Chapter 512 – A Monarch Realm Expert!

Almighty Sword Domain

The Ascension Sect.

“Liu Changyuan is dead!” When the Sect Master of the Ascension Sect, Xuan Xiao’zi, spoke these words, the entire hall instantly fell perfectly silent. All the elders and disciples of the Ascension Sect gazed at him in disbelief. If it wasn’t Xuan Xiao’zi who’d spoken these words, then there would probably be many who couldn’t help but question or doubt such news!

A short while later, an elder said in a low voice, “Sect Master, did Liu Changyuan die at Yang Ye’s hands?”

Xuan Xiao’zi nodded.

“How could that be possible?” That elder spoke with disbelief. “Sect Master, I’m not doubting you but with the strength he possessed, how could Liu Changyuan have died at the hands of a tiny Spirit Realm profounder? Moreover, Liu Changyuan even had an Exalt Rank demon beast by his side. Could it be that someone secretly lent Yang Ye a hand?”

Xuan Xiao’zi said, “No one knows how Liu Changyuan died. But many people witnessed the death of Elder Xuan Gong’s mount. I presume all of you are aware of how formidable Elder Xuan Gong’s mount is, and how strong its physical defenses are, right? Perhaps all of you wouldn’t be able to believe it but Yang Ye pierced through its defenses with a single stab of his sword, and he killed Di in less than a breath of time!”

The expressions of everyone here changed!

“Perhaps all of you are still unaware of it but his Sword Intent has attained the 9th level!” Xuan Xiao’zi tossed out another ‘grenade’ at them!


All of them gasped, andit wasn’t surprise but shock that resided in their eyes!

Xuan Xiao’zi sighed and said, “Regardless of whether we admit it or not, there’s probably no one in the same realm of cultivation throughout our Ascension Sect or even the central territory that can be a match for him. If he attains the Exalt Realm, then he’ll probably be invincible unless Monarch Realm experts act against him. I gathered all of you here because I wanted to hear your opinions on the matter!”

“He can’t be allowed to live. He must be eliminated! Otherwise, he’ll become a formidable enemy of our Ascension Sect!” An elder spoke in a low voice.

A middle aged man by that elder’s side nodded and agreed. “Elder Yuan is right. He’s already so monstrous while at the Spirit Realm. So, how extraordinary would he be once he’s allowed to grow into the Exalt Realm? Moreover, our Ascension Sect has formed enmity with him, so he’ll definitely become a formidable enemy of our sect if we don’t seize the opportunity to eliminate him right now!”

The other elders instantly chimed in with agreement upon hearing this.

“I think that we should forget this incident!” It was a young man who said this, and his name was Xuan Kong. He was an Elite Disciple of the Ascension Sect. Of course, he had an even more important identity, the grandson of the current sect master.

Many frowned and revealed slight displeasure when they heard Xuan Kong. However, they didn’t speak out and snap at him out of consideration for Xuan Xiao’zi.

Xuan Xiao’zi grinned instead and asked. “Why?”

Xuan Kong pondered deeply for a moment and said, “Actually, we’ve already been used by the Exalted Han Empire, no… Luo Jun!”

“Continue!” A trace of praise appeared in Xuan Xiao’zi’s eyes.

Xuan Kong said, “Elders, please think about it carefully. With the strength that the Exalted Han Empire possesses, is it really that difficult for it to kill Yang Ye even if they can’t dispatch Monarch Realm experts? Yang Ye is strong. He can kill one, two, or even 10 Exalt Realm experts. But can he kill a hundred or two hundred? The answer is that he can’t! But Luo Jun hasn’t done that, and he issued a bounty and provided extremely tempting rewards instead. Moreover, he even provided tempting rewards to clans and sects like ours. Think about it carefully. Is that normal?”

All of them fell into deep thought.

Xuan Kong continued. “His intentions are none other than to use Yang Ye to exhaust the strength that we possess. Needless to say, he has succeeded. At the very least, our Ascension Sect has lost two geniuses because of this. Moreover, we’ve even become enemies with Yang Ye for no reason!” When he spoke up to this point, he paused for a moment and continued. “Actually, all of you should be aware that Yang Ye’s objective is Luo Jun, and not our Ascension Sect. Since it’s like that, then why should we become a blade that’s wielded in Luo Jun’s hands?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Xuan Kong stepped back and stood at the side!

Many elders couldn’t help but reveal praise in their eyes when they gazed at Xuan Kong!

“But we’ll be able to obtain those things which Luo Jun promised if we kill Yang Ye. We’ll have priority in choosing our territory once the southern territory is subdued. That’s very important to our sect!” said one of the elders.

Xuan Xiao’zi shook his head and said, “It’s important indeed. But it’s exactly the reason why all of us would fall for it. But perhaps all of you haven’t thought about it in depth. These promises are just promises, in the end. The future is full of variables, so can this promise be realized? In short, the disciples of my Ascension Sect are prohibited from seeking out Yang Ye! All disciples who have gone to search for Yang Ye should return to the sect! Those who disobey my order shall be expelled from the sect!”

Right at this moment, an old man charged hastily into the hall and said, “Sect Master, Elder Xuan Gong is gone.”

Xuan Xiao’zi’s expression changed when he heard this, and he cursed. “That idiot! Does he think the Demon Emperor was joking?” He’d vanished from the hall as soon as he finished speaking,

When the Sword Spirit appeared once more before Yang Ye, he had two more Sword Servants to take control of. From this moment onward, he had 7 Exalt Realm Sword Servants. Besides the Sword Servant he’d sent to escort Lu Wan’er to the southern territory, he still had 6 more with him. Moreover, Yang Ye was pleasantly surprised to notice that Mo Qingyu and Mu Jun who were cultivating within his tiny vortex had respectively attained the eighth and ninth rank of the Spirit Realm!

