Chapter 511 – Dying With Everlasting Regret!

Almighty Sword Domain

The target of the four swords was the spear-wielding man of the Ascension Sect. Because the speak-wielding man was showing a slight lack of strength while being besieged by the veiled woman and two other Exalt Realm experts, causing him to reveal a huge flaw in his defenses. Yang Ye naturally wouldn’t hesitate before such an opportunity, and he immediately launched an attack.

Liu Changyuan blocked off the veiled woman’s attack and was just about to counterattack when a feeling of danger had suddenly erupted from the depths of his heart. The instinct he’d tempered through years of life and death battles made him react instinctively. Liu Changyuan immediately abandoned his attempt to counterattack, and he swiftly swept his spear towards the right.


A sword that was spinning at high speeds appeared before his silver spear, and they collided violently.

Liu Changyuan’s right arm shook violently while astonishment appeared in his eyes because his silver spear had actually cracked open. After all, it was a high-grade Heaven Rank dark treasure, and even some formidable demon beasts he fought in the demon territory weren’t able to damage his silver spear. But he hadn’t expected that it would actually be damaged by a Spirit Realm profounder of the human world!

The feeling of danger he felt hadn’t vanished, and it grew even stronger instead. Liu Changyuan practically didn’t hesitate to flick his spear towards the area in front of him.


Air was torn apart to create a rift there, but he hadn’t struck anything. Liu Changyuan was slightly stunned by this, and then his expression changed drastically in the next moment!

“Yang Ye! Don’t you dare!” Liu Changyuan roared loudly as he turned around swiftly and gazed at Di, and his eyes almost split apart with rage. At this moment, Di was using both his hands to hold a sword which was suffused with sharp Sword Intent, and Di’s hands were dyed red with blood. Besides that, swords had stabbed both the center of Di’s forehead and stomach. However, both of them hadn’t entered Di’s body and had merely pierced his skin open. But Di’s pale countenance and astounded gaze told Liu Changyuan that Di was on the verge of being unable to hold on!

Right when Liu Changyuan was about to lend Di a hand, Yang Ye had arrived in front of Di before Liu Changyuan could. Liu Changyuan could only watch with fury as Yang Ye laughed coldly and stabbed his sword at Di’s throat. The sword stopped slightly, but a strand of dazzling light erupted from it in the next moment, and then it stabbed straight through Di’s throat!

After he killed Di, Yang Ye chuckled as he issued a command in his heart, and the four swords shot into his sword chest. Next, he waved his right hand and took Di’s corpse into the space within the ancient sheath.

Once he did all of that, Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to flap the Ninth Hell Swordwings on his back, and then a piercingly cold and violent gale suddenly flashed here before Yang Ye vanished on the spot.

From the moment Yang Ye launched the surprise attack until Di perished and Yang Ye left, Yang Ye had merely used less than 2 breaths of time. So, many Spirit Realm profounders in the surroundings hadn’t even recovered from their shock when Yang Ye had left. On the other hand, those profounders who had recovered from their shock looked towards the direction Yang Ye left towards with astounded gazes. After all, they were very well aware of how formidable that robust man’s physical defense was, but Yang Ye had broken through the robust man’s defenses with ease….

A strand of terror silently arose within the hearts of many!

“AH!!! Yang Ye! You’re courting death!” Liu Changyuan roared furiously as he vanished on the spot. It was an utter humiliation to him for allowing Yang Ye to kill Di right before his eyes. Because he and an Exalt Rank demon beast had come looking for Yang Ye, but Yang Ye had actually killed one of them instead. If news of this were to spread, then his reputation would be destroyed! Besides that, Di was the mount of a Supreme Elder in the Ascension Sect. He was unable to imagine how he would face that Supreme Elder’s rage when he returned to the Ascension Sect….

“Special Ambassador… should we pursue?” Xia Yinghou spoke respectfully. The battle earlier allowed him to realize that while this woman was an Exalt Realm expert just like him and was even a rank of cultivation lower than him, her strength completely surpassed his own.

The veiled woman fell silent for a short while before she said, “All of you can return.”

“Why?” Xia Yinghou was puzzled.

“Unless all of you are at the Exalt Realm, otherwise, numbers are completely useless before him. Pursuing him would only be like giving your lives away!” As soon as she finished speaking, the veiled woman vanished on the spot. The battle just now had allowed her to realize that the strength of this Sword Emperor from the southern territory far surpassed her expectations, and it was utterly impossible to use numbers to defeat him. Of course, it was a different story if all the profounders on her side were at the Exalt Realm!

Otherwise, no one could resist that mysterious sword chest that he possessed!

She’s looking down on us! All of the others here exchanged glances, but there was no rage in their eyes at all. Conversely, they were delighted because they didn’t have to pursue that fellow, Demon Yang. Even if they had a few Exalt Realm experts on their side, they truly didn’t feel even a shred of safety or confidence to pursue such a formidable demon.

They were very clearly aware that if the veiled woman insisted on taking them along, then their only use would be to be cannon fodder for her…. Fortunately, they didn’t have to do that now.

After he ordered all of them to return to Martial World City, Xia Yinghou stood on the spot and gazed towards the direction that Yang Ye had left towards while a trace of a puzzled expression suffused his eyes. He kept having the feeling that he’d seen Yang Ye somewhere.

But where exactly have I seen him?


Yang Ye hadn’t chosen to run towards Lu He and the others, and he chose another path instead. Earlier, his true objective had actually been the demon beast, Di, since the very beginning. Because he could only turn the situation around by killing that demon beast. Otherwise, his enemies would have a firm grasp of his whereabouts so long as that demon beast was still alive, and he would be forced to remain in a passive position where he was constantly vigilant against their attacks!

