Chapter 508 – A Change Of Mind!

Almighty Sword Domain

Lu Jianyao felt that this fellow was extremely familiar, especially his voice. Moreover, she felt a form of pressure from this person. This sort of pressure wasn’t related to her cultivation at all, and it was a pressure from Sword Intent. When this person appeared before her, the sword in her hand had actually started to tremble slightly, and it was telling her that he was very dangerous!

There was only a single possibility why she who possessed the peak of the 7th level in Sword Intent would feel threatened, and it was because the person before her had a Sword Intent which surpassed her own. When she sensed that sense of familiarity from him, she’d thought of Yang Ye at the first possible moment. Because Yang Ye was the only person throughout the world who conformed to both those points. Fortunately, she wasn’t stupid enough to expose him on the spot!

“Who are you!?” The Amorous Sage had a gloomy expression on his face while he looked at Yang Ye. That hand which he’d used to collide with Yang Ye’s hand just now was concealed beneath his sleeve right now, and it was swollen!

Yang Ye stretched out his right hand, and then it became an enormous dragon claw as the others watched with astonishment. The sharp claw caused the old man’s expression to change while a vicious expression flashed through his eyes. He suddenly made a grabbing motion towards Yang Ye as he shouted. “Spatial Cage!”


Yang Ye suddenly swung his claw, and the old man’s spatial cage was instantly torn apart like glass. The old man and the spectators were astounded by this development.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye’s figure flashed, and his claw whistled sharply through the air as it instantly arrived before the old man, and then it clawed down towards the old man’s forehead.

The old man’s expression changed again. He didn’t dare act carelessly against Yang Ye. He withdrew a black iron rod and swung it with his right hand, causing numerous images of his iron rod to fill the sky and envelop down towards Yang Ye.


A muffled bang resounded.

The spectators raised their eyes to look over, and they saw that an enormous claw had pierced through the old man’s stomach.

He killed an Exalt Realm expert while at the Spirit Realm!

Everyone gazed at Yang Ye with disbelief!

When did such a monstrous genius appear in our central territory?

Ye Cheng’s eyes were filled with deep fear while Lu He’s group of three were extremely excited instead. This fellow, Ye Yang, possesses such terrifying strength. It’ll definitely not be difficult for us to kill Yang Ye now that he has joined our group!Yang Ye put the claw away, took the old man’s spatial ring, and then looked through it. Yang Ye was instantly quite speechless when he saw its contents because the old man was truly poor. There were actually only a little over 50 top-grade energy stones while the cultivation techniques and combat techniques were completely useless. Besides that, the old man’s spatial ring was actually filled with numerous indecent diagrams and paintings. There were all sorts of them, and there were many strange and bizarre objects that would cause women to blush upon laying eyes on them.

What a pervert!Yang Ye took the diagrams and paintings from the spatial ring, and then he crushed the ring into pieces. Why did he take them? It was naturally not because Yang Ye was a pervert as well. It was because those diagrams and paintings recorded numerous styles and positions that Yang Ye had never seen before. So, Yang Ye had taken them with the intention to learn and gain knowledge!

After that, Yang Ye glanced at the crowd before he walked towards Lu Jianyao and said, “Come with me. Don’t try to resist me. You’ve witnessed my strength. I really don’t want to act ruthlessly and crush a beauty.” At this moment, he still had to put on an act, otherwise, they were bound to arouse the suspicion of others.

Unexpectedly, Lu Jianyao actually nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll listen to you!”

Yang Ye almost fainted. Why isn’t she getting into character? At least resist a little! Even if you don’t resist, can’t you reveal a slightly sad and troubled expression? How can you actually agree when I said that I intend to take you with me? Moreover, you’re even smiling….

As expected, the people in the surroundings gazed at Lu Jianyao and Yang Ye with slightly strange gazes.

“Let’s go!” Yang Ye really couldn’t do anything about her. He just turned around and left.

Lu Jianyao hurriedly followed him.

Lu He and the others exchanged glances before they hurriedly followed Yang Ye as well.

Even though many profounders in the surroundings were quite suspicious and puzzled, they could only remain puzzled and suspicious out of consideration for Yang Ye’s strength, and not a single one of them dared to make Yang Ye’s group stay. They were just very curious about a single thing — when did such an extraordinary genius appear in the central territory?

The Pavilion of Indulgence.

In a room within the pavilion. Lu Jianyao sized Yang Ye up incessantly. She seemed to have many things to say, but a strand of faint Sword Intent would envelop her everytime she wanted to speak, and it caused her to feel very depressed.

At this moment, Yang Ye was quite depressed as well because he didn’t want to have her by his side at a time like this. After all, it was very easy for him to be exposed with her by his side. However, it couldn’t be helped because he couldn’t just watch her die. But how exactly should I deal with her? I definitely can’t allow her to stay by my side because it would truly be too dangerous!“You know Yang Ye?” It was Mo Qingyue who asked this question.

Yang Ye glanced at her while he said in his heart, Could she be intending to avenge her cousin sister? But she seems to be too weak to avenge her cousin sister. She’s much weaker than her cousin sister!

Lu Jianyao nodded and said, “I know all of you want to kill Yang Ye and desire that extremely tempting reward. However, do all of you think that you can succeed? All of you’ve witnessed the strength that I possess, right? I possess 7th level Sword Intent and Heaven Rank techniques. Besides Yang… Err, besides this fellow, Ye Yang, can any of the three of you defeat me?”

