The old man disregarded all the spectators in the surroundings while he revealed a slightly strange smile and said, “Since you refuse to submit, then don’t blame me for bullying the weak. You look quite good, so be a concubine of mine. I have more than one way to make you talk once you’ve become my concubine!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the old man’s figure flashed and moved to grab her. Lu Jianyao’s expression changed, and she swiftly slashed her sword towards the old man, causing a ray of dazzling light to sweep out. The old man’s expression changed slightly when his right hand had just come into contact with that ray of light, and he said in his heart, What sharp Sword Intent! But it isn’t lethal to me!

“Spatial Cage!” The old man shouted while an invisible force instantly locked both Lu Jianyao and that ray of light in place. Lu Jianyao’s expression changed drastically. Right when she was about to release her Sword Intent to blast through the spatial cage, the old man chuckled as his figure flashed and moved to grab her. No one knew whether the old man was doing it intentionally or not, but the old man’s hand was actually moving to grab Lu Jianyao’s ample chest!

Right at this moment, a strand of strong wind assaulted the old man from behind, and it caused his expression to change. He swiftly turned around and blasted his fist forward.


The old man’s fist collided with the fist that was smashing down towards him, and then the old man took a few steps back!

The expressions of all the spectators changed!

“Brother Ye, you….” Lu He gazed at Yang Ye with a puzzled expression as he didn’t understand why Yang Ye had attacked. At the same time, he was extremely shocked. This fellow’s physical strength actually surpasses an Exalt Realm expert. Could he be a demon beast?

“She knows where Yang Ye is. Do you think we’ll be able to obtain that information if she were to fall into this old pervert’s hands?” Yang Ye spoke flatly.

Lu He and the others came to a sudden understanding upon hearing this, and then they came over to Yang Ye’s side while they gazed vigilantly at the old man.

“You….” Meanwhile, Lu Jianyao suddenly pointed at Yang Ye while her eyes were filled with shock.

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched. If she was stupid enough to expose his identity right here and now, then he guaranteed that he would absolutely torture her a million times before flogging her corpse!

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