Chapter 510 – Fight! Fight! Fight!

Almighty Sword Domain

All of them were stunned, and then Lu He said, “Brother Ye, you’re not coming with us?” Lu He wasn’t confident in their ability to traverse the swamp if Ye Yang wasn’t going with them.

Yang Ye fell silent for a while before he said, “To be honest, my master might have sent someone to take me back. If all of you are here, they’ll definitely blame all of you if you’re here by my side. Perhaps the situation can still be saved if I’m all alone. If it’s really impossible to turn the situation around, then fleeing is still possible with the strength I possess.”

Lu He and the others came to an understanding. Ye Yang’s strength was sufficient to flee even if he couldn’t defeat the fellows that his master sent after him. However, they didn’t possess such strength like him…. To put it simply, they were burdens! Even though it was quite a blow to their confidence, it couldn’t be helped because it was a fact. Moreover, this Brother Ye of theirs could be said to have given them a good amount of face already!

However, they were quite curious. Exactly who is Ye Yang’s master?

But he clearly had no intention to tell them, and they didn’t want to be swept into the affairs of someone else’s master. So, Lu He said, “Take good care of yourself, Brother Ye!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he turned around and left with Sikong Ming and Mo Qingyue. However, Mo Qingyue’s gaze had lingered on Yang Ye for a few breaths of time before she turned around and left.

“You go with them as well!” Yang Ye gazed at Lu Jianyao and spoke with an indisputable tone.

“Are the fellows coming to kill you very strong?” asked Lu Jianyao.

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Besides those ninth rank Exalt Realm experts of the Flower Palace, this person is the strongest Exalt Realm expert I’ve ever met. Even if we’re still a few hundred kilometers apart, I’m still able to sense that sharp and fierce aura of an expert that he exudes. You won’t be of any help if you stay behind. So, go with Lu He and the others. You’ll be able to arrive safely at the wilds with them by your side.”

“You’ll win, right?” Lu Jianyao stared Yang Ye in the eyes.

Yang Ye said, “I can’t guarantee that I’ll win. In any case, I won’t die!”

Lu Jianyao couldn’t help but burst out with laughter and said, “I know. You’ll run if you can’t win! I’ll be waiting for you ahead!” As soon as she finished speaking, Lu Jianyao turned around and left as well.

Yang Ye removed his cloak once Lu Jianyao left, and he changed back into his usual clothes. Since they were right behind him, then it represented that his identity was exposed. Thus, continuing his efforts to conceal himself was meaningless. However, he was very curious about how they’d see through his identity and knew his whereabouts.


Two figures descended not too far away from Yang Ye.

Liu Changyuan sized up Yang Ye and said, “You’re Yang Ye?”

Yang Ye nodded.

Liu Changyuan tapped his spar forward from afar, and then a sharp spear image shot out from within it. The spear image instantly arrived before Yang Ye at an extremely swift speed. Yang Ye’s expression didn’t change at all as he smashed his right fist forward. An explosion resounded as they collided, and then the spear image was blasted into dispersal.

Liu Changyuan grinned when he saw this and said, “As expected of the Sword Emperor. Just that attack of yours tells me that I didn’t come here for nothing. Even though I really want to kill you after you’ve attained the Exalt Realm because it would be more exciting, unfortunately, my sect has given me orders that I dare not disobey. But don’t worry, I’ll give you a proper death out of respect for your title as the Sword Emperor.”

Yang Ye said, “I’m really curious. How exactly did you find me?”

Liu Changyuan chuckled, and then he pointed at the robust man by his side and said, “He’s a demon beast, a descendant of the ancient divine beast, the Tingdi[1]. So long as it’s a scent he has smelled, then he’ll never forget it. Besides that, his Innate Ability, Manhunt, allows him to accurately pinpoint the location of a scent he has smelled if the owner of the scene is standing on the ground and within 500km of him! My Ascension Sect didn’t just summon me back from the demon territory to kill you, it even sent him with me. Needless to say, you should feel honored even in death!”

Yang Ye glanced at the robust man, and then he nodded and said, “I have no further questions. Now, will you be fighting me on your own, or will the two of you be attacking me together?”

“Haha!!” Liu Changyuan roared madly with laughter, and he laughed for a while before he said, “I heard you were very arrogant when I arrived at the central territory, but I never expected you to be even more arrogant than I imagined. Join forces against you? Yang Ye, do you really think you are the Founding Ancestor of the Sword Sect? Allow me to show you how there’s always someone stronger in this world!”

Liu Changyuan suddenly vanished on the spot, and he was in front of Yang Ye when he appeared once more. Moreover, the cold tip of a spear had arrived a few centimeters away from the center of Yang Ye’s forehead. From the moment Liu Changyuan attacked until the tip of his spear arrived before Yang Ye, it had only been less than half a breath of time!


A sword that was covered in an icy cold glow blocked the spear, and they both trembled violently. In the next moment, the spear suddenly spun while a strand of fierce light sprayed out from it. On the other hand, the cold blade of the sword trembled slightly before a strand of ferocious Sword Intent and cold light surged out from within it to collide with the fierce light emanated from the spear.


A shockwave swept out from the point of collision. Liu Changyuan took a few steps back while Yang Ye did the same.

Liu Changyuan’s face was covered in excitement as he said, “As expected of the Sword Emperor, it’s awesome. Let’s continue!”

His voice hadn’t even finished resounding when Liu Changyuan arrived in front of Yang Ye once more. Yang Ye was about to attack once more when Liu Changyuan chuckled, and then his figure shook before countless ‘Liu Changyuans’ immediately appeared all around Yang Ye. Yang Ye’s brows knit together slightly but a cold smile covered the corners of his mouth.