Yang Ye was quite embarrassed because they cultivated faster than him even in death!

The strongest Exalt Realm Sword Servant he possessed was merely at the fourth rank of the Exalt Realm. It was something that the Sword Spirit intentionally suppressed because Yang Ye might not be able to control them if they were at a higher rank of cultivation in the Exalt Realm. Even though the strongest was merely at the fourth rank of the Exalt Realm, Yang Ye was confident that these Sword Servants might not lose even if they fought against fifth rank Exalt Realm experts!

Because he refused to keep Exalt Realm experts whose strengths weren’t consolidated well and didn’t possess solid foundations. Every single one of the Sword Servants he possessed were extremely strong Exalt Realm experts. But he didn’t know if they could grow into the Monarch Realm. Because if they could, then wouldn’t he, Yang Ye, be able to walk unobstructed through the entire continent?

I really look forward to that day! Yang Ye chuckled. He used the silver eagle to search and instantly found where Lu He and the others were. However, they seemed to be in a slightly bad situation. Right when Yang Ye was about to set out to converge with them, an extremely terrifying aura suddenly swept over from the horizon. Everywhere this aura passed, the air before it was crushed into powder, and there were even rifts in space!

A Monarch Realm expert!

Just this aura alone allowed Yang Ye to know that it was absolutely a Monarch Realm expert! Because Exalt Realm experts were definitely unable to possess such an imposing aura!

Exactly which power wasn’t able to hold back and actually dispatched a Monarch Realm expert? Yang Ye smiled coldly, and then his 9th level Sword Intent surged violently from within him and resisted this terrifying aura. Even though he was able to resist it, it was very strenuous for him!

In next to no time, an old man appeared in front of Yang Ye. The old man wore a blue robe and had slightly grey hair, but his eyes revealed a sharp glow. Of course, most importantly, the old man’s eyes displayed undisguised killing intent as he gazed at Yang Ye.

“Were you the one who killed my mount, Di?” asked the old man. Di could be said to be his mount, but Di could also be considered as his friend. He’d met Di since even before he’d become a Monarch Realm expert. Even though Di was a demon beast, it didn’t stop them from becoming friends. Moreover, he would have died on many occasions if it weren’t for Di!

He’d thought that there was no danger of anything going wrong when his mount left the sect to help Liu Changyuan. After all, he was clearly aware of the strength that Liu Changyuan possessed. Even though Liu Changyuan was slightly conceited, it wasn’t a problem at all for Liu Changyuan to deal with a Spirit Realm expert. Moreover, there was Di to help Liu Changyuan as well. But he’d never imagined that both Di and Liu Changyuan would perish!

He didn’t care about Liu Changyuan’s fate because it wasn’t his disciple in the end. But Di had died, and even Di’s corpse was gone. So, when he thought about how his friend had been cut open by Yang Ye to retrieve the core within him, Xuan Gong truly felt like destroying the world!

Yang Ye nodded and said truthfully, “It really was me!” Even though his face was very calm right now, he was quite perturbed in his heart. A Monarch Realm expert has already come looking for me, so why hasn’t the Demon Emperor shown himself? I’m going to die here if he still doesn’t show himself!

“Then die!” The old man suddenly raised his right palm and clawed at Yang Ye when he heard this. An enormous claw appeared out of thin air above Yang Ye. Yang Ye didn’t try to block it because he couldn’t. A Monarch Realm expert wasn’t someone he could resist right now!

Right when that claw was about to descend onto Yang Ye’s head, the space in the surroundings had suddenly frozen. Yang Ye instantly heaved a sigh of relief when he sensed this. Luckily, the Demon Emperor arrived at the critical moment. He felt fortunate that it was the Demon Emperor who was protecting him, because any other Monarch Realm expert might not have been able to protect him from so far away like the demon territory!

However, Yang Ye was also curious. How did he know that I was in danger?

The old man’s expression changed. He knew that the Demon Emperor was here! After that, the old man’s expression grew slightly unsightly. He hadn’t expected that the Demon Emperor who was far away in the demon territory would actually be constantly paying attention to a human ant at the Spirit Realm!

The Demon Emperor hadn’t even shown himself yet had been able to execute a spatial technique from a different territory…. The old man knew that he was far from being a match for the Demon Emperor! If he turned around and returned to the Ascension Sect right now, then the Demon Emperor would be unable to do anything to him. But he was truly unwilling to leave just like that!

The old man hesitated for an instant before a ferocious expression surged onto his face. He suddenly slapped his right palm towards Yang Ye again. Everywhere his palm passed, space instantly collapsed, and countless rifts appeared in the expanse of space that was protecting Yang Ye.

Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched. This geezer doesn’t intend to stop without killing me!

The old man’s face twitched when he wasn’t able to slap those spatial walls around Yang Ye apart, and then a fierce expression flashed through his eyes. He suddenly clenched both his palms in Yang Ye’s direction, and then a strong and mysterious energy surged out. This energy smashed onto the spatial walls that surrounded Yang Ye, and then a loud bang resounded after a moment of silence. The spatial walls around Yang Ye had been completely blasted apart.

After that, the old man smiled with complacency as Yang Ye’s figure gradually vanished within a black spatial vortex….

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