Chapter 522 – Threatened!

Almighty Sword Domain

The first time it entered Yang Ye’s body, or to be more precise, the first time it entered Yang Ye’s tiny vortex, the Violetcloud Lightning, Nether Ghostflame, and Ninth Hell Cold Gale within the tiny vortex had revealed extremely strong hostility towards this outsider. When the Greenwood Spirit saw three Natural Treasures that weren’t inferior to it upon entering the tiny vortex, its instincts made it flee immediately.

However, it had just fled when the tiny vortex within Yang Ye had suddenly sucked it in again. Because it was the tiny vortex that had done it, all 3 Natural Treasures didn’t dare to reveal hostility towards the Greenwood Spirit. But even then, they still rejected it.

The Greenwood Spirit relaxed when it noticed that those 3 fellows had stopped revealing hostility towards it, and it started to go all around the tiny vortex while filled with curiosity. Just like when those other 3 Natural Treasures had just arrived at the tiny vortex, it was filled with curiosity and excitement.

But in next to no time, a little girl appeared before it.

The Greenwood Spirit was shocked upon seeing her, and it wanted to flee. However, the little girl merely gestured with her hand and the Greenwood Spirit had descended onto her palm. She rubbed the Greenwood Spirit before puckering her lips. “You’re ignorant and haven’t formed high levels of intelligence. You’re dumb just like those other 3 fellows. Even though you can’t be a toy for me, you’re still quite useless to that fool, Yang Ye. If you want to stay here, then release your energy and help him improve his strength.”

The Greenwood Spirit immediately started shaking from left to right.

“You’re unwilling?” The little girl frowned and said, “Trust me, I’ll crush you right now!”

The Ninth Hell Cold Gale, Nether Ghostflame, and Violetcloud Lightning seemed to desire to curry favor with the little girl, so they circled around the Greenwood Spirit and started to exert their formidable pressures onto the Greenwood Spirit.

The Greenwood Spirit was horrified, and it hurriedly started moving upward and downward, but it wasn’t long before it shook from left to right again. It seemed to be conveying something to the little girl.

The frown on the little girl’s face eased up after a short while passed, and she said, “I know it’ll sap your vitality. Oh, do you sense all the abundant energy here? After you release your energy, you can stay here to recuperate. It’ll only take you half a month at most to recover with the energy and Primordial Violet Energy here.

The Greenwood Spirit seemed to be hesitant.

“Trust me, I’ll wipe off your intelligence right now and create a completely new one for you right now!” The little girl was quite angry.

The Greenwood Spirit’s body trembled when it heard this, and it didn’t dare hesitate for a second longer. It immediately started trembling violently, and then countless fine balls of green energy erupted from within it. All of these balls of energy flowed along Yang Ye’s meridians and started spreading slowly through his entire body.

Yang Ye hadn’t even been able to figure out what was going on when he felt a strand of terrifying energy erupt within him, and it caused his expression to change drastically. He immediately sat cross-legged on the ground and hurriedly regulated that terrifying energy.

This sudden change in the situation caused everyone in the surroundings to be stunned.

Why did the Greenwood Spirit enter into the body of a human?

Only Chen Teng and Shu Xin’s expressions had changed drastically, and their eyes were filled with disbelief. Because they were very clearly aware that the Greenwood Spirit was helping that human improve his strength. No matter how they wracked their brains, they were unable to figure out why the Greenwood Spirit would suddenly enter the body of a human, and even help that human improve his strength. After all, the Greenwood Spirit would have to exhaust a huge amount of its energy every single time it helped someone improve their strength.

Why would the Greenwood Spirit exhaust its energy to help that human?

Yin Xuan’er and the others were slightly stunned by this sudden scene as well. However, Yin Xuan’er quickly came to an understanding. She was aware of Yang Ye’s secrets, so she understood why the Greenwood Spirit had chosen Yang Ye. But the current situation is very bad because Yang Ye is clearly about to advance in his cultivation, and there are many treants in the surroundings who are hostile to him!