“What are you trying to say!?” asked Sikong Ming.

Lu Jianyao said, “Nothing. I’m just trying to tell all of you that if all of you face Yang Ye with your current strengths, then you might not even have the chance to retaliate if he were to use his full strength. To put it simply, besides that monstrous genius of the An Clan, no one else in the human world can defeat Yang Ye while in the same realm of cultivation as him. All of you are truly courting death by going to look for him!”

Yang Ye glanced at her. So she even knows how to flatter people!

“We’re courting death?” Sikong Ming laughed with ridicule and said, “That may not necessarily be the case. I admit that we’re definitely not a match for that demon, Yang Ye, if we were to fight him in a one on one battle. However, we can even kill Exalt Realm experts if we were to join forces. Moreover, we have Brother Ye with us now. We’re confident in our ability to deal with a fifth rank Exalt Realm expert with Brother Ye in our group!”

“Yang Ye was able to kill fifth rank Exalt Realm experts a very long time ago!” Lu Jianyao spoke indifferently.

Lu He and the others revealed grim expressions.

After a short while of silence, Lu He gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Brother Ye, are you confident in our ability to deal with Yang Ye with the joint forces of our group?”

Yang Ye remained silent for a while before he said, “Brother Lu, I gathered information about Yang Ye before I came here. If it’s a one on one battle, then it’s just as Miss Lu said. Besides the Martial God, An Nanjing, there is probably not a single person in the same realm of cultivation who’s a match for him. I’m embarrassed to say that even I am no match for him. If we were to join forces, then I can only say that we have a chance, but it might end with two, three, or even all of us losing our lives!”

Yang Ye felt that he should try to change their minds. It wasn’t that he feared them, but it was better to have as little problems as possible. Besides that, he had a plan in his heart. Unfortunately, he needed them to cooperate with him, and the precondition to it all was that they stopped trying to kill him!

Lu He and the others fell silent when they heard Yang Ye. They didn’t believe Lu Jianyao, but they still trusted ‘Ye Yang’ a little. Because all experts were proud, and this fellow before them, Ye Yang, was extremely proud as well. His pride was obvious from how he’d acted decisively since they saw him. Since even he said that he was inferior to Yang Ye, then they felt it was true.

But the three of them were quite unwilling to give up just like that!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye said, “Actually, we might have been used by Luo Jun. Just think about it. The Exalted Han Empire is so formidable, and it possesses innumerable Exalt Realm experts. So, why hasn’t Luo Jun sent experts to kill Yang Ye and issued such a bounty? Does it seem normal to all of you?”

“We were used?” They gazed at Yang Ye with puzzled gazes.

Yang Ye said, “Think about it. Once he issued such a bounty, wouldn’t all of you, geniuses of the various sects, come looking for Yang Ye? Since all of you’ve gone to look for Yang Ye, then wouldn’t Saint Liu Yun’s ruins in the wilds belong to Luo Jun and only Luo Jun? Even if it isn’t to that extent, his competition would be reduced greatly, right?”


Sikong Ming slapped the stone table by his side, and it instantly shattered into pieces. He said, “My Sikong Clan thought that there was definitely something wrong with all of this. So Luo Jun’s intentions to kill Yang Ye were false, and his true intentions were to draw us away. Dammit! As expected of someone from the Imperial Household! He’s truly scheming!”

Besides Mo Qingyue, Lu He had a gloomy expression on his face as well. Obviously, he felt that he’d been tricked as well. Only Mo Qingyue gazed at Yang Ye while seeming to be lost in thought.

Yang Ye continued. “Actually, my main reason for coming here wasn’t Yang Ye but the Saint Ruins. Because I heard that there might be ancient talisman techniques within the ruins. All of you should be aware of how important treasures like that are to talisman masters like me. But I never expected that Martial World City gates would have been closed and trapped me here as soon as I arrived!”

Lu He suddenly said, “Brother Ye, you intend to head to the Saint Ruins as well?”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “How could I miss the opportunity to explode ruins left behind by a Saint Realm expert?”

Lu He smiled and said, “Since it’s like that, then how about we head there together? I know Brother Ye’s strength is formidable and might not like to form groups. But every single person’s strength counts. Moreover, the three of us aren’t weak at all, and we definitely won't burden Brother Ye. Besides that, there are definitely all sorts of experts mixed within the crowd waiting to enter the Saint Ruins, and perhaps the experts of the demon race and devil race would have snuck in there as well. So, forming a group would be much safer, right?”

Yang Ye was delighted. That was exactly what he wanted to hear. However, his expression didn’t change at all as he said, “Of course we can. I’m not conceited enough to think that I’m invincible. But Brother Lu, we’re trapped within the city now. How are we going to get out?”

Lu He gazed at Sikong Ming, and then the latter chuckled and said, “That’s simple because the City Governor of Martial World City is my uncle. It shouldn’t be difficult for me to ask him to make an exception for us. In any case, his target is only Yang Ye.”

The last worry in Yang Ye’s heart vanished, and he said, “Since it’s like that, then let’s set out right now. There’ll probably only be leftovers there if we’re late!”

Meanwhile, Lu Jianyao suddenly said, “I’m going as well!”

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