This was no movement technique, and it was merely numerous afterimages created by Liu Changyuan’s speed! However, Yang Ye who possessed the Enlightened Sword Heart was able to locate Liu Changyuan even if he closed his eyes. But Yang Ye didn’t look down upon Liu Changyuan at all because such speed was far more terrifying than any movement technique. This was pure speed, so he wasn’t confident in his ability to kill Liu Changyuan even if he knew where Liu Changyuan was. After all, Liu Changyuan was too swift!

Right when the tip of Liu Changyuan’s spear was about to stab Yang Ye’s throat, a sword blocked the tip of the spear with pinpoint accuracy.


The resounding sound of metal colliding resounded, and then both of them were blasted over 10 steps back from the enormous force of the collision.

The Enlightened Sword Heart!

Liu Changyuan’s eyes narrowed slightly while a solemn expression appeared within them for the very first time. It was the first time he felt that this Sword Emperor who stood before him wasn’t as weak as he’d thought! But he felt that it was fine and even interesting because he hadn’t even gotten serious!

Right when Liu Changyuan was about to attack again, a group had rushed over from afar, and it only took a while for that group to arrive by Liu Changyuan’s side. His face sank while Yang Ye frowned. Because there were over 300 profounders in this group, and every single one of the was at the fifth rank of the Spirit Realm or above. Moreover, there were four Exalt Realm experts amongst them!

If this group were to attack, then he wouldn’t hesitate to turn around and flee immediately!

“This is the one on one battle that you spoke of?” Yang Ye gazed at Liu Changyuan while he bluntly revealed his ridicule and disdain.

Liu Changyuan grunted coldly, and then he turned around to gaze at the woman in violet armor. “Who are all of you!”

“The Royal Guard! I’ve come here on orders to capture Yang Ye!” The woman spoke with an emotionless voice.

“He’s mine!” said Liu Changyuan in a low voice.

“He’s someone the Empire wishes to capture. Any unrelated parties who obstruct the Royal Guard will be killed without mercy!” The woman revealed killing intent in her eyes.

“The Empire?” Liu Changyuan chuckled and said, “When did my Ascension Sect have to obey the Exalted Han Empire? Little Girl, I’ll kill you if you still refuse to fuck off!”

Yang Ye instantly revealed a teasing smile when he witnessed this. He naturally refused to run right now. If he did, then the two of them would put their conflict aside and target him. He wasn’t stupid enough to do that! However, he wasn’t just watching the show. The Ninth Hell Swordwings and blue sword chest had appeared on his back. At the same time, he’d prepared extreme-grade energy stones in his pocket while he slapped all sorts of talismans on himself!

So long as he noticed that the situation was bad, then he would be able to attack or flee in the shortest amount of time!

“Kill!” The veiled and violet armored woman’s figure flashed towards Liu Changyuan. The group behind her was stunned, and then they hurriedly withdrew their weapons and started attacking Liu Changyuan and Di.

Liu Changyuan’s eyelids twitched. He hadn’t expected that the woman would actually attack just like that. He was naturally unafraid if it was a one on one battle, but the problem was that she had a group with her. Numerous Spirit Realm experts and four Exalt Realm experts…. Such a force was beyond unjust to him!

“Hey, woman! Fight me one on one if you have the ability! Isn’t it shameless to gang up on us…?” Liu Changyuan shouted while he fought them off with the robust man.

Idiot! Yang Ye shook his head. A one on one battle? She isn’t an idiot, so why would she do that? Even though this spear-wielding fellow was a little stupid, his strength was very formidable because he was actually able to fight the entire group without being defeated right away. Even though he was clearly in a disadvantaged position, he was still able to fight them with ease.

This spear-wielding fellow could be said to be the strongest Exalt Realm expert Yang Ye had ever seen, and the greatest genius amongst them as well. It was even to the extent that Yang Ye felt that ninth rank Exalt Realm experts he fought in the Flower Palace would probably not be a match for this fellow as well.

There were two more people who drew Yang Ye’s attention. One of them was the robust man while the other was the veiled woman. The robust man was extremely formidable. He’d actually completely given up on defending himself as he fought because the robust man’s physical body was almost as terrifying as Yang Ye’s. Yang Ye felt that if Liu Changyuan and the robust man were to join forces against him, then it was best for him to flee.

On the other hand, the veiled woman was extremely strong as well. She used a spear as well, and her spear technique was extremely sharp and swift. She’s stabbed the robust man on man occasions, and it hurt him to the point he grimaced in pain. Moreover, it was even to the extent that as the battle continued, the robust man didn’t dare to forcefully resist her attacks with just his physical body!

Yang Ye watched quietly while shaking his head or nodding occasionally. On the other hand, the battle between those two fellows from the Ascension Sect and the group of profounders grew more and more intense….

Yang Ye would naturally not just stand there and watch. The four swords within his sword chest were accumulating strength while waiting to be launched. He was carefully observing the battle and waiting for an opportunity. His target was the spear-wielding man and the veiled woman. So long as one of them was injured or revealed a slightly large opportunity for him to attack, then he wouldn’t hesitate to kill them and flee hastily!

Yang Ye’s eyelids suddenly twitched after around 10 minutes had passed, and then four rays of light shot soundlessly out of the blue sword chest while being enhanced by his 9th level Sword Intent, and they shot towards the battlefield at extreme speed….

1. It’s said to be the steed of Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha, and it’s capable of discerning everything in the world.

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