Chen Teng gazed at that treant who’d brought Yang Ye’s group here and berated. “Yu Tong, why have you brought these humans to our royal palace!?”

That treant called Yu Tong glanced at Chen Teng and said, “Chen Teng, your Scholar Tree Clan isn’t the king of our Treant Clan yet, become the king first if you want to start shouting at me.”

Chen Teng’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he said, “Yu Tong, what are you trying to say!?”

“Nothing much!” Yu Tong said, “The fight for the throne between the Greenwood Clan and your Scholar Tree Clan isn’t related to my Parasol Tree Clan. My clan has guarded the surroundings of Mount Heavenshaker for generations, and we’re only responsible for Mount Heavenshaker’s safety. We won’t participate in the struggles for power within the clan. This is something that has been so in the past, is now, and will never change in the future.”

Shu Xin’s face dimmed when she heard Yu Tong. Because if she could obtain the Parasol Tree Clan’s help, then even if her Greenwood Clan couldn’t remain as the royal clan of the Treant Clan, it wouldn’t be a problem for them to protect themselves. Unfortunately….

Chen Teng’s expression was quite horrifyingly gloomy, but he didn’t dare use force against Yu Tong. The Parasol Tree Clan was a huge clan amongst the Treant Clans, and it even held power over 40% of the entire Treant Clan’s military strength. So, if the Parasol Tree and Greenwood Clans were to join forces, then it would definitely be a calamity for his Scholar Tree Clan.

But I’ll definitely have a chance to deal with the Parasol Tree Clan once we’ve seized the throne!

Chen Teng’s gaze descended onto Yang Ye and said, “Attack! Seize the Greenwood Spirit first!”

“Don’t you dare!” Yin Xuan’er walked over to stand before Yang Ye while Jin Sha transformed back into his original form. Moreover, Yin Xuan’er waved her hand and caused five gold guards to appear around Yang Ye. She said, “Chen Teng, if you dare to attack today, then I guarantee that my husband will definitely incinerate your entire clan!”

Chen Teng’s eyelids twitched when he saw those gold guards. They are actually all Exalt Realm experts, and they are equivalent to human experts at the fifth rank of the Exalt Realm. Chen Teng said in a low voice, “Your Nine-Tailed Fox Clan has always lived in harmony with my Treant Clan, so what is the meaning of this. Are you trying to declare war against my Treant Clan?”

“Chen Teng, what right do you have to represent the Treant Clan?” Yin Xuan’er laughed coldly. “Moreover, I’m doing this for your own good. My husband is a very petty man. If he finds out you wanted to kill him and flares up because of it, then your Scholar Tree Clan will probably be eliminated from this world. Don’t even think that I’m just scaring you!”

Mo Qingyue frowned when she heard this. She glanced at Yin Xuan’er while she thought. She’s intentionally baiting the Scholar Tree Clan to attack him? Does she want him to help the Greenwood Clan?

“Haha….” Chen Teng roared with laughter. He laughed for a while before he pointed at Yang Ye and said, “Him? Annihilate my Scholar Tree Clan? Do you think he’s the Mortal Emperor, Luo Jun? What a fucking joke! He’s just an ant at the Spirit Realm, so how could he possess the ability to annihilate my clan? Nine-Tailed Fox, is there something wrong with your head?”

“Then why don’t you give it a try?” Yin Xuan’er spoke indifferently.

“Then I shall!” Chen Teng spoke with a ferocious expression on his face. “Kill them!”

The treants from the Scholar Tree Clan who stood behind Chen Teng immediately pounced at Yin Xuan’er’s group. On the other hand, Chen Teng himself returned to his original form, and he slapped his enormous palm down towards Yang Ye.

