Chapter 523 – Cousin Brother?

Almighty Sword Domain

Another ray of light which came from a sword flashed swiftly like a bolt of lightning, and it pierced through the enormous palm that was above Lu Jianyao.


Lu Jianyao watched with astonishment as the enormous palm was sliced into two, and fresh blood streamed out from it!

“AH!!” A shrill cry resounded. All the treants stopped fighting, and they had surprise in their eyes as they looked towards the source of the shrill cry.

Ling Tianyu was a sixth rank Exalt Realm expert, so not to mention a palm, even an entire severed arm could be regrown instantaneously by an expert of such level. But at this moment, he noticed to his horror that no matter how he urged his energy, that palm was impossible to regrow. Moreover, a strand of terrifying energy was corroding the area where his palm had been sliced off.

Lu Jianyao was delighted when she witnessed this scene, and then she turned around and saw that Yang Ye who was seated cross-legged on the ground just now had stood up. Moreover, the ancient sheath of the Sword Emperor was in his hand!

“You’re finally awake!” Lu Jianyao spoke happily.

Yang Ye nodded, and then he said, “Thank you for just now.” It was the critical moment of his advancement just now, and the consequences of being disturbed by the red robed man would be unimaginable.

“Why be so polite!?” Lu Jianyao smiled and said, “You’ve saved me on numerous occasions. I’ve merely saved you once.”

Yang Ye smiled and said, “Alright, leave the rest to me!”

“Sword Intent! 9th level Sword Intent! 9th level Sword Intent!! You… you’re Yang Ye!!” Right at this moment, the red robed man suddenly gazed at Yang Ye while his eyes were filled with shock. Yang Ye wasn’t someone unfamiliar to him at all because Yang Ye was a formidable enemy of his lord, the Mortal Emperor. However, he hadn’t imagined that Yang Ye had actually attained 9th level Sword Intent!

9th level Sword Intent! I must notify the Mortal Emperor! Otherwise, Yang Ye might take my Lord by surprise! When he thought up to this point, Ling Tianyu didn’t wait for Yang Ye’s reply. He immediately waved his left hand, and then a spatial rift appeared in front of him. However, he’d just intended to enter that rift when four rays of light had appeared in front of him.

Ling Tianyu was horrified. He was just about to enter the spatial rift, but it was too late for him to do it now. He was a sixth rank Exalt Realm expert at any rate, so his reaction wasn’t slow at all. He immediately and decisively gave up on the spatial rift, and he stretched out his left hand to create a spatial cage. Those four rays of light were trapped by the spatial cage, but only a mere instant passed before they blasted it into pieces, and then everyone watched as sword after sword stabbed through Ling Tianyu’s chest while he still hadn’t recovered from his shock!

“You… you’ve already….” Ling Tianyu gazed at Yang Ye with astonishment. He seemed to want to say something, but he didn’t have the chance because the Sword Intent within his body had suddenly exploded apart under Yang Ye’s command, and his internal organs were immediately minced into pieces, causing him to immediately close his eyes and mouth.

The others in the surroundings were flabbergasted. A sixth rank Exalt Realm expert has died just like that?

Yin Xuan’er glanced at Yang Ye while she seemed to have thought of something.

Mo Qingyue gazed at Yang Ye while undisguised shock and fear could be seen in her eyes.

Lu Jianyao’s eyes glowed instead, and her eyes were filled with excitement and delight.

Chen Teng and the other treants had gazes that were filled with disbelief instead. Isn’t that human a Spirit Realm profounder? How could he possibly kill Ling Tianyu, a sixth rank Exalt Realm expert, with just a single attack? Besides that, he’s Yang Ye? That human is the so-called Sword Emperor of the human world?

Yang Ye gestured with his right hand, and then he placed the red robed man’s corpse into the ancient sheath. After that, he looked at the five black clothed figures in the surroundings. The five of them intended to retreat as soon as they heard Ling Tianyu expose Yang Ye’s identity. After all, they’d heard of his reputation! Even though Yang Ye was just a Spirit Realm profounder, it wasn’t a secret that he could kill Exalt Realm experts.