So, he had to kill that demon beast. Moreover, that demon beast’s strength was formidable and possessed innate abilities, so it was unsuitable to use Sword Servants against it.

“Yang Ye, your life is mine!” Right at this moment, Liu Changyuan’s furious voice resounded abruptly from behind him.

Yang Ye stopped moving, turned around, and gazed at Liu Changyuan who was rage covering his face, and then a wisp of a strange smile appeared on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth. Frostlight suddenly shook a little, and then Void Flash appeared in his grasp.

“Yang Ye, you actually launched a surprise attack! To think that you’re the Sword Emperor, yet you’re actually so despicable and shameless!” Liu Changyuan had exchanged his spear for another one, and it was a completely pitch black spear. At this moment, it was trembling incessantly in his hand , and it was sufficient to display how furious Liu Changyuan was right now.

“I’m despicable and shameless?” Yang Ye laughed with ridicule and said, “What did all of you come here for? You came to kill me. What realm of cultivation are all of you at? What realm of cultivation am I at? You are pursuing a Spirit Realm profounder like me while at the Exalt Realm, yet you still have the nerve to call me despicable and shameless? If you’re a true man, then do you dare to wait for me to attain the Exalt Realm before you come looking for me? I know that you would definitely not dare to do that!”

Liu Changyuan intended to say something, but Yang Ye waved his hand and said, “Cut the crap! I know how shameless you fellows from all these sects are. If I kill a younger disciple, a senior will come for me; if I kill the senior, then you would use numbers against me instead. But it’s fine, I’ll kill every single expert who’s sent for me. Let me see if there are enough so-called geniuses like you for me to kill!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a black shadow suddenly shot out from the ground beneath Liu Changyuan. The black shadow instantly appeared before Liu Changyuan, and then a dagger stabbed towards his throat!

Liu Changyuan’s expression changed slightly. He hadn’t expected that Yang Ye actually had help! His figure was just about to evade the dagger when two voices suddenly resounded from his sides. “Spatial Cage!”

Liu Changyuan’s expression changed drastically when he noticed that the space around him had been frozen. The profound energy within his body surged into his spear as he swung it swiftly towards the spatial barriers. On the other hand, he clenched his left palm into a fist and smashed it towards the dagger.

Bang! Bang!

The spatial barriers were blasted apart while his fist blocked off the dagger. Right when Liu Changyuan heaved a sigh of relief, a golden rope had soundlessly appeared in front of him. Liu Changyuan was horrified. How could he possibly dare to let that rope bind him? It was obviously a Dao Artifact, after all! He was just about to erupt with all his strength when an extremely sharp strand of Sword Intent pressed down upon him like a mountain….

Sword Intent! 9th level Sword Intent! Liu Changyuan’s aura became sluggish for a moment, and it was exactly this instant which allowed the golden rope to wrap itself around him. Liu Changyuan’s face was covered in dejection when he noticed that his profound energy had fallen into a deathly silent state, and he hadn’t even had the time to think about how he should break free when the tip of a sword was right against the center of his forehead.

Yang Ye gazed at Liu Changyuan and mocked. “I never expected that you were so weak. You lost in just a single exchange. Could it be that your Ascension Sect doesn’t have anyone capable that it actually sent you to kill me!?”

“Yang Ye, you only succeeded because you launched a surprise attack, used numbers, and even a Dao Artifact! I’m not convinced of my loss!” Liu Changyuan glared angrily at Yang Ye.

“I don’t need you to feel convinced!” Yang Ye said, “The reason I still haven’t killed you is because I want to ask you something. You can choose to answer me or not to! Who do you think the Ascension Sect will send to kill me after your death? Would it be a single expert or numerous?”

“Are you afraid?” Liu Changyuan laughed coldly and said, “Do you think that I would tell you?” Even though he acted like he refused to submit, he heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. It’s fine so long as this fellow has requests because I’ll be able to negotiate like that!

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Since it’s like that, then you can… die!”

As soon as he spoke, his sword stabbed straight through Liu Changyuan’s forehead. Liu Changyuan’s eyes opened wide while his eyes were filled with disbelief. Even until the moment of his death, he wasn’t able to believe that he’d died just like that. I still haven’t displayed my full strength. My sword techniques… my trump cards…. I haven’t utilized any one of them…. I only wanted to negotiate, I never thought of keeping it a secret from you….

He died with everlasting regret….

Even though Yang Ye had a slight desire to find out what geniuses the Ascension Sect had, it was just a slight desire, and it wasn’t very important to him. Because regardless of who they sent, he wasn’t afraid so long as it wasn’t a Monarch Realm expert or the entire Ascension Sect. After all, he had a few Sword Servants at the Exalt Realm right now!

Actually, Yang Ye wanted to have a fair fight with Liu Changyuan as well. He wanted to use Liu Changyuan to improve his own strength. However, it wasn’t the time for that because he didn’t have the time to spare! Moreover, the slightest mistake might allow Liu Changyuan to escape. Wouldn’t it be a huge pity if such a top-rate Sword Servant were to escape his grasp? After all, he wasn’t confident in his ability to stop Liu Changyuan if Liu Changyuan just fled!

Besides that, Yang Ye noticed that the combination of 3 Sword Servants and the Immortal Binding Rope was truly effective. There was practically no Exalt Realm expert who could escape such a combination. Especially under the current circumstances where his Sword Intent had been improved to the 9th level!

Yang Ye shook his head, gave Liu Changyuan’s corpse to the Sword Spirit, and then found a quiet place to wait for his new Sword Servants to be created!

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