Chapter 521 – Greenwood Spirit!

Almighty Sword Domain

As soon as the Nether Ghostflame appeared here, the air here instantly became hot, and it was even to the extent that some weeds around Yang Ye had started to burn up.

Many treants in the surroundings couldn’t help but move backward when they saw the Nether Ghostflame, and their eyes were filled with fear. Fire was a natural counter to wood, and that ball of flames aroused terror within them!

“Trust me, I’ll burn down every single plant and tree throughout the mountain!” Yang Ye played with the Nether Ghostflame in his hand as he glanced at all the treants around him.

“Human! What exactly do you want!?” That treant who led the group spoke in a low voice.

“Take me to see Shu Xin!” Yang Ye said, “Don’t play tricks with me, otherwise, I guarantee that you’ll regret it.”

“Human! If you dare to do that, then my Treant Clan will kill you even if we have to chase you to the ends of the world,” said the treant in the lead.

“Is that so?” Yang Ye smiled and said, “I’ll count to 3. If you don’t agree by then, then I’ll immediately burn this forest! We’ll start right now! One!”

That treant in the lead of the group stared fixedly at Yang Ye in silence.

“Three!” As soon as he finished speaking, the Nether Ghostflame exploded apart with a bang, and then countless strands of flames shot towards the surroundings. All the trees that came into contact with the Nether Ghostflame instantly caught fire.

“Human, you said that you would count to three!” The treant in the lead was furious as he watched the trees in the surroundings catch fire.

“I’ve clearly reconsidered!” Yang Ye laughed coldly. The Nether Ghostflame didn’t extend swiftly towards the surroundings as it remained within his control, and it just burned some of the trees in the surroundings. Yang Ye said, “My best virtue is being benevolent. Don’t say that I didn’t give you a chance. Order your forces to withdraw immediately and take us to see Shu Xin. Of course, you can attack us as well. However, I guarantee that regardless of the battle’s outcome, everything in an area of 50km will transform into ashes! Do you want to give it a try?”

The treants in the surroundings gazed at Yang Ye with horror. Besides horror, there was even more hatred in their eyes. After all, even though those trees in the surroundings weren’t alive right now, they would be in the future! Once the time came, those trees would become a member of their clan, and many of those trees were related to them. In other words, if Yang Ye were to burn the surroundings, it would be their relatives who burned!

The killing intent in the eyes of the treant who led the group was seemingly material. Countless vines were wriggling incessantly around him, and he seemed like he wanted to attack.

Yang Ye smiled and said, “Since it’s like then, then let’s just decide it with battle.” As he spoke, the Nether Ghostflame in his palm expanded, and it only took less than a breath of time for it to transform into a dragon that was around 20m long.

The eyelids of that treant in the lead twitched when he saw that fire dragon, and he hurriedly spoke when he saw that Yang Ye was about to release the dragon. “Human, you’ve won! I’ll take you to see Shu Xin!”


The fire dragon suddenly spat out a strand of flames, and a few dozen trees instantly transformed into ash.

The eyes of all the treants almost split apart from rage!

“Sorry, it was an accident, an accident. Let’s go see Shu Xin!” Yang Ye smiled, and then he placed the Nether Ghostflame back within the tiny vortex.

The face of that treant in the lead of the group twitched as he took a long glance at Yang Ye, and then he moved his hands and took both Po Xing and Po Kong along as he turned around and led the way.

Yang Ye’s gaze was solemn as he gazed at the treant because that fellow’s strength was absolutely formidable. After all, how could he be weak when he was able to restrain both Po Xing and Po Kong? The reason that fellow had made such a compromise was definitely not merely because of the Nether Ghostflame, because he could still deal with the Nether Ghostflame if he were willing to pay a certain price.

Yang Ye didn’t know what other reason had made that treant make a compromise.

“We have to be careful!” Meanwhile, Yin Xuan’er said, “Those 5 treants are at the fifth rank of the Exalt Realm at the very least. Perhaps they might be fearful of the Nether Ghostflame, but they are absolutely not terrified of it. Moreover, this is their territory. So, it wouldn’t be difficult for them to kill us all if they’re willing to pay a certain price.”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “I know. Let’s go. Alas, I hope the trouble your friend is in isn’t too huge.”

“I’ll ask her to repay you with herself once you’ve rescued her, alright?” Yin Xuan’er blinked at him.

“Were you the one who spread that I lust for women?” Yang Ye suddenly spoke with a serious expression on his face.

“Do you not?” Yin Xuan’er replied with a question.

Yang Ye felt speechless.

Two groups of treants were in confrontation before an enormous palace made of wood that resided at the top of Mount Heavenshaker.

“Shu Xin, marry me. I’ll be the king and you’ll be the queen of the Treant Clan. We’ll rule over the clan together. Alright?” A young man in a gentle tone towards a young woman who was being protected by a few treants in the distance.

That woman called Shu Xin wasn’t partially a tree and partially human, and she’d taken complete human form. But unlike ordinary humans, her hair, brows, and even eyes were dark green. Even then, all of this didn’t affect the bearing and appearance she possessed. Conversely, all of this gave her a unique form of beauty.

“Chen Mu, you actually start to rise up in rebellion!” A middle aged woman that looked like a woman and stood by Shu Xin’s side shouted. “The King has just passed, yet your Scholar Tree Clan is actually trying to force the next King to abdicate. Aren’t you afraid that nine generations of your family will be sentenced to death?” [1]

The man called Chen Mu glanced coldly at the middle aged woman. If it weren’t for that old woman, he would have taken Shu Xin and the throne a very long time ago. She really deserves death!Meanwhile, a middle aged man by Chen Mu’s side said, “Shu Jin, you should be very clearly aware that Shu Xin has only just stepped foot into the Spirit Rank, and it would take 100 years at least for her to enter the Exalt Rank. On the other hand, Chen Mu is at the peak of the Spirit Rank, and he just needs to obtain the Greenwood Spirit to enter the Exalt Rank immediately, and he’ll definitely be able to attain the Monarch Rank within another 100 years from now. So, he’s more suitable to be the king of our Treant Clan.”

