Chapter 513 – Death!

Almighty Sword Domain

Right when the old man was about to leave, the black vortex that was gradually swallowing Yang Ye up had suddenly stopped revolving. After that, the old man watched with shock as a middle aged man in imperial robes walked out slowly from within the black vortex. Moreover, the middle aged man was holding Yang Ye who had a slightly pale countenance.

The Demon Emperor! The old man’s pupils constricted. He didn’t hesitate to turn around and flee. He didn’t choose to tear space open and flee because doing that in front of the Demon Emperor would speed up his death!

“You’re trying to flee now?” The Demon Emperor grunted coldly as he suddenly clenched his right hand towards the old man who was already 3km away. The old man’s figure instantly stopped on the spot while the space around him started overlapping and warping in layers. The old man was horrified by this scene. The formidable and mysterious energy of space around him was actually impossible for the old man to resist. Only at this moment did he realize exactly how terrifying this Demon Emperor who was renowned throughout the continent was!

“Demon Emperor, stop and wait a moment!” Right at this moment, Xuan Xiao’zi’s anxious voice resounded yet his figure was over 500km away.

“Stop?” The Demon Emperor grunted coldly, and then he squeezed his right fist even more tightly together.


The space that trapped the old man was instantly blasted apart. The old man didn’t die, but he was on the verge of it. The Demon Emperor pulled and pushed with his right hand, and then a terrifying spatial rift appeared behind the old man. After that, the Demon Emperor pushed swiftly, and a shrill cry resounded from the old man as he was directly pushed into the spatial rift.

The Demon Emperor flicked his right hand, and then the spatial rift was instantly sealed. The spatial rift, the spatial vortex, the old man… everything had vanished.

Yang Ye felt like something was about to surge out from his heart when he witnessed this scene. What was strength like? That was the epitome of it!

Meanwhile, Xiao Xiao’zi appeared not too far away from the Demon Emperor, and his eyes instantly turned red once he swept the surroundings with his gaze. He knew that Elder Xuan Gong had been completely annihilated. That was a Monarch Realm expert! It wasn’t an Exalt Realm expert but a Monarch Realm expert! Even the Ascension Sect couldn’t afford to lose one!

Xuan Xiao’zi gazed at the Demon Emperor and spoke in a ghastly tone. “Demon Emperor, haven’t you gone a little too far? This is the human world!”

The Demon Emperor said, “I know it’s the human world. Xuan Xiao’zi, I’ve announced that Yang Ye belongs to my demon race, and the agreement between the 3 races are in effect towards him. However, your Ascension Sect has still sent a Monarch Realm expert against him. Since you’ve violated the agreement first, then is it wrong for me to make a move? Alright, let’s get to the point. Xuan Xiao’zi, feel free to attack if you want to avenge that elder of your sect. Let me see if you’re still as weak as you were a few hundred years ago!”

Xuan Xiao’zi’s face twitched while flames of rage burned in his eyes. However, he didn’t dare to attack. Only a few people throughout the continent were a match for the Demon Emperor, and that didn’t include him. He was very clearly aware that the Demon Emperor wouldn’t hesitate to kill him if he dared to attack. After all, he would have given the Demon Emperor an excuse to do so!

Xuan Xiao’zi took a deep glance at the Demon Emperor, and then he glanced at Yang Ye before his figure flashed and vanished on the spot.

The Demon Emperor turned around to size up Yang Ye with a shocked gaze. He said, “9th level Sword Intent! You’ve actually attained 9th level Sword Intent!” He was very shocked in his heart. After all, Yang Ye had just attained the 8th level of Sword Intent not too long ago! Yet now, Yang Ye had actually attained the 9th level. Isn’t such natural talent in the Sword Dao a little too terrifying!?

“It was just luck!” Yang Ye revealed a rare moment of modesty.

The Demon Emperor shook his head and said, “You’re an even more monstrous genius that I imagined. But your cultivation is too low. The central territory is still very dangerous to you at such a realm of cultivation.” As he spoke, the Demon Emperor withdrew a crystalline and translucent fruit, and he passed it to Yang Ye as he said, “This is a Spirit Fountain Fruit, and it’s very beneficial to human profounders. Consume it. I’ll help you with it this time!”

“This will be able to improve my cultivation?” asked Yang Ye.

The Demon Emperor nodded and said, “You don’t have to worry about any side effects. Your foundation is very solid, and your profound energy is extremely condensed as well. Not to mention advancing by a few ranks of cultivation, it’s even not a problem for you to advance into the Exalt Realm. But that isn’t necessary. You wouldn’t be able to adapt if you advance too quickly, so it isn’t worth it!”

Yang Ye didn’t hesitate for a moment longer. He took the fruit and swallowed it. In an instant, the profound energy within his body started surging violently. It seemed like his profound energy had been stimulated, and it surged madly through his meridians. Yang Ye hurriedly sat down cross-legged and guided this profound energy through his body.

The Demon Emperor revealed praise in his eyes as he gazed at Yang Ye. They were in a world where strength was respected. If Yang Ye didn’t possess potential, then he wouldn’t have hesitated to kill Yang Ye that day even if the Undertaker was Yang Ye’s master. Because he didn’t want his daughter to be with a human, and it would be worse if that human wasn’t strong. Fortunately, even though Yang Ye didn’t possess sufficient strength yet, Yang Ye had potential!

It was exactly out of consideration for Yang Ye’s potential that he’d stepped forward to protect Yang Ye. Of course, he knew that Yang Ye would be fine even if he didn’t lend a hand. Because not to mention anyone else, even he was quite fearful of the Undertaker! Even though he hadn’t fought the Undertaker, he was very clearly aware that the Undertaker’s strength was absolutely not inferior to his own!

