Chapter 517 – An Acquaintance?

Almighty Sword Domain

“Has something happened ahead?” asked Mo Qingyue in a low voice.

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “It’s nothing. Let’s go!”

Mo Qingyue glanced at Yang Ye, and then she nodded and said, “Alright!”

Lu Jianyao was clearly very interested in what was going on. However, Yang Ye paid no attention to her, and it simply infuriated her.

The three of them had travelled for around two hours when Mo Qingyue and Lu Jianyao’s expressions had become serious. Because they’d seen huge amounts of crocodile corpses all along the way, and it was to the point that the swamp had turned scarlet red. Moreover, they even saw an adult Killer Crocodile amongst the corpses.

“They killed all of these Killer Crocodiles yet didn’t take the skin which is the most valuable part of these crocodiles. Moreover, they didn’t take their inner cores as well. They definitely seek something else,” said Mo Qingyue in a low voice.

“Is there some sort of treasure hidden in this swamp?” Lu Jianyao’s eyes glowed.

Mo Qingyue shook her head and said, “I don’t know. However, it’s best to be cautious. The three of us are only at the Spirit Realm, and we’re ants in the eyes of Exalt Realm experts. Even the slightest ill intent from them would cause misfortune to fall upon us. Brother Ye, why don’t we take a different path?”

Yang Ye said, “There’s no other path. Even though this path branches off to the sides, all of them are dead ends. Don’t worry, we’re just passing by and not seeking anything else. So, they probably won’t look for trouble with us, otherwise, they would have come looking for us by now!”

Mo Qingyue exclaimed with surprise. “They’ve noticed us?”

Yang Ye nodded. “Last night.”

“Then they probably have no ill intent towards us!” Mo Qingyue said softly, “Otherwise, they should have attacked last night.”

Yang Ye said, “Just ignore all of that. Whatever comes will come. Let’s speed up.”

Suddenly, the three of them stopped moving because the swamp around them had started to ripple. After that, numerous crocodiles appeared within their fields of vision. Their expressions changed because the crocodiles filled their fields of vision. However, they weren’t the targets of these crocodiles, and all the crocodiles were rushing forward madly!

A dense expanse of Killer Crocodiles were changing through the swamp, and it was an extremely astonishing sight.

“Has something happened?” asked Mo Qingyue.

Yang Ye gazed towards the distance and said, “They’ve offended a golden Killer Crocodile, and all of these crocodiles were summoned by it. I’ve taken a look, and the entire Swamplands is seething with activity. It’s filled with crocodiles. Besides that, the path ahead has been blocked so we can’t get through.”

“A golden Killer Crocodile?” Mo Qingyue exclaimed. “The Crocodile King? They actually dared to offend the Crocodile King!”

“The Crocodile King?” Lu Jianyao asked. “Is it very formidable?”

“It’s comparable to a human profounder at the ninth rank of the Exalt Realm!” Mo Qingyue spoke with a solemn expression. “It’s the overlord of this swamp. Moreover, even a high-grade Heaven Rank treasure might not be able to pierce through its golden skin. Brother Ye, who exactly are they? They actually dared to offend the Crocodile King!”

Yang Ye fell silent for a moment before he said, “They don’t seem to be human!”

“They aren’t human?” The women were stunned, and then Mo Qingyue said, “You’re saying that they are demon beasts?”

“That’s what they feel like to me!” said Yang Ye.

“In that way, it makes sense why the skin and inner cores of these crocodiles haven’t been taken. Because demon beasts rarely consume each other’s inner cores!” said Mo Qingyue.

“What should we do now? Should we leave or not?” said Lu Jianyao.

Mo Qingyue gazed at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye glanced at them, and then he sighed lightly. If it wasn’t for the two of them, he could have left this place at any time. But now that the two of them were following him, he had many more things to consider. However, he was truly unable to abandon them here.

Yang Ye fell silent for a moment before he said, “This place isn’t too far from the end of the swamp. Let’s fly over. Tell me in advance if the two of you are lacking profound energy.”

The two of them nodded.

The two of them started flying just like that, and they could see everything that was occurring down below. The swamp was still filled with countless Killer Crocodiles that were rushing forward incessantly, and they formed a shocking and dense mass.

The three of them had flown for around 4 hours when Yang Ye’s expression suddenly changed, and a few rays of white light shot violently towards them. Yang Ye stretched out his hand and grabbed the two of them before his figure flashed and descended to the ground. He said, “Stay here and don’t go anywhere. I’m going over to have a look.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he didn’t even wait for their reply before his figure flashed and vanished on the spot.


“Eh? Those 3 humans actually dodged it?” A man looked over with a slightly curious gaze towards the directions that Yang Ye’s group was at just now.

“Po Kong, it’s you who was too weak!” A robust saber-wielding man standing at the man’s side laughed with ridicule and said, “You can’t even deal with 3 Spirit Realm profounders. You’re truly a disappointment!”

“That man is slightly strange. Eh? He’s rushing over towards us! Interesting!” The man called Po Kong smiled.

The robust man glanced at the veiled woman who was negotiating with the Crocodile King in the distance and said, “Quickly eliminate those humans. The Princess is almost done with the negotiations. In my opinion, there’s no need to negotiate at all. If they aren’t willing to submit, then we should just annihilate them. In any case, they can only stay within the swamps, and they’re utterly useless to us!”

