Chapter 515 – The Heart Of Man!

Almighty Sword Domain

“Senior, I have a low-grade Heaven Rank technique!” It wasn’t long before Sikong Ming couldn’t hold on anymore. The number of Killer Crocodiles around him increased steadily now that Lu He wasn’t there to help him resist them. Even though Lu Jianyao and Mo Qingyue were helping as well, his strength was comparatively weaker. So, coupled with the heavy injury he’d already suffered, he was truly unable to hold on any longer.

The scene before his eyes flashed, and then Sikong Ming noticed that he’d left the battle and was by Yun Yan’s side. Sikong Ming didn’t go back on his words, nor did he dare to right now. He immediately withdrew a scroll and passed it to Yun Yan. After that, Sikong Ming glanced at Lu Jianyao and Mo Qingyue who were holding on bitterly, and he hesitated for a moment before he said, “Senior, please….”

Yun Yan waved his hand and said, “Even they aren’t anxious, so what are you getting anxious about? If you want to play the hero, then go over there yourself. I guarantee that I won’t stop you.”

Sikong Ming’s face was slightly unsightly, and he was visibly struggling as he gazed at the two women who were being besieged by the Killer Crocodiles. Sikong Ming hesitated for a long time before he sighed lightly and sat weakly on the ground, and then he withdrew some medicines to recuperate. He was very clearly aware that he wouldn’t just be unable to help them if he went over there, he would become their burden instead!

In the end, they were only acquaintances who had met by chances.

There was disappointment in the eyes of both Lu Jianyao and Mo Qingyue. After all, it never felt nice to be abandoned.

Human nature was just like a person’s heart, it changed with extreme ease and couldn’t be predicted at all. Moreover, it couldn’t stand up to any tests, especially tests of life and death.

Meanwhile, Lu He spoke abruptly. “Miss Mo, is it not easy for you to produce 80 top-grade energy stones with the strength of your Mo Clan?”

“80 top-grade energy stones?” Yun Yan shook his head and laughed coldly. “That isn’t the price now. 500 top-grade energy stones, give me 500 top grade energy stones and I’ll lend a hand. Of course, both of you are beauties, so I wouldn’t refuse to help the two of you if you were willing to pledge your hands in marriage to me.”

“Senior….” Yun Yan took a deep glance at Lu He who intended to speak, and then the latter's heart shook before he instantly shut his mouth.

“Senior, you’re interested in the two of them?” asked Ye Cheng.

Yun Yan said, “Indeed I am. However, I’ve never liked to do things by force!”

Ye Cheng understood that this senior wanted the two of them to beg him themselves. So, once he figured this out, Ye Chen didn’t say another word. He just moved to the side and looked off into the distance.

Lu Jianyao waved her sword swiftly, and strands of sword qi sprayed out from it. Even though her sword qi could break through the defenses of these Killer Crocodiles, she wasn’t able to inflict any lethal harm to them. Moreover, the increasing amount of blood in the swamp seemed to be drawing over even more crocodiles, so the two of them were on the verge of being unable to hold on anymore!

“Qingyue, we’ll perish here if this continues!” Lu Jianyao moved slowly towards Mo Qingyue while she revealed a solemn expression.

Mo Qingyue’s expression was extremely solemn as well. Not only were the crocodiles increasing in number, they were going more and more crazy. The two of them were practically at their limits while the profound energy within them was on the verge of drying up. So, it would take around 10 minutes at most for the two of them to be torn apart and devoured by the Killer Crocodiles.

A wisp of a fierce expression flashed through Mo Qingyue’s eyes when she thought of that, and she said, “Jianyao, come to my side and protect me!”

Lu Jianyao didn’t hesitate to flash over to Mo Qingyue’s side, and then she started swinging her sword madly. On the other hand, the profound energy within Mo Qingyue’s body started to surge violently while the energy throughout the surroundings seemed to have been drawn over by something. They actually started surging madly towards her, and it even formed a vortex of energy around her!