“Jin Sha!” Yin Xuan’er shouted loudly. Jin Sha who’d returned to his original form howled ferociously as he pounced at Chen Teng.

“Greenwood Clan, heed my orders. The Scholar Tree Clan has staged a rebellion, kill them without mercy!” Meanwhile, Shu Xin spoke abruptly. It was undoubtedly a good opportunity for the Greenwood Clan because they had Yin Xuan’er’s help, so the amount of Exalt Rank experts they possessed wasn’t inferior to the Scholar Tree Clan anymore. But the Greenwood Spirit…. Shu Xin glanced at Yang Ye when she thought about it, and then she said in her heart, he’s a friend of Xuan’er’s, so he probably won’t take it by force….

The members of the Greenwood Clan didn’t hesitate upon hearing Shu Xin’s order, and they immediately attacked the Scholar Tree Clan.

The battle erupted completely, yet Yang Ye was still seated cross-legged on the ground with his eyes closed tightly. At this moment, that green colored energy had filled his entire body, and all he had to do was absorb it as quickly as possible.

As Yang Ye absorbed more and more of it, his cultivation rose straight up like a rocket. Less than 15 minutes had passed before he’d attained the ninth rank of the Spirit Realm from his initial cultivation at the seventh rank of the Spirit Realm, and the Greenwood Spirit within the tiny vortex was still releasing the green energy without end.


Chen Teng’s enormous palm collided forcefully against Jin Sha’s huge tail, and an enormous bang resounded. After that, both crocodile and treants retreated more than 80m back.

Chen Teng glanced towards the surroundings, and his face immediately fell when he noticed that his side was disadvantaged. He hesitated for a moment before a wisp of a savage expression surged onto his face. He said, “Greenwood Clan, you forced me to do this. The Greenwood Clan will cease to exist from today onward! Ling Tianyu, I agree to your Exalted Han Empire’s request, so lend me a hand!”

“Haha!!” Right at this moment, roaring laughter resounded before a red robed man appeared with five black clothed figures.

The red robed man laughed and said, “Chen Teng, you should have agreed earlier. We would have been able to help you annihilate the Greenwood Clan a long time ago, and it wouldn’t have to have come to this.”

Chen Teng said in a low voice, “Ling Tianyu, lend me a hand. I’ll agree to your conditions!”

“Of course! Of course!” The red robed man smiled. “However, I want to add another condition. I want the Greenwood Spirit!”

“Ling Tianyu, what’s the meaning of this!” Chen Teng glared angrily at Ling Tianyu.

Ling Tianyu smiled and said, “Chen Teng, if it was in your hands, then I would naturally not make such a request because we’re associates. Unfortunately, it doesn’t belong to you. What I mean is the Greenwood Spirit will belong to whomever has the ability to obtain it, alright?”

Chen Teng fell silent for a short while before he said, “Alright!” As soon as he finished speaking, Chen Teng swung his arms, and then countless vines shot violently towards Yang Ye.

On the other hand, the red robed man laughed coldly, and then his figure flashed and instantly arrived in front of Yang Ye.

“Stop them!” Yin Xuan’er was extremely shocked. She was just about to charge over when an Exalt Rank expert of the Scholar Tree Clan stopped her.

The five gold guards had just moved in response, but they were immediately stopped by those five black clothed figures.

Jin Sha had stopped Chen Teng, but the red robed man had arrived in front of Yang Ye. He smiled lightly as he gazed at Yang Ye who was seated cross-legged on the ground, and then he stretched out his hand and clawed at Yang Ye’s head.

Right at this moment, Lu Jianyao arrived before Yang Ye, and a ray of light shot violently at the red robed man.

7th level Sword Intent? The red robed man was slightly surprised and didn’t dare underestimate the strength of this attack. He stretched out his hand and clenched his palm, causing the ray of light to stop in midair before it exploded apart.

Lu Jianyao was astounded. She was just about to attack again when an enormous palm had arrived above her head….

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