Moreover, he’d just killed Ling Tianyu, a sixth rank Exalt Realm expert, right before their very eyes. So, how could they dare to continue staying here? But it was too late for them to run as well. Because Yin Xuan’er had commanded the gold guards that they were keeping busy earlier to start keeping them busy instead.

While the five gold guards kept those five black clothed figures busy, those four Dao Artifacts of Yang Ye’s transformed into four rays of light that moved incessantly through the surroundings, and it wasn’t long before all five of them had been killed. Yang Ye didn’t take their corpses because they were too weak!

“Chen Teng, where are you going!?” Right at this moment, Shu Jin suddenly shouted loudly, and then her figure flashed over to obstruct Chen Teng’s path. At the same time, the members of the Greenwood Clan hurriedly surrounded Chen Teng and all the other members of the Scholar Tree Clan.

“Shu Jin, do you really intend to fight to the death?” said Chen Teng in a low voice.

“Fight to the death?” Shu Jin laughed coldly and said, “Chen Teng, do you think that your Scholar Tree Clan still has the ability to fight us to the death?”

“Scholar Tree Clan!” Meanwhile, Shu Xin suddenly said, “If all of you merely fought for the throne, then it would still be an internal matter of our Treant Clan in the end. But now, you’ve colluded with human profounders from the outside world to act against our Treant Clan. Have you forgotten the teachings of our ancestors?”

“Colluding with humans?” Chen Teng roared with laughter and pointed at Yang Ye as he said, “Shu Xin, has your Greenwood Clan not colluded with humans? Forget it, the winner is always in the right. Now that my Scholar Tree Clan has lost, it doesn’t represent that we’ll just allow ourselves to be slaughtered by your Greenwood Clan. If worse comes to worse, we’ll just fight it out until both sides suffer heavy losses or annihilation!”

Shu Xin glanced at Yang Ye’s group, and then she pondered deeply for a moment before she said, “Members of the Scholar Tree Clan, hear me! I know all of you only rose up in rebellion because you were deluded by Chen Teng and his line. The previous King just returned to the embrace of the world, and I don’t want to create anymore unnecessary slaughter. So, I swear on the ancestors of my Greenwood Clan that I’ll let bygones be bygones if all of you stop resisting, and I’ll only kill Chen Teng’s line of treants!”

Many members of the Scholar Tree Clan were quite tempted when they heard this.

Chen Teng’s expression changed when he noticed this, and he hurriedly said, “Members of the Scholar Tree Clan, hear me! All of you have the blood of countless members of the Greenwood Clan on your hands. Do you think the Greenwood Clan would really spare all of you? If all of you give up on resistance now, then once she becomes the new King and takes full control of the Treant Clan, that moment will be the time all of you meet your dooms!”

Many of them who were previously tempted started to hesitate when they heard Chen Teng.

Right at this moment, the four Dao Artifacts which were floating before Yang Ye had suddenly moved. They transformed into four rays of light that shot violently towards Chen Teng. The latter was horrified, and he sent countless vines to envelop down upon those four Dao Artifacts. However, those veins weren’t able to stop those four Dao Artifacts at all, and they practically encountered no resistance at all as they slashed those vines into countless pieces.

After that, those four rays of light flashed about incessantly through Chen Teng’s enormous body.

They returned to Yang Ye two breaths of time later.

Chen Teng’s enormous eyes stared fixedly at Yang Ye while they were filled with boundless resentment and horror. Two more breaths of time before an explosion suddenly resounded as Chen Teng exploded apart before the eyes of everyone.

Yang Ye glanced at the members of the Scholar Tree Clan whose eyes were filled with astonishment, and then he gazed at Shu Xin who was still shocked as he said, “Miss Shu Xin, you can ask them to surrender now. I think that they won’t have any other thoughts now.” Yang Ye felt that he’d benefitted from the Greenwood Clan, so he should do something for them. Moreover, he did feel a trace of uneasiness….

Shu Xin glanced at Yang Ye. Unfortunately, Yang Ye was wearing a cloak, so she wasn’t able to lay eyes on his appearance, and she said, “Thank you!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he moved aside.

Yin Xuan’er glanced at Yang Ye while she fell into deep thought. She knew that Yang Ye would truly be rising to prominence from this day onward, and the era of the Sword Emperor was truly arriving.

“Yang Ye, are you at the Exalt Realm now?” Lu Jianyao ran over to Yang Ye and asked with excitement. Perhaps it was because she was too excited or perhaps it was because of something else, but she didn’t call him Ye Yang anymore.

Yang Ye didn’t answer her question. He just smiled, and then glanced at Mo Qingyue as he said, “Miss Mo, should we have a chat?”

Mo Qingyue’s body stiffened. Lu Jianyao hurriedly spoke upon noticing the state Mo Qingyue was in. “Qingyue, don’t be worried. Even though he’s very bad sometimes, he’s usually never the first to offend or attack another. He won’t kill you to keep you quiet.”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched.

Mo Qingyue smiled and nodded.

At a remote area on the mountain, Yang Ye and Mo Qingyue were walking slowly through the forest.

“Should I call you the Sword Emperor Yang Ye, Ye Yang, or cousin brother?” Mo Qingyue broke the silence between them.

Yang Ye stopped moving. He turned his head to gaze at her as he said, “You’re aware of my identity?”

Mo Qingyue nodded and said, “My Mo Clan suspected you were a member of the Mo Clan when you killed Mo Qingyu. Because Mo Qingyu had a Soulchaser Brand which an expert of my Mo Clan left within her. So, logically speaking, that Soulchaser Brand should have been transferred onto your soul once you killed her. But that didn’t happen. There are only two ways to explain that. Firstly, you were too strong, and you eliminated the brand. But it was clearly impossible with the strength you possessed at that time. The second explanation is that you’re a member of my Mo Clan because the Soulchaser Brand doesn’t work against members of the Mo Clan.”

Yang Ye asked. “So, the Mo Clan started to investigate me?”

Mo Qingyue nodded and said, “My Mo Clan would have definitely sent experts to kill you if you were mediocre. Because Mo Qingyu was a genius of my Mo Clan, and you would have to die for killing her, even if you were the illegitimate son of the Patriarch. However, you weren’t mediocre at all. You were a genius who was even more monstrous than Mo Qingyue. So, the Mo Clan didn’t send experts after you and started to investigate you instead.”

Yang Ye said, “They found out the truth, in the end?”

Mo Qingyue nodded.

Yang Ye suddenly said, “Are those members of the Mo Clan who harmed my mother and grandmother still at the Mo Clan?”

Mo Qingyue’s eyelids twitched, and she remained silent for a short while before she said, “They are, and they are quite powerful in the Mo Clan.”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Go back to the Mo Clan. If you head to the Saint Ruins with your current strength, then it’s very likely that you won’t be able to return alive. Even though the treasures within the ruins are precious, you should act according to the limits of your ability.” Yang Ye turned around and walked away when he finished speaking.

Mo Qingyue suddenly said, “Aren’t you going to return to the Mo Clan to have a look?”

Yang Ye stopped moving and said, “I will. Help me pass a message to the current Patriarch or someone who can make the decisions. Regardless of what their status is in the Mo Clan, all those who caused the death of my grandmother and forced my mother to flee for her life all those years ago must pay with their lives. Right, let me ask you something. Has the Mo Clan sided with Luo Jun?”

Mo Qingyue was stunned, and then she said, “It hasn’t. Luo Jun has sent people to contact our Clan, but the various elders of the clan had differing opinions towards it.”

“What a pity. It would have been great if the Mo Clan sided with Luo Jun. That way, I would have an excuse to annihilate the Mo Clan!” Yang Ye’s figure flashed and vanished on the spot once he finished speaking.

Mo Qingyue’s delicate figure trembled when she heard Yang Ye. She knew that he wasn’t joking, and he wasn’t trying to intimidate her as well. That was his true thoughts and what he truly intended to do. Of course, most importantly, she felt that Yang Ye wasn’t talking nonsense at all because he could definitely accomplish it. Even if he couldn’t accomplish it now, he would definitely be able to accomplish it in the future, and it wouldn’t take too long from now!

Is his identity as a member of the Mo Clan a blessing or calamity for our Mo Clan?

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