It’s a mid-grade Heaven Rank technique at least!The expressions of Lu He and the others changed. Even Yun Yan’s expression changed slightly. He hadn’t expected that this woman would actually be able to execute a mid-grade Heaven Rank technique! Such natural talent to be able to execute a mid-grade Heaven Rank technique while at the Spirit Realm could only be described as terrifying. After all, not only were Heaven Rank techniques at the mid-grade and above very difficult to cultivate, they were very difficult to execute as well. Moreover, the slightest mistake would cause the person executing them to suffer backlash!

However, this woman before them was clearly confident in her ability to execute it!

“Thousand Illusion Palm!” Mo Qingyue shouted lightly as she swiftly slapped her palms forward. In an instant, space trembled as countless palm prints condensed from energy flashed out from Mo Qingyue’s palms, and then they slapped down towards the crocodiles in the surroundings. In less than a breath of time, a few hundred energy palms had appeared here.

All the crocodiles who were struck by them wailed, and then they fled swiftly towards the depths of the swamp.

“Let’s go!” Meanwhile, Mo Qingyue suddenly spoke to Lu Jianyao who was slightly stunned.

Lu Jianyao recovered from her shock, and she was astounded upon noticing that Mo Qingyue had a ghastly pale countenance and was weak to the point of almost being unable to stand. She stretched out her hand to grab Mo Qingyue and started running madly. Lu Jianyao wasn’t an idiot, so she didn’t run towards Yun Yan but took Mo Qingyue along as she fled towards the other side.

However, Yun Yan clearly refused to let them go, and he appeared before them and obstructed their path.

Lu Jianyao spoke furiously. “What’re you doing!?”

“Are you really going to disregard my Mo Clan?” A trace of rage appeared on Mo Qingyue’s pale face.

“The Mo Clan?” Yun Yan grunted coldly and said, “Young Miss Mo, I naturally dare not offend your Mo Clan. However, this woman by your side is aware of Yang Ye’s whereabouts, so acting against her isn’t related to your Mo Clan at all, right?”

“She’s a friend of mine!” Mo Qingyue’s face was quite unsightly. She naturally knew what this fellow before her intended to do. Once he captured Lu Jianyao, then besides begging him to save her, she had no other way to survive with the current state she was in!

“Your friend?” Yun Yan laughed coldly and said, “Young Miss Mo, do you really think your Mo Clan is invincible?” As he spoke, he stretched his hand forward to grab Lu Jianyao.

Lu Jianyao’s expression changed. She was almost completely exhausted, so how could she be a match for an Exalt Realm expert right now. She wanted to resist when she saw that hand approaching her, but she was powerless to do so!


The sound of air being torn apart resounded.

After that, a figure appeared before Lu Jianyao. It was none other than Yang Ye who’d rushed over here. He’d noticed they were in danger through the silver eagle, so he’d hurriedly worn his cloak and rushed over. Fortunately, he wasn’t too late!

A trace of a cruel expression appeared on the corners of his mouth as he gazed at that hand which was stretching over towards him, and then he smashed his fist against it!


A strand of formidable force assaulted him when Yang Ye’s fist struck his hand, and it caused Yun Yan’s expression to change violently while he even took over 20 steps back!

“Who’re you!?” Yun Yan gazed at Yang Ye with a solemn expression while he slowly moved his right hand behind his back because it was trembling!

Lu Jianyao heaved a sigh of relief in her heard when she saw Yang Ye. The two of us would really be losing our lives here if this fellow still didn’t get here.

Mo Qingyue heaved a sigh of relief in her heart as well because they should be safe. Even though this fellow before her was merely at the Spirit Realm, she was confident in his strength!

“Brother Ye….” Right at this moment, Lu He intended to say something but Yang Ye immediately waved his hand. He’d witnessed everything clearly via the silver eagle. He’d thought these two fellows were people he could make friends with, but he realized that it wasn’t necessary at all anymore.