Yang Ye was the Undertaker’s disciple, so the Demon Emperor refused to believe that the old man wouldn’t lend a hand if Yang Ye really did encounter danger that threatened his life!

It was just that realistic. If someone didn’t have value, then would anyone attach importance to that person? Not to mention an outsider, even that person’s own family might not!

Along with the gradual passage of time, the fluctuation of energy around Yang Ye grew increasingly stronger. In the end, Yang Ye was like a vortex that caused countless strands of energy to surge madly towards him. After the energy entered his body, Yang Ye hurriedly compressed and refined the energy. It wasn’t a problem in the beginning, but as more and more energy surged into him from the outside world while the Spirit Fountain Fruit within him ceaselessly emanated energy. It became quite strenuous for him!

Fortunately, the Demon Emperor lent him a hand at the critical moment. The Demon Emperor placed his palm on the top of Yang Ye’s head, and then a strand of energy flowed slowly into Yang Ye’s body. The Demon Emperor was helping Yang Ye compress the profound energy within his body so that it became even more condensed and pure!

Two hours passed just like that, and then Yang Ye’s eyes opened slowly while a deep expression of happiness could be seen within them.

The seventh rank of the Spirit Realm!

Yang Ye hadn’t expected that he would actually improve by 3 ranks in one go and attain the seventh rank of the Spirit Realm! With the current density and volume of his profound energy, he could swing Void Flash for 6 times, at least. Moreover, it wouldn’t exhaust all his profound energy! Yang Ye was almost unable to restrain his desire to laugh when he felt the improvement of his strength!

“Your foundation is very solid, and the profound energy within you is condensed extremely well. Actually, it’s even possible for you to rise to the ninth rank of the Spirit Realm, but that would make your profound energy slightly thin. Moreover, there would probably be a flaw in your mental state. So, your cultivation could only be improved until the seventh rank of the Spirit Realm. Such a realm of cultivation won’t affect you at all!” said the Demon Emperor.

“Thank you, Senior!” Yang Ye spoke sincerely. If he hadn’t had the Demon Emperor’s help to compress his profound energy, then not only would it be impossible for him to advance by 3 ranks of cultivation in one go, he wouldn’t even dare to give it a try! Perhaps an unstable foundation didn’t make much difference to him now, but it would be extremely lethal to his future growth!

The Demon Emperor grinned and said, “I’ve concealed the aura of your cultivation just now. So, unless it’s a Monarch Realm expert, otherwise, others would be unable to see through your current realm of cultivation. As always, if you can’t survive in the human world anymore, then come to the demon territory! With the strength you possess, you can move unhindered even through the demon territory!”

Yang Ye shook his head and smiled, and then he said, “Senior, how’s the little fellow?”

“Zi’er is still receiving her inheritance, but she should be done soon.” The Demon Emperor said, “However, I won’t allow her to come to the human world. You should be aware that if she did come to human world, then many people would target her because of her identity. Moreover, you have the whole world as your enemy already, so I really can’t rest at ease if she were to be by your side!”

Yang Ye laughed bitterly and said, “I was actually thinking of seeing her!”

“You’ll have the chance to!” The Demon Emperor smiled and said, “The important matter at hand is to improve your strength as soon as possible and stop Luo Jun from obtaining the World Portrait within the Saint Ruins. If he obtains the inheritance or World Portrait within the ruins, then it would absolutely be a calamity to the southern territory. Alright, I have to leave, or many old goats wouldn’t be able to sit still anymore. I’ve left a trace of demon energy within you, and I’ll be there as soon as possible if a Monarch Realm expert were to attack you!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the space where the Demon Emperor stood warped, and then he vanished on the spot.

The Exalt Realm! Yang Ye chuckled. He was just about to leave when he suddenly frowned and said, “How did she find me!?” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye’s figure flickered a few times and vanished on the spot.

On the other side, the veiled woman who was dashing swiftly had suddenly stopped moving, and then she gazed at the forest in the distance and said, “Show yourself. Perhaps we can discuss some things!”

Yang Ye frowned while he stood behind one of the trees. He knew that she’d noticed him. He was very curious about how she noticed him. So, he appeared before her while carrying those questions in his heart, and he said, “Discuss what? Is there anything left to discuss between me and the Exalted Han Empire? I’m really very curious!”

“It isn’t the Exalted Han Empire but the Third Prince!” said the veiled woman.

The Third Prince?”

The veiled woman nodded and said, “The Emperor has numerous princes, and the Third Prince is one of them.”

Yang Ye said, “Isn’t it Luo Jun and the emperor of your Exalted Han Empire that are in control of the empire now?”

“That’s exactly why we have to talk!” said the veiled woman.

Yang Ye said, “I roughly understand the intentions of that Third Prince of yours. It’s none other than he refuses to submit to Luo Jun and wants to revolt. So, all of you intend to use me to do that, right?”

The veiled woman said, “After Luo Jun obtained the title of Mortal Emperor, the so-called competition between the princes became meaningless. Everyone chose Luo Jun. Even the Emperor had no choice but to choose Luo Jun. However, that’s very unfair to many princes in the empire. Since it’s unfair, then there will be resistance! The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Yang Ye, it’s a win-win situation if you work together with the Third Prince!”

“Oh?” Yang Ye chuckled and said, “I’m quite interested now. But I’m also very curious. What can that Third Prince of yours give me!? And what do I need to do for him!?”

The veiled woman raised her hand slowly and removed her veil. Behind it was a peerlessly gorgeous appearance. She said, “I heard that you’re very fond of beautiful women. I think that I’m quite beautiful myself. The Third Prince had ordered that if you agree to work together with him, then I will be yours!”

“Fuck!” Yang Ye couldn’t stop himself from cursing. Who the fuck has been spreading rumors about me being fond of beautiful women?

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