Chapter 516 – Eternal Rest

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye glanced at Lu He and Sikong Ming, and the two of them were looking at him with embarrassment and in their eyes. Regardless of what the reason was, it wasn’t honorable to abandon their companions. Moreover, Lu Jianyao and Mo Qingyue had even asked them to leave first. At that time, Lu Jianyao and Mo Qingyue had the strength to retreat without them, but the two women hadn’t done so!

However, the two of them had!

But in next to no time, their desire to live triumphed over the embarrassment that they felt, and Lu He said, “Brother Ye, Brother Sikong and I were wrong to do that, and we apologize. We don’t ask Brother Ye to continue taking us to the Saint Ruins, and we only hope that Brother Yang will send us back to Martial World City out of consideration for our past relationship.”

Sikong Ming spoke as well. “Brother Ye, our actions were inhumane indeed. But we didn’t have any other choice while we were facing such circumstances. If we didn’t retreat, then we would only become burdens for Miss Lu and Miss Mo. Conversely, leaving even reduced the pressure to two of them faced. I think that anyone would make the same choice as us when facing such a situation!”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “Every single person had his or her own choice. The two of you have your own choice as well, and I don’t have any right to interfere or say that it was wrong. However, since you’ve made that choice, then you must face their consequences. You chose to abandon them just now, so I’m choosing to abandon the two of you now. It’s very fair!”

Yang Ye wasn’t someone who would use morality to make unreasonable demands of others. There was nothing that could be said about their choice. However, it was like he’s said, every single person had to bear the consequences and responsibility for their choices.

Sikong Ming and Lu He’s countenances turned even paler when they heard Yang Ye. They wanted to say something but Yang Ye had already left while pulling the two women along with him.

The terror in their eyes gradually transformed into resentment.

“It’s extremely easy for him to take us back to Martial World City. What a ruthless fellow! To think that I even went to the City Governor’s Estate to plead to my uncle for him. If I knew he was such a heartless and merciless fellow, then I would have asked my uncle to kill him in Martial World City!” Sikong Ming roared furiously.

The resentment in Lu He’s eyes grew denser as he watched their figures vanish from his field of vision. But in next to no time, he didn’t have any time to feel resentful towards Yang Ye because the Killer Crocodiles that had been scared away by Mo Qingyue’s Heaven Rank techniques had actually returned once more. A portion of them went after Yang Ye’s group, but there was still a portion that were swimming towards him and Sikong Ming!

“Brother Lu, what should we do!?” Sikong Ming spoke with a horrified voice. People usually revealed a side of themselves that even they felt embarrassed of when they faced death.

A ferocious expression arose in Lu He’s eyes as he gazed at the crocodiles. He hesitated for a moment before he suddenly grabbed Sikong Ming’s shoulder and immediately kicked Sikong Ming at the stomach before Sikong Ming could even resist him, causing the latter to be instantly tossed into the group of crocodiles.

“Just one of us dying is better than both of us dying. Brother Sikong, don’t worry, I’ll avenge you!” As soon as he finished speaking, Lu He turned around and ran while the crocodiles were drawn to Sikong Ming.

“AH!!! Lu He!! I’ll never forgive you even in death!!” His voice vanished in next to no time.

Sometimes, the limits of what a person was capable of would be renewed incessantly when they faced death.


Right at this moment, a sharp cry suddenly resounded from up above in the clouds, and then two rays of golden light shot down from the clouds. It instantly arrived above Lu He who’d escaped territory of the Killer Crocodiles.

“NO!!!” Lu He roared hysterically as he gazed at the rays of golden light, and it was his last words.


The golden light blasted against Lu He’s body, and the latter was instantly obliterated!



The moon glowed brilliantly in the sky while only a few stars could be seen throughout the veil of night, and they emanated faint silver radiance.

The Swamplands were covered in coldness.

Yang Ye and the others hadn’t chosen to continue on their journey because they would definitely be courting death if they tried to travel at night through the Swamplands that was home to the Killer Crocodiles.

“Ye Yang, can we really travel through this swamp with our strength?” The three of them were seated on the ground on a path by the side of a swamp. Mo Qingyue gazed at the boundless swamp around them as she asked that question in a light voice. Even though they were fine now, it was under the circumstances that they hadn’t encountered an adult Killer Crocodile. If they did, then the consequences would be unimaginable. Because every single one of them wasn’t just at the Exalt Rank, they had a huge number of subordinates!

“Of course we can!” Lu Jianyao chuckled and said, “Qingyue, don’t worry, this fellow is very strong. The Killer Crocodiles are nothing with him on our side!” She’d taken Mo Qingyue who’d experienced life and death with her to be a friend.

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch while he cultivated at the side.

“Is that so?” Mo Qingyue glanced at Yang Ye and spoke in a light voice.

“Of course!” Lu Jianyao said, “Trust me, besides that monstrous woman, An Nanjing, no one in the younger generation in the human world is a match for him.”

“Then what about Yang Ye?”

“Yang Ye? Isn’t Yang Ye….”


A cough suddenly interrupted Lu Jianyao.

Lu Jianyao smiled with embarrassment when she heard Yang Ye’s ‘reminder’. She was frank by nature and had almost said that Yang Ye was Ye Yang. Fortunately, she’d stopped just in time.