Lu He and Sikong Ming’s expressions turned unsightly when they saw this.

“Senior Yun, that fellow is Ye Yang. He’s the one who killed the disciples of your Endless Sect!” said Ye Cheng in a low voice.

Yun Yan gazed at Yang Ye and said, “You….” His pupils suddenly constricted when he’d just spoken a single word because that fellow in front of him had actually arrived right before him, and a fist was swiftly enlarging in his eyes.

Yang Ye didn’t have the habit to waste his breath on his enemies!

Yun Yan was furious because this fellow who was just a Spirit Realm profounder was actually more arrogant than a second rank Exalt Realm expert like him! Yun Yan stomped his right foot on the ground and vanished on the spot, and he was over 40m away when his figure appeared again. He stretched out his left hand and grasped it in Yang Ye’s direction. “Spatial cage!”

Yang Ye’s figure stopped slightly, but he suddenly twisted his fist.


The spatial barriers were instantly blasted into pieces while Yang Ye flashed over to Yun Yan. This time, Yang Ye didn’t give Yun Yan a chance at all, and he doubled his previous speed. His attack, however, was a very simple one, and he just smashed his fist forward at Yun Yan.

Yun Yan was astounded when he saw Yang Ye blast his spatial cage apart. He hadn’t expected that this ant at the Spirit Realm would actually be able to blast his spatial cage apart! How terrifying is his physical strength? Is he an Exalt Rank demon beast? Yun Yan didn’t have time to think about all of that because Yang Ye’s fist had arrived before his head.

Yun Yan didn’t dare act carelessly when he sensed the violent and overbearing energy carried by that fist, and he didn’t dare go head-on against it as well. He was just about to dodge when Yang Ye’s speed sped up abruptly, and his fist smashed against Yun Yan’s face.

A shrill cry resounded as Yun Yan’s figure was blasted flying. However, Yang Ye flashed over while Yun Yan was in midair, and he grabbed Yun Yan’s shoulder with his right hand while he launched a jab at Yun Yan’s throat with his left fist.


The color in Yun Yan’s eyes faded!

Ye Cheng, Lu He, and Sikong Ming were flabbergasted. A second rank Exalt Realm expert, and one that had come from a sect had been killed by Ye Yang just like that? Moreover, he practically had no strength to fight back at all. Could he be the rumored Martial God?

Indeed, if Yang Ye wasn’t a man, they would absolutely think that Yang Ye was the Martial God! Because the rumors said that An Nanjing’s fist technique was unparalleled!

Yang Ye took Yun Yan’s spatial ring and glanced at its contents before he smacked his lips. All of these Exalt Realm experts are really so poor. He doesn’t even have 500 top-grade energy stones! Fortunately, there’s a low-grade Heaven Rank technique, and it should sell for a good price!

“Hmm? You’re thinking of escaping?” Yang Ye suddenly raised his head to gaze at Ye Cheng who was over 100m away, and then a cold smile appeared on the corners of his lips. Ye Cheng had tried to kill him on more than one occasion. If he wasn’t afraid of drawing trouble to himself, he would have put an end to Ye Cheng’s life while they were still in Martial World City. Fortunately, it wasn’t too late to do it now.

Yang Ye’s figure flashed, and he caught up to Ye Cheng in less than 2 breaths of time. Ye Cheng wanted to say something but Yang Ye didn’t give him the chance, and he directly punched Ye Cheng over 100m away!

After he did that, Yang Ye went over to Lu Jianyao and Mo Qingyue’s side, and he slapped an extreme-grade healing talisman on each of them.

Both of them had more or less recovered after a while passed, and then Yang Ye nodded and said, “Let’s go!”

“What about Lu He and Sikong Ming…?” Mo Qingyue glanced at the two of them. At this moment, both of them were heavily injured, and they would definitely die if they were left here.

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