“Po Xing, do you still refuse to admit that you are stupid!?” Po Kong spoke with disdain. “Those crocodiles that haven’t reached adulthood are naturally useless to us, but what about the adult crocodiles? They can take human form just like we can. Moreover, there are countless precious treasures within the depths of this swamp, so wouldn’t the Princess’s treasury have more valuables once we subdue them?”

Po Xing grunted coldly and said, “Cut the crap and deal with those humans first. You’ll definitely be skinned alive if they disturb the Princess.”

“It’s just a human Spirit Realm profounder. All I need is a single punch!” Po Kong spoke casually.

“Be careful not to fail at such an easy task by being careless!” Po Xing said seriously, “That human seems quite unusual!”

“HAHA! I never realized that you, Po Xing, would give consideration to such things?” Po Kong glanced at Po Xing as he spoke in an exaggerated manner.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye had appeared before the two of them. Yang Ye’s gaze was locked onto Po Kong because Po Kong was the one who’d launched the attack just now.

“Human kid! You….” Po Kong was just about to say something when his expression changed because the human in front of him had actually launched the first attack.

Yang Ye arrived in front of Po Kong, and then his fists whistled through the air as they smashed down towards Po Kong’s head. This was how he was. He didn’t like to cause trouble, and he didn’t like to get himself into trouble as well. However, if anyone dared to offend him, then he would repay them tenfold.

“You’re courting death!” Po Kong roared furiously as he smashed his fists forward as well. He was a demon beast, so his physical body far surpassed the physical body of a human, and he was even an Exalt Realm demon beast, whereas, the human before him was merely at the Spirit Realm. So, he felt that this human was courting death by going head-on against him!


Their fists collided forcefully, and then Po Kong’s expression changed. Because his hands actually trembled violently and felt numb upon coming into contact with the fists of that human. Moreover, the enormous force contained within Yang Ye’s fists even forced him back by over 10 steps.

Yang Ye’s hands were slightly numb as well, but it was fine as it didn’t affect his combat strength. His figure flashed, and he arrived once more in front of Po Kong before he smashed his fists forward again.

A wisp of a vicious expression flashed through Po Kong’s eyes because he’d actually suffered a loss from going head-on against the fists of a human. Moreover, that human was only a Spirit Realm profounder. It was an extraordinary humiliation to him!

“Die human!” Po Kong suddenly smashed his fists forward, and he hadn’t held back at all this time because he wanted to smash this human apart. However, after they collided a few more times, he noticed that this human’s physical strength was strong to a terrifying degree, and it was actually not inferior to an Exalt Rank demon beast like him! Is this human really not a demon beast?

Po Xing frowned when he noticed that Po Kong was gradually falling into a disadvantaged state, and then he stopped watching. His figure flashed as he shot explosively towards Yang Ye.

Yang Ye frowned when he noticed Po Xing attacking him from behind. He blasted Po Kong back with a single punch, and then Frostlight appeared with a flip of his palm. After that, he swung his sword swiftly and struck Po Xing’s saber.


Frostlight slashed straight through Po Xing’s saber. This scene astounded Po Xing. He hadn’t expected that this human’s sword would have actually been able to slash his saber into two with such ease. So, he immediately retreated over 40m away!

Po Kong shouted. “Who exactly are you!?”

Yang Ye turned around and gazed at Po Kong as he said, “I was just a passerby that didn’t want to offend all of you. But you offended me. Since it’s like that, then it’s better to eliminate both of you!”

As he spoke, a strand of sword qi shot out violently from a swing of his sword, and it instantly arrived before Po Kong. Po Kong’s expression changed drastically when he sensed the sharp aura of this sword qi. He’s a sword cultivator who has comprehended Sword Intent! Po Kong didn’t dare go head-on against it and dodged it instead.


The sound of the air being torn apart resounded from behind Yang Ye.

Yang Ye turned around swiftly, and then stabbed swiftly with Frostlight. Po Xing who’d launched this surprise attack against Yang Ye was shocked. He hadn’t imagined that this human’s reaction would actually be so swift. As he gazed at that sword which was stabbing towards him like a bolt of lightning, Po Xing who couldn’t dodge the attack anymore had a ferocious gaze in his eyes as he transformed into his original form.

A 3 meter tall and 2 meter wide monster with the face of a human and the body of an ox appeared before Yang Ye.


Yang Ye’s sword struck the ox’s black scale armor, causing sparks to spray from the point of collision while Yang Ye took a few steps back. In the next moment, his figure flashed towards the black ox in front of him.

Po Xing who’d returned to his original form didn’t choose to avoid this attack, and he leaped up and rammed his body towards Yang Ye.

Po Xing’s expression changed drastically as soon as their attacks came into contact because he felt an extremely sharp energy envelop him, and the suppression from that sharp energy actually caused him to be unable to arouse the intention to resist it.

He has comprehended 8th level Sword Intent, at least!

When he thought up to this point, Po Xing had aroused the intention to retreat. However, it was too late. Yang Ye’s sword had struck his horns, and it practically encountered no resistance before those two horns on Po Xing’s head flew into the air. After that, Yang Ye raised his right leg and stomped down forcefully right onto Po Xing’s face, and he kicked Po Xing down to the ground from midair.


Po Xing crashed straight into the ground.

Yang Ye was just about to launch another attack when a whiff of sweet fragrance entered his nose, and then he turned around and saw that slightly familiar woman in front of him.

The woman’s beautiful brows were knit together slightly. She was just about to attack when she suddenly seemed to have noticed something and said, “Yang Ye?”

Yang Ye was just about to attack when he heard her, and it stunned him. She knows me?

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