Chapter 520 – Collision!

Almighty Sword Domain

Their group flashed swiftly up Mount Heavenshaker, and the corpses of treants could be seen everywhere.

Suddenly, Yang Ye stopped moving, and then he glanced at the aged trees in the surroundings.

“What’s wrong?” asked Yin Xuan’er.

Yang Ye said, “Something’s not right. It has been too quiet. It’s very unusual.”

“You’re just being too suspicious!” Po Xing frowned. He didn’t like this human at all, and he would have taught Yang Ye a lesson if it weren’t for Yin Xuan’er.

“You can stay behind if you’re afraid. We’ll be understanding of it. After all, you’re only at the Spirit Realm,” said Po Kong.

Yin Xuan’er glanced at Po Xing and Po Kong as she said, “The two of you better remember your status!”

Their expressions turned unsightly from being berated by Yin Xuan’er in public. However, they didn’t dare talk back to her and just glared fiercely at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye paid no attention to the two of them. He just walked over to a tree, gazed at it for 2 breaths of time, and then suddenly smashed his fist forward against the tree.


The entire tree exploded into pieces, causing bits of it to spray towards the surroundings.

Yang Ye frowned as he gazed at the pile of wood pieces all over the ground. Was I wrong?

“Haha….” Po Xing chuckled lightly while his eyes were filled with ridicule.

“You suspect that they are aware of our whereabouts?” asked Yin Xuan’er.

Yang Ye nodded and said, “We encountered some treants right after we entered this forest, but we haven’t encountered a single one after arriving halfway up the mountain. Do you think that’s normal? I think that they are aware of our whereabouts, and they know that we have 4 Exalt Realm experts on our side. That’s why they haven’t sent ordinary treants to deal with us.”

“You’re saying that they are prepared to annihilate us in one go?” asked Yin Xuan’er.

“It’s possible!” said Yang Ye.

“Princess, Po Kong, Jin Sha, and I will definitely be able to keep you safe.” Po Kong glanced at Yang Ye before he spoke respectfully to Yin Xuan’er.

“Exactly!” Po Kong said, “It’s just the Treant Clan. With the strengths we possess, we don’t have to fear them at all. It’s fine if they are sensible, but if they’re not, then we’ll just annihilate them!”

Jin Sha glanced at the two of them and remained silent. Even though he didn’t know why Yin Xuan’er thought so highly of Yang Ye, he knew that this human was very strong. Not to mention anything else, just that flame he’s revealed just now was sufficient to prove all of that. After all, it was a Natural Treasure of legend!

Could someone who possessed a Natural Treasure be a weakling?

Yin Xuan’er’s beautiful brows had knit together slightly. How could she not be aware why her subordinates were so against Yang Ye? She knew that it was mainly because of her attitude towards Yang Ye. Or to be more precise, they felt that Yang Ye wasn’t worthy of her. In the end, they were thinking on her behalf. Even though she didn’t like it, she couldn’t scold them too much about it or it would disappoint them.

In the end, it’s all because of Yang Ye. When she thought up to this point, Yin Xuan’er couldn’t help but glare at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye was stunned when he noticed her gaze. When did I offend her? Yang Ye shook his head and said to both Po Xing and Po Kong, “Both of you possess extraordinary strengths and are so confident, so why don’t the two of you take the lead and scout ahead? With the strengths both of you possess, you’ll definitely be able to deal with any danger you encounter. In that way, it wouldn’t just save us a lot of time, your princess wouldn’t have to take any risks. It can be said to be killing two birds with one stone, right?”

Yin Xuan’er was just about to speak when Po Xing spoke before her. “Of course, we of the demon race aren’t so cowardly like humans!”

“Isn’t it easier to say that you’re afraid of death. Why beat around the bust and say all of that!?” Po Kong glanced at Yang Ye with disdain and spoke coldly.

Yang Ye didn’t mind, and he just smiled. “Since it’s like that, then please go on ahead!”

The two of them grunted coldly, and then they flashed off ahead.

Once they left, Yin Xuan’er walked over to Yang Ye and smiled spuriously as she said, “I never expected that you’ve learned to prod others into action during this time that we’ve been apart.”

“It’s clearly your own subordinates who are dumb!” Lu Jianyao grunted.

Yin Xuan’er suddenly restrained her smile and said seriously, “I know they are acting against you, but trust me, they don’t have much ill intent towards you. They are only targeting you because of me. So, give me some face and don’t make a fuss about it with them, alright?” Yin Xuan’er knew Yang Ye’s character very well. He was absolutely a demon who acted willfully. Even though he didn’t make a fuss about it right now, it would be too late once he did.

Because once this fellow acted, he would absolutely strike to kill and leave no room to maneuver!

Yang Ye was quite speechless. Am I a person that makes a fuss about every trivial thing? Even though they seemed slightly against him, he knew that they didn’t carry much ill intent, so he didn’t really take it seriously. Of course, it was because of Yin Xuan’er. It wasn’t that he’d been charmed by her beauty, but he was very clearly aware that if she wanted to protect them, then she would definitely be able to do so.