Lu Jianyao said, “Right, besides Yang Ye and An Nanjing.”

“Oh.” Mo Qingyue glanced at Yang Ye before she fell silent.

Yang Ye glared fiercely at Lu Jianyao. Can she have any more disregard for the consequences? How did she come all the way here from the southern territory with her level of intelligence?


Suddenly, rumbling resounded from afar.

Lu Jianyao and Mo Qingyue’s expressions changed. Yang Ye said, “Don’t be worried, someone is in battle with the Killer Crocodiles a few kilometers away. It has nothing to do with us, so just rest well!”

“Someone is fighting the crocodiles?” Lu Jianyao was instantly interested when she heard this, and she took her sword and said, “Let’s go over quickly!”

She’d grown fond of battle after arriving at the central territory because she could improve her strength well while in battle.

“Why would we go over there?” Yang Ye couldn’t help but ask this question.

“To help of course!” Lu Jianyao spoke like it was a matter of course. “We’re all humans, so we should lend each other a hand when we face difficulties.”

Yang Ye was speechless. Mo Qingyue shook her head lightly as well. She liked Lu Jianyao’s character because Lu Jianyao was straightforward, naïve, and wasn’t scheming at all. However, she felt that Lu Jianyao was too naïve sometimes.

“What’s wrong? Did I say something wrong?” asked Lu Jianyao.

Yang Ye said, “Firstly, they don’t need our help. Even if you want to help, you have to see if you possess the strength to do so. If you go help when you don’t possess sufficient strength, then you would be giving your life away instead. Besides that, it’s best to lock your kindness away when you’re out in the world because it might bring harm to you instead. Repaying kindness with enmity is something that occurs every single day. Understand?”

Lu Jianyao sat back on the spot, and then she glanced at Yang Ye while seeming to be slightly depressed.

“You feel that I’m too cold blooded?” asked Yang Ye.

“You were the one who said that! It wasn’t me!” said Lu Jianyao.

She really is beyond me! Yang Ye was speechless. I wonder what that City Governor Lu was thinking. How could he possibly rest at ease while his daughter went out into the world. Is he not afraid that his daughter would be tricked by someone?

Meanwhile, Mo Qingyue said, “Jianyao, do you think that a group of people who were able to arrive deep within the Swamplands and fight Killer Crocodiles would be made up of ordinary people? Perhaps they are completing some sort of mission or something else. If we just head over rashly, then we might even be treated as enemies. Moreover, if they were to be stronger than us, what would you do if they arouse ill intent upon laying eyes on us like Yun Yan had done earlier? Of course, all of these are assumptions, but they aren’t impossible.”

“I know both of you are telling me all of this for my own good. But I’m just curious and wanted to go have a look,” said Lu Jianyao.

“Curiosity killed the cat. Why don’t you settle down and cultivate if you’re so free?” said Yang Ye.

“Alright, I’ll cultivate right now! Hmph!” Lu Jianyao glared at Yang Ye while she said in her heart, One day when I’m stronger than you, I’ll definitely teach you a lesson every single day, and I’ll let you experience how it feels like to be taught a lesson.

Late at night. The surroundings were deathly silent.

Yang Ye opened his eyes, and then he glanced at Lu Jianyao and Mo Qingyue. Mo Qingyue’s hands were clenched tightly, and she clearly hadn’t fallen into deep sleep. However, Lu Jianyao was snoring. Is she really that confident in me, or is she that careless? This is the Swamplands, it’s a place where it’s very likely that Killer Crocodiles would be luring around us. But she was actually able to fall into deep sleep!Yang Ye shook his head, walked over to the edge of the path, and looked at the swamp before him. Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly, and then a strand of Sword Intent left him and entered into the swamp without making a single sound. In next to no time, a vortex suddenly appeared in the swamp, and then strands of scarlet red appeared on the surface of the swamp.

Meanwhile, Mo Qingyue had appeared behind Yang Ye and she spoke softly. “So you noticed them!”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “How could I dare to sleep at a place like this! I’m not an idiot like Lu Jianyao!”

Mo Qingyue chuckled and said, “You said that someone was fighting the Killer Crocodiles just now. Was it a single person, or?”

“Three, two men and a woman. All of them were at the Exalt Realm!” said Yang Ye.

“Are they good or bad?”

Yang Ye rolled his eyes at her and said, “Do I look like a god!?”

Mo Qingyue was slightly stunned, and then she shook her head and smiled. “I truly have no sense of safety in this place. After all, humans are more terrifying than Darkbeasts and demon beasts. Fortunately, you’re here with us!”

“You’ve taken me to be your bodyguard?”

Mo Qingyue chuckled. “Sort of. Actually, you’re much more interesting than I imagined.”

“Than what you imagined?” Yang Ye’s brows knit together.

Mo Qingyue grinned and said, “It’s nothing. It’s late, have some rest.” As soon as she finished speaking, she turned around and returned to where she sat just now.

Yang Ye glanced at Mo Qingyue, and then he shot his gaze towards the distance and said softly, “Why does that woman seem slightly familiar…?”

The night passed just like that.


Dawn had just arrived when waves of rumbling jolted Yang Ye and the others awake.

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