“The Greenwood Spirit?” Shu Jin laughed coldly and said, “Chen Teng, that’s your true objective, right? Chen Teng, aren’t you ashamed to face the past King of our Treant Clan? She never treated your Scholar Tree Clan unfairly while she was alive, right? Now that she has just passed, your Scholar Tree Clan has immediately risen in rebellion. Have your hearts been burnt away?”

Chen Teng said in a low voice, “Didn’t Chen Mu say it already? He’s willing to marry Shu Xin and allow her to be the queen of our Treant Clan.”

“What a joke!” Shu Jin laughed with ridicule. “Don’t act like I don’t know what your objectives are. It’s none other than to use Shu Xin to reassure these clans that support my Greenwood Clan to maintain its royal position. If you’re allowed to stabilize your power over the clan, then I think the first thing you’ll do is annihilate the entire Greenwood Clan, right!?”

“Shu Jin, you must realize that we’re negotiating with you now, and we aren’t afraid of you! 70% of the Exalt Rank treants in our Treant Clan supports my Scholar Tree Clan. The reason we’re negotiating with you and allowing Chen Mu to marry Shu Xin is merely because we don’t want members of our Treant Clan to kill each other and weaken our overall strength. But if you continue refusing to realize your errors, then don’t blame my Scholar Tree Clan for being ruthless!” said Chen Teng in a cold voice.

“Uncle Chen, does your Scholar Tree Clan really want the throne that badly?” meanwhile, that woman called Shu Xin spoke abruptly.

A wisp of hesitation flashed through his eyes when he heard her call him uncle, but his eyes quickly became icy cold again as he said, “Shu Xin, do you think that you can lead the Treat Clan to prosperity?”

Shu Xin fell silent for a while before she said, “I can give the throne to you!”

“What!?” The treants by Shu Xin’s side were shocked.

Shu Jin intended to say something, but Chen Teng said, “Really?”

Shu Xin waved her hand to stop Shu Jin before she said, “But I have a condition, these treants who have chosen to follow me must be allowed to leave with me.”

Chen Teng glanced at them and said, “I agree, but I have a condition as well. You must leave the Greenwood Spirit behind!”

The essence within the Greenwood Spirit was capable of allowing a treant below the Monarch Rank to rise a rank in their cultivation. Even if it were a Monarch Rank treant, the benefits provided by the Greenwood Spirit would be able to improve that treant’s strength. So, how could he allow Shu Xin to take such a treasure with her?

“That’s out of the question!” Shu Xin immediately refused. “This is a treasure of my Greenwood Clan, and it absolutely can’t fall into the hands of an outsider.”

“Since it’s like that, then don’t blame my Scholar Tree Clan for being ruthless!” A wisp of gloominess flashed through Chen Teng’s eyes.

Shu Xin flipped her palm, and a green pearl floated out from her mouth and landed on her palm. She gazed at the dark green pearl and said, “This Greenwood Spirit was condensed from the essence of my ancestor, and it’s an inherited treasure in my Greenwood Clan. I, Shu Xin, would become a sinner of my Greenwood Clan if I were to let it fall into the hands of an outsider. So, if your Scholar Tree Clan intends to take it by force, then I’ll have no choice but to destroy it.”

Chen Teng’s expression changed, but he laughed with ridicule right away. “Shu Xin, do you think I’m an idiot? The Greenwood Spirit was condensed from the essence of a Half-Saint expert, so can you even destroy it? Alright, let’s not waste our energy anymore. I’ll give you one last chance. Leave it behind and I’ll allow all of you to leave, otherwise, my Scholar Tree Clan will annihilate your Greenwood Clan today!”

10 treants that were over 150m tall appeared behind Chen Teng.

Shu Xin and Shu Jin’s expressions changed upon laying eyes on those treants. Because those were 10 Exalt Rank treants, and there were 11 of them if Chen Teng was included. On the other hand, they only had 4 Exalt Rank treants on their side!

The gap between their strengths was too huge!

“Shu Xin, leave with Shu Yuan and the others first. Your Uncle Shu Qing and I will stop them. Don’t be disobedient at a time like this. You must remember that the Greenwood Clan will only have hope if you’re alive!” said Shu Jin in a low voice.

Shu Xin shook her head and said, “If we’re going to leave, then we’ll leave together!”

Shu Jin was furious. She was just about to say something when Chen Teng shouted. “Attack!”

“Shu Xin?” Right at this moment, the voice of a human resounded.

Shu Xin looked over towards the source of the voice, and she was instantly delighted upon seeing its owner. She said, “Xuan’er, it’s you!”

It was exactly Yang Ye’s group that had arrived.


Suddenly, the Greenwood Spirit on Shu Xin’s palm transformed into a green ray of light that entered into Yang Ye’s body.

Shu Xun and all the treants from the Greenwood Clan were astounded while Chen Teng’s face fell.

Yang Ye was stunned as well. What flew into me? Right when he was about to investigate, a ray of green light flew out from his body, and it was exactly that green pearl which was on Shu Xin’s palm.

The members of the Greenwood Clan heaved sighs of relief. Shu Xin was just about to summon the Greenwood Spirit back to herself, but it suddenly transformed into a green ray of light and entered Yang Ye’s body again.

Everyone in the surroundings was at a loss for what to say when they witnessed such a scene.

1. TL Note: The Scholar Tree is a real type of tree.

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