After all, he hadn’t forgotten the 12 Gold Guards she possessed. Those guards were at the Spirit Realm at that time, and now that so long had passed and coupled with how she’d met that mysterious Grand Preceptor, he believed that they weren’t at the Spirit Realm anymore.

“Alright? Please!” Yin Xuan’er spoke in a gentle tone while her charming eyes seemed to be on the verge of tears.

“You fox!” Lu Jianyao grunted.

She is a fox! Yang Ye wasn’t able to endure it any longer, and he immediately said, “Miss Yin, I won’t make a fuss about it with them. Of course, the precondition is that they don’t infuriate me. Otherwise, even if I can’t kill them, I’ll still be able to give them a lesson they are never able to forget. I’m sure you know that I’m quite a narrow-minded person at most times. So, it’s best for you to keep them in line!”

Jin Sha’s eyelids twitched when he heard Yang Ye. Isn’t he a little too arrogant? Both of them are Exalt Rank demon beasts while he is only at the Spirit Realm! Even though I don’t know his exact rank in the Spirit Realm, he’d definitely not at the Exalt Realm yet! But a human at the Spirit Realm like him actually speaks about giving Exalt Rank demon beasts an unforgettable lesson? And he even said all of that in such a natural manner.

Is he really that formidable?

Yin Xuan’er fell silent for a while before she said, “I’ll ask them to head back once everything is done here!”

Yang Ye said, “There’s no need for that. It’s fine so long as they stop acting against me. Alright, let’s not talk about this anymore and hurry up, otherwise, it would be troublesome for us if anything were to happen to that friend of yours.”

Yin Xuan’er nodded.

The two of them continued forward for around two hours.

“AH!!!” Suddenly, Po Xing’s voice resounded from ahead.

Their expressions changed, and they sped up. The scene which appeared before them made their expressions change again. Po Kong and Po Xing were tightly bound by vines that were thick like an arm, and over 100 treants were all around them. Moreover, five of those treants were exceptionally striking because they were actually 5 meters tall, and it would take at least 5 men holding their hands together to wrap their arms around it!

Yin Xuan’er’s expression changed when she witnessed this scene, and she was just about to attack when Yang Ye stopped her before he indicated that she should have a look around them.

Yin Xuan’er looked around and noticed to her shock that the ordinary trees around them had actually ‘come to life’, and they’d been completely surrounded by treants.

“Human?” The treant in the lead gazed at Yang Ye’s group of three and instantly revealed killing intent in his eyes as he said, “Don’t you know that my Treant Clan doesn’t welcome humans?”

As he spoke, 3 vines suddenly shot out from him and instantly arrived before Yang Ye, Lu Jianyao, and Mo Qingyue.

A ray of light flashed!

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

Those vines were instantly sliced apart.

“It’s rude to receive but not reciprocate!” Yang Ye swiftly slashed Frostlight towards that treant, and a strand of violet sword qi shot out violently. Everyone merely saw a ray of violet light flash before a hole had appeared on the chest of that treant. Moreover, a strand of light green liquid was flowing slowly out of that hole.

The expressions of all the treants changed, and the expression of that treant in the lead changed drastically as well. He hadn’t expected that this human’s sword qi would actually be so swift and sharp. Not only had he been unable to avoid it, it had broken through his defenses with such ease!

Yang Ye frowned because he noticed that while he’d made a hole in that treant’s body, that fellow hadn’t really been affected by it. But it made sense because that hole was truly too small when compared with the treant’s size. It was like a small mosquito bite!

“A sword cultivator! A formidable sword cultivator!” The treant in the lead said in a low voice, “Human, why have you come to my Treant Clan’s territory!?”

“We’re here to see Shu Xin!” Yin Xuan’er said, “I’m her friend, I’m from the Nine-tailed Fox Clan!”

The treant’s eyes narrowed slightly. He sized up Yin Xuan’er and Jin Sha who stood behind Yin Xuan’er before his gaze descended onto Yang Ye in the end. He said, “She’s not free to see guests today. Come back another day.”

“What if we insist?” said Yang Ye.

The treant’s face fell, and he said, “Human, I admit that you’re very strong, but you must realize that this is the Treant Clan’s territory. I’m letting all of you leave safely out of consideration for this Nine-tailed Fox, so don’t try to take a yard when given an inch. Otherwise, I just have to give the order and all of you’ll become fertilizer!”

“We just want to see Shu Xin!” Yin Xuan’er’s face turned gloomy as she said, “Besides that, my Nine-tailed Fox Clan doesn’t like being threatened. The reason I’ve been polite to you is because you’re from Shu Xin’s clan and not because you’re an Exalt Rank treant. Don’t misunderstand my politeness for fear.”

“I’ve told you that she isn’t free to entertain any guests today!” The treant said, “Moreover, I hope you’re able to understand that while it’s indisputable that your Nine-tailed Fox Clan is very strong, it doesn’t represent that you can trespass into the territory of my Treant Clan and injure my clansmen!”

“All of you talk too much! I really can’t take it anymore!” Yang Ye shook his head as he flipped his hand, and the Nether Ghostflame appeared